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THE JOB WE GOTTA DO The Responsibility of a Creator

13 Oct

”The Job We Gotta Do” was the sentiment of FRC s annual conservative action conference was capsulized in five words uttered by Texas Representative Louis Gohmert who showed up for a TownHall noting, at the Get Go, the Legislators trek cross town was timed. Votes in the House were imminent. The Legislators connecting to voters was of priority.

America is in shutdown. She is hurting. The great experiment is crashing under Hubris.

Representative Gohmert says  America is at the place it is now because a conversation is not going on making it clear, to him, that compromises are not part of the conversation of budget and appropriations. Gohmert said anyone who does not see it coming, has a surprise thanking the Becket Fund for stepping up to fight the battles leading the charge needed to take America back for We The People not Some Of The People.

Gohmert said it is important for people to be heard. A woman asked, how can we pray for Legislators. Louie paused, said, I don’t need wisdom prayed for, I need Wisdom, adding patting the backs of his fellow Legislators on the panel, maybe they need courage. Reps Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise are new to the battle. Gohmert has been on the Hill for decades fighting the fight he takes across the aisle Democrats say never gets crossed. Gohmert went to the Black Tie and Boots Ball in 2012 even though the Democrats won. Asked why, Gohmert answered he felt being there was important with his being a legislator for Texans not just Conservative Texans.

Rep Jordan wanted Americans to know how fundamental this battle is. Gohmert said it is important for the Justices to know the sentiment of Americans in the shadow of Roe versus Wade. A woman told Louie to tell his fellow Legislators to ‘listen to us, We are the people.’ Louie, with a sense of humor almost as long as the drive from the Texas airport to Dallas said the audience cannot be accused of sleeping with a judge because he is not a judge anymore, teased that his sessions subbing FRC leader Tony Perkins, are a barometer of how much Tony Perkins is liked and Louie is not, with the audience always anxious when Perkins is back at the mic.

Lady, it is simple, Gohmert explained, you want to do something, if you write your legislator once every six months, that is not enough. Write them every month.

Michelle Bachman was an unexpected speaker, wearing her signature white dress with angel caplet sleeves. Michelle brought swags. Swag is that gift moments someone leaves an event with. The event Michelle claimed the swag, more like a trophy, from was the storming of the Lincoln Memorial with 600 citizens barred from seeing the Lincoln Memorial under the charade of Government cuts. Bachman told of her jog during the House’s being kept in DC for the weekend adressing the Budget battle a few days shy of the Debt date. Michelle jogged up on an Honor Flight tour, vets flown in, with charitable donations, to see their Memorial before they pass. Donations? A trickle compared to dollars poured in to AIDS support. I had covered Ashley Judd’s AIDS gala back to back with a Honor Flight visit. Ashley Judd got $500 million from government and other findings. Honor Flight? They were over the moon with a check for $29k.

Michelle Bachman’s swag? The Police Line Yellow Tape which she held high above her head championing Americans need to stand up and take their tax paid monument access back. Bachman told the story of the inn keeper at a national park area shut down when police cruisers, blue lights flashing, showed up on his doorstep. Bachman told him to get out there with his camera and take photos. It got better yet, Bachman told. Utah. There are something’s that can’t be controlled or roped in like Mother Nature. It snowed. And when the snow plows came along to clear the road, the plows did just that, too, pushing off the cliff the orange cones Federal workers set up to block taxpayers from the dollar funded pullovers and roads.

Bachman shared her fears which, an election ago, became the warning that felled Sara Palin from serious politics- Death Panels. They are a coming and may even be here as Americans looking in to Obamacare are discovering and is a real concern, Michelle expressed, impacting her family healthcare  business. Bachman asked if Obamacare will shut a c-section in process. Bachman asked, who would have thought hunters who paid for their pheasant hunting season passed would be barred from their shooting rights.

Bachman warned that Obamacare is consequential for Obamacare and the US economy. It is. Care First Blue Cross has notified subscribers they are no longer excluded from a gender change surgery. The question Bachman did not ask is for the benefit of audience what are our options. There are nine options.

And, Bachman said, what is at risk is the answer to America being a Police Line state or a Congressional Democracy. Bachman told her Family Research Council audience, at the FRC’s Value Voters Summit at DC ‘s Omni Shoreham  in North West DC. Bachman said this isn’t a time for caving, this is a time for standing.

Bachman said she is proud of the leadership in the House. Michelle said she sees a resolve that people count. Michelle wondered out load a people can be forced to buy a product they don’t want from a website that does not work.

