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12 Jun

I came to Toastmasters because public speaking scared me. Let me be brutally honest, I came to Toastmasters because speaking scared me. I would wait until someone spoke first. Sweaty Palms and hyperventilating outed my fears if I stood at the front of a room or tried to carry on a conversation with more than 12, make that more than 2, make that more than 1.

In my few short months of becoming a Toastmaster, I have graduated. The sweaty clammy palms have gone. I can publicly complete an unscripted sentence that has a beginning and end and a middle. And my heart no longer beats to me to the end of a sentence like American Pharoah crossing a finish line ahead of the whole field. I am able to be heard across a room without being miked. And I embrace my space, talking with arms opening wide in grace filled conversation of motions like a bird in flight.

Toastmasters taught me to soar.

All this time, I hadn’t thought much about where and how Toastmasters got its start. I was fixated on my starting to speak, publicly that is. I had to learn fast.

And then one day I had time to think. I thought about Toastmaster’s origins. Toastmasters magazine prompted me to wonder, who was the first toastmaster was… and when. I understood the why.

I found my answer in a piece penned on Ralph C Smedley. I learned that Smedley had a phenomenal notion about bringing together young men in speaking clubs. Smedley felt the young men wanting work needed to learn to speak, conduct meetings, plan programs and work alongside others on committees. Smedley was the director of education at a YMCA, Young Men’s Christian Association. Smedley named his group of young men, and mentors, the Toastmasters Club honoring people who gave toasts at banquets and other phenomenally celebratory occasions. Seems the name toastmaster may have had an even earlier origin dating back to the Roman tradition of drinking to a lady’s health with spice soaked toasted bread softened in wine.

I didn’t think much more about Smedley’s phenomenal Toastmaster idea until, one day, I was listening to a faith leader speak. He talked, and he talked, and he talked and talked and talked and talked and talked. I was sooooooooooo restless that I reached out to the nearest book I could grab. It was then I had my Aha Mentor Moment that twerked me to realize who the real first toastmaster was.

Bible 1.0.

It was there in Black and White in a book that is read all over. A good book, if you asked me…..

God was coaching Moses to be the first Toastmaster ever. God told Moses to go talk to the Israelites. Moses said no. And God said yes you will. And Moses said I wont, no one will listen to me. And God said say, ‘Moses, buddy, trust me they will.’ And Moses said say ‘I have a speech impediment.’ And God would say ‘so who cares, believe that you don’t, you just need to speak up, and deliver your message, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.’

What a difference a page in history makes. If this was not the first Toastmasters moment then, what is.

We all know how that story ends up. God did a bangup job getting Moses to speak up loud and clear. Moses became such an expert Toastmaster, improving so much that he, Moses, convinced a community of Israelites to follow him in to the desert, wandering for years in a journey that is technically takes hours as the crow flies.

I can only presume that everyone else has history wrong. According to my theory, no, Moses didn’t throw the Ten Commandments down to the ground. That would have been phenomenally dumb, after having spent days and nights alone atop the mountain chiseling away on the first evolution of mass communications, that made him a “rock” star. From my perspective? I think that Moses suffered from palms that were so clammy and sweaty those darn heavy stone tablets slipped from Moses hands, crashed to the ground and shattered.

Thank you Toastmasters for my teaching lesson in grandeur of the mastery of being coached, reminding all of us of the phenomenal power of being mentored in the art of the Toast, by the master…. God.



31 Jul

Over a year ago I stopped by the Judiciary offices. I learned quite suddenly how little legislators and their staffs knew of real value of 2D IP, Intellectual property to the Arts Community, or of 2D IP creators Identity, too. I am understanding artists of my background- the licensing world- don’t often walk in the door saying, “Hi, I am here and this is what I am not hearing presented to Committee.”  Staff and legislators speak to CEOs and professors mostly, it seems, when it comes to policy making, and wonks and lobbyists too. Art school humor, let me share- Thems that do, do; Thems that get jobs like CEOs and professors with paychecks and perks who get paid whether or not the © Copyright Protection Ball for the 2D arts gets moved forward.

Then someone told me last week (a wonk, of course, who knew about the hearing only when I told him about it- paycheck dude) that the Judiciary is going to take at least two years to knock out a Bill on Copyright protection.

OMG. Not on my watch.

I am a commercial artist by training. That means, I got an assignment, I got it done, NEXT!, always moving things forward. That is how I earned my living, as a female small business owner who raised three sons into professional men, by doing what I loved. I many not have been the best in my field. I may not have been the most successful. I loved it so much I tell people I have yet to work a day in my life.  Decisions got made. Tradeoffs were considered like when it came to moving my programs overseas, I balked. My number one job was MOM. Kids came first.

I wouldn’t have given up my “Mom Job” for anything in the world. It wasn’t easy doing it on my own. There were nights I fell asleep at my art table. There were things I didn’t do for me because I wanted to “do” for my sons. The more I worked 24/7, 12/365, the more I was able to provide for my boys just the same as other parents who took entrepreneurial gambles to work at what they love. I worked hard to create 2D IP, I owned in order to provide for my future and for my children. Being my own boss with a professional ethic was all that mattered when I connected to clients around the world who all they cared about was that I met deadlines then shared profits we made. I was a voice on the phone, a signature on a paycheck, a name in a designer ad. And once in a while when I met employees of my licensees, I was a rock star. My employees, my art, made sales staff gush. Our being successful wasn’t contingent on gender or color as some blame their status in life. Our work ethic is what counted. Our work at home success wasn’t impacted if we were black or white or plaid or blue, disabled or sickly or male or female.

Owning my 2D IP and my IDENTITY hence my COMMERCE allowed me to be a stay at home mom, there when my sons went to school in the morning and there when they came home at night, a REAL small business person- just like all the artists, writers, dancers who follow their hearts- that your staff don’t put before you nor explain the dire straits of their lives now and why we cant wait two years till you get your Acts together.

Our children’s values come from learning our ethics and values coming from being self starters, owning what is ours. My sons grew up going to trade shows with me thinking every child met Clifford the Dog or the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. One of my sons has come back to the industry of IP as a lawyer.  http://ybltv.com/?p=306 THIS is the value of 2D IP and ID, giving your children your wealth you built- cash and knowledge, not by having someone like the Administration or groups like the Internet Association or Electronic Frontier, trolling your offices, getting paid weekly paycheck telling you what they told my peer communities “you have owned it (IP) long enough.” Who are you to legislate that I get to keep my 2D IP Life + 70 but allow Disney’s copyright to roll over and over? Who am I to ask that question? I outsold Disney on like product at Point of Purchase without TV promotion or other so what makes my art less valuable than THE MOUSE. Let me let you in on a secret, Disney’s success in bottom lines? Youtubes? Googles? And so on? Comes from raping our content for investors’ gain.

We freelancers, independent small business Arts peoples don’t get pensions, we don’t get disability, we don’t have weekly pay checks the SSI office asks for to qualify. When we cant work, we dont get paid. END OF STORY. Ask us how we feel covering people clamoring for disability or free Obamaphones when we pay for ours out of diminishing earnings as you give more latitude of our 2D IP, ID and Commerce to technology racing ahead? Our 2D IP, ID and Commerce is the juice that makes their engines rev. Let me repeat, OUR IP and ID and Commerce.

