30 Mar

Is it really about the child. Is it really about the parent. Is it really about words and their blurr to make things fit…

The stand on Same-Sex marriage was lost long before it reached the desks of the SCOTUS. It was lost in definitions defined by need or want. It struck me listening to drive time radio harping on the children the children the children… children need parents….moms and dads.  There it was… the blurr that was the Future of Family lost in definition.

Married couples who could not birth their own children adopted others children. Did it make that child THEIR child, well, no but yes, yes but no… they wanted the little life to be theirs so they made it theirs- loved it, raised it, invested in it. And then one day, that child could, as some did, came to that person, parent to their being a child- and the child said “I want to go find my birth parent. I love you. But there is something missing in me. I need to know, I want to know why.” At that moment of endearing pain, the young person defines ‘I know what you did for me but it could never be enough. You aren’t me. I can never be you.’ The fairy tale sometimes has bad endings. A childs ability to forgive is expanded- a druggie will still be ‘my mother’, a convict will always be ‘my dad.’ The adult who invested this life from day of acceptance to day of Abandonment By Heart may be surrogated as ‘you are Mom and she is my Mother.’ Subtitles don’t cover a scarred heart.

But the need to find their REAL mom provides insight into the reality of a child reared by Two Moms or Two Dads. No matter how hard one cuts its- two men cannot make a baby nor can two moms make a baby either without a third person in their equations so By Law and By Legal Determination that child has THREE parents not TWO. Three people in a relationship is, unmarried? An orgy. Married? Polygamy which cannot be. Polygamy is banned. UNLESS that is the next step of expansion on the Traditional word under Debate here…. How can it not be since everyone knows the story of the Arab and the Camel. The camel said he only wanted to put his nose inside the tent, safe from the sandstorm, and then his eyes, his ears, his neck and soon enough there was no room for the Arab with all of the camel inside.

Two women and a man can make a baby. Two men and a woman can too. Or a petrie dish and a turkey baster or… the creativity of science goes on. BUT after the child is born to two women, the courts have already ruled the “donor” can be sued for or held liable for Child Support meaning without him the Dad there is no child and he is family because if the donor wasn’t then he would not be paying Child Support, would he?

So there it goes. Sperm donors pay child support.

The blurrrr that goes on over words. Take a moment and search my postings for Pledge- the word a young gay man gave me when he said he didn’t want marriage, he wanted… three months later… the word… PLEDGE, and the rights, too God give him that and a hug for his WORD I have passed forward.

Now where I come from in this debate is simple- I disagree with Senator Portman’s dishonesty to his constituents who voted him in to office on the premise of politics he espoused. If my sons came to me and told me they chose a gay life style, I got to be honest and admit as their mom, I would love my sons dearly now and forever but my politics would stay the same. LET ME BE CLEAR ABOUT MY POLITICS… as a woman of faith I believe in Love Thy Neighbor As They self. My love for my son would never waiver and I would as their mother love their partner and I would ask the same respect back… love me for who I am and don’t demand that I change or that the land I love change, either…..

As I see it the case before the Supreme Court was argued wrong. If a Sperm Donor pays child support and if an adopted child will abandon a person who raised them to search for their real parents then it really isn’t all about the children and parents is it…. We can use any word to call anything what we want but if as OJ said, ‘if the glove don’t fit…..”


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