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30 Jul

The OBAMA PHONE lady gave the Republicans a Lifeline, in game show speak. Sometimes ya’ gotta wish Republicans and even Democrats will gosh darn just stop being so reactionary and THINK THINGS THROUGH. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., and Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Ark are trying defund “Obama phones.” Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo. is trying to shift Lifeline funds to a new schools program. The Bill Vitter and Griffin wrote to defund “Obama phones” has 60 co-sponsors.

Whoever said talk comes cheap, the pre-paid Obamaphones brought in about $1 billion dollars for their carriers- Sprint and AT&T brought in about $247 million each.  TracFone collected $425 million in 2011. TracFone, the largest government contractor for the program is controlled by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, quite the Fat Cat. Slim was a major fundraiser for Obama’s re-election campaign.

Each person is eligible for a $9.25 a month phone service subsidy. The average monthly surcharge on phone bills averages $2.50 per customer. Tracfone and other carriers hire people to sign up Lifeline phone users who then receive free phones the government is billed for.  

Though Vitter said, “TracFone is upset because I’m fighting to end this program, which would also end their corporate welfare…It’s an out-of-control, fraud-ridden entitlement program that spoils what should be a worthwhile helping hand,” Vitter overlooked the value of data mining this program, NSA style of course.

There is equity in the subsidized landline phone service for the poor phone through wireless service providers.

TWIRL, Legislators, TWIRL.

Tracfone is the American people’s cash cow. It is a poll US citizens paid for without knowing. Snowden’s outing of NSA’s data capture from calls is JUST the ticket Republicans need to see how these phones are being used by the recipients, what texts were sent back and forth, calls made, etc. Throw away phones are anything but throwaway.

Calls are being archived, that includes TRACFONE calls made from OBAMAPHONES given to people who claim eligibility for government assistance such as Medicaid or food stamps. CLAIM, being the key word. Easy enough to surmise that since the American people paid for the phones, the American people own the data that will show who and how abuse is rampant, not only with the LIFELINE program but with the Medicaid, Medicare, disability programs, etc. Users who cant work will be outed for calls made from the betting parlor, road trips, game days, mani-pedi spas etc.

How? Each call made from an OBAMAPHONE is archived with its phones serial number, SIM cards and Cell Towers that ping signals. Data is preserved, everyone knows post NSA/SNOWDEN. Phone records are retrievable as are all texts messages by OBAMAPHONE users. Toss away phones can be registered by anyone providing a name or zipcode necessarily their own. But they are recorded as are the cellphones.  Demand the data waiting to be mined, Griffin and Vitter. Do this right.

Signed sealed and delivered, , a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Houston federal judge ruled only a court order is needed to obtain cell phone records that can be used to track a person’s movements, overturning an order by U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes. Hughes had ruled on cell phone data authorities request being sought under the Stored Communications Act, part of the Electronics Communications Privacy Act. Prosecutors argued cell phone data is business records providers with no reasonable expectation of customer’s privacy, authorities dont have to meet a probable cause standard as outlined under the Fourth Amendment unlawful search and seizure and search warrant requirement.

Dot your “i”s, cross your “t”s.

Catherine Crump, a staff attorney with the ACLU said “This ruling fails to recognize that Americans do in fact have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their cell phone location information” ignoring the Obamaphone jig was outed when a camera focused on an Obamaphone fan whose chant went viral, “Romney, he sucks, bad” and “Everybody in Cleveland know minority got ‘Obama phone,” “Keep Obama in president, you know, he gave us a phone …” the program did start with Reagan then expanded through Bush.

So much for privacy….


THE ANAGRAM OF STELA IS STEAL (E&C roundup June 2013):

23 Jul

Congressman Joe Barton leaned in to his microphone. He shared the humanity of a legislators life in a city where often legislators are painted as less than humane. But legislators doing their constituent’s work- need housing here, in the Capitol, and there, wherever back home is. Multiple residences means multiple costs of services replicated in each home, as Barton’s case may be, in each state and county. Three homes means three cable bills. As Mr. Barton pointed out, cable doesn’t come cheap these days. Do the Congressional math- $200 a pop times three equals $600, a hefty price, when service options are restricted by Cable providers to package options, each pricier than the other, bundled with programming options along with the one show, or two, customers like Barton want. 