Your laziness in making timely decisions to protect the Innovative Entrepreneurial Communities is killing America. It isnt jobs Americans need, it is owning every single solitary bit of their intellectual property that your lawmaking keeps giving  away to technology. What are you thinking? And what are you thinking now when it comes to letting entities like FaceBook and Google rotate in and out of your offices without holding them accountable to Identity theft, violations of Unauthorized Use of IP and even of Fair Use. The money offshore- Googles and Apples billions wasn’t made from their creativity, it was made from misrepresenting a product to consumers IN ADVANCE without advising in plain simple English that “we are going to stalk your life, then sell you to the highgest bidder.” Gimme a break when it comes to Human Trafficking- if selling my name on 123people.com or spokeo.com and other such site Human Trafficking at its basest level THEN WHAT IS?

It is really simple. We don’t want jobs. We want our IP. We want people to say ‘Please may I’ before taking our stories, our dances, our songs, our designs, our photos, our poems, our website data, you name it that celebrates us, our cultures. 2D IP and our ID, identity is the great equalizer when it comes to immigrants. It tells you who we are in a way that only we can, drawing you “in” to the heritage we come from. We want to control how people or companies use our 2D IP and ID. And no, don’t even entertain Small Claims court for 2D IP creators. Ever pay attention to the cameras in the well in front of you, sounding like machine gunnery blasts. THOUSANDS of images a day. Really. Institute a dedicated IPR court with a REAL LEARNED IPR judge presiding rather than someone who took one IPR course in law school.

So the next time the Internet Association or the Electronic Frontier or Google walk through the door, ask them the tough questions about the Property they are stealing from the 2D arts community? And don’t back down.

They wont answer so fast. Theft is theft and theft is criminal. No. We don’t want the pittance like Arianna gave to her free content providers. This is different. We aren’t giving our 2D IP to the Search Engines and ISPs. They are just taking it and you wont make them stop.

Ms. Chu, when you called out WHERE ARE THE ARTISTS, they were on their knees in the well in front of you. All you had to do was peer over the wooden desk, smile, wave and say, “hello, how are you, who are you”, my lesson learned from Samuel Jackson from my LA days. Try it some time and ask that  photographer- day rate or staff? That will get the Missing Artist conversation going.

My peer are a good starting point help Legislators learn firsthand from 2D IP creators answers about Artists financial health- that some do, some don’t have insurance- life, car, health- most don’t have pensions, most don’t have savings, most don’t even own their own gear. Some are salaried. Most aren’t. Some are on assignment. Some are on day rate. Some used to make a living at what they love. Not anymore. And if one of us gets injured- short of nest eggs from prior careers, a working spouse or a sugar daddy or mommy as the case may be- I could be blunt- I will be lady like- they are screwed. Ask them how they afford replacing broken gear and/or body parts. You can gerry rig a camera or flash but…. bodies usually makes a snapper a “retired alum.”

What you weren’t asking the witnesses at the last hearing was how is Getty wire service surviving with technology nipping at their heels;  or to answer honestly the real reason they HAVE to keep on chasing new clients (not that they don’t want to) is because your decisions giving the search engines and ISPs latitude has devastated our industry that within seconds of selling a One Time Use of an image it is EVERYWHERE without payment moreso with little incentive to recoup losses because the average thief is probably close to your home. Ask them how much they were making PRE-INTERNET and then Post. Copyright law is broken even by Congress when you hustle a pic off the net to illustrate your message. Remember when Ms Pelosi used photos of Paris Hilton, the Monopoly Money Man and other celebs to make a point? Remember the Shepherd Fairey “Obama HOPE” lawsuit. AP has deep pockets. Ask your staffer who gave them permission to use RGIII as their avatar. Ted Leonsis says it’s the cost of getting fans to become fans. The cost of using a sole proprietor disabled entrepreneur’s 2D IP? Ask one the next time you meet one.

This is our message. We don’t want to end up disabled and on the dole. We don’t want to end up on the streets or in the poorhouse. We don’t want to borrow money to survive. We want to pay down school loans. We want to buy houses. But the rate you are giving our 2D IP away we have one reality looming on the Wall- the poorhouse or stop creating. How does one turn off a passion?

We don’t want jobs. We are exactly who we want to be, Small Business People Entrepreneurs. We respect your work. Now respect ours! I know for me, one morning I want to wake up hearing the Entrepreneurs report not the Jobs report. Future jobs in America are going to come from entrepreneurs if you stop the theft of our Property Rights- 2D IP, ID and Commerce.

Look, I have written this over and over to make the point you aren’t getting from the Alliances, the guilds, etc who get paid to do lunch, to drop in, to do the weekly route of Brookings, Cato, book signings, cocktails and to sit or put up the witnesses in front of you. We are the Ginger Rogers of the IP world- without Ginger where would Fred Astaire have been? Ginger was AWESOME. She did everything Fred did only better, backwards and in heels. We do all the same stuff the wonks and lobbyists do excepting they get the big bucks while we are working the events they are at as guests or speaking only to have technologies they are pushing to you decimate our industry’s gross. How can anyone compete with a White House with a Free Internet agenda who within weeks of being in office was giving away CLOSED OPPORTUNITY pics even Pool is closed out of on Flickr, youtube, pinterest, etc ?

Me and my peers don’t do lunch, we work too hard for the Commerce you are giving away for free. If Technology wants our images, then pay us for what your took and pay us going forward. Even hookers get paid cash up front. And we are worth far more than that because a world without Arts is a world without heart- you are killing the Arts, you are killing the artists, you are killing colleges who turn out students owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for four years or more of a career that even if THEY don’t put their arts on line, someone else will and make a profit. The world may be changing but Title 17 hasn’t been changed YET! Don’t.

So, yeah, I’ve got an Act for you…. in marketing, we call it the Idiot Proof pitch- direct and to the point. Its called the 2D IP & ID & Commerce Protection Act.

THE ANAGRAM OF STELA IS STEAL (E&C roundup June 2013):

23 Jul

Congressman Joe Barton leaned in to his microphone. He shared the humanity of a legislators life in a city where often legislators are painted as less than humane. But legislators doing their constituent’s work- need housing here, in the Capitol, and there, wherever back home is. Multiple residences means multiple costs of services replicated in each home, as Barton’s case may be, in each state and county. Three homes means three cable bills. As Mr. Barton pointed out, cable doesn’t come cheap these days. Do the Congressional math- $200 a pop times three equals $600, a hefty price, when service options are restricted by Cable providers to package options, each pricier than the other, bundled with programming options along with the one show, or two, customers like Barton want. 

The hearing, a second on STELA, held by the Energy & Commerce Committee, was coincidental to the Cable Industry Gala the night before. Hearing witness Amy Tykeson, CEO of Bend Broadband was congratulated for being inducted into the Cable Industry Hall of Fame. How nice to save an industry travel costs back and forth to the Capitol.

