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10 Aug

The role of a leader is to defend, redeem, preach and govern.

A leader cannot point the way. A teacher just can’t teach. A leader must have intuition, empathy and know how to delegate, giving guidance in a way the recipient will absorb and digest. A leader must observe, be merciful knowing when a lamb is thirsty needing to drink.

The role of a leader is to nurture. When a person leaves their faith they are as if the lamb that ran from Moses to water to drink. A person leaving their faith thirsts for meaning in life.

The true leader will walk with his protege, re-fill their depleted faith, be their defender, the ultimate sacrifice.

Moses learned a lesson in leadership. Moses faith was depleted.  Moses lacked the esteem to believe the people would hear his message.

God revealed himself. God refilled Moses depleted faith. Moses didn’t feel worthy. Moses said , “Who am I?” God said to His protege, “I will be with you.”

Moses said, “no.” Moses knew he wasn’t going to be the person to lead the Israelite in to the Promised Land.  Moses knew he wasn’t worthy. So, Moses said the people needed to be spoken to and that he, Moses, had a speech impediment.

Moses begged God to send someone else to get the job done.
Moses knew the Israelites would be exiled again. Moses knew the temple destroyed.  Moses knew the future of Israel.

So, God gave Moses a test, the burning bush. Seven days, seven nights, Moses resisted that test that teaches us that while leaders can be born, Leaders can be made, that a true leader takes a lifetime of tutoring, the Leadership lesson from Moses .



23 Aug

When I was based in Europe, I covered a part of the World Police and Fire Games. It was quite unexpected to see boys from home, there, moreso officers. I always found it amazing that when it comes to Sports, often, differences are set aside. Fairfax county officers too the Gold in Dars at the games in Belfast. No jokes, c’mon. Officers do more than chow down at Dunkin Donuts. They also throw things that prick people.

The 501 doubles beat dart teams from around the world. The guys from Virginny thought they would be out tossed by the locals in Northern Ireland, pub crawls and all but not the case.

The World Police and Fire Games are one of the largest multi sport multi site sport events globally. Sixty men and women from the National Capital Region traveled over for the games, the largest contingency of American competitors, yet. More than 12000 competitors form police, fire and other participated. The Darts were tossed at the Newforge Country Club in south Belfast. That is where PAL, the Police Athletic association of Northern Ireland is located. But that isnt the best of it  A bit of the blarney is coming here in 20155. The 2015 World Police and Fire Games will be held in the Greater Washington area in more than  40 venues. In Virginia, Maryland and DC, hosted by Fairfax County, National Capital Region.

Michael Tucker and Mark Kidd, the Fairfax Golden Boys had moved their station in Dart life up from Bronze. Fairfax’s Sam Gray was bronze in Competition in Indoor Rowing and Mountain Running, running an 8K course in the Mourne Mountains outside of Newcastle in Northern Ireland.


The Games, held biennially on odd numbered years, started in California out of the California Police Olympics, in 1967, as a way to give the, wink, old ones a chance to flaunt their six packs publicly (or wish they could). The Games raise funds for selected charities. The 2015 beneficiaries will include the US National Law Enforcement Memorial, the US National Fallen Firefighters Memorial and the local Valor Awards scholarships. More than 30,000 visitors are anticipated to come generating a hoped for over $80 million in tourist dollars for the region. The 2017 games will be held in Montreal Canada.


19 Jan

85 year old LILO Foster is 2012 Citizen of the Year of the Rappahannock News 50 year tradition of naming people of note. Lilo, grandmother to Ariele Foster,  teaches regular weekly yoga classes, at Washington’s Trinity Episcopal Church and other sites in WarrenCounty, for more than 26 years.

Lilo, trained as a dancer, first began teaching yoga to school colleagues as a way for them to deal with the stresses of the job.

Ariele has her own practice in DC.

I know Ariele. She was part of my journey back to walking. Ariele is the first YOGA DPT in WashingtonDC. Ariele talked about her grandmother. On occasion Ariele and Lilo shared teaching classes. What impressed me was Ariele sharing that Lilo had practiced Yoga since she was little. Lilo is a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

Lilo then Lilo Rosengarten would not talk about the horrors she suffered at the hands of the Nazis. Lilo was raised Jewish by her Jewish father and Aryan-Lutheran mother. Technically, not born of a Jewish mother, Lilo was Christian. Didn’t matter to the Nazis who interred her in a labor camp where she worked and where she lost her father, mother, brother and numerous other loved ones. Lilo told the Northern Virginia Daily in 2009 “When I think back, I don’t know how we lived through this. But we did.” Lilo met James Foster a US soldier from Rappahannock County while working for the occupation troops. They married in 1947.

Lilo is described as “Irrepressibly optimistic” “A role model” on “how to approach the last decades of our lives with dignity, grace, humor and with a spirit to overcome obstacles.”