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10 Aug

The role of a leader is to defend, redeem, preach and govern.

A leader cannot point the way. A teacher just can’t teach. A leader must have intuition, empathy and know how to delegate, giving guidance in a way the recipient will absorb and digest. A leader must observe, be merciful knowing when a lamb is thirsty needing to drink.

The role of a leader is to nurture. When a person leaves their faith they are as if the lamb that ran from Moses to water to drink. A person leaving their faith thirsts for meaning in life.

The true leader will walk with his protege, re-fill their depleted faith, be their defender, the ultimate sacrifice.

Moses learned a lesson in leadership. Moses faith was depleted.  Moses lacked the esteem to believe the people would hear his message.

God revealed himself. God refilled Moses depleted faith. Moses didn’t feel worthy. Moses said , “Who am I?” God said to His protege, “I will be with you.”

Moses said, “no.” Moses knew he wasn’t going to be the person to lead the Israelite in to the Promised Land.  Moses knew he wasn’t worthy. So, Moses said the people needed to be spoken to and that he, Moses, had a speech impediment.

Moses begged God to send someone else to get the job done.
Moses knew the Israelites would be exiled again. Moses knew the temple destroyed.  Moses knew the future of Israel.

So, God gave Moses a test, the burning bush. Seven days, seven nights, Moses resisted that test that teaches us that while leaders can be born, Leaders can be made, that a true leader takes a lifetime of tutoring, the Leadership lesson from Moses .



2 Jun

2015 5 30 Book Cover Surviving Cancer
I met an extraordinary woman at the BEA. The show is huge. Finding treasures is like panning for gold in a  river. Gold can be found amidst the stalls. I  found a gem.

I cant tell you what made me stop. Having done the show over the years, my lesson has always been keep  walking, hands in pocket, otherwise I  succumb to the draw of swag and sweets.

I stopped. A man was sitting behind a woman. He was affixing gold seals to cards. She  smiled warmly, asking if I wanted to learn about her book. I did. Something about her told me to.

I am honored that I did. The book wont be a thriller. It wont be made in to a movie  with sequels. Yet it should. Each chapter is tied together with thread, pink thread. Marion Behr is a survivor. She is a champion. She is a sister, an artist, a woman who took her circumstance of awareness  and made it personal to others. Her back story  is what drew me closer.

A child of survivors, she had  a memory that drew her back home  to Europe  to uncover the legacy of her father, a documentary filmmaker. A film he made became a classic in its time. War came. The film disappeared, so she thought. There is not much that a woman who beats breast cancer cannot do including finding her dad’s film, bringing it back to life at film festivals and at the Holocaust museum.

In the same way Marion’s art ties emotions together, Marion’s book ties tales of survivors lessons to loving life most take for granted. A brilliant filmmaker would start his movie panning the woman at a booth, dwarfed by the enormity of the Hall, a gem amidst others with fantasy stories they tell. Marion’s book is a new chapter for a story that wont get old as hard as people try.

Wise one’s know nothing can be stranger than the truth of a patent lawyer sitting with  his love of life affixing gold seals to cards in the back of her booth showcasing a Breast Cancer Survivors Guide.  In a world rampant with romance, horror, mystery and fifty shades of grey  (wink) this is a raison d’etre for Living Each Day to the fullest, bound with a thread of pink.


1 Jun

Politics is dirty. If you hang around DC long enough you do see the good, the bad and the formerly ugly. Well, the news gets it wrong again about Denny, I mean.

There is, as always, a rest of every story. Threatening a Federal official is criminal. Demanding money is extortion. Demanding money with a threat to expose an alleged misdeed is blackmail. Following a person’s life then calling in to the radio show they are guesting on is stalking.

A lesson to all Individual A’s is the lesson to all future victims, listen to your mother who taught you that it is better to tell the truth, and get in trouble than it is to not tell the truth because you will get found out, a when not an  if.

And then there is Denny, a  lesson to all women about powerful men put their pants on one leg at a time like you and me. Their instinct is to cover up rather than challenge the blackmailer to “bring it on.”