Chairman Upton opened the hearing making an understatement in a world where technology changes day to day. Upton said to hearing attendees that the video marketplace changed since STELA, the Satellite Television Extension and Localism, was enacted back in 1988. The E&C’s hearing was called to “Revoke” or “Revise” STELA. Recycle should be an option. Walden said, “The purpose of the law was to give the then nascent satellite industry a leg up in providing distant broadcast signals to viewers out of range of local over the air signals.” Mobile has conquered the world. Viewers in Bangladesh are receiving vimeo on mobiles. Fred Upton acquiesced “television providers are no longer new kids on the block. And cable operators, once the commanding presence in the pay TV sector, now face competition not just from satellite providers, but phone companies and the Internet as well.”

STELA’s Act may be up in 2014. The jig is up when it comes to Congress showing its failing in getting Legislation ahead of the next technological move, and the next after that, and so on. It doesn’t take rocket science to see solutions. It takes therapy. Congress must move past being their own Self Help group by admitting they are co-dependent on the wrong community as advisors- technology, corporate lobbyists and Congressional Research staff for advice- the people who walked Congress into getting caught with their pants down when it came to technology that is now running America, and the world, amok.

Fuggedaboudit when it comes to healthcare, NSA, etc. being the themes for Town Halls. Talk about the common thread in all of the issues making headlines- IP, Intellectual property- and in the headlines not being made, constituents ability to make their living based on their entrepreneurial skills. And intellect. 2D IP, intellectual property used in the content produced and disseminated by Satellite through Search Engines and ISPs and soon to be AEREO, the even newest kid on the block Farhad Manjoo of Pandeo calls “stupidest high-profile tech start-up ever launched.” (http://pandodaily.com/2012/07/14/dont-root-for-aereo-the-worlds-most-ridiculous-start-up/ )

Why is Congress stepping towards the AEREO light?

Deep pockets. Barry Diller and a “loophole in technology.” Manjoo wrote “I’m being harsh. But someone has to be. In the past few months, after Aereo was hit by insane lawsuits from the television industry, it has become something of a cause célèbre for people fighting for more progressive copyright laws. No doubt it was good to see Aereo win its first legal test this week, when a federal judge denied TV companies’ request to have the firm immediately shut down. But don’t mistake Aereo’s win as a sign of progress in copyright law or as a victory for consumers. If Aereo is successful, it will be only because it found a strange loophole in the legal thicket surrounding how we treat content. But as BuzzFeed’s John Herrman smartly points out, “loopholes aren’t a technology” just because a company has found a legal loophole does not make it a sound business idea, a sound technical idea, or a good deal for consumers. Read it and weep Congress. Read it and weep.

Just because Disney, WDIG (the Walt Disney Internet Group) sit at a table in front of you testy because Schurz Communications had  bigger ‘ones’ than Disney does. Marci Burdick, Senior V.P. of Broadcasting, Schurz Communications, Inc. did not let Ben Pyne, President Global Distribution, Disney Media Network get away with anything he attempted to set aside. Good reason. It’s a paycheck to Ben. It’s a family dynasty to Marci…”It all began in 1872 when Alfred B. Miller and Elmer Crockett founded the South Bend, Ind. Tribune. The Tribune is still the flag-ship property and family members have held editor and publisher positions at the newspaper for five generations. Schurz Communications newspapers have a long tradition of editorial excellence, technical innovation and a commitment to the highest standards for quality and excellence in journalism.” (http://www.schurz.com/about/history/)  

The hearing focus was wrongly on CEOs. Each individual is a CEO sometimes even only in their own mind. Companies start with Individuals who have ideas. Other witnesses at the table included Geoffrey Manne, Senior Fellow, TechFreedom; Mike Palkovic, Executive VP, DirectTV; Hal Singer, Managing Director, Navigant Economics and Amy Tykeson, CEO, Bend Broadband.

Legislators need to go back to the drawing board, first stepping on technology’s push for a free Internet where consumers are bundled and sold, spied upon and petrified that IF the Russians or terrorists attack, they will know how to find them- each and every member of their family and know how to torture them- forget about waterboarding- google has everyone’s lives in their storage centers, even yours Mr. Upton. A few months back Americans believed hackers were foreigners, now they know the people to fear are people living next door.

Let your constituents talk to you at Town Halls. Let them tell you how they feel about getting technology that takes away their rights to privacy, their rights to their Intellectual Property that will make their living for them. Ask them the questions your Research Committee isn’t giving you. Why? Partial reason. Your research is being done by the generation that is acting before they think or realized the same technology they are pushing Congress to move forward is the same technology that hacked and released Congressional staffers emails- Anonymously. Not. Aided and abetted by Congress’s decisions that got Legislators to where they sat that morning…. STELA- revise or revoke.

Satellite companies are here today and hair brained schemed replaced tomorrow. AEREO? Really. Customers. Customer service and where Congressman Barton got the conversation heading- customers and corporations being forced to take what they don’t want to get what they want at prices and with disclosures that change without constituents not being told about technological wizadry provided to Satellite companies in order to predict what Customers want and THEN, withholding that programming from them unless Cable packages are bought. If paying customers are the lab rats being tracked at home for Search Engines and ISPs to sell data on, the PAY THEM by bringing Google billions back from offshore and reduce customer monthly costs.

Chairman Walden said, “We have a year and a half before we must decide what action to take.” No sir. Deadline passed. E&C has no time to clawback latitudes given to the tech companies and the Behemoths in industries that are pushing competitors out of business.

In 1988, some rocket scientist put Satellite under the Judiciary because of a link being drawn IP. Remove Satellite from Maria Pallente’s jurisdiction and put it under the FTC’s Julie Brill where it belongs.  In the eye of the Search Engine and ISP content- Google model, everything is content. In the eye of the consumer, the consumer has become Search Engine and ISP content. In the eye of the realist, CONTENT is king. The consumer has lost. Especially this secretly recorded wife now, Content’ http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/07/22/man-uploads-wifes-explosive-temper-tantrum-on-youtube-one-of-them-has-reportedly-moved-out-and-filed-a-restraining-order/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=story&utm_campaign=Share+Buttons. Content has been evolved from Google Glass being worn into a Strip Club by a non frequent visitor Patrick Hill. Hill posted hi Google Glass content to youtube where it was picked up by CNET writer Chris Matyszck who then posted the link to his page and so on and son on in the evolution of Content then dispersing it http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57594982-71/get-em-off-man-gets-into-a-strip-club-wearing-google-glass/

The push for mobile was orchestrated years back. “ITS” no longer just about TV. “ITS” being sold as Freedom. The new Freedom bandwagon is mobile. Advertising was predicting mobile as the way to go. Ask Ted Leonsis of Monumental Sports. 3x more money comes from an online targeted ad then online broadcast ad traditional shotgun ad.

Mobile is a parents nightmare. Mobile devices are tricky for parents to monitor. It is a stalkers paradise. It is a Satellite consumers fear. Yes, there are stories of “call centers” overseas taking Satellite consumers Intellectual Property. Better yet, the IP and personal data thievery Congress always dumps on China is a helluva lot closer to home Fort Lauderdale Florida (www.dmnews.com/former-call-center-workers-accused-of-stealing-consumer-information/article/72133/). Facebook has been compared t oa Walled Garden. Google has been compared to a digital nudist colony. No one can cover up their nibbles & bits anymore. Kids and teens are about to learn the choices in their Internet life, they didn’t make. They were groomed- a slap in the face to the hard work former Congressman Ed Markey and Joe Barton have done to protect children’s privacy. The technological foot print children are making is being shaped by their online interacting being stalked by technology. Remember the Jim Carey movie? Where a crew behind the scene made his choices happen based upon decisions the crew notated he did before? Who would have thought we are in Jim Carey’s mind.

