Its not ABOUT its AHBOOOT:

THE-REPORT-CARD is about telling you like it is and getting paid for the advice
just like the lady who said I aught to charge for the Good Advice I give… she is right. Welcome to Carrie Devorah’s THE-REPORT-CARD!

You can take the girl out of Canada BUT you cant take Canada out of the woman. Pacifist by birth-zipcode I became a LACBA certified mediator with an I SPY WITH A TRAINED EYE eventually able to think things through outside Da Box.

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My twitter handle is: @godingovt

My horoscope is: Saggitarian
My Chinese horoscope is: The Year Of The Goat

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Why advertise on THE-REPORT-CARD: Because I am a modest & top rated Crime Information Analyst, politico, author, and contributor. I was active in HANDS ON building the first discrete site crime analysis lab on a college campus on the continent so when I tell you the pundits commenting on college shootings should step down from the Public Podium? Dont take my word. Listen to my Chief. My Chief said Trust Her Intuition. That’s why. Where was I on 9/11? Called my kids. Said if you dont hear from me get the dogs. I went to work & quarterbacked my PD in the fall path of an intended target for the planes had they not been grounded. Where were YOU on 9/11?

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THE-REPORT-CARD was born out of my personal experiences & hard learned life lessons that too often the answers are hidden from us. I read. I find. I share. THE-REPORT-CARD is my place of possibility that will raise your energy, lower your blood pressure and occasionally make you laugh—in short, give you a LIFE LIFT. THE-REPORT-CARD provides tools you need to bring about change— if not in the world then at least in your little corner of it. THE-REPORT-CARD helps people get the ‘the rest of the story’ whether it is news or not, one motivational entrepreneurial step at a time. THE-REPORT-CARD is where you find news coverage engaged with fresh inspiration and straight talk you can count on.

I am a cheerleader of people, sharing smiles, giving applause and forward looking lessons one baby step at a time on how to get better informed, how to make bad things good, good things better and things that have gone wrong made right. I like to show people what they need to see not just what they want to hear. Been there, wont do that again until the next time of being human and then will be there, wont do that again until the next time of being human. I am a Like Life coach. I like to guide people to discover their own Pathway to Power through Cant to Can Do to their better tomorrow a world & a stronger & more productive enjoyable life at its peak. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither were we.

I have been blogging for 2 plus years. I have been writing on & off for eons. I am an author of the World’s Greatest Book on Hebrew Calligraphy I am looking to update with images shot in the course of working on my God project- GOD IN THE TEMPLES OF GOVERNMENT [ the SCOTIs (what else can the plural of SCOTUS be) says I am an AUTHORITY ( Van Orden v Perry ). My passion I am working on how to roll out without my images being purloined is my God project aka GOD IN THE TEMPLES OF GOVERNMENT A RESOURCE FOR FACT AND PHOTOS IN THE POLITICS OF FAITH.

I am Canadian born, went to high school with Howie Mandel (yeah Howie- watching you- some KNOW the real deets ), Yeshiva University and Pratt Institute.My humor is wicked. I grew up on Benny Hill. I contributed jokes way back to Joan Rivers AND Rodney Dangerfield called to ask me for a date. After speaking for 40 minutes, he unasked me from the date telling me had he met me 44 years earlier his life would have been different & that I was too nice for where he was at. He married the perky boobed bikini contest winner, 2 weeks later. AND my boobs have fallen so far I cant find my knees.

I live in DC.

I started in the art world with a belly that popped a baby the week after I graduated Pratt Institute. I became an entrepreneurial single mom of three sons who were breast fed and diaper changed in some of the best corporate offices in the New York tri-state area. There are things I didnt do in business. My job was mom. Sure, regrets over where I didnt push in business? Sure. BUT I skewed the statistics that said sons of a single mom would grow up messed up. They all became lawyers…. hmmm, maybe the stats…? NAH!!! Just goofing. I succeeded in my #1 job – WORLDs BEST MOM to three sons who are older than I will ever be. How did I ever manage to raise myself without them to guide me in my formative years.

I love to dream & design & inspire a duhh factor for a former religion editor, illustrator, author, International photographer covering the White House, Capitol Hill, boxing, horse racing, ostrich and camel racing, red carpets, Royals and a Sheikh or three. My most fun was chasing ponies around the world. My pictures are worth a thousand words. I am a real live Erin Brokovich trained in a rare blend of CCIA, trained MPI, LACBA certified DRS, profiler and CA-BSIS, and 100% woman. I’ve been bid on by a Prince, a Sheik, a _______ & an ________ [ fill in the blank ]. That was after I was offered a job at THE Mansion, yes that one. The rabbits I would have watched over were four legged not two. These bunnies belonged to Hef’s kids. I moved to England where I was told the Queen would refer to me as “THE AMERICAN LADY”

Now, along with everything else that distracts my never stopping mind, I want to save my copyrights & Intellectual Property rights from unauthorized use by technological giants & some out & out thieves. I’ve been told I need to change a law. What else is new? Why not give me something easy.

Why I Write: I write to make a difference, empowering the world one bit of advice & inspiration at a time.

Random fun facts: I kill sequoias. I love writing notes with pen notes need paper hence ‘oops there goes another tree’

Desktop: Dell Hell

Favorite iPhone game: ughhhh gimmee a book any day

Avid Supporter: US Military & LEOs

Most Fun: Sharing factoids about DC monuments & memorials

Favorite Saying: My son Brad gave it to me years ago “If you love someone let them go. If they come back to you, it was meant to be”
Work Mantra: Just the Facts Ma’am. Just the facts

Best Friend Ever: Palomino gelding 17 hands high I trained English from Western
Best Best Friend Ever: My Shiba Inu psycho puppy Ruffio [ died age 17 1/2 yrs ]
Almost Best Friend: Princess Jasmine the prettiest pot belly porker not zoned for LA

Politics: Conservative- Republican nor Democrat just Right v Wrong
Secret: Get to know me & maybe I’ll show you the Holy Grail of cupcakes
[my passion ]. If your lucky, wink, maybe we will have a Cupcake Consultation

All Intellectual Property posted here is mine © me Carrie Devorah used only under authorization & license – if you say Pretty Please With Jam On It and if I say yes. Otherwise? Keep your hands off my Copyrights! Kapeesh?


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