The hearing, a second on STELA, held by the Energy & Commerce Committee, was coincidental to the Cable Industry Gala the night before. Hearing witness Amy Tykeson, CEO of Bend Broadband was congratulated for being inducted into the Cable Industry Hall of Fame. How nice to save an industry travel costs back and forth to the Capitol.

Chairman Upton opened the hearing making an understatement in a world where technology changes day to day. Upton said to hearing attendees that the video marketplace changed since STELA, the Satellite Television Extension and Localism, was enacted back in 1988. The E&C’s hearing was called to “Revoke” or “Revise” STELA. Recycle should be an option. Walden said, “The purpose of the law was to give the then nascent satellite industry a leg up in providing distant broadcast signals to viewers out of range of local over the air signals.” Mobile has conquered the world. Viewers in Bangladesh are receiving vimeo on mobiles. Fred Upton acquiesced “television providers are no longer new kids on the block. And cable operators, once the commanding presence in the pay TV sector, now face competition not just from satellite providers, but phone companies and the Internet as well.”

STELA’s Act may be up in 2014. The jig is up when it comes to Congress showing its failing in getting Legislation ahead of the next technological move, and the next after that, and so on. It doesn’t take rocket science to see solutions. It takes therapy. Congress must move past being their own Self Help group by admitting they are co-dependent on the wrong community as advisors- technology, corporate lobbyists and Congressional Research staff for advice- the people who walked Congress into getting caught with their pants down when it came to technology that is now running America, and the world, amok.

Fuggedaboudit when it comes to healthcare, NSA, etc. being the themes for Town Halls. Talk about the common thread in all of the issues making headlines- IP, Intellectual property- and in the headlines not being made, constituents ability to make their living based on their entrepreneurial skills. And intellect. 2D IP, intellectual property used in the content produced and disseminated by Satellite through Search Engines and ISPs and soon to be AEREO, the even newest kid on the block Farhad Manjoo of Pandeo calls “stupidest high-profile tech start-up ever launched.” (http://pandodaily.com/2012/07/14/dont-root-for-aereo-the-worlds-most-ridiculous-start-up/ )

Why is Congress stepping towards the AEREO light?

Deep pockets. Barry Diller and a “loophole in technology.” Manjoo wrote “I’m being harsh. But someone has to be. In the past few months, after Aereo was hit by insane lawsuits from the television industry, it has become something of a cause célèbre for people fighting for more progressive copyright laws. No doubt it was good to see Aereo win its first legal test this week, when a federal judge denied TV companies’ request to have the firm immediately shut down. But don’t mistake Aereo’s win as a sign of progress in copyright law or as a victory for consumers. If Aereo is successful, it will be only because it found a strange loophole in the legal thicket surrounding how we treat content. But as BuzzFeed’s John Herrman smartly points out, “loopholes aren’t a technology” just because a company has found a legal loophole does not make it a sound business idea, a sound technical idea, or a good deal for consumers. Read it and weep Congress. Read it and weep.

Just because Disney, WDIG (the Walt Disney Internet Group) sit at a table in front of you testy because Schurz Communications had  bigger ‘ones’ than Disney does. Marci Burdick, Senior V.P. of Broadcasting, Schurz Communications, Inc. did not let Ben Pyne, President Global Distribution, Disney Media Network get away with anything he attempted to set aside. Good reason. It’s a paycheck to Ben. It’s a family dynasty to Marci…”It all began in 1872 when Alfred B. Miller and Elmer Crockett founded the South Bend, Ind. Tribune. The Tribune is still the flag-ship property and family members have held editor and publisher positions at the newspaper for five generations. Schurz Communications newspapers have a long tradition of editorial excellence, technical innovation and a commitment to the highest standards for quality and excellence in journalism.” (http://www.schurz.com/about/history/)  

The hearing focus was wrongly on CEOs. Each individual is a CEO sometimes even only in their own mind. Companies start with Individuals who have ideas. Other witnesses at the table included Geoffrey Manne, Senior Fellow, TechFreedom; Mike Palkovic, Executive VP, DirectTV; Hal Singer, Managing Director, Navigant Economics and Amy Tykeson, CEO, Bend Broadband.