The problem is definitions. The problem is there are none. The problem is technology’s pot bangers are telling Congress how amazing the Emperor is looking. NSA’s data theft and teenagers making content of gang rapes of drunk teenagers should be telling Congress the Emperor has no clothes on. Dudes. Cover up.

The STELA conversation is not about looking back at “cable regulations, such as the must carry, basic tier, buy through, program carriage, program access, and set top box rules….The video market is changing rapidly. Phone companies are in the video business now, both over wires and wirelessly. Netflix is offering original programming over the Internet. And Aereo, for better or for worse, could turn everything upside down” as co-Chairman Walden said. The STELA conversation had to be about setting up a Ten Commandments that protects what made America great- Consumers rights to their Property promised by the Founding Fathers- their rights to privacy, their rights to owning their Intellectual Property OR getting paid for it, sharing in the profits Search Engines and ISPs are making from consumers while charging more and providing less in a push to prop up corporate profits. 

Congressman Murphy said these conversations never quite reach the level of the Artist who designs the logo or the website or even the uniforms and office and equipment for the doctor or professional addressed in these hearings. Michael Burgess talked about doctors and dentists offices and patient IP. Dr. Burgess- doctor-patient privacy? Used to be scotched the second your staff hits ‘Send.’ Now, the ISPs are entering computers constantly taking data, even when offline- all communities. Simplify the protection needed- everyone’s 2D IP, ID and Commerce. The worry isnt that the theft goes on but how the Internet has expedited the speed thefts are taking place. 

Footnote, Congress. On the heels of Snowden and the NSA? Stop blaming China for stealing American IP. Take a lesson from China’s example of IPR, Intellectual Property Rights courts instead of Maria’s solicitation of Small Claims as a forum to resolve IP theft. Ask which search engine gave their encryption codes away to access THAT market. Hopefully China doesn’t clue in and sue America yet for stealing Chinese Food….. And one day, may I’ll write about Bulova Watch Company IP theft from a half a decade ago or how “Tuesday is Russian Day at the USPTO. Congress, every day is Russian Day…

Congressman Horton said put one office in charge of Satellite and IP. No. Two. And they exist. The FTC and Register of Copyrights. Re-divy Satellite back to the FTC . Create IPR courts along the lines of China’s and India’s. NOW. Enforce Economic Espionage Act, Computer Hacking laws. Don’t depend on the Direct Marketing Alliance. What part of Digital and Marketing and Alliance is Congress not getting. There is no silver bullet to Media Literacy and Public citizenship.

Where did Congress get the misdirection that consumers and Moms & Pops are worth less than Mega-Witnesses like Disney who was at the table. The answer is really quite truthful- college, it seems, and from the DAA Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising (www.aboutads.info/participating) College professors created a theory that companies worth is justified by its returns to investors, obliterating the old school way of Customer Service and, most likely, the push for global expansion. Guess, most of the legislators aren’t old enough to recall the Nordstrom Model of Business. Well worth repeating. Will save the story for last.

Congressman Barton started down the conversation addressing cable subscribers paying through the nose for services they don’t want to get the one or two channels they want. Legislators must keep an eye on news back home while they are away on Capitol Hill. Options? Buy the package the satellite carrier  is selling or, as Mr. Barton said, go back to free TV.  $600 a month out of  legislators’ pockets while facing a $2000 per staffer healthcare Obama tax looming has legislators weighing their running, again.

Undiscussed during the hearing was the games cable companies play with customers beyond Program Packaging Options. Satellite companies fail to advise customers of new promotions that might drop a high bill to $89.99, with no cost for the package switch. Companies like Comcast don’t tell relocating customers their monthly fee might be changed by the satellite company without the customer being told. Customers are not advised $20 credits are available if techs are late or fail to show. Customers are not told when Plans expire the company picks the Plan customers are renewed in to, without notice or permission. Nor are customers told they are subsidizing cable for people who live in rural America IN AN INTERNET/VIMEO/AERO/SEARCH ENGINE/ISP world.

What are the norms going to be. Google Glass, a transmitter/ streamer Bathroom two men standing in one says are you ok if I wink your winkie? Democrats signaled they would prefer to reauthorize the act rather than bog it down with other issues. As it is, the Judiciary committee has to be involved in the legislation because of the interlocking copyright provision in the law.

Mobile has changed the ecosystem. Legislators, maybe it is time to say no to Hollywood. They are no longer King of Content.  Now, if someone wants to be a star, they just have to turn their flip phone on themselves in the bathroom mirror and Click. CONTENT. As legislators are learning, Gotcha moments are a reality TV show waiting to happen…

Walden is wrong. Its not about “respecting the investments of the networks that create it and the broadcasters and Pay TV companies that deliver it? “ Its about protecting the consumer who has unknowingly paid for this with the greatest price of all, loss of privacy. The chairman said “million viewers write and call Congress reminding Congress of that clause in the Constitution “about the right of Americans to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever and however they want.” GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

The key is to learn from the twenty five year old STELA Act. Keep its best as framework. It isnt the satellite industry that needs addressing. New industries continue to emerge. It is the model- Consumers and their entertainment consumption. The model has been thought through. Simple, CONSUMER v BUSINESS ENTITY. This is where the Nordstrom’s Business Model comes in to play.

And the Ten Commandments of Consumer Consumption, that Congressman Barton called a Consumers Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, well, he said “Bill of Rights For Consumers.” Hint.   No don’t do as Michael Palkovic, DirecTV’s svp of services and operations, said “make the laws smarter to reflect the 21st century video marketplace.” Do the American thing, create the Bible that stands the test of time, the framework of the country. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid- Ten Points that will protect Tablet One (Constituents) Privacy, Customers, Innovators, Data, ________, from Tablet Two (Corporate) Open Data, Notice, Simplified Contracts and Terms of Service, Algorithms, ________.

For whatever it is worth, E&C, the anagram of STELA is STEAL…


26 May

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND has become a weekend of barbecue and bikes, in DC.

I chose to celebrate my MEMORIAL MINUTE with earnest, attending a 6th&I Friday night service dedicated to veterans and loved heroes lost at war. I had showed up a week earlier, last Friday. I determined to return, to say ‘thank you for your service’ and ‘thank you for your sacrifice.’ The unorthodox service, Downtown DC, meets the fourth Friday of each month. Larry, the leader’s practice, each Friday he leads his congregation, is to read out the names of the Fallen. Larry said he has been doing this five years now. Larry saw someone else list the dead. Larry committed to honoring heroes ages 19-40’s, each one a pause for tears.

For all the naysayers, Jews dont serve. They do. Just walk amongst the headstones at Arlington Cemetery. Stars of David dot the crowns of the white tablets, each tablet looking like 1/2 of the Ten Commandment, two tablets. Present at the ceremony were a father and mother from Florida and a teeny bent woman with two young men and her girl. Whoosh. She reminded me of my mom, my family, our loss I shared with her after Adon Olam, Lord Of The Universe.