Whatever the base crime the blackmailer began with spiraled to a different dimension. He targeted a legislator, a crime that exceeds the blackmailing (US Code – Chapter 41: EXTORTION AND THREATS), extortion (http://www.federalcharges.com/extortion-laws-charges),  stalking (18 U.S. Code § 2261A – Stalking) of you and me. Denny was Speaker of the House.

The crime? No crime. It is only Alleged.

The outstanding question is why now?

Speaker Hastert retired in 2007. Allegedly, Individual A began his blackmail scheme in 2010, decades after the alleged misdeeds are said to have taken place. One cannot approach this thinking like a nice person. One must try to get inside the head of the perpetrator and, in this case, inside the head of his victim, asking why one of the most powerful men in the country would break laws he wrote and swore allegiance to.

Makes no sense does it, neither does running an intersection on an amber light to beat the red light knowing one will either get caught or not. It is more than a conversation of risk. Hubris and Human Will factor in to this conversation. The Blackmailer and Denny is an insight in to the world of the I.O.T., the Internet Of Everything, shaping our world believing that with algorithms people can be told what to do. The nemesis of algorithms is Free Will and human nature. People do not like to be told what to do. Human nature is to hide, cover up and believe they are THAT one who will not be caught.

Ergo, Individual A. And Denny.

Roll the story back 5 years. What if Denny had contacted the U.S. Capitol Police and reported he was being threatened for alleged sexual misconduct. The Cap Police would have done their job. Denny would be none the worst for it. Cap Police are known for many things. Leaking Capitol Secrets is not something the USCP are known for. There are some Codes that employees are still loyal to.  Denny would not be the first Legislator who would have reported blackmail threats for pond dipping, alleged. Asking a legislator for funds to keep quiet puts the blackmailer up the river 5-10.

Social media changed the political playing field in 2010 which might explain why Denny took the path he did.

There is a misconception about legislators sitting atop Ivory Hill. Writing laws doesn’t mean the legislators are knowing laws or understand the foibles of being human. Remember, it is human nature to hide and run. It is a brave man or a woman who stands and fight, a rare one at that.

I spent years around Denny when I covered Capitol Hill, not a lot but enough time to know the core of a man. I recall Denny’s last Christmas tree lighting on the West Lawn. Big guy. Burly. That doesn’t mean he is tough. Big guys rarely are. Let’s get something straight about power, men and backbone. The biggest thing about them is the expectations by others.

Denny shows here he is the everyday man, the ashleymadison.com client who believes he can tell who people are, that he has special skills to cover up and divert inquiries.

Was it the bank who told the FBI that Denny was pulling out monies in amounts under the $10,000 threshold? I highly doubt that. In the world of the Internet, the world of political blackmail, I believe Denny is the new normal politicians must expect in a world wired in places and ways we do not know that Denny and other political mates voted in to our existence, all thinking they were smarter than the people pulling what has turned out to be our privacy strings.

Let me restate that I believe Denny is the new normal we all must expect.

Banks are bound to report withdrawals of $10,000 or more in a terrorism world post 9/11. People pull amounts out from their bank accounts routinely- to pay mortgages, college loans, for trips, and for whatever. that a bank employee was paying attention to this man whose relevancy has moved on, is laughable. Unless….
res ipsa loquitor, it speaks for itself.

Politics. Dirty pool.

But then. Denny, given an amber light to decide to risk or stop, Denny risked. Hastert allegedly lied about his use of the funds. All he had to say was, I am giving the funds to Individual A. There are statutes of limitations (http://www.ncsl.org/research/human-services/state-civil-statutes-of-limitations-in-child-sexua.aspx), after all. Most likely, Individual A would already be up the river by now. The rumors about Denny would be ‘blowin in the wind.’

The media is yet to see the possibility of nefarious party connections. This does not mean Dem v GOP. Let us not forget Eric…. paying to take down a member of his own party.

Hastert retired abruptly, it is reported. Denny was replaced by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Unrelated, possibly, it is interesting to note that about a year ago, Paul Pelosi Jr. was charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC learned that two convicted criminals were running the business,  Natural Blue Resources Inc., an investment company he cofounded that focuses on “environmentally-friendly” ventures.