Legislators need to go back to the drawing board, first stepping on technology’s push for a free Internet where consumers are bundled and sold, spied upon and petrified that IF the Russians or terrorists attack, they will know how to find them- each and every member of their family and know how to torture them- forget about waterboarding- google has everyone’s lives in their storage centers, even yours Mr. Upton. A few months back Americans believed hackers were foreigners, now they know the people to fear are people living next door.

Let your constituents talk to you at Town Halls. Let them tell you how they feel about getting technology that takes away their rights to privacy, their rights to their Intellectual Property that will make their living for them. Ask them the questions your Research Committee isn’t giving you. Why? Partial reason. Your research is being done by the generation that is acting before they think or realized the same technology they are pushing Congress to move forward is the same technology that hacked and released Congressional staffers emails- Anonymously. Not. Aided and abetted by Congress’s decisions that got Legislators to where they sat that morning…. STELA- revise or revoke.

Satellite companies are here today and hair brained schemed replaced tomorrow. AEREO? Really. Customers. Customer service and where Congressman Barton got the conversation heading- customers and corporations being forced to take what they don’t want to get what they want at prices and with disclosures that change without constituents not being told about technological wizadry provided to Satellite companies in order to predict what Customers want and THEN, withholding that programming from them unless Cable packages are bought. If paying customers are the lab rats being tracked at home for Search Engines and ISPs to sell data on, the PAY THEM by bringing Google billions back from offshore and reduce customer monthly costs.

Chairman Walden said, “We have a year and a half before we must decide what action to take.” No sir. Deadline passed. E&C has no time to clawback latitudes given to the tech companies and the Behemoths in industries that are pushing competitors out of business.

In 1988, some rocket scientist put Satellite under the Judiciary because of a link being drawn IP. Remove Satellite from Maria Pallente’s jurisdiction and put it under the FTC’s Julie Brill where it belongs.  In the eye of the Search Engine and ISP content- Google model, everything is content. In the eye of the consumer, the consumer has become Search Engine and ISP content. In the eye of the realist, CONTENT is king. The consumer has lost. Especially this secretly recorded wife now, Content’ http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/07/22/man-uploads-wifes-explosive-temper-tantrum-on-youtube-one-of-them-has-reportedly-moved-out-and-filed-a-restraining-order/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=story&utm_campaign=Share+Buttons. Content has been evolved from Google Glass being worn into a Strip Club by a non frequent visitor Patrick Hill. Hill posted hi Google Glass content to youtube where it was picked up by CNET writer Chris Matyszck who then posted the link to his page and so on and son on in the evolution of Content then dispersing it http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57594982-71/get-em-off-man-gets-into-a-strip-club-wearing-google-glass/

The push for mobile was orchestrated years back. “ITS” no longer just about TV. “ITS” being sold as Freedom. The new Freedom bandwagon is mobile. Advertising was predicting mobile as the way to go. Ask Ted Leonsis of Monumental Sports. 3x more money comes from an online targeted ad then online broadcast ad traditional shotgun ad.

Mobile is a parents nightmare. Mobile devices are tricky for parents to monitor. It is a stalkers paradise. It is a Satellite consumers fear. Yes, there are stories of “call centers” overseas taking Satellite consumers Intellectual Property. Better yet, the IP and personal data thievery Congress always dumps on China is a helluva lot closer to home Fort Lauderdale Florida (www.dmnews.com/former-call-center-workers-accused-of-stealing-consumer-information/article/72133/). Facebook has been compared t oa Walled Garden. Google has been compared to a digital nudist colony. No one can cover up their nibbles & bits anymore. Kids and teens are about to learn the choices in their Internet life, they didn’t make. They were groomed- a slap in the face to the hard work former Congressman Ed Markey and Joe Barton have done to protect children’s privacy. The technological foot print children are making is being shaped by their online interacting being stalked by technology. Remember the Jim Carey movie? Where a crew behind the scene made his choices happen based upon decisions the crew notated he did before? Who would have thought we are in Jim Carey’s mind.

