30 Mar

I went to shule. A couple were there. Two women. I was delighted they were Jews at shule. The politics of the event was defined. The liberals were on the left, as it turned out. The conservatives were on the right. Somethings cant be planned they just happen that way. Me? I have the chabadnik frame of mind. I am just happy that Jews go to shule. Maybe in time they will leave their inner child in conflict outside the temple doors and accept history as it has been preserved for generations rather than trying to change IT to fit their need to bubble over in control.

I do tell people I have my explanation why Jews voted for Obama, Clinton, etc. or march in Anti-Israel rallies…? We forgot how to be Jews. We lost the taste for our traditions. In Europe, Jews lived, dressed, ate, read, socialized Jewish in Jewish communities. In America? We live. Jewish? Less and less. Ask a Jew to recite a prayer. Ask a Jew to recite Jewish history. Ask a Jew something they know about being Jewish so esoteric few know it too or say something in hebrew…. Ask about another faith? More apt to get a correct answer faster.

What I did not expect when sharing the two ladies at shule story, twins separated at birth, one in a dress the other in  slacks, a vest, cuffed shirt, tie and kippah, to be told the story shared back, giving what I now call a convincible inarguable POV to be repeated until parties of faith get the message from the young man in question.

A young Jewish man was challenged about being gay. The young Jewish man turned to his challenger and said, “There are 613 positive Jewish commandments a Jew is to fulfill each day. Most if not all, don’t do all 613 positive commandments. Most, do few, some not at all. IF this is the ONE positive commandment I choose to not fulfill, does that make me less Jewish than they are?” His logic is faulty in that two wrongs don’t make a right. My mother would say ‘if everyone else jumped off the bridge, would you? If everyone else robbed a bank, does that mean it is right for you to do too?’

No. Not at all.

The young man raises the point of people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Faith leaders don’t always lead the best of exemplary lives- speaking badly of others, some who have done worse. If the young man did not shame, embarrass or steal but chose to love another man all the while be a good citizen contributing to better their world then? … Got me there.

I have personally encountered men espousing faith, go to church on Sundays, wear skullcaps Monday to Monday and then some, who forgot the Heavenly Rules they claim to live by. I know two wrongs don’t make a right but……. The young man’s argument got me thinking…. His right may not be wrong……..  let those who fell from grace with God convince me….


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