She held me hand as I shared our loss, why Memorial Day is important to me. She said ‘you understand. I dont need to explain. They,’ sweeping her hand towards the exiting congregants, ‘they dont get it.’ They dont. I agreed. And I shared with her my words of comfort given to me at the time of our loss ‘He is missed.’ Three words that speak volumes. And I shared my reality gifted to us within 30 days of our loss, ‘people will tell you to move forward. You will but you wont. You are changed forever. It can be a gift. Or not.’

The gathered were present for kavanah, devotion, introspection. My hostest was Joyce, the congregation leader’s vivacious wife I had fortune to sit next to on the pew bench upstairs. Larry shared Sixth and I history. He had no way of knowing my moment in it, my photo on the wall gallery downstairs, my memories of Abe Pollin, my association with Shelton Jackson and with Doug Jemal. When Larry asked had I been here at 6th and I before. I smiled. With too much history to share, I said, yes, I was there when the Synagogue that became a Church became a Synagogue again.

My dinner mate was an Episcopalian Gay who loved shule and Jews and couldnt understand much of what I don’t understand about the world. I relished how he looked in my eyes as we spoke. I shared with him I had stopped by the FRC Watchmen Conference earlier that day where a pastor engaged with me on the conversation of Gays and Faith, BSA and bullying. My dinner mate and I were in synch. All I could think of was the dialogue is shifting. The loudest voices being heard could probably use therapy to work through their issues as this delicious man is NOT being spoke for by them. Nor was the couple, both wearing yarmulkehs. They were not a the Memorial Weekend sabbath as activists. They were there as Jews steeped in their faith.

So when a friend sent me a forward, in Memory of Rabbi Noah Weinberg, of blessed memory, dean and founder of Aish HaTorah International, a man who for 50 years his visionary educational programs brought hundreds of thousands of Jews closer to their heritage, I thought his words are in tribute to those we lost & love:

Way #13: Think About It  by Rabbi Noah Weinberg

We sometimes make snap decisions. Or we may mull over decisions for too long. Become skilled at the happy medium of good decision-making. Imagine walking on a tightrope high above Niagara Falls. As you inch along, you see a maniac coming at you from behind. No longer are you just concerned about falling to either side, you also have to make sure the maniac doesn’t catch you! In a sense, life is the same way. Every step we make has real consequences – yet we have to continue to move forward. People want immediate results and tend to lack patience when it comes to making decisions. People may even throw themselves into a certain decision – for better or for worse – just to get the decision out of the way. Others may excessively mull over decisions, lacking the confidence to come to the right conclusion. Whatever the case, decisions can come back and haunt us. And we wonder: “Why didn’t I think this through better?” Take note of how you make decisions. Do you deliberate and consider the weight of important issues? Or is it impulsive and without thought of consequence? Or do you simply shrug your shoulders and make a decision out of ignorance?

Way #13 is Bi-yishuv – literally “by sitting.” Life has decisions to be made at every moment. So don’t be hasty. Slow down. Examine all the aspects. Reflect. Deliberate. Make the best decisions you can, but don’t get so wrapped up in yourself that you’re afraid to commit to a final decision. These techniques will help you solve problems that inevitably arise in career, marriage, and parenting. And once you do make your decision, you’ll move forward with confidence, knowing it was the best decision possible.


“Deliberation” means to ponder insights, events, ideas – whatever we encounter in life. Let things lie for a while, then go back and mull them over. The Sages say that whatever you encounter, study it four times. This process is likened to the act of planting – because wisdom is for the soul what food is for the body.

  1. PLOWING – The first time you go over an idea, try to figure it out. That’s “breaking up the soil.”
  2. PLANTING – The second time, the idea begins to make sense. You’re “putting seeds into the ground,” planting it into yourself.
  3. HARVESTING – The third time, you come to an experiential and intellectual understanding. It’s “reaping the wheat.”
  4. DIGESTING – The fourth time, you integrate the idea into your life. It “nourishes” your soul and is now part of you.

We all want to achieve great things with minimum effort. A great sage said: “A person wants to become great overnight, and get a good night’s sleep, too!” Realize that true growth is a long process. That’s why deliberation is an important tool, because it forces you to slow down, exercise patience, and stretch the limits of your powers. With everything you want to achieve – and the short time you have to do so – taking time to deliberate is the best investment you’ll ever make.



Before going to sleep, look back and review the events of your day. Try to identify what you learned. Then project toward the future. Anticipate what you expect to encounter the following day, week, or month. Set a schedule to review your life regularly. In Judaism, the appointed times are every week before Shabbat, every month before Rosh Chodesh, and every year before Rosh Hashana. You can also do this before a birthday, graduation, wedding or other milestone. Do this consistently for the rest of your life. Deliberate on what you’ve done in the past, and what you hope for the future. Without this, you’re just running aimlessly through life. Sure, you’ll eventually end up someplace – but you won’t be happy and you won’t know how you got there.


We all have an occasional flash of truth: moments when we realize what it means to be a friend, what we are doing wrong, what we really want out of life. We may think the moment of realization has changed us. But often the moment is lost. Because unless we concretize the insight, we’ll never act on it, and the effect dissipates altogether. The next time you get a great insight, stop. Freeze. Don’t move. Think about what the insight means in the overall scheme of things. And figure out how to put it into practice. Imagine you encounter the suffering of poor people and are moved to tears. If you want to help, you’ll need to structure a careful, detailed plan. Otherwise, all your good intentions are unlikely to amount to anything.


We all have ups and downs, good days and bad days. Hasty reactions are a defense mechanism, and usually not the most effective one. If we’re not on guard, we can act impulsively. Criticism has a way of getting under our skin and making us attack the source of the criticism. So before you react, give yourself a chance to consider the comment, what it really means, and if perhaps there’s some validity to it. As King Solomon says: “Don’t be quick to respond.” When someone hurts or insults you, wait before you react. You’re naturally on the defensive. Be careful not to say anything you’ll later regret. Before you start shouting, pause. Catch a hold of yourself and count to 10. Similarly, when someone asks you a question, think before you answer. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.” When asked for your point of view, learn to say, “I’m not sure,” or “It seems to me…” In the long run, you’ll gain respect.


If it’s not worth mulling over, it’s not worth studying in the first place. Because all that information may just overload and confuse you. When you hear or read something, train yourself to sum up the central point in a few words. If you don’t take the time to think over what you’ve learned, you’re viewing the world blindly through someone else’s eyes. Next, examine the implications of the new idea. It helps to have a list of standard probing questions like:

  • Is the source objective?
  • What is the evidence cited?
  • What aspects don’t I understand?
  • What are the implications/consequences of this for my life?

Asking these questions will sharpen your analytical abilities, and will help you apply what you learn.

Next, take a piece of paper and write out the pros and cons. This gets the ball rolling in a constructive direction. Even though it may seem like this process will slow you down, once you master the technique, it will become more automatic. Then you’ll be able to analyze things with lightning speed, and make better, faster decisions.