The problem is definitions. The problem is there are none. The problem is technology’s pot bangers are telling Congress how amazing the Emperor is looking. NSA’s data theft and teenagers making content of gang rapes of drunk teenagers should be telling Congress the Emperor has no clothes on. Dudes. Cover up.

The STELA conversation is not about looking back at “cable regulations, such as the must carry, basic tier, buy through, program carriage, program access, and set top box rules….The video market is changing rapidly. Phone companies are in the video business now, both over wires and wirelessly. Netflix is offering original programming over the Internet. And Aereo, for better or for worse, could turn everything upside down” as co-Chairman Walden said. The STELA conversation had to be about setting up a Ten Commandments that protects what made America great- Consumers rights to their Property promised by the Founding Fathers- their rights to privacy, their rights to owning their Intellectual Property OR getting paid for it, sharing in the profits Search Engines and ISPs are making from consumers while charging more and providing less in a push to prop up corporate profits. 

Congressman Murphy said these conversations never quite reach the level of the Artist who designs the logo or the website or even the uniforms and office and equipment for the doctor or professional addressed in these hearings. Michael Burgess talked about doctors and dentists offices and patient IP. Dr. Burgess- doctor-patient privacy? Used to be scotched the second your staff hits ‘Send.’ Now, the ISPs are entering computers constantly taking data, even when offline- all communities. Simplify the protection needed- everyone’s 2D IP, ID and Commerce. The worry isnt that the theft goes on but how the Internet has expedited the speed thefts are taking place. 

Footnote, Congress. On the heels of Snowden and the NSA? Stop blaming China for stealing American IP. Take a lesson from China’s example of IPR, Intellectual Property Rights courts instead of Maria’s solicitation of Small Claims as a forum to resolve IP theft. Ask which search engine gave their encryption codes away to access THAT market. Hopefully China doesn’t clue in and sue America yet for stealing Chinese Food….. And one day, may I’ll write about Bulova Watch Company IP theft from a half a decade ago or how “Tuesday is Russian Day at the USPTO. Congress, every day is Russian Day…

Congressman Horton said put one office in charge of Satellite and IP. No. Two. And they exist. The FTC and Register of Copyrights. Re-divy Satellite back to the FTC . Create IPR courts along the lines of China’s and India’s. NOW. Enforce Economic Espionage Act, Computer Hacking laws. Don’t depend on the Direct Marketing Alliance. What part of Digital and Marketing and Alliance is Congress not getting. There is no silver bullet to Media Literacy and Public citizenship.

Where did Congress get the misdirection that consumers and Moms & Pops are worth less than Mega-Witnesses like Disney who was at the table. The answer is really quite truthful- college, it seems, and from the DAA Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising (www.aboutads.info/participating) College professors created a theory that companies worth is justified by its returns to investors, obliterating the old school way of Customer Service and, most likely, the push for global expansion. Guess, most of the legislators aren’t old enough to recall the Nordstrom Model of Business. Well worth repeating. Will save the story for last.

Congressman Barton started down the conversation addressing cable subscribers paying through the nose for services they don’t want to get the one or two channels they want. Legislators must keep an eye on news back home while they are away on Capitol Hill. Options? Buy the package the satellite carrier  is selling or, as Mr. Barton said, go back to free TV.  $600 a month out of  legislators’ pockets while facing a $2000 per staffer healthcare Obama tax looming has legislators weighing their running, again.

Undiscussed during the hearing was the games cable companies play with customers beyond Program Packaging Options. Satellite companies fail to advise customers of new promotions that might drop a high bill to $89.99, with no cost for the package switch. Companies like Comcast don’t tell relocating customers their monthly fee might be changed by the satellite company without the customer being told. Customers are not advised $20 credits are available if techs are late or fail to show. Customers are not told when Plans expire the company picks the Plan customers are renewed in to, without notice or permission. Nor are customers told they are subsidizing cable for people who live in rural America IN AN INTERNET/VIMEO/AERO/SEARCH ENGINE/ISP world.