Paul, Jr. , the C.E.O., is the son of former House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) Former New Mexico Gov. Toney Anaya was one of the 4 persons charged with fraud. James E. Cohen and Joseph Corazzi, both of whom had previous fraud convictions.  Corazzi was barred from acting as an officer or director of a public company. Cohen was incarcerated for financial fraud. Pelosi held over 10 million shares in the company in 2009. Andrew J. Ceresney, director of the SEC’s Enforcement Division said, “Investors in Natural Blue had a right to know who was running the company behind the scenes.”

Few know of Pelosi Jr. being charged, not in the way nor as fast that the world knew about Denny’s bad decision. The SEC knows that Pelosi Jr. did it and escaped jail.

Paul? He paid the SEC a $150,000 fine that does not go to repay investors. And, Pelosi is barred from every serving as an officer of a public company. The $1.4 million that he owned on paper is now valued at zero, for the investors. Pelosi and co-con men got to keep their profits gleaned while they had a good run. One week in 2012, someone pumped the stock up  from 4 cents a share to 12 cents.

No one knows if Denny did anything more than not telling the Cops the truth  when they asked, for that, Denny will go to jail. Something to keep in mind about Cops is that when they ask you a question, they already have the answer. Sorta like asking ‘did you know you were going over 100 in a 50 mph zone?’ The option is say nothing or tell the truth.

Paying out to a blackmailer is something that makes no sense because the truth may hurt but, as will happen here, telling the cops would have been a temporary knock on the chin as opposed to what lies ahead for the Speaker who didn’t answer their questions.

After all, even former Speaker’s Of The House are innocent about decade old allegations until proven guilty. Not much to say about lying to the Feds other than ‘dumb bunny.’

And Individual A? What goes around, comes around… hackers and radioshow callers from Small Town Illinois? Just a matter of time, babe, just a matter of time until you are outed then in’d in to jail…..


17 Aug

(c) Carrie Devorah

The Office of Tenant Advocate, OTA, asked if I would testify at the DC Budget hearing contemplating reducing OTA’s budget. I said yes.

I believe DC government’s goal for OTA should not be reducing OTA’s budget but giving OTA tools it needs to work effectively. 

I witnessed OTA staff expending precious time playing catch up on renter problems that existed long before I arrived in Washington- unlicensed landlords exploiting city residents and robbing city coffers. I figured out DC doesn’t know who a landlord is until a tenant, with landlord problems, walks through OTA’s door seeking help, leaving hundreds or thousands of landlords to exploit DC renters because the District has no  idea who these landlords are or where to find them.

In process, I learned a legal landlord must have a DC business license to rent in the District- be it a house, room, apartment, condo or couch. No  business license, no landlording; landlords can raise tenant’s rent, once in 12 months, if the increase is DCRA approved. No license, no rent increase; rents must be kept in a DC compliant security deposit escrow account.

DC must take two steps to reduce OTA workloads with speed bumps (1) at the time of the real estate transaction, when the dollar crosses the counter, make realtors responsible to identify to DC, the OTA, potential landlords, owners who may one day use their property for income; (2) implement a mandatory uniform lease for all District rentals, eliminating renter problems from leases not in compliance with DC law.

The District knows every property sold in the District is potential income producing taxable rental property. The District, to identify and reduce the number of  problem landlords must legislate, at the time of property sale, buyers signing a one sheet advisory “Notice of Potential Intention To Rent” the realtor then must file with the OTA, confirming the property owner was advised at the time of purchase if they rent their property after buying it, they must get a DC business license; keep their tenant’s security deposit in a DC compliant escrow account; and comply with DCRA process for approved rent increases, or be penalized for failure to do any of the above. Their Realtor, would be under severe penalty and stand to lose their Real Estate license if the Realtor failed to have this pre-cautionary “Potential Intention To Rent” signed off by the purchaser or not given to the OTA. Property sellers would sign a document stating, with a penalty of fines they did not rent out their property while owning it; had a business license, and paid all taxes on earned rental income.  

Property managers must be penalized harshly if accepting for management property rental agreements without a DC Business License Number; proof of DCRA rent increase approval numbers; and statement of where the security deposit is held.

Paramount to OTA budget reform is teaching DC tenants these rules a legal landlord must comply with. Place them where tenants go to find rentals: on newspaper and internet rental pages; pop ups when words like DC, rent, realtor are typed into Internet real estate sites, pagers and search engines ie Craigslist. The landlord’s Business license number and relevant DC renting codes, must be displayed on “For Rent” street signs where OTA inspectors can spot them driving by, easy to investigate for compliancy.

