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THE JOB WE GOTTA DO The Responsibility of a Creator

13 Oct

”The Job We Gotta Do” was the sentiment of FRC s annual conservative action conference was capsulized in five words uttered by Texas Representative Louis Gohmert who showed up for a TownHall noting, at the Get Go, the Legislators trek cross town was timed. Votes in the House were imminent. The Legislators connecting to voters was of priority.

America is in shutdown. She is hurting. The great experiment is crashing under Hubris.

Representative Gohmert says  America is at the place it is now because a conversation is not going on making it clear, to him, that compromises are not part of the conversation of budget and appropriations. Gohmert said anyone who does not see it coming, has a surprise thanking the Becket Fund for stepping up to fight the battles leading the charge needed to take America back for We The People not Some Of The People.

Gohmert said it is important for people to be heard. A woman asked, how can we pray for Legislators. Louie paused, said, I don’t need wisdom prayed for, I need Wisdom, adding patting the backs of his fellow Legislators on the panel, maybe they need courage. Reps Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise are new to the battle. Gohmert has been on the Hill for decades fighting the fight he takes across the aisle Democrats say never gets crossed. Gohmert went to the Black Tie and Boots Ball in 2012 even though the Democrats won. Asked why, Gohmert answered he felt being there was important with his being a legislator for Texans not just Conservative Texans.

Rep Jordan wanted Americans to know how fundamental this battle is. Gohmert said it is important for the Justices to know the sentiment of Americans in the shadow of Roe versus Wade. A woman told Louie to tell his fellow Legislators to ‘listen to us, We are the people.’ Louie, with a sense of humor almost as long as the drive from the Texas airport to Dallas said the audience cannot be accused of sleeping with a judge because he is not a judge anymore, teased that his sessions subbing FRC leader Tony Perkins, are a barometer of how much Tony Perkins is liked and Louie is not, with the audience always anxious when Perkins is back at the mic.

Lady, it is simple, Gohmert explained, you want to do something, if you write your legislator once every six months, that is not enough. Write them every month.

Michelle Bachman was an unexpected speaker, wearing her signature white dress with angel caplet sleeves. Michelle brought swags. Swag is that gift moments someone leaves an event with. The event Michelle claimed the swag, more like a trophy, from was the storming of the Lincoln Memorial with 600 citizens barred from seeing the Lincoln Memorial under the charade of Government cuts. Bachman told of her jog during the House’s being kept in DC for the weekend adressing the Budget battle a few days shy of the Debt date. Michelle jogged up on an Honor Flight tour, vets flown in, with charitable donations, to see their Memorial before they pass. Donations? A trickle compared to dollars poured in to AIDS support. I had covered Ashley Judd’s AIDS gala back to back with a Honor Flight visit. Ashley Judd got $500 million from government and other findings. Honor Flight? They were over the moon with a check for $29k.

Michelle Bachman’s swag? The Police Line Yellow Tape which she held high above her head championing Americans need to stand up and take their tax paid monument access back. Bachman told the story of the inn keeper at a national park area shut down when police cruisers, blue lights flashing, showed up on his doorstep. Bachman told him to get out there with his camera and take photos. It got better yet, Bachman told. Utah. There are something’s that can’t be controlled or roped in like Mother Nature. It snowed. And when the snow plows came along to clear the road, the plows did just that, too, pushing off the cliff the orange cones Federal workers set up to block taxpayers from the dollar funded pullovers and roads.

Bachman shared her fears which, an election ago, became the warning that felled Sara Palin from serious politics- Death Panels. They are a coming and may even be here as Americans looking in to Obamacare are discovering and is a real concern, Michelle expressed, impacting her family healthcare  business. Bachman asked if Obamacare will shut a c-section in process. Bachman asked, who would have thought hunters who paid for their pheasant hunting season passed would be barred from their shooting rights.

Bachman warned that Obamacare is consequential for Obamacare and the US economy. It is. Care First Blue Cross has notified subscribers they are no longer excluded from a gender change surgery. The question Bachman did not ask is for the benefit of audience what are our options. There are nine options.

And, Bachman said, what is at risk is the answer to America being a Police Line state or a Congressional Democracy. Bachman told her Family Research Council audience, at the FRC’s Value Voters Summit at DC ‘s Omni Shoreham  in North West DC. Bachman said this isn’t a time for caving, this is a time for standing.

