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1 Sep

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The other day I met a man who shared he holds a top job in the Administration. He made it clear he doesn’t work for the Administration. He is a lifer. A long timer. In the real world, they are scoffed at as Federal employees.

Live in D.C. long enough it is wisely known that a snowball cannot be thrown without knocking over about 70K Federal employees. They are everywhere, migrating from around the country, even world, for the guarantee of the three S’- shower, sh*t and shave. Being a Federal employee is security. Being a Federal employee does not mean they are the brightest of the bright. More often than not, they are the complacent, unwilling to rock the boat enroute to pension.

They are just people, at work at 8 and leave at 5.

That is a problem.

This man volunteered out of the blue, he got a F.O.I.A., a Freedom of Information Act request for data on something or other. He had no clue what it was for. He signed the paper denying it.

My eyebrows rose. My question was direct, “why did the man file the F.O.I.A. and what did he tell you was his reason for filing it.”

Dunno “said the Chief of that Bureau as he nibbled on snacks.

“What did he say when you spoke to him” I asked.

“Dunno,” the Chief of the Bureau said, “Never asked.”

I was incredulous. In social circles, the best one can curvaceously explode with is “O.M.G. you didn’t pick up the phone to hear him out, to find out who he is and what can be done?”

“No” he said “he probably wants money or fame, all Whistleblowers do.”

And there you have it why people turn up at workplaces with guns, often. No one took the time to take the person out of the building for coffee to sit down and ask “hello, how are you and who are you?”

A few years back I was at the Social Safeway in Georgetown. Yes, D.C. names our Safeways, – the Soviet Safeway, it’s shelves were almost always bare; the Secret Safeway, it was hard to find it and the Social Safeway where people went to hook up, so I heard.

Starbucks operated a concession inside the Safeway. Safeway employees ran the coffee stand. It wasn’t rocket science work. All it took was asking “may I take your order please” followed with a “how are you paying” then wishing a good day.

One man could not manage that. He was curt, flippant and so weird that customers complained. I come from the Smiles Can Win culture. My smiles were not winning. It got to the point that I spoke to the manager, cautiously. I didn’t want the man to lose his job. My professional opinion was the man was qualified for a job, not this one. This one needed Social Skills..

To my horror the Store Manager opened a drawer exposing papers upon papers of complaints about this man. My eyebrows rose, I asked, “What did he say when you spoke with him?”

The manager answered, “I haven’t spoken with him. I am getting ready to fire him.”

A mentor taught me to ask people if they are open to a thought. Their answering “yes” engages them in ownership of the answer. The Store Manager said “yes.”

I shared, “Have you considered taking him outside of the store, across the street for coffee, chat with him, get to know abit about him, hear him listen…”

The Store Manager said, “I never thought about that.”

The world now knows the shooter of the TV crew lived a hidden life. The murder of these two people began with H.R., Human Resources. Someone did not ask pertinent questions that may have saved the life of these two kids maybe not of two others.

The red flag was there with the man using a name, Bryce Williams, that is nowhere as near impressive as his real name, being a Third, part of a lineage. Thirds and Seconds don’t always see their ‘tack ons’ as impressive. To them being a Second or a Third is an anchor they don’t want to talk about, a liability of having to answer who number One is and whether they lived up to Number One’s accomplishments or could escape his failures.

Congressman Chris Van Hollen was threatened when it came out in his 2010 re-run for office that he is a Second. His constituents never knew.

Van Hollen The First was a giant among men. The world will learn more about shooter “Bryce Williams” over time, more than his being an aging hot rent-boy going for $2000 a night, a success in that field. And of the man denied a F.O.I.A. that his boss did not invite for coffee?

Well, there are some more things the man said that had me worried enough to pen this piece that a simple enough coffee and walk around the block may or may not mitigate…..professionally speaking, is he the man for his job?

No. Not until he learns to pick up the phone and say “Hello, how are you and who are you….”



12 Jan

The day VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN held his ANTI GUN violence talking using the words SHOOTING & SILVER bullet skirting around MENTAL HEALTH concerns in the AURORA & SANDY HOOK shootings a REALITY CHECK to the Mental health witch hunt hitting guns hard in an issue abusing the word ASSAULT WEAPON a mirror reflecting ASPERGER SYNDROME was overlooked.

18 year old ALEXIS WINEMAN is competing for the 92nd MISS AMERICA pageant representing MONTANA. Miss Montana Alexis Winemans talent is comedy. Theme? A womans Body image. ALEXIS is AUTISTIC. This is the 1st time an autistic woman is participating in the pageant. Alexis was diagnosed with borderline ASPERGERs syndrome at age 11. ALEXIS mantra is NORMAL IS JUST A DRYER SETTING. LIVING WITH AUTISM. Shows like GLEE have long demonstrated what handicaps a child with a mental health diagnosis can at times be society or the parent themselves.

Love to hear the ASPERGER & AUTISM congressional supporters demand an apology to this community of constituents STAINED by the administration throwing their life style to the streets. Between you & me… having been blessed to meet some of the beautiful community here in DC through NISH & in Ireland during the SPECIAL OLYMPICS they are being wronged. In fact a long time employee of CAPITOL HILL has been a special gentleman given the honor of operating I think it is the Senators elevator. I have known him near a decade. Giving him a job is one thing. GIVE HIM dignity Senators & Congressman. Walk your legislative walk.

There is more to Sandy Hook than GUNS & MENTAL health. It wasn’t Aspergers that killed the murdered. It wasn’t a gun either. Maybe it was a young man the world stopped hearing- a dad who divorced & moved on- frustration a brother was able to move into the world he might have wanted part of. As to defining ASSAULT WEAPON agenda by activists… Fingers Guns Toes between a mans legs Forks Fingers Pens Dogs etc. YEAH that’s the ticket. Ban Toy dogs Potbelly pigs… Ban the ban di-dee-ban-ban



7 Jan

12/21/12 President Obama adressed Newtowns slaughtered innocence. WEST WING WEEK the White House Blog also called YOUR DAILY SNAPSHOT e-blasted at 12:36 pm the WHITE HOUSE response to petitions on WE THE PEOPLE platform the WH cited asking the Administration to take action to reduce gun violence in our country. The President recorded his video message on gun violence reduction.

January 7, the first day of the new week of the New Year, 2013, at 11:52 am The WHITE HOUSE e-blasted FROM THE ARCHIVES. The feature of the archive was MARSHMALLOW CANNON celebrating the White House crossing 100,000,000 views of the WH youtube channel looking back at raw footage of President Obama LAUNCHING a marshmallow cannon at the WHITE HOUSE SCIENCE FAIR. The closing tag… IN CASE YOU MISSED IT

January 4 former SPEAKER PELOSI released a statement naming Task Force Vice Chairs for the GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION TASK FORCE chaired by Rep Mike Thompson. Thompson said the vice chairs bring “unique” ideas “to reduce and prevent gun violence while also protecting the rights of law-abiding individuals without a history of dangerous mental illness to own legitimate firearms for legitimate purposes.”

No statement was made adressing Mexico’s decision to take toy guns away from children. No statement was made adressing Virginia elementary school students playing cops and robbers with fingers. No statement was made adressing the First Ladys program to reduce weight in school children or if banning marshmallows is next on the WHITE HOUSE agenda or if marshmallows will be replaced with bullets eligible for sale for science fair purposes… only…