With addressing tenant issues with landlords before problems begin by mitigating landlord/ tenant problems before they become a problem is the ultimate goal with bringing culpable “partners in crime” on board, making sure realtors risk losing their license if failing to provide a “Notice of Potential Intention To Rent” to landlords and proof of to renters, the needed second step is partnering with tax investigators able to immediately run on the landlord Recorder of Deeds along with tax compliancy, business license and other checks with the operating theorem being a person who is dodgy of the law in one area is usually dodgy of the law in other areas. If there is ever a partner for tenant advocacy agencies to bring on board the moment a landlord’s name crosses the tenant advocacy agencies desk, it is the IRS. While Elliot Ness and the FBI always get their man, it is the IRS and its crack investigators who not only get the man and the woman, they also get their money owed, or, in the alternative, the legal pound of flesh.  Not only will the OTA will work more effectively, at the same time, the IRS and a District’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer, will aid cities bottom lines by tracking unreported incomes from unlicensed landlords operating, in DC, and across the country.



12 Apr

Nationals will offer 3,000 complimentary tickets for service members on Military Appreciation Day

The Washington Nationals today announced the games that will comprise the 2013 Patriotic Series presented by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), during which the team will encourage fans to celebrate the American spirit while enjoying the national pastime at Nationals Park. In addition, the Nationals will launch a special series of games that will pay tribute to each of the five branches of our nation’s military throughout the season.

To mark Military Appreciation Day, the first game of the 2013 Patriotic Series, the Nationals will offer 3,000 complimentary tickets for the game on Saturday, April 27 to members of the military (active duty, dependent, reservist or retiree). Up to two tickets may be claimed for each military ID. Additional tickets in a variety of locations will also be available at a 50% discount for members of the military.  Complimentary and discounted military tickets can be picked up at the Grand Staircase Box Office near First Base Gate beginning at 10:30 a.m. on April 27. All seating is subject to availability. Complimentary and discounted military tickets will be distributed on a first-come-first served basis, while supplies last.


The Nationals will incorporate a variety of creative gameday elements during each game of the Patriotic Series to pay tribute to those who risk their lives to protect this country. In addition, Nationals players will wear the team’s patriotic uniforms featuring the stars and stripes Curly “W” during every game of the series.


Dates that will comprise the 2013 Patriotic Series include:

  • Military Appreciation Day – Saturday, April 27 vs. Cincinnati Reds
  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 27 vs. Baltimore Orioles
  • Independence Day – Thursday, July 4 vs. Milwaukee Brewers
  • Heroes Day – Friday, September 13 vs. Philadelphia Phillies


For more information or to purchase tickets for the 2013 Patriotic Series, visit nationals.com/patriotic.



Additionally, the Nationals will honor each of the five service branches with their own patriotic themed-game during the 2013 season. Representatives from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Air Force will participate in pregame ceremonies and special guests from each respective branch will be in attendance.


Military branch days will take place during the following games:

  • U.S. Navy – Friday, April 12 vs. Atlanta Braves
  • U.S. Marine Corps – Wednesday, May 8 vs. Detroit Tigers
  • U.S. Army – Thursday, June 20 vs. Colorado Rockies
  • U.S. Coast Guard – Monday, August 5 vs. Atlanta Braves
  • U.S. Air Force – Thursday, September 19 vs. Miami Marlins


These efforts will supplement the various patriotic programs already in effect, including the In-Game Military Salute during every home game and the “Me and a Friend” initiative, which offers military children complimentary tickets for themselves and friends to enjoy each Sunday home game. Fans with a military ID can receive a $5 discount at the Nationals Park Box Office for every game. Discounted tickets for members of the military may also be purchased in advance at most Washington-area Morale, Welfare and Recreation Offices. 


17 Mar


History isn’t kind in that convenience rewrites important moments. It is a source of Irish pride that James Hoban, a Mason chose the birthplace of Irish Freemasonry, Leinster House, after which to model Americas executive mansion. While it is fun that every St Patricks Day front lawn and South lawn fountain waters go green at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Presidents House, the first public building built in DC. White House goes green every St Patricks Day. It is a tribute to Ireland to remember the history of the where and the why.