Constitutional democracy? no. Bachman said. It is a Constitutional Republic. Choice? That or a Police state. Battles count, said Bachman, from the days of Charlemagne to present date. And, she asked, if the NSA has been looking at Private Data, she cautioned, they have not seen anything yet, so battles out, she said. One needs to know when to fight and the time is now.

Alveda King a niece of Martin Luther King Jr chortled at her luck coming up on stage after Michelle Bachman. King comes from a mixed background- Republican and Democrat. Bringing people together King said will come about when people look back, seeing how far they have come and fat they have to go. King said the attack on a religion began years back. King said the man who came to the FRC with enough ammo kill everyone in the building, finding his way to the FRC building, guided by the Southern California Law Center.

2nd Vote talked about their APP, a site that helps people Vote Twice- once at the polling booth and the second time at the store knowing the rankings of retailers of product that reflects, often, politics- slaver, trafficking, grooming.

Oh yes, the Rockstars were there- Cruz, Rubio, Forbes, Paul. Noticeably absent were Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity. FRC is a gathering of Faith. Politic is present. Faith dominates. The Old Guard was set aside for prayer, warmth and hugs. Yet, the last speaker in the Grand Ballroom, left the gathered puzzled.

Glen Beck has made a name for himself building an empire that is affording him toys some of which he brought with in a Show and Educate session with the audience. Beck brought with his binder filled with patches worn by Jews, under force, by the Nazis. Beck didn’t bring one. The one he was looking for, he had left backstage. He had it brought to him. Who collects patches worn by prisoners who died with faith and abandonment on their life.

Then Beck showed off the compass George Washington owned since age 14. Beck noted the compass was worn from rubbing. Beck said he carries the compass with him at times finding himself distractedly rubbing his thumb in the same track George Washington did when he was discovering America. Beck talked about Washington at age 14 surveying land in Indian country while 14 year olds today worry about Beck talked about Tesla, and GE, and Westinghouse and Edison. Did you know Edison photographed a tortured Topsy The Elephant being electrocuted with a battery setup Edison conceived of? The audience quieted at the seguy revelation. Beck talked about his own family and dinner time. Beck talked about Baby Knauer, point being, Beck made, is to not rely on ‘media’ to decide what to think or how to know. Read. And learn, history repeats itself and where the future is shaping up should be a fright to everyday citizens.

Beck wrapped up talking on Tesla, not the car. Tesla was an inventor who came to America, earned his fortune but at one time gave it back. Tesla understood accomplishment and giving back to a place he called home. Truly. Tesla gave back stocks and holdings. Final note….
Beck observed that Obama has the support of GE, Comcast, ABC, movies, Hollywood and a low approval rating than Bush 3 points higher at this time.
Games and an App. In contrast to today’s youth told they are children until age 26.

Second Vote present their App on how a vote continues after the election.

Beck said stay true to your self and chart your course. Leadership isnt getting it right. Short of Clint Eastwood ‘s chair during the campaign, Republicans lack theatre of politics the Democrats are mastering.

Day Two of the FRC, while believers were being energized, Congress was dealing political theatre under “In God We Trust” above the Speaker’s Bench House side. One after the other after the other, Democratic legislators spoke out script, a message on point, differing in voice and delivery. It was masterful theatre, Politics on Point.



11 Sep

(c) Carrie Devorah

It is a day to reflect in more ways than one, about life, death and privacy. It is a day for Government to stand back and ask “What Hath We Wrought.” It is a day for legislators to look inside, the halls of Congress that is, to even ask who, if any know their lair well enough to state within seconds of this question being asked where those exact words are posted. My guess? Few if, to none. Pizza party in the Longworth Caf if I am wrong. SECONDS. That is my determinant in that one would expect history to be core to decisions that impact worlds, apart and near, decisions that are legislated on that should have no need for clawback as we are seeing effect after Congressional Causation.

English? Courtland reporter Charlotte Alter wrote a summary on Circuit Judge Jay Bybee agreeing that Google, as I had written the words, is Rocking The Rico. Street View by Google is a Data Grab, officially, in violation of the Wiretap Act, setting boundaries for Privacy Protection, as Alter wrote “whether or not the network is secure.”

Bybee refused, repeat, REFUSED, to dismiss the collective suit(s) against Google’s collecting of Emails, User Names, Passwords and other data from personal Wi-Fi networks while collecting photos for its popular Street View feature.” Now, let me be honest here, the plethora of private data on the Internet is a double edged sword, I dance on while doing papertrails. For good, for bad, the info is out there in ways people haven’t a clue is coming back to bite them in the behind.