Bachman said she is proud of the leadership in the House. Michelle said she sees a resolve that people count. Michelle wondered out load a people can be forced to buy a product they don’t want from a website that does not work.

Constitutional democracy? no. Bachman said. It is a Constitutional Republic. Choice? That or a Police state. Battles count, said Bachman, from the days of Charlemagne to present date. And, she asked, if the NSA has been looking at Private Data, she cautioned, they have not seen anything yet, so battles out, she said. One needs to know when to fight and the time is now.

Alveda King a niece of Martin Luther King Jr chortled at her luck coming up on stage after Michelle Bachman. King comes from a mixed background- Republican and Democrat. Bringing people together King said will come about when people look back, seeing how far they have come and fat they have to go. King said the attack on a religion began years back. King said the man who came to the FRC with enough ammo kill everyone in the building, finding his way to the FRC building, guided by the Southern California Law Center.

2nd Vote talked about their APP, a site that helps people Vote Twice- once at the polling booth and the second time at the store knowing the rankings of retailers of product that reflects, often, politics- slaver, trafficking, grooming.

Oh yes, the Rockstars were there- Cruz, Rubio, Forbes, Paul. Noticeably absent were Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity. FRC is a gathering of Faith. Politic is present. Faith dominates. The Old Guard was set aside for prayer, warmth and hugs. Yet, the last speaker in the Grand Ballroom, left the gathered puzzled.

Glen Beck has made a name for himself building an empire that is affording him toys some of which he brought with in a Show and Educate session with the audience. Beck brought with his binder filled with patches worn by Jews, under force, by the Nazis. Beck didn’t bring one. The one he was looking for, he had left backstage. He had it brought to him. Who collects patches worn by prisoners who died with faith and abandonment on their life.

Then Beck showed off the compass George Washington owned since age 14. Beck noted the compass was worn from rubbing. Beck said he carries the compass with him at times finding himself distractedly rubbing his thumb in the same track George Washington did when he was discovering America. Beck talked about Washington at age 14 surveying land in Indian country while 14 year olds today worry about Beck talked about Tesla, and GE, and Westinghouse and Edison. Did you know Edison photographed a tortured Topsy The Elephant being electrocuted with a battery setup Edison conceived of? The audience quieted at the seguy revelation. Beck talked about his own family and dinner time. Beck talked about Baby Knauer, point being, Beck made, is to not rely on ‘media’ to decide what to think or how to know. Read. And learn, history repeats itself and where the future is shaping up should be a fright to everyday citizens.

Beck wrapped up talking on Tesla, not the car. Tesla was an inventor who came to America, earned his fortune but at one time gave it back. Tesla understood accomplishment and giving back to a place he called home. Truly. Tesla gave back stocks and holdings. Final note….
Beck observed that Obama has the support of GE, Comcast, ABC, movies, Hollywood and a low approval rating than Bush 3 points higher at this time.
Games and an App. In contrast to today’s youth told they are children until age 26.

Second Vote present their App on how a vote continues after the election.

Beck said stay true to your self and chart your course. Leadership isnt getting it right. Short of Clint Eastwood ‘s chair during the campaign, Republicans lack theatre of politics the Democrats are mastering.

Day Two of the FRC, while believers were being energized, Congress was dealing political theatre under “In God We Trust” above the Speaker’s Bench House side. One after the other after the other, Democratic legislators spoke out script, a message on point, differing in voice and delivery. It was masterful theatre, Politics on Point.



3 Jul

A young man went to his father one day to tell him that he wanted to get married. His father was happy for him. He asked his son who the girl was, and he told him that it was Pamela, a girl from the neighborhood. With a sad face the old man said to his son, ‘I’m sorry to say this son but I have to. The girl you want to marry is your sister, but please don’t tell your mother.’ The young man again brought 3 more names to his father but ended up frustrated cause the response was still the same. So he decides to go to his mother. ‘Mama I want to get married but all the girls that I love, dad said they are my sisters and I mustn’t tell you.’ His mother smiling said to him, ‘Don’t worry my son, you can marry any of those girls. You’re not his son!!