There is a greater honor due to James Hoban, a young Irish immigrant, from County Kilkenny, Ireland. James bought a one way ticket, in 1783, from Ireland to Philadelphia the then capital of the United States. Hoban, a Mason, searching for work as an architect, placed an advertisement in the Pennsylvania Evening Herald. Hoban had studied architecture in Dublin. James had won an award from the Dublin Society for his “Drawings of Brackets, Stairs, Roofs, etc.” Work was slow to come. Hoban moved to South Carolina. James found work. Hoban designed the Savage’s Green Theatre, laid out a plan for an orphan asylum, Prospect Hill, an Edisto Island plantation house plus.

The Commissioners of the District sought designs for the planned for executive mansion. A $500 award was offered to the winning architect. Amongst the hundreds who submitted designs, Thomas Jefferson submitted his designs anonymously. Hoban submitted a design, too. Hoban’s design was based on the Leinster House in Dublin- Georgian in style, a giant portico, mid center of a three story building, a Renaissance style architecture, tall windows, taller pediments- palatial in organization and design. July 18, 1792, the Commission of the District awarded James the $500 award. James Hoban, the son of Edward and Martha, born in 1758, was invited to “oversee and implement construction of the President’s House” set in “The Barrens” by Pierre L’Enfant, with a view of the Potomac River.

Hoban’s inspiration for the People’s House, was the Leinster House built by James Fitzgerald the 20th Earl of Kildare. Leinster House is located on Kildare Street in Dublin, just south of Trinity College. The neighborhood sure had its share of celebrities in the Nineteenth Century. Living around the corner from the homes of playwright George Bernard Shaw, 61 Harcourt Street and Bram Stokers home at 62 Harcourt Street. Abraham Stoker wrote Dracula.  Fitzgerald began building Leinster House in 1745, the same year Bonnie Prince Charlie was defeated at Culloden. Fitzgerald received his title after having married Emily Lennox, the daughter of the Duke of Richmond, godfather to King George II. George II made James the Viscount Leinster in 1749. George III titled James the the Duke of Leinster in 1766.  

Fitzgerald became a leader in Irish Freemasonry. His nephew Lord Edward Fitzgerald who founded the United Irishmen and launched the Illuminati uprising of 1798. He failed. The lodge founding paper,s for both the Grand Masters Lodge of Dublin and the Knights Templar Kilwinning Lodge No 75, disappeared in the 1790s. Request to form the Kilwinning Lodge No. 75, also known as the High Knights Templar of Ireland, was submitted by James Fitzgerald and Dr George Cunningham of Dublin, in writing, to Thomas Arthur of Irvine Scotland. The letter was written April 26, 1779. Fitzgeralds ancestor, Maurice Fitzgerald, organized banking houses in Dublin. Templars, under the leadership Roger le Waleis, moved from Templemore, the Templars stronghold on Irelands southern coast, to Dublin in 1204, lasting strong for a century. The disappearance of the founding papers for the Grand Lodge of Ireland has never been satisfactorily accounted for. A century later, in 1849, the then Duke of Leinster, said it was on January 3, 1749, the 20th Earl of Kildare founded the Grand Masters Lodge.

 Saturday, October 13, 1792, Hoban, amidst a group of Masons, Georgetown Lodge No. 9 of Maryland, laid the cornerstone of the White House. November 15, 1792, the Charleston City Gazette reported “On Saturday the 13th inst. the first stone was laid in the south-west corner of the president’s house, in the city of Washington, by the Free Masons of George-town and its vicinity, who assembled on the occasion. The procession was formed at the Fountain Inn, Georgetown…The Ceremony was performed by brother Casaneva (a typo–it was Peter Casanave–J.T.), master of the lodge, who delivered an oration well adapted to the occasion” “the inscription on the brass plate,” inside the cornerstone “ran:”   “This first stone of the President’s House was laid the 12th day of October 1792, and in the 17th Year of the Independence of the United States of America”, listing the names – George Washington, President; Thomas Johnson ; Doctor Stewart, Commissioners; Daniel Carroll; James Hoban, Architect; Collen Williamson, Master Mason; Vivat Respublica.” Live the Republic. The Gazette news story continued “All those listed were Masons, with the possible exception of Thomas Johnson.”  George Washington was not present that Friday, Columbus Day. Washington was in Philadelphia. Some have written there was significance to the day the cornerstone was laid, the day before Black Friday, “Friday the Thirteenth,” October, 1307, the day the Knights Templar were overthrown in France. King Philippe IV began the end of the Templar order, attacking Templar churches all around France. Four hundred and eighty five years earlier.