All those CASH ONLY businesses? Online, reported in sites like YELP where customer experience is King, making this world no longer a place Tax Dodges can hide behind. Cities going bust? GO ONLINE and search zipcodes and cash and turn your investigators out to bring ‘dem doggies home. Doing a skip trace? If one is smart enough… takes seconds online. Back to Google Street view? That adress a fancy posh advisor gives as a work adress sort of looks an awful lot like a private home in a well heeled adress. Thank you, Street View.

That said, there is everything right with being an old fashioned gumshoe and celebrating Bybee’s decision in that it aught to and better shake the Judiciary as it moves forward Legislating matters Google is pushing for …. MORE FREE DATA ALREADY IN VIOLATION OF FAIR USE & SAFE HARBOR.

Google’s, AOLs, Yahoo!s models are built on the backs of starving 2D ARTS IP and on the ID of the everyday person. AND on the images of the dead and unprotected. NO ONE has the rights to the images of the dead from 9-11, the murdered from the streets of Syria except their families who, considering Models must sign releases & waivers, should have Releases & Waivers signed, too, once the News event has come and been reported after all there must be balance in order for news to be covered AND for the Right to Data, the Right of Publicity to be respected.

Call it the adult version of the childhood game “MOTHER, MAY I?” Etiquette. Privacy, the same privacy Google exec Eric Schmidt requires lovers to sign on the dotted line for…. The right to decide if someone wants to continue to speak out for Loss From Terrorism as has Debra Burlingame or the decision to be silent and fight back each time a loved one’s image is used without permission, almost a second job along with all the other patrolling one must do to protect our murdered. My brother was murdered by terrorists. I continue to stand against charities using his name without permission or acknowledgement of his seven orphans.

Without etiquette or respect, what is America…… Atlantis waiting to sink

Judge Bybee? Politics aside, standing up for Privacy in a Technological age, YOU are 2D ARTS IPs Newest ROCKSTAR!!!! Yes, What hath God Wrought…. a good thought to reflect on this day and IP, intellectual property, legislation going forward.

So Congress- within FIVE seconds of receiving this like the five second rule for stuff falling on the floor? grin. The first House staff CORRECTLY identifying the answer…. Pizza on me for the office… oh heck I’ll even spring for the soda


10 Sep


ImageIt started with a Patent.

Nerve gas that is. It started with a Patent. And then it became a bartered item. A swap. Britain gave. America took. America gave Britain took. And years later, it became a debate. Nerve gas that is.

1400 dead? Maybe this past month but over the years…. more. But it started with a Patent, Intellectual Property that Man created and Government “LIKED.” Maybe that is the starting point going forward on how to adress Agents of War…. the Patent and the “new amazing idea” of publishing Patents online.. so where does culpability begin and finger pointing end… and the admission of who ‘screwed up’ and has a real chance for reform…. it started with a Patent.

I would have figured it to be a no brainer in the rhetoric of Chemical Warfare for someone to get to the nucleus of How Things Get Made, things like Chemicals used in Warfare- that part of the process called Intellectual Property and Legislative Debates and Patent Offices. But amazingly with all the intellect online, focus has been repeats and retweets of what another entity or blogger then often cited by Legislators. OMG. What ever happened to digging deeper into dirt on what came first, the patented Intellectual property or the 1400 dead in Syria today with the guarantee of more tomorrow, or the next day or another after that. Oh come on- its called Coincidental Thought or two people who may never meet having a great idea at the same time. In different zipcodes. Under different governments.

The dead in Syria didn’t just fall off the back of a Turnip truck. Their deaths began in a lab somewhere, sometime ago. Frankestinian type mad scientists concocting brews? No. That is the fodder of movies guaranteed to make you pee in your pants from fear. Sometimes, like #*@T, Nerve Gas’ happen, most likely because somewhere some Legislative Body debated things back and forth before stamping the ‘something’ with a Seal of Approval. No. Not saying that Legislators approved Nerve Gas’ but sometimes, it wasn’t Nerve Gas they approved. Other times, it wasn’t only Nerve Gas they were looking at. But like quarters that fall into the pillowed seats of a sofa, that is until Bitcoins came along, facts and details slip between the cracks. You know, Rome wasn’t built in a day nor is a profile of people or a chemical too. Put them both together, sometimes we have a recipe for a Modern Day Maniac or, as in the case of VX, a guy that invented a landscaping chemical that just happens to knock people out a half hour or so after it touches their skin, they rub their eyes, they convulse and dead. Oh, not just them dead but everyone they have come in to contact with between location of contact and moment of Death from an odorless chemical that was intended to kill weeds.

