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27 Sep

Staying power, that is a reward for visions that stand the test of time well. The FRC Values Voter is a mainstay of the D.C. political tourism circuit. Like clockwork, every year, the Family Research Council’s annual convention of faith comes together in North West D.C. Next year will be different. No, not in Jerusalem as the prayer goes this time of year, the Jewish new year, but next year across the Potomac, at the Gaylord Hotel in Prince George county Maryland.

Tony Perkin’s F.R.C. annual Summit is a must stop at for presidential contenders in the years of campaigns racing up to the final vote in 2016. This year is no different. The ‘they’, the hopefuls came in crowded race- Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Governor Bobby Jindal. On their day, Friday, the presidential candidate day, they came, they talked and they hoped they conquered, before heading back out on their POTUS trail.

To the regular attendees, there is little that is different. That, the familiarity is what keeps these attendees coming back year after year. The F.R.C. is the faithfuls camp reunion where friends see old friends, meet new friends and catch up on shared friends that have left them.

The 2015 was elevated to an even higher level of patriotism with this years gala dinner honoring every day people who did extraordinary things, the real superstars who stood up for their convictions in faith, of faith- a clerk, a baker, a fireman along with others told their beliefs were no longer valid.

Kim Davis’ defenders were not the party she belonged to foreheads but men and women from across the aisle standing next to her as her moral fibers were being stripped. Kim Davis stood at the dinner, reborn, a republican. Davis was already a Christian. In a world that holds a different benchmark for Hollywood celebrity multiple marriages, Davis a hometown girl was vilified, publicly raked over the coals for her conviction to marry not live with the men outside of the sanctity of marriage.

Perkins provides a safe forum for people of faith to come together in. And leave from. The Duggars, past attendees at after F.R.C.s events were noticeably absent post the disclosures of son Josh. Not to worry. The unscripted reality that ruled television the past weeks was paralyzing as people witnessed employers flip on their employee, voted in by people who knew her faith.

Davis’ employers made her their sacrificial lamb.

The world watched newscast after newscast, streamed video after streamed video showing workplace violence Davis’ employer, the state did not protect her from- people verbally insulting her, verbally offending her. Davis watched as her employer became complicit in hate speech, against her, leaving her to fend for herself.

Until Conservatives crossed the political divide  and stood with Davis.

The voter Summit is showing its years, the A list of radio row were elsewhere. News competition being what it is, pope stalking was more attractive to mediathen men on mounts battling for their win at the White House. The stalwarts stay. Besides, times have changed. No one needs to be anywhere to be there anymore. Live streaming has become a death knoll to events. That said, the Grand Ballroom was packed.


Non profits were in the  exhibit area- faces of conservatism activism over the decades still present in the conversation of freedom and faith. The swag is candies and ‘pray pins drink sweat sleeves, an occasional books. The conversation is easy. The friends are there. Friends of all colors, ages, plus.

Don’t buy the news alleging the Conservative party is vanilla. Not at all. The FRC is proof positive the Conservative party is vanilla, chocolate, cherry, blueberry and cinnamon.

In the main hall, when the POTUS wannabes are gone, speeches are delivered by activists delivering messages of God, and politics. And dinners.

Attendees race to get speakers books signed. The big announcement of the day is, annually, the result of the Straw Poll, announcing its Presidential choice. And the winner live cast on Fox TV is, was, Ted Cruz, followed by Dr. Ben Carson and in 5th place, The Donald.


In a world driven by polls, interesting.

Authors Note: As long as I covered news in DC, a staple at protests and just plain driving up and down the street, have been the protesters with placards and truck sides  embellished with images of dismembered babies and fetal parts. And then, the videos were released. Those videos. Yup.

Point of sharing  is the annual presence of the sandwich truck outside of conservative events, that truck, with larger than man size life images of fetal baby parts, arranged so the head, hands and legs are where they should be almost. The body parts are separated. And across the street is a restaurant wondering what it did wrong to deserve this truck across from the restaurant’s lunchtime and dinner crowd, as people sat eating their salads and such. Just like in the videos that are bringing good people together across a political divide of horror asking, is this how far we have fallen as a culture, or, more correctly, lack of culture and couth, if baby parts can be sold from a menu……



23 Aug

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TheDonald is best compared to the fire engine or cop car racing on a street sirens blaring so that people pull over to the shoulder to get out of the fire enginge’s way. The smart people are those that immediately jump back on to the road threading traffic in the draft of the Emergency Services car, full speed ahead.