[ My addendum in the blush of THE AFTER THE SCOTUS decision… the tag line should be “… and son, don’t worry, you havent always been a son, you started out as a daughter until we reassigned your gender…” [ Fact is Maryland last year was looking to leave Gender on birth certificates blank so the Gender could be filled in when the child decided what they wanted to be… ]


8 Jan

The Alliance Defending Freedom’s petition to the U.S. Supreme Court in the case Town of Greece v. Galloway has submitted an amicus brief on behalf of 49 Members of Congress. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in GALLOWAY that despite the town’s highly inclusive policy that allowed even practicing Wiccans and atheists to offer civic prayers the. use of public prayer before town meetings in the town of Greece was an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment. The AMICUS BRIEF was written by the FRC counsel comparing prayer before town meetings to prayer for the U.S. House of Representatives. US House of Representatives prayer is not said before the Representatives. Prayer is said in the HOUSE from where it is piped in to each and every Representatives office. Chaplain Black on an earlier occasion had agreed with author requiring legislators to actually WALK to gather in prayer each day might make the bipartisan difference legislators crow about on news shows. “The Court looked approvingly to legislative prayer dating to the Founding, in the Continental Congress, Constitutional Convention, and First Congress that drafted the Establishment Clause.” Prayers offered in Congress today are not similar to prayers offered before the founders Congress in that the Founders were present not virtual IF even paying attention at all.

With the HONEST definition of Separation between Church and State being the length of time and distance it takes to walk from an office to stand before the Chaplain the FORTY NINE men and women signed on might set this example of DAILY PRAYER.

Representatives in the Congress of the United States joined as AMICI CURIAE in the brief are three Members of the 112th Congress who vacated their House seats on January 3rd 2013 & four new Congressmen who joined the House January 3rd. All other amici served in the House in both the 112th Congress and the 113th Congress.

The forty nine Members of the House of Members of Congress are the Honorable:

Rep. Sandy Adams                   Rep. Robert Aderholt               Rep. Michele Bachmann

Rep. Dan Benishek                   Rep. Diane Black                     Rep. Marsha Blackburn

Rep. Paul Broun                       Rep. Kevin Cramer                  Rep. Jeff Duncan

Rep. Randy Forbes                  Rep. Virginia Foxx                    Rep. Trent Franks

Rep. Scott Garrett                    Rep. Phil Gingrey                      Rep. Louie Gohmert

Rep. Bob Goodlatte                 Rep. Morgan Griffith                 Rep. Andy Harris        

Rep. Vicky Hartzler                  Rep. Tim Huelskamp                Rep. Jim Jordan

Rep. Mike Kelly                       Rep. Steve King                       Rep. Jeff Landry

Rep. James Lankford                Rep. Cynthia Lummis                Rep. Mike McIntyre    

Rep. David McKinley               Rep. Mark Meadows               Rep. Luke Messer

Rep. Randy Neugebauer           Rep. Kristi Noem                     Rep. Steven Palazzo

Rep. Steve Pearce                    Rep. Robert Pittenger               Rep. Mike Pompeo

Rep. Tom Price                        Rep. Reid Ribble                      Rep. Todd Rokita

Rep. Steve Scalise                    Rep. Lamar Smith                     Rep. Steve Southerland

Rep. Scott Tipton                     Rep. Mike Turner                     Rep. Tim Walberg

Rep. Daniel Webster                Rep. Brad Wenstrup                 Rep. Allen West

Representative Lynn Westmoreland


8 Jan

The FRC Family Research Council sent out notice HOBBY LOBBY faces $1.3 million dollars per day for refusing to provide to employees the early abortion Morning After Pill coverage (known as PLAN B Mr. Speaker) as mandated by OBAMACARE. HOBBY LOBBY is a Christian family-owned American business. Already facing $10.4 million dollars in fines the HOBBY LOBBY fines can grow to topping a half a billion dollars. LIKE the Green Family at FRCs SUPPORT HOBBY LOBBY Facebook campaign page. Keep an eye on the irony President OBAMA is announcing Americas annual observance of NATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM DAY on January 16. The Greens stance while steeped in faith is a shot across the bow for ALL AMERICAN businesses especially in light of BANK OF AMERICAs step to freeze bank accounts of entrepreneurs BANK OF AMERICA objects to ie gunowners. BANK OF AMERICA froze the account of AMERICAN SPIRIT ARMS according to owner Joe Sirochman. OBAMA gave his acceptance speech a BANK OF AMERICA stadium in Charlotte North Carolina