What are the norms going to be. Google Glass, a transmitter/ streamer Bathroom two men standing in one says are you ok if I wink your winkie? Democrats signaled they would prefer to reauthorize the act rather than bog it down with other issues. As it is, the Judiciary committee has to be involved in the legislation because of the interlocking copyright provision in the law.

Mobile has changed the ecosystem. Legislators, maybe it is time to say no to Hollywood. They are no longer King of Content.  Now, if someone wants to be a star, they just have to turn their flip phone on themselves in the bathroom mirror and Click. CONTENT. As legislators are learning, Gotcha moments are a reality TV show waiting to happen…

Walden is wrong. Its not about “respecting the investments of the networks that create it and the broadcasters and Pay TV companies that deliver it? “ Its about protecting the consumer who has unknowingly paid for this with the greatest price of all, loss of privacy. The chairman said “million viewers write and call Congress reminding Congress of that clause in the Constitution “about the right of Americans to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever and however they want.” GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

The key is to learn from the twenty five year old STELA Act. Keep its best as framework. It isnt the satellite industry that needs addressing. New industries continue to emerge. It is the model- Consumers and their entertainment consumption. The model has been thought through. Simple, CONSUMER v BUSINESS ENTITY. This is where the Nordstrom’s Business Model comes in to play.

And the Ten Commandments of Consumer Consumption, that Congressman Barton called a Consumers Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, well, he said “Bill of Rights For Consumers.” Hint.   No don’t do as Michael Palkovic, DirecTV’s svp of services and operations, said “make the laws smarter to reflect the 21st century video marketplace.” Do the American thing, create the Bible that stands the test of time, the framework of the country. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid- Ten Points that will protect Tablet One (Constituents) Privacy, Customers, Innovators, Data, ________, from Tablet Two (Corporate) Open Data, Notice, Simplified Contracts and Terms of Service, Algorithms, ________.

For whatever it is worth, E&C, the anagram of STELA is STEAL…


18 Jul

Chairman Menendez’s office released a statement on Russian’s sentencing of Russian Activist Alexei Navalny. Navalny was sentenced weeks after Snowden pulled a Tom Hanks, was it? Living in the Russian Airport since defecting with a flash drive in his pocket, so he tells people multiple computer admissions later.

 Sen. Robert Menendez is Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Controversies of his own aside, Menendez office issued the following statement in response to the sentencing of Russian activist Alexei Navalny. “One by one, opposition voices are being silenced in Russia and today’s conviction of Alexei Navalny only adds to that steady drumbeat,” said Menendez. “Russia is returning to its old authoritarian ways where opposition voices were silenced and trumped up charges ended in unfair verdicts, oftentimes resulting in imprisonment for the falsely accused.  The Russian government must reverse course and end this assault on people’s freedoms and right to political expression. It can begin by freeing Alexei Navalny.”    OR by telling Snowden, go home AMERIKAN.

Snowden is of the generation of young adults raised on what used to be the Silver Screen, a world in which acting impulsively is often done without a mind to consequence. Celluloid bro’s and babes know the history of consequence in Cuba before JayZ and Beyonce made their ‘cultural trip’ abroad, before The Rodman went to Korea, before Madonna’s ex whats his name and the Kennedys and Danny Glover made Venezuela and dictators look cool.  

There is the world these 30′ somethings are going to learn the hard way, like eating a donut a day on Weight Watchers isnt points off, its pounds on. Snowden will learn, maybe, about the Gulag; maybe he will learn that Siberia isnt as cool as the NEWEST franchise of 007 makes it. Snowden may learn that absence in the view of possible torture might make his heart grow fonder for the America he made an OVER THE AGE OF 18 decision to take sensitive data and leave from.                    

 In life there are Choices and Consequences- DA? NYET?