You need to distinguish between “reality” and “moods.” Deliberating before you confront a problem will enable you to act with greater confidence when the problem does arise. So before you enter a situation that could backfire – a job interview, a family gathering, etc. – consider in advance what you’ll have to confront, and practice for it. Role-play in front of a mirror (or with a friend) and prepare catch-phrases that – in the heat of the moment – keep you focused. When you’re prepared, you’re confident. And then no one will be able to pull the rug out from under your feet.


Did you ever go to sleep with a problem and then wake up with a solution? To gain clarity, you sometimes have to walk away from a situation and then come back to it later. If you feel yourself coming up empty, take a break for while and come back refreshed. You are more clever and resourceful than you give yourself credit for. Solutions may jump right out at you the next time around. Over time, we get answers. So stick with it. Ask others for advice. Ask God to help. The clarity will come.


  • We all want greatness. It takes time and hard work to achieve it.
  • When you reach an impasse, pause and analyze. Deal with the problem. Don’t look for the quick, easy solution.
  • Careful reflection ensures a much wiser response than an impulse reaction.
  • To know what you’re living for, take the time to think it through. Otherwise you could end up with a very superficial life.
  • And, when things look the bleakest, do the Daily thing- take TWO TABLETS and call HIM in the morning.



30 Mar

I went to shule. A couple were there. Two women. I was delighted they were Jews at shule. The politics of the event was defined. The liberals were on the left, as it turned out. The conservatives were on the right. Somethings cant be planned they just happen that way. Me? I have the chabadnik frame of mind. I am just happy that Jews go to shule. Maybe in time they will leave their inner child in conflict outside the temple doors and accept history as it has been preserved for generations rather than trying to change IT to fit their need to bubble over in control.

I do tell people I have my explanation why Jews voted for Obama, Clinton, etc. or march in Anti-Israel rallies…? We forgot how to be Jews. We lost the taste for our traditions. In Europe, Jews lived, dressed, ate, read, socialized Jewish in Jewish communities. In America? We live. Jewish? Less and less. Ask a Jew to recite a prayer. Ask a Jew to recite Jewish history. Ask a Jew something they know about being Jewish so esoteric few know it too or say something in hebrew…. Ask about another faith? More apt to get a correct answer faster.

What I did not expect when sharing the two ladies at shule story, twins separated at birth, one in a dress the other in  slacks, a vest, cuffed shirt, tie and kippah, to be told the story shared back, giving what I now call a convincible inarguable POV to be repeated until parties of faith get the message from the young man in question.

A young Jewish man was challenged about being gay. The young Jewish man turned to his challenger and said, “There are 613 positive Jewish commandments a Jew is to fulfill each day. Most if not all, don’t do all 613 positive commandments. Most, do few, some not at all. IF this is the ONE positive commandment I choose to not fulfill, does that make me less Jewish than they are?” His logic is faulty in that two wrongs don’t make a right. My mother would say ‘if everyone else jumped off the bridge, would you? If everyone else robbed a bank, does that mean it is right for you to do too?’

No. Not at all.

The young man raises the point of people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Faith leaders don’t always lead the best of exemplary lives- speaking badly of others, some who have done worse. If the young man did not shame, embarrass or steal but chose to love another man all the while be a good citizen contributing to better their world then? … Got me there.

I have personally encountered men espousing faith, go to church on Sundays, wear skullcaps Monday to Monday and then some, who forgot the Heavenly Rules they claim to live by. I know two wrongs don’t make a right but……. The young man’s argument got me thinking…. His right may not be wrong……..  let those who fell from grace with God convince me….


28 Dec

Lord Justice Leveson’s Final Inquiry failed before it started. Levesons premise was MEDIA or PRESS exist.

Liverpool born Lord Justice Leveson was asked to lead the public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British Press, starting with News Of The World. The scope expanded to include the BBC and social media under the Inquiries Act of 2005, answering the question “ Who guards the guardians” providing “an essential check on all aspects of public life” the press writes on. Leveson held seminars including the topic “the law, the ethics if journalism both from broadsheet and tabloid perspectives and issues of regulation all in the context of supporting the integrity, freedom and independence of the press while ensuring the highest ethical and professional standards.” Leveson said he would hold “some discussion of what amounts to public good, to what extent the public interest should be taken into account and by whom” seeking recommendations for a “more effective policy and regulatory regime supporting the integrity and freedom of the press…” ” extent of unlawful or improper conduct with in among other media organizations…”.

Lord Justice Leveson started his press conference adressing public revulsion at a teenage girl’s cell phone being hacked. http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/about/the-report/ Small world that it is, there is more to the story only I know to tell.

Milly Dowling’s mother had said in a television moment or told media her daughter was ironing her jeans before heading by herself, a fourteen year old, to a concert down in London by herself. I believe Millie’s mother let her take the train, I believe, to Londong by herself. A parent let a child, a 14 year old child, travel in that way, at that late hour by herself. That detail disappeared from the news. I did look for it to repeat itself. As did Reverend Al Sharpton’s moment blaming the Jews for the Howard Beach incident disappear from being repeated in the news, so did this. Media? Politicos? Or Policing. Pick one. Or pick them all.

I thought that detail of Millie ironing her jeans to then travel to London was important. I cross credentialed as a CCIA, MPI, profiler plus. I was active in building the first discrete site crime analysis lab on a college campus on the continent. I was relevant enough to head to the Marleybone constabulary with that detail, bringing along my certification and my Chief’s letter to validate my input in this disappearance.

I presented my credentials. I stated my point. The constable I was speaking with stood up, came, stood next to me, put his arm on mine, looked me in the eyes and said, chillingly “There are some details better left alone.” And then he repeated himself. There was nothing further I wanted the constable, the British version of a desk sergeant to say. I understood a veiled threat when I heard one. I left. And I hoped I would never run into that officer again.I never forgot those words. I also never forgot Millie’s website set up in her memory nor the lesson parents need to hear that sometimes are children are children. And sometimes the world is the world.

Lord Justice Leveson did not adress the Soham murders. Was it two years before the trial of the teacher and her boyfriend that the Daily Express offered a reward for details leading to the capture of the murderers and finding the girls. I had sent my notes in to the Express. I spoke to the then editor. Headlines tend to dominate decision making for papers as headlines tend to dominate for constables with chilling tones. The Evening Herald in Dublin ran my pieces. From Day 1, I had described a John Steinbeck scenario of Lenny in the Grapes of Wrath. One girl spooked. Killed while being muffled. The other. A witness. We know the end of the story, don’t we. So who is more at fault, the constabulary who did not want to adress a 14 year olds train ride to London I believe Millie took, or the media, who wanted sales generated by wild goose chases of sightings by cab drivers, mounds in fields and so on. Or parents partying without oversight to children. David Beckham was made the hero here when in fact it was the little girl wearing Beckham’s number which contributed to their deaths. Beckham’s 7 was the conversation opener between the murderer and the murdered.

Who is to say the investigative work of the police was more valuable or less valuable than the investigative work done by the paper. It was what I read in the papers that allowed me to profile both murders, building piles of data and sorting through the piles for details. Millie’s case and the Soham’s girls situations are prime examples of bad policing where as Lord Justice Leveson words ring biased. Where police failed, Media mattered.