The question foremost to my mind is who the hell is running Trump’s campaign, a political manifestation of the fire engine parting waves of traffic to make way? Why isn’t that person(s) threading the political needle leaving no room for question or, proverbial holes, that could tear Trump’s campaign apart?

Failure to dot ‘i’s and cross ‘t’s flies in the face of P.R. and logic, as does failure of Trump’s team to build out on his trademark “You’re ……”.

Fill in that blank, I won’t used TheDonald’s trademarked Catch Phrase fearing litigation by TheDonald, a little too aggressive with suits. I will create my own suggesting TheDonald use two golden words will tear a raceway to the presidency the day TheDonald declares, two words that unemployed, financially hurting American are desperate to hear, a promise to learn the pathway being able to provide ,  “You’re Hired” accompanied with ‘Vote For Me If You Want To Hear those words.”

With a reputation for brilliance in marketing, Trump strategists are leaving me wanting for more. These are desperate times getting more desperate.

Failure to clarify his family vestment in Immigration, grandfather Drumpf, Ivana and Melania as talking points to rebalance the miscredit to his name of illegal v legal immigrants, was One.

Failure to answer detractors that business comes with failure and success but track record of more wins than losses that is the goal to aspire to, is Two.

Failure to state his foreign business expertise and foreign government relationships evolved over his decades of licensing his named, brand to buildings and such around the world is Three.

No, I am not holding my breath for Nene Leakes to start stumping for the Donald or any other of the reality checks of the RHO(__) franchise. Quite frankly I admire the man for keeping them out of this circus. Although it would be nice for Marla, Melania and Ivana doing pop ups for their man. Let’s be real, if anyone can speak to women about rights,wrongs and paychecks, it is these three.

I expect TheDonald to step up his game. I do want to know the Donald’s intention for his brood- part of his cabinet? Ambassadorial appointments, give us a hint.

I do want Thedonald to dish on what is discussed at Davos.

I want TheDonald to state emphatically he has no back room business deals with Bill.

In the least, I expect TheDonald wag his finger at his current political team that Sarah Palin ran rogue and in his trademark way, as only TheDonald can, I expect declare, to me, “You’e Hired” then send me on my way to Ireland.

Bring on all the comments TheDonald may make, but nothing beats providing the demanded details that the devil is in. As for working for TheDonald? In a heartbeat. A talented gal can dream cant she…


9 Mar

    Someone said it well, the best looking horse in the glue factory won but still lost. That was what happened with election 2012. Mitt Romney was the hoped for poster child for Private Equity. Problem was, even though Mitt wasn’t Private Equity when it came time for the chopping block, the industry didn’t see the enemy coming nor from all the directions they did.

    A single man cost a lot of people time, money and machinations in that the counsel he followed, inadequately served his needs let alone the needs of Middle Market, the orphan child of finance, sandwiched by its protagonists in between Venture Capitol and Hedge Fund, of  which it is neither. Middle Market is the space occupied by businesses with revenues of between $20 million and $1 billion.

     Private Equity people know who they are. They realized post Election 2013, other people don’t. And in a world where opinion is expressed with out vetting and shared in 4G seconds this is a problem. More correctly this is Private Equities problem.

    Deal making is a good word when it is hundreds of feet high on a theatre screen in the visage of a Mike Douglas playing Gordon Gecko. Or when it is two feet high on a home TV screen in the visage of Mark Cuban and his compadres on SHARK TANK. But on blogs, rants, tweets, FB, Pinterest, HuffPO, what is left of the WashTimes and other print, deal making is bad. That is if you believe what you are told. Most do. Middle Market is learning it has to move with the times, too.

    The battle is lost when you argue up against what people are saying to you. The battle becomes a shared hot tub when people just get in and relax. Listen and respond. Politics and Capitol Hill is a bit more like a snake pit or as some prefer the comparison to Aesops Fable of the Scorpion and the Fox. You really don’t know who to trust, does one? Political bedfellows are made through association. As is guilt. And through ‘gelt’, the jewish world for money. Reality check is politicians start their next run from the day they get in to office. Goals, hope fors, ambitions are often lost in round the clock events that for the first time in memorable history has rhetoric reaching a point few wonder if civility can be backed down to. And it is in this climate that ACG is stepping up to educate themselves and their fearless state and industry leaders on how dire their situation is- stuck between Venture Capitol and Hedge Fund and tethered to Mitt- the man who got them so wrong when everything could have been so right.