Conflicted as to his having done right or wrong since so many of us give our intel away daily, willingly…. if Snowden thinks he is something or someone special, he would benefit from a headline refresher course…. Bhengazi? 4 Americans. Boston? Russians told the Americans…. Snowie? If you think Putin’s got your back, look at the long time marriage the man tossed away for a gymnast after sporting guns, well PRETENDED too, wrestled tigers (ummm yeah right)… hmm bad example, the gymnast might have redeeming features an old man running around in public with teeny pecs might find redeeming.

Bottom line kiddo, from a babe whose family booked it from Russian after generations invested there, risking their lives to come to America checking in under the babe showing her armpit to the world. Read it and weep, Eddie. A cell next to Manning, GITMO even if you are lucky is a lot better than a cold day in Hell, the nickname for Sibera.                     

You’re on your own baby. The handwriting is on the Senate Foreign Relations Wall, Facebook, that is…. better get Rosetta Stone it while you can…. Panyamaya Paruski         OH, to Kiev with love 😉



27 Jun

We were strolling. Newly met. Meeted. Meat. Yes. Dinner was on the mind. Is that not that ONE question EVERYONE would ask a diplomat. Yes. Sooooo…. what do you think as a Diplomat working with State about what Ed Snowden did? I asked. She answered. Snowden? At State we dont think much about his stealing about a files it is BRADLEY MANNING that has put America at risk and individuals in harms way. So lets see…. PC or not PC…. Manning had a lover spat and Snowden had Julian Assange (as State it seems is believing) put him up to it…..

WITH ALL THAT CONGRESS IS FOCUSED ON…. the terrorist to fear I have always said is homegrown….. refocus on MANNING. ITS MANNING that STATE says has damaged AMERICA. Snowden? Well welcome to the world of the FLASH DRIVE

Speculating Ed Burns is coveting playing  Snowden in the movie of life imitating movie… Didnt Robin Williams live in an airport… oh yeah, he was a Russian living in an American airport…. dah! Nyet…. oy


25 Jun

Jay Carney stated at the 6/24/2013 press conference “….

     MR. CARNEY:  I would say that we are obviously in conversations and that we are working with them or discussing with them — or rather expecting them to look at the options available to them to expel Mr. Snowden back to the United States to face justice for the crimes with which he is charged.


     I would note that given our intensified cooperation with Russia after the Boston Marathon bombings and our history of working with Russia on law enforcement matters, including returning numerous high-level criminals back to Russia at the request of the Russian government, that we do expect the Russian government to look at all the options available to them to expel Mr. Snowden back to the United States…..


  1. Russian officials say FBI messed up big, Boston bombing preventable


    Jun 2, 2013 – Returning from a congressional delegation visit with Russian security officials in Moscow, Mass. Democrat Rep. William Keating, said the 

  2. Sen. Schumer: FBI “may have messed up” on Boston bombing


    Apr 29, 2013 – WASHINGTON — Some US lawmakers are wondering why the Boston Marathon bombing suspects weren’t questioned more closely for their 

  3. Boston bombing: Lawmakers question FBI handling of Tamerlan


    Apr 21, 2013 – Lawmakers Criticize FBI for Failing To Keep a Closer Eye on Boston Suspect have followed up with him after he traveled to Russia in 2012 for six Lindsey Graham was even more direct, saying the FBI messed up the 

  4. Schumer: FBI ‘May Have Messed Up‘ In Handling 2011 Tsarnaev


    Apr 28, 2013 – “They may have messed up, because Russia did call and say they have the twin bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon earlier 

  5. Boston bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked


    Agents think the sleeper cell has up to a dozen members and has been waiting …. from Russia on counter-terrorism, including in the wake of the Boston attack”. ….. rest of the chase caught up after they were messed up and released by FBI…

THE JOURNALISTs CREED- Should American Legislators Hold The Guardian Newspaper Accountable For Its Participation & Possible Encouragement of Theft of American Citizens Intellectual Property:

25 Jun

The words of the Journalists Creed are clear “(the journalist) is unswayed by the appeal of privilege or the clamor of the mob; seeks to give every man a chance and, AS FAR AS LAW and honest wage and recognition of human brotherhood can make it so..”