I know, I know, things happen. But while Radio and TV are whipping people into a Frenzy of War just like the NSA built back doors into all the PDAs we use and can NO LONGER take the backs off or batteries or chips out of (ahem iPhone), some of the Big Dog and Poodle countries had back door dealings too which sort of make the postulating a bit of a giggle, gallows giggle that is, considering the consequence.

The Father of Nerve gas was a German Scientist. British Intelligence reportedly brought his gas to Porton Down after World War II. Allied Forces found the Nerve Gas in WWII, in Germany. The discovery excited them.

Now, Chemicals and Congress are not unknown bedfellows. 96% of manufactured consumer goods are produced with chemicals most of which are toxic. And what Congress does is Legislate things it has no clue about but gets ‘briefed on.’ Sit through a hearing or two of people pushing agendas without complete disclosure, one might share the cynicism. But there are legislators with good intentions that try their best to do good. Senators David Vitter (R-LA) and the late Frank Lautenberg co-sponsored S 1009, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act, a legislation to adress toxic chemicals in household and manufactured products. Lautenberg and Vitter wanted to shore up the Toxic Substances Control Act. The TSCA had not been amended in its thirty seven years. The TSCA was passed in 1976, intended to regulate existing and new chemicals. Whatever wasn’t on the list in 1976? Wasn’t going to be on the list of “Chemicals.” There wasn’t a list for Toxic. Nor is there a list for Non Toxic. There was clearly no Congressional “dunno list” for Chemicals that might be developed some time down the road. The Legislative oversight attempts to legislate no new chemical being used in manufacturing Consumer Goods or on imported for Consumer Goods.

Getting the picture? Good. So you wont lose your lunch when I tell you there are over 85,000 chemicals on the Market. And the EPA? The Agency knows the toxicity of about 200 of those chemicals. The EPA has only taken action against five chemicals or chemical classes? You see, the EPA only knows what the chemical’s manufacturer tells them about toxicity- whistleblowers and all…..

In 2007, the Department of Homeland Security issued a rule called “Chemical Facility Security: Regulation and Issues For Congress”, a Summary, requiring chemical facilities with certain types and amounts of stuff the Secretary determined were hazardous to let the DHS know then undergo a screening process to determine the sites CVI, Chemical Terrorism Vulnerability Information category, which chemical facilities were high risk needing additional security. The sites were to provide the DHS with a site security plan and a vulnerability plan for the Secretary to approve or to disapprove. The Summary highlighted issues Congress had discussed. There was the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008. There were HR 1530, HR 1574 and HR 1633 that the House introduced for chemical site security. Then there was the 2007 Farm Bill S 2302 and HR 2419, the Appropriations Bills HR 2638 and S 1644, for starters.

Any wonder Legislative pocket change continues to fall out of pockets and in between sofa pillows? Hearings are held all the time. One can only legislate disclosed entities. The reality is that around the world there is someone, somewhere, in a lab, in a garage, in a home, on a farm not just in a multi dollar conglomerate looking to make product cheaper and better that will get government approval. Or not. It is the Or Not that is worrisome.

The disclosed entities let their chemicals go through test phases. Some of the chemicals make it on to the streets as product, some don’t. And some that do make the streets get clawed back for one thing or another. Usually for death(s) or causing disability. More often, at that put, claw back attempts are when it is too late to put the rabbit back in the box.

You see the process is the problem. Ideas are Intellectual Property. And Intellectual Property get protected, at least, with First to Claim Ownership. Over at the USPTO, papers are pushed forward from Application to Published Patent or IP, Intellectual Property. With the USPTO all online these days, anyone anywhere in the world can see what is being made or protection sought for AND how to do it better.

A patent is a patent is a patent whether the patent is for a new button, Google eyeglass or in the chemical or pharmaceuticals industry sensory irritation through its chemical action.” Classified? By how they affect people.

There are the Choking Agents… they make breathing difficult… ie Chlorine gas. There are Blister Agents… they irritate skin and eye ie Mustard gas. There are the fast acting and lethal agents like Arsenic or cyanide. There are the Nerve agents like Sarin or VX. They disrupt the nervous system.