     ACG came to DC- to meet, to talk, to teach. Lesson One lost- wasn’t of their doing. It was of the doing of the US Chamber of Commerce. The intimate gathering was held in a building of history- the former home of the Secretary Daniel Webster. The actual meeting was held a closed door away from the library where the desk Daniel Webster used sits. What an amazing photo op missed to tweet out, to share, to socially network (with hashtags of course) in teaching moments to a world of others who would love to see this bit of history, but for lack of opportunity, most likely never will. Webster is famous for having said “God grant liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it” and “Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!” came from the Hayne debate Daniel Webster was a nineteenth-century lawyer, representative, senator, Secretary of State, and one of the great orators in U.S. history.

     Webster was the spokesperson for the Portsmouth business community, who opposed the Jefferson administration’s trade restrictions with Great Britain and France. Webster denounced the trade embargo as well as the War of 1812  against Great Britain is what led to his election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1812. Imagine, sitting so close to history aligned to the ACG goal of Midde Market growth and not being told their industry’s inspiration was impacted by a man whose desk was a closed door away.

     There is something about history. It repeats itself. Fear expressed by invited ACG speakers is, this time, may be the death spiral, the US as we know it, may not come back from. Leaders from dealmaking ecosystems came to DC to make a difference. The lesson, “if we feed them, they will come” addressing staffers was learned. There is one lesson better and better invested in to- with over 535 legislators on the Hill, including House and Senate, take the food to them, along with literature, one office and a time by a team of people trained to stay on point with a message bullet pointed down to 3 points, maybe 7, but 144 characters at best. Thus is the world of marketing ACG has decided to Re-brand within. Its not about the 50 who come to eat. Its about the 485 that didn’t, that need to be reached.

    But how does one say Private Equity in 144 characters to young people who think the bandwagon of giving everything you work hard for away so others don’t get motivated to “earn for themselves”? Simple- Facebook (8 letters), iPhone (6), iTunes (5), Android (7), why even Honey Boo Boo and Mamma June- reality TV(9). All of these kitch began with cash from somewhere. You got it, dude- Private Equity. That is how re-branding is done simply- not from paying big bucks to people who put too many words on a page for people to take time to read in a rapidly moving global marketplace. AND NO NO NO- don’t even think of doing a Trump like “Apprentice”. Been there done that too many times, one risks re-Mitt’ing themselves all over again- and how many slides back down the ladder can an industry of amazing men and women with vision and accomplishment, suffer before their image becomes more of the caricature Mitt Romney left them perceived as.

    Re-branding is simple. Know who you are. It starts there. Ten words on a page. Go. Now. If you cant describe yourself that simply and quickly how the b’gosh do you think the world you want to give great beginnings to, can do it either. Lunch on the Hill was a start. Meeting how many politicians out of how many? THIS is the industry that knows how to do the math…. you deserve better returns for the good you have given out to the world.

    People do want money. People who do want to succeed are seen all over the Home Shopping Networks, late night TV. What they need? A roadmap from outside the box. And the mantra… give a man to fish and he eats for today. Teach a man to fish, he eats for the rest of his life and feeds others, that is, hopefully, will be able to continue doing even under the weight of the current administration thumb crushing entrepreneurship.

    And that is where Private Equity starts- know the room you walk in to- research- relate to it and share. And remember the words- Ex Nihilo- out of nothing- that is how the world began, shaped from nothing into something that is pretty awesome when someone says, “I did this. You can to it too….” Hence a Brand will be born… ditch the word “private”. Toss the word “equity”. Lose the lingo “middle market” which echoes Middle Earth, Tolkein and Hobbits. Lean towards phrases like “Optimizing the heart & soul of Industry” or “The little Industries that Can & Do” (shades of The Little Engine That Could)…. And embrace your inner pocket protector. Inside every man, woman and child, is a entrepreneur waiting to happen….. that explained this way? Will Love Love Love Private Equity that teaches, making money is good. Its not about paying back, it is about paying it forward….