The Guardian is a British paper. The British media was excoriated by Lord Leveson’s inquiry after the murder of Milly Dowling brought forth revelation British media was spying on citizens to scoop stories, a good place for American Legislators to start in adressing Greenwald being complicity with Snowden’s theft of American Citizen Intellectual Property. http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/about/the-report/

David Gregory called it as it is, the Snowden “IT” that is. Glenn Greenwald, the lawyer cum the UK Guardian newspaper columnist based in America, chided by Gregory as to Greenwald being complicit with Snowden’s THEFT OF ID FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE EACH AND EVERYONE WHOSE ID/DATA HE WALKED OFF WITH TO COUNTRIES UNKNOWN, knows the law and knows the definition of aiding & abetting. It is ONE thing to advocate to scoop a story. It is another thing to hide behind a craft that ONCE used to be honorable. No more.

A “Journalist’s Creed” was written by the first dean of Missouri School of Journalism, Walter Williams, a clear declaration of “the principles, values and standards of journalists throughout the world.” “The Journalist’s Creed” a journalists code of ethics written around 1906 by Williams soon after the Missouri School of Journalistm was founded. The world today is NOT the world of Williams. The world today is the world of Wikimedia a free for all where unknown people go in and edit to agenda. Wikipedia’s posting of a bastardization of Wilson’s creed was edited June 13 2013.

Scary to know William’s Creed as crafted in 1906 sits on the 13th floor of the National Press Club in downtown DC where self proclaimed journos, bloggers and policy wonks walk past it every day without stopping to read the words on the plaque between elevator doors. Maybe 13 is the focus- a numerical omen of superstition of where a fine craft descended from.

The Missouri Press Association (MPA) was founded May 16, 1867, by Missouri editors and publishers to serve its member newspapers.


 “I believe in the profession of journalism.

I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the public; that acceptance of a lesser service than the public service is betrayal of this trust.

I believe that clear thinking and clear statement, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism.

I believe that a journalist should write only what he holds in his heart to be true.

I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible.

I believe that no one should write as a journalist what he would not say as a gentleman; that bribery by one’s own pocketbook is as much to be avoided as bribery by the pocketbook of another; that individual responsibility may not be escaped by pleading another’s instructions or another’s dividends.

I believe that advertising, news and editorial columns should alike serve the best interests of readers; that a single standard of helpful truth and cleanness should prevail for all; that the supreme test of good journalism is the measure of its public service.

I believe that the journalism which succeeds best — and best deserves success — fears God and honors Man; is stoutly independent, unmoved by pride of opinion or greed of power, constructive, tolerant but never careless, self-controlled, patient, always respectful of its readers but always unafraid, is quickly indignant at injustice; is unswayed by the appeal of privilege or the clamor of the mob; seeks to give every man a chance and, as far as law and honest wage and recognition of human brotherhood can make it so, an equal chance; is profoundly patriotic while sincerely promoting international good will and cementing world-comradeship; is a journalism of humanity, of and for today’s world.”

Journalism died when the market crashed in 2008. Staff writers were laid off in buckets.The dump continued as media giants searched to be part of the ‘new’ craze of online networking influenced by the professorial market model of putting bottom lines before journos. Definition of a journo? Edward R Murrow & the like. Anderson Coopers & Dana Bashs are info-tainment. Funniest was watching Dana in Rayburn setting her own camera up. You wouldn’t have known that to watch her on TV. One memorable moment of the decline of Journalism was when CNN b-roll guys were pink slipped by email at a National Press Club events.

Some people remember and honor the craft of journalism. Wanda Brown of Harrisonville and her family donated money to have THE JOURNALIST CREEDs plaque cast in memory of her late husband, a publisher and benefactor of the Missouri Press Association. Wanda and her family unveiled the Journalist’s Creed plaque, cast in Utah, on the MPA building in Columbia  May 5 2005.

Maybe someone aught to have THE JOURNALIST CREED cast on WIKIPEDIAs page so students of the written word can read history as written …  


22 Jun

Why is it the same people that complain against government using Algorithms to predict terrorism arent complaining about Wall Street using algorithms to trade the market? Arent Algorithms, Algorithms and unfair?