But Media died. Press is what one does to a doorbell. Levesons limited understanding of what ‘media’ is in an Internet age doomed his chairing the inquiry before it started http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk These days too many badges saying ‘press’ are home made at the local FEDX/Kinkos by wannabes wanting in on the Circus, people with opinions they express on the internet seeking their fifteen minutes of fame. Media, as it was once known, officially died in DC in the East Room of the White House the day President Obama signed the Health Care Act in to law. Media’s money shot was blocked by audience holding cell phones and cameras high in the air credentialed photographers could not shoot around. The President was using his bloated photographic staff to provide then distribute ‘behind the scenes’ photos over Flickr, Shutterfly, Instagram, Pinterest, youtube plus.

After several months of deliberating Media Gone Wild, Leveson provided a 2000 page report on his inquiry. Only ONE of out of over 2000 pages addressed Social Media, in a world gone lawless with the Internet outpacing legislators attempts to regulate online with measures to end lawless practices. Leveson erred when he wrote “the press on the other hand does claim to operate by and adhere to an ethical code of conduct” and “the Internet does not claim to operate by express ethical standards so. Bloggers and others may if they choose act with impunity.” Leveson failed to note Internet users and Print are equally bound by local and other laws- business, racist, hate speech, threats, fraud, and so on. The difference is, Bloggers and others cannot be found easily, if at all, while Print can.

Leveson failed to note everyone today is Media from the 5 year old girl taking video at a red carpet for Michael Moore’s movie, about big money in politics, to the stalking grandmother who spends her retired days going from one Think Tank event to another, camera in hand. Had I not been there to separate Dick Thornburgh from her, one can only imagine. The fear in his face. The lack of think tank security with on site staff not trained how to separate the former US Attorney General from a woman he did not want to offend lest that become a moment she posted to the Internet, picked up in the broken telephone then reported as ‘by media’ who are unfettered, untrained home grown “gotcha” people misrepresenting themselves as “MEDIA”. The Leveson Inquiry did not address them. Understandable, Leveson does not know Media died. Entertainment lives in print, online and on television.

The Internet is bloated with brain farts called Twitter, glutted with the obscenity of Reality TV starz with handheld PDAs, people with cameras turned stalkerazzi, feeding images to online Internet sites offering Photos of Stars to whoever will pay for pics of Famous people. These sites pop up overnight at little cost, tracking stars or politicos with GPS, interrupting stars in bathroom stalls, chase them into parking garages or in family moments. Actor Joey Pantalone complained he cant take his family to dinner in a public restaurant without being interrupted or followed or snapped with a spoon in his mouth. Andrew Dice Clay and Shia Le Beouf threw coffee at a paparazzi stalking them. Hayden Pantierre said she didn’t know how to ask the paparazzi stalking her to go away, fearing the paparazzi would sell a story on her not being nice.

Leveson said press “operates very differently from blogs on the Internet and other social media such as Twitter.” Leveson was correct. Land locked print entities are trackable at brick addresses while the Internet runs lawless with anonymous postings, untrackable site owners, no brick addresses, no phone numbers, no way to track entities invading privacies, participating in ID theft, IP theft. The Internet allows phantoms to disappear in a click of a DELETE button.

Lord Justice Leveson erred saying there is no longer a presumption of privacy. There is a presumption of privacy. There is a failure to define privacy boundaries from invasion by technology giants Google, Microsoft, Bing, and the consumer. It isn’t phone hacking that should be on trial. The individuals privacy is under attack by marketers bundled user data for targeted marketing. TV technology is being used to watch viewers for targeted marketing. A couple snuggling on their sofa will be sent lovey-dovey advertisements between shows.

Lord Justice Leveson saying Print Media has a grasp on Reader Consumption was wrong. New York State’s oldest newspaper the 214 year old Ballston Journal was closed down December 21st, with owner Angela McFarland citing “increasing production costs, shifts in readership and declining advertising revenue all played a part in her decision to convert to a digital-only format.” McFarland was transitioning the Journal from print to online. Costs for ink, paper and mailing were continuing to rise. McFarland was seeing businesses “relying on social media hoping that will get them through.” McFarland wasn’t seeing a lot of local advertising dollars being spent. Local officials, chambers of commerce and investors did not provide the $25-$50K she sought. McFarland said “online and social media traffic began to outpace print subscriptions… I think a smart media person learns to go adapt and go where the eyeballs are.” McFarland hired a consulting firm specializing in digital news to help her transition from print to paywall. Paywall means some content is only for people who pay for access to the content.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett owned World Media Enterprises closed the 143 year old Manassas News & Messenger and its website InsideNoVa.com covering news in Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park Sunday. All employees lost their jobs. Seventy two other jobs have been cut in the company. World Media Enterprises purchased the paper, as well as others, from Media General in June said the paper was losing money and “had a tough time finding the sense of community that a community newspaper needs to prosper.”

The Newspaper Association of America stats indicated the nine months prior to September 30th, “print advertising in the nation’s newspapers fell 7.7% while online ads grew by 2.5%.” Online ads are 15% of advertisers $16 billion spent towards reaching newspaper audiences. Digital revenue has a ways to go to make up for lost print sales.
Fenimore Asset Management media research analyst Drew Wilson said newspapers appear to be losing out the most “in the reapportioning of the print pie.” Wilson predicts the way forward is more digital only publications and “definitely” less print publications. Publications continue to cut back print editions. Not even selling Newsweek for $1 could save America’s iconic publication. RIP December 31st, Newsweeks last print edition.

The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, a project undertaken in conjunction with the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s News Coverage Index, conducts an ongoing content analysis of the news. 1000 adults over the age of 18 are interviewed by telephone.

The Pew Center study corrected Lord Justice Leveson’s misstatement. Leveson said, television continues to be cited most frequently as a main source for national and international news, at 70%.” “For young people, however, the internet now rivals television as a main source of national and international news. Nearly six-in-ten Americans younger than 30 (59%) say they get most of their national and international news online; an identical percentage cites television.”

A second Pew report showed news is going mobile seeking mobile platforms to stimulate revenue in local markets. 28% said losing their local paper would hurt their ability to keep up with information. 39% said the “loss of the newspaper would have no impact.” “Nearly half of all American adults (47%) report that they get at least some local news and information on their cellphone or tablet computer.

 35% of mobile local news consumers feel they can have a big impact on their community (vs. 27% of other adults)
 65% feel it is easier today than five years ago to keep up with information about their community (vs. 47% of non mobile connectors)
 51% use six or more different sources or platforms monthly to get local news and information (vs. 21%)
 75% use social network sites (vs. 42%)
 15% use Twitter (vs. 4%)


Leveson was wrong stating (1) “although the press is not a person or a body corporate or incorporate, I shall adress notices under rule 13 of the 2006 rules to ‘the press’ as a class likely to be restricted to the national (as opposed to the regional) press but to encompass not only core participants but also other companies who operate titles that fall within this definition.” The media is made the wrong up. Leveson do.