Tear gas sound familiar? On the streets of America, tear gas is called a ‘riot control agent’ used for law enforcement. But if used in war, tear gas is termed a chemical weapon. There is White Phosphorus used both home and abroad. Incendiary as a weapon, it has its benefits, it seems.

What they all have, Chemical Agents, is the Taboo Attitude on the impact of Chemical weaponry to civilian populations, dating a hundred years back. As Man evolved, or devolved, as the opinion might be, Technology advanced, as did man’s ability to impact foreign cultures. Hiroshima, ring a bell? Someone aught to remind Secretary Kerry. Post WWI, by the time of WWII, a lot of countries ‘volunteered’ to rule out chemical warfare on the battlefield. A lot of paper pushing and protocol which all looks good like the Geneva Protocol of 1925 prohibiting poisonous gas as war weaponry. There was the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1993 that took the 1925 agreement further… except not everyone signed on to that agreement a decade ago- Syria, North Korea, EGYPT and Angola.- not promising to voluntarily outlaw production, stockpile, transfer and use of chemical weapons.

Gerhard, was a German Biochemist. Full name Gerhard Schrader. In 1936, Gerhard was working on a pesticide. Instead or in addition, Gerhard discovered Organo-Phosphates and their effect on human beings. Gerhard was his own guinea pig, accidentally. A splish splash of some chemicals into each other and he wasn’t feeling so good. A day later, Gerhard had trouble breathing. His eyesight was on the fritz, no pun intended. He was spasming and his arm, within a week was paralyzed. Gerhard hit it out of the ballpark of inhumanity, discovering the ancestor of Nerve Gases, that, depending on how much was used and absorbed through the skin, was fatal within 5 to 15 minutes. N Gas. That is what the Nazis called it, in 1936.


Porton Down is a United Kingdom government military science park situated slightly northeast of Porton near Salisbury in Wiltshire, England. To the northwest lies the MoD Boscombe Down test range facility which is operated by QinetiQ. Porton Down, about 7000 acres in recent years, started out as a few cottages and farm buildings scattered on the downs at Porton and Idmiston. Porton Down opened as a test site for chemical weapons. It was called the Royal Engineers Experimental Station. Purpose? To study Chlorine, Phosgene and Mustard Gas in WWI. There were two huts. Two years later, there more over 1100 people at Porton Down, still focused on anti gas defense and breathing. Porton Down became a skeleton after the Armistice was signed.

Fourteen years after Schrader’s N Gas discovery, in 1952, British scientist Dr Ranajit Ghosh, working with JF Newman, at Britain’s Porton Down’s chemical warfare laboratory, patented diethyl S-2-diethylaminoethyl phosphono- thioate, November of that year. Gosh was working for ICI, Imperial Chemical Industries, a British firm, in their Plant Protection Land when Gosh focused on investigating Organophosate compounds, the same compounds Gerhard Schrader looked into in the ‘30s. ICI took one of Gosh’s compounds, Amiton, to market,only to withdraw Amition from market. It was too toxic, for home use, it seemed but perfect for warfare. Samples had been sent to the British Armed Forces Research facility, Porton Downs. The two Men had improved on Schrader’s N Agent. The scientists had developed V Agents, the newest Nerve Agents aka the Tammelin Esters named after Lars- Erik Tammelin of the SDRA, the Swedish Defense Research Agency. Patented. IP. Intellectual Property.The most famous one, code name Purple Possum?

As it turns out, a few years earlier, the Russians and other scientists, independent of each other or the companies they worked for, discovered more potent Nerve gases. That is how people are- even when something is bad, they play with ‘fire’ as the expression goes and come up with great ideas they may not be aware someone else had discovered. Scientists enamored with these deadly elements, continued their exploration going forward, discovering ways to make the chemicals less combustible and other challenges, normal people, outside of Government and Mad Scientists, would run from let alone trade in.

Come WWII, Porton Down focused on anthrax bio weaponry, botulinum toxins and nitgrogen mustard. The Allies learned about organophsorous nerve agents in Germany- Tabun, Sarin and Soman which springboarded research off the German Nerve Agents starting point. And VX was born. In Britain.
The government paid hospitals for skin removed from patients. The Scientists wanted Real McCoy test results not hypotheticals so what better to test a skin agent on but skin which, as it turned out, the patients had no clue they had donated. The practice of using patient skin began in 1995 and was stopped after the Alder Hey report was released. A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman, speaking on behalf of Dera, confirming the skin was used in chemical warfare tests said, “Most of the chemical tests done were for the benefit of civilians. They were with corrosive chemicals that are used in the home and work place, to see how the skin would be affected by a spillage.” The Patient’s Consent form said ‘use in medical research…” which by the way, the hospital was paid dearly for, over 17,000 pounds, without any statement, wink, patients who went in for a tummy tuck and breast ‘nips’ or other vanity surgeries got a discount from the hospital for their hide, without explaining that it was being used by the Defense Evaluation and Research Agency, DERA, which runs the facilities on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire.