Eleven months after the White House cornerstone was laid, the first DC Masonic lodge was formed, “Three Ancient York (Rite) Masons, then resident in the federal city, had submitted a petition, praying for a warrant to convene and work as Masons. These were James Hoban, C.W. Stephenson and Andrew Eustace. The petition was granted, and Hoban became Master of the newly-formed Federal Lodge No. 15.” The date was September 6, 1793. For the next forty years, the White House took a lot of Hoban’s architectural attention. Hoban established St Patricks, the first Catholic Church, in Washington DC. The year was 1792. Hoban worked in committee to build St. Peters Church on Capitol Hill. The year was 1820. Pope Clement VII had banned Roman Catholics from joining Masonic lodges, decrying Masonic membership “an occasion of sin.” Hoban, a Mason, risked excommunication from the Catholic Church.

The White House has undergone fires and refurbishments. The brass cornerstone plate was supposedly left where it was laid in 1792. Supposedly. Summer of 1814, British Admiral Cockburn led his army on an offensive against Washington DC, from where they landed at Head of Elk, Maryland. Cockburn defeated the Americans at Bladensburg Maryland. Washington was occupied by British troops led by General Robert Ross. Clouds filled the skies. All federal buildings including the White House were set ablaze. Torrential rains, the act of God, saved the Executive mansion, putting out the flames. Hoban and his fellow Mason Benjamin Henry Latrobe had work to do. Latrobe, who designed the original St. John’s Church, had failed, six years earlier, to persuade President Thomas Jefferson to make “improvements” to the White House. Latrobe wanted two porticos added to the White House- one on the north side familiar to a Greek temple and a second south side portico familiar to an ancient solar temple. The South Portico was finished in 1824, facing the sun and the Washington Monument, a 555 foot obelisk standing, according to some, exactly city center. The South Portico is in a straight line across from the George Washington Masonic Memorial, sitting atop a hill, a replica of the lighthouse that guarded the harbor of Alexandria, Egypt. The town is called Alexandria, too. Hoban based the architectural improvement on Latrobes design. The north portico was finished in 1829, two years before Latrobe died. The day was December 8, 1831.

The cornerstone of the George Washington Masonic Memorial was laid November 1, 1923. November 1 is All Saints Day in the Roman Catholic calendar.

When in DC, on St Patricks Day, don’t just pass the Shamrock inside the White House a tradition started by President Truman, don’t just THINK Irish, THANK IRISH….


"Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, hush now, don't you cry!
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, that's an Irish lullaby."


12 Jan

It has never been my intention to figure things out. It just happens. Some say it is the adjunct of being a snapper. I attribute it to playing MEMORY with my boys when they were boys not men. I would remember what card I picked up & where I put the card back down.

The morning the District held its Department wide INAUGURATION walk through  I met with UBER AWESOME DIVA over at DC Taxi Commission. She is a towering woman. Don’t misunderstand. Towering is a good word. Her skill is being adept & very feminine at negotiating her lobby filled with men wanting laws they broke repealed. I guess we can say this UBER DIVA is the TAXI COMMISSION MOM a DC DIVA IN A GREAT WAY. She deals with licensing.

We looked together at photos of the cab. We looked at the police report. Ever hear of a District approved cab driver license for a ONE NAME MAN in this case MOE? Ummm. I like officers. I will move forward. The officer didn’t pick up on the verbal clues SIR I AM NOT SEEING THE HACK DRIVERS LICENSE PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED ON HIS VISOR OR SEATBACK AS REQUIRED BY DC LAW. The officer didn’t pick up that car color of one car ONLY on one car is a tip off there is hanky panky going on. The officer his manager said had been on the streets too long NOT the assurance one wants to hear in a heated political climate a month out from Obamas second installation.