Further more noting ‘most people will not assume that what they read on the Internet is trustworthy or that is carries any particular assurance or accuracy.’ Suggesting there is a ‘qualitative difference’ between seeing a picture posted online versus people seeing a photo on the front page of a newspaper is ignoring most people read news online. It is Online communication not a dying print industry that spreads words, truth or lie (twitter at less than 144 characters) faster than wildfire. This is a world where each countries search engines censor what the rest of the world sees. Malfeasance in the UK may not be seen by the rest of the world. Malfeasance spread to the rest of the world is blocked from the UK- a decision made by legislators and the megaliths Lord Justice Leveson chose not to address.

As a faith filled man, Lord Justice Leveson understands the comparison of the Internet’s scope of distribution being beyond imagination with the facility to spread embarrassment, shame and lies within the Internet vortex best likened to Sodom and Gemorah, a thousand voices speaking at once lightening fast rather than the slow speed of print- one purchased newspaper at a time.

Leveson forgot.

Media, print, online are descriptive words. People are what provide content. Leveson’s one and only conclusion should have been involved persons are the sacrificial lambs used for example just like the olden days of England where Justice took place in public squares in view of the masses. Times haven’t changed. Innovation has. The new public square is the Internet not print. People failed. Humanity disappointed. Not the print industry but people who think the internet is a forum to get away with breaches of decency and etiquette.

Lord Justice Leveson failed to acknowledge in his ONE sheet addressing Social Media that content providers to websites, blogs, have access to places real media cant go. Leveson failed to acknowledge Print Media now repeats its content online. Real media movement at events is restricted by their Press handlers who restrict access. That is exactly how Mitt Romneys campaign killing youtube moment was made. Media was not allowed in the room. Someone with an agenda and a Guest Ticket was in the room. This was the case with naked Prince Harry. Media didn’t take the photo. An attendee with a PDA knowing the value of the photo took the picture. I photographed the Prince at Cirencester polo. Credentialed media were told by the Duke not to photograph the boys departing in Wills car. Media respected the Duke. We turned our camera lens down.

Lord Justice Leveson holding what is left of the Print Industry to a higher standard is wrong. Leveson should have held society to the same standard, one of the Ten Commandments as an orthodox Jew he upholds, “RESPECT”. The words “Kabed et aveecha v’et amehcha”, “Honor thy Father and Mother” apply to how we treat our fellow man.

Lord Justice Leveson holding what is left of the Print Industry to a higher standard than online mega-entities “likely to have to operate under considerable new constraints but big online publishers such as Google, Facebook and Twitter are likely to remain unaffected” confirmed Leveson’s unsuitability to chair the Inquiry. Governments including the UK government are using technological giants to implement increasing invasion of privacies people once held even in their own homes. Twitter, Facebook, Google etc turn in private conversations to law enforcement. People are learning in real time, real life, litigation and in Technology industry disclosures that their online communication did not DELETE when the User clicked the DELETE button. It is those exact megalith “online publishers such as Google, Facebook and Twitter” who hold our lives, trade secrets, legal briefs, indiscretions that Lord Justice Leveson should have addressed not what is left of a once glorious profession- Print, moreso since the megaliths admit they are not exempt from hacking. Even Lord Justice Leveson and his family are at risk for public humiliation if groups like Anonymous or Julian Assange decide to expose what goes on beneath a Lords robes.

Lord Justice Leveson erred when said “social media and blogs are in an ethical vacuum beyond the remit of regulation.” Social media and blogs are IN the “remit of regulation.” Laws, legal books, judicial decisions fit this newest business medium. The comparative is simple-Apples to Apples. Online or offline a sale is sale, business is business, stalking is stalking, theft is theft, verbal abuse and bullying are verbal abuse and bullying, I can go on. Lord Justice Leveson should have said ‘don’t make new laws.’ Paraphrasing OJ’s council, “If the law fits, use it.”

The expression ‘America sneezes the UK catches the cold’ bodes here to. The virus is technological innovation outpacing legislative interpretation and implementation. Technology is mirroring peoples real time behaviours brought to the surface by the Internet giants. Courtesy of the internet, online stalking is the new way- using GPS tracking and Foursquare, disclosure of private information- banking details, addresses, unpublished numbers even private passwords to websites, advents like google maps showing a person at their home in great detail, poking, copyright and patent theft, IP and ID theft. Lord Justice Leveson’s failure doesn’t stop here. Lord Justice Levesons failure begins here. Lord Justice Leveson missed his chance to create the higher standard to rein in the global Internet as continues as it continues to morph.

A practicing Orthodox Jew, Leveson answers to a Higher Authority as Leveson rules from the Bench and his private life, guided by the Ten Commandments that list three THOU SHALTS and seven THOU SHALT NOTs- not steal, not murder, not lie, love thy neighbor, respect elders and be kind to fellow man. Lawmakers sitting in the Supreme Court Of The United States in Washington DC, a reminded their Court answers to an even Higher Authority by the ever present Decalogue held in Moses hands carved in to the right frieze above them. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said at a Holocaust Memorial held at Capitol Hill, her decision making is influenced by the Biblical phrase “Rodef Rodef Shalom,” “chase chase peace.” Leveson failed to pursue peace or Justice. Leveson failed to rule by the traditions of Orthodoxy before him as did the Deborahs, the Solomons before him are remembered, still, generations later.

Leveson forgot his ancestry. Media, print, online are descriptive words. People are what provide content. More than likely, Anonymous or Assange or their wannabees or other insidious people trained at proliferating hacking schools are going to dig deep the reveal Lord Justice Levesons online and offline life. They did it to the New York Times, publishing the papers staff’s personal information after the NYT published personal details on gun owners. The NYT set to publish more gun owner data. It isnt rocket science more NYT personal info will be released. Online.

RIP Media. The final nail is in Print’s coffin. Given a chance to do something amazing, Higher Authority Lord Justice Leveson failed.

[ Carrie Devorah is a former member of the NUJ, National Union of Journalists, is a member of the Senate Press Photographers and the White House News Photographers Associations in Washington DC. Devorah is a former religion editor well known for her works in faith. Devorah is an alumnus of Yeshiva University’s Stern College For Women & Pratt Institute

Photograph taken at Eldridge Street Synagogue museum located on the Lower East Side NYC USA

Photograph taken at Eldridge Street Synagogue museum located on the Lower East Side NYC USA]


LET CONGRESS HEAR FROM YOU. Contact Congressmen Fred Upton, Joe Barton and Ed Markey & Senators Rand Paul, Mark Warner to protect your Identity and Intellectual Property from theft and cyber stalking. Contact Senator Tim Scott to defend your rights as an Entrepreneur

CAPITOL HILL Switchboard (202) 224 3121
HOUSE: http://www.Markey.house.gov, http://www.Joebarton.house.gov,http://www.Upton.house.gov

SENATE: Senator Mark Warren http://www.warner.senate.gov Senator Rand Paul http://www.paul.senate.gov ENTREPRENEUR ADVOCATE [ the amazing ] Congressman soon to be Senator TIM SCOTT
And of course contact YOUR OWN Congressman & Senator & Parlimentarian & of course Lord Justice Levensons Inquiry

(public information) generalenquiries@levesoninquiry.org.uk
The postal address for the Inquiry is:
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For telephone queries, please call:
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22 Dec

Just found this. A bit big & bloated but… it is my words that count    http://punktorah.org/judaism-2/issues/israel-news/carrie-devorah-the-eleventh-commandment