The fun began when the two chicks put their heads together. We called the number on the side of the hack. Tony answered. It was MOEs number. Tony said he didn’t know MOEs last name or know MOE or when MOE was coming back or…. You get the picture. TONY didn’t know much (ahem) MO. That was when we called back & then the TAXI UBER MOM called. Deal was to vet the address. I took the CHICK OATH to not exit the car if things looked dodgy. Things looked dodgy so drive by fuzzy wobbly cell phone pics showed there was NO MOE at the address on the official DC Taxi issued license. There was a huge TONY larger than life on a signboard for an auto body shop next to the auto body shop where Moe supposedly was. But wasn’t.

Small world that it is a few days later someone else knew of Tony. Didn’t know of Moe. A few weeks later this someone else said they saw a difference from the NO MOE escapade. You see the morning TAXI UBER MOM and I sat together we confirmed the hack driver was not licensed to drive a cab in the District of Columbia yet he was yet the MPDC officer given the opportunity to remove this man driving innocent people in the streets in a cab he rented for a day or a week or longer from MOE- messed up. MPDC cant afford security messups a month .out from the INAUGURATION. Not now. Not ever.

The second a cab was involved in the accident the officer should have IMMEDIATELY called DC Taxi Commission officers to vet the HACK LICENSE & the DRIVER LICENSE. He did not. DC Taxi Commission officers would have come to where the HACK was stopped Vetted the driver & in this case taken both the Driver & Cab off the streets.

This is DC. This is a world POST 9/11. This is a racially charged climate under a president who promised transparency. THIS WAS A BOO BOO waiting to happen. Oh I am not making friends with the current DC TAXI COMMISSIONER. That is ok in that there was no answering my rebuttal he is not getting the word down to the officers on the street how to work WITH not AGAINST the DC TAXI officers. Talking with top level administration is NOT the same as talking to each & every officer especially as the MPDC management said there are cops on the street TOO LONG. Now how is that going to translate in to apologies if something goes wrong & innocents suffer. I happen to be a fan of the prior DC TAXI COMMISSIONER. He did his job TOO well the current DC MAYOR did not want him on board a beleaguered under constant challenges since taking over for Mayor Fenty the mayor I coached not to touch his face or head when photographers are around.

It was nice to hear from THE SOMEONE they witnessed a hack stopped in DC with both MPDC & DC TAXI officers at the hack. There is a reality about doing a good job that shows through your revelation paid employees are not doing their job. You may not make friends. You for sure wont get a public thank you. You for sure will get the cold shoulder I got the other day over at the FIREHOOK BAKERY outside MPDC headquarters. That is ok KARMICALLY I guess. Someone may live to see another day. Maybe I saved a teenager from rape as did happen in an UBER car. It WAS  ALREADY KNOWN cab owners rent their cabs for cash. OMG OMG OMG. HOW MUCH MONEY WAS SPENT ON SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING the pitch line floated on Air In print Online on Government websites in the Metros plus. As the rising cost of regulation increases the costs of driving a legal cab while decreasing revenue, UBER might end up becoming more of the norm rather than the old normal of licensed drivers who answered to rules. UBER drivers arent out of this world. They are human or less than, too, recalling the reports circulating blogs telling of an UBER driver who raped his passenger- a young girl early in her teens. A second story emerged of a 35 year old UBER driver from Alexandria. Anouar Habib Trabelsi drove a woman who had been drinking and smoked a joint prior to climbing in Trabelsi’s car. Trabelsi dropped her off, she thought. He parked his car then followed her. Raped her. UBERs official word is the driver hasnt drive since “We have worked closely with the police and prosecutors investigating this incident and will continue to help them in any way possible” said Rachel Holt UBERs DC manager.

Smart meters taking credit card payments didnt make it in to cabs. In a world of handheld credit card data capture, who needs meters after all. UBER wont need credit card capturers for their unlicensed drivers. IF I hadn’t connected the dots to all my contacts from street level to THE TOP… I can only imagine. At least now there is one less opportunity for a problem. Do yourself a favour…. If you don’t see the drivers license displayed WALK and for sure until UBER drivers are licensed and trackable DON’T WALK RUN

And OH… YOU ARE WELCOME MR PRESIDENT. It may be this Conservative girl that saved your day