Gets better. The Brits traded VX to the Yanks in exchange for information on thermo-nuclear weapons. That was in 1958. Technically, work on such agents stopped in 1955 when lethality of the research was acknowledged. Technically. The US began producing VX in 1961. Newport Chemical Depot. The known countries to have VX are Russia, France and the US. KNOWN being the operative word. Wishing to un-create VX is like a mom threatening her bad child she wishes she could put them back up inside. Not going to happen. VX, which is rumored to be the chemical that Sadaam lost into Syria back in the early 2000’s?

So what now…… there’s the ticker. You cant see VX, smell it, taste it but one half hour after contact one witnesses horrific devolution into death. The United Nations classified IUPAC, O-ethyl S-[2-(diisopropylamino)ethyl] methylphosphonothioate, the technical name for VX, as a Weapon of Mass Destruction in UN Resolution 687 then outlawed in the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993.

Arghhhh. Getting it yet? The old story, ten people can be working on the same thing at the same time and name it something different without the dots being connected until, it is, here in the case of Nerve Agents, too late. For all the protocol and hoopla about getting countries to stand down on Toxic time bombs… somewhere, around there world there is someone about to make the same discovery too, and somewhere, someone about to get a patent for their Intellectual Property of mass murder… again.

What does one do? Pray is probably the best first answer. Second answer? Maybe committees will learn to dig deeper into the bad of the New Greatest Bestest idea being pitched at legislators, like THE INTERNET (cough)….boy, wasn’t that a rapid descent into the Devil’s Lair. Try grabbing that one by the tail and rolling things back to the way things used to be. With all good there comes bad and within all bad there is good. And that somewhere someone in a patent office saw the idea for Nerve Agents then rubber stamped it LIKE for a production go ahead. And with the USPTO racing to put everything online, good guess is more of these dastardly things people wish they could uninvent will be discovered by the next home grown terrorist on immigrant with a bone to pick with his mom he takes out on innocent people going for a run in the 5K.

The Holland Committee was set up by the War Office in 1919. The Cabinet decided a year later to continue building the Porton Down program. By 1922, there were 380 servicemen, and a mix of fifty or so civil servants and scientists. Three years later, there were even more. Britain ratified the Geneva Protocol of 1925, in 1930, which allowed Chemical Warfare agents only in retaliation.

Around twenty to thirty years later, 1970, the renamed Porton Down, Chemical Defence Establishment, was paying attention to reports of chemical warfare by the Iraqis against their Kurdish population and Iran. Porton Down changed its name again in 2001- Defense Evaluation and Research Agency still so secretive Members of British Parliament are reported to have admitted they aren’t completely aware of what goes on there even after having visited the site. Although word is the site is working on medical strains of Cannabis and the related patents.

The US Army’s early method of disposal of its stockpiled Agents was the CHASE technique- Cut Holes and Sink ‘Em. Old ships packed with nerve agents were sunk to the bottom of the sea. The SS Cpl Eric G Gibson was sunk 7200 feet deep of Atlantic City, New Jersey. There are over 7,000 VX rockets on board the Gibson. 124 tons of VX were sunk off the shores of New York, New Jersey and Florida, between 1919 and 1970- one land mine, over 1400 pounds of bulk container and about 22000 M55 rockets. Some sites incinerated VX as late as going in to Christmas Eve 2008. The Blue Grass Pilot Plant destruction of their VX is the last of the VX bunch waiting to be destroyed. If it wasn’t one thing or another causing the delays, it was one thing or another. Russia and America were working together to reduce Russia’s over 5900 tons of Nerve Agents stored a former chemical weapons depot. 14% o the chemical weapons there are from Russia.

Secretary Kerry testified the day before September 11, America’s anniversary of sadness, America’s connection to standing away from Chemical warfare was 1925. Geez louise, Momma T. Take John on vacation to Porton Down on a Study Abroad on Nerve Agents. To boot, the same day, John Sano, former deputy director of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, who oversaw the day-to-day management of the agency’s covert operations, discusses how the CIA gathers and uses intelligence, said on C-Span Washington’s Journal that he didn’t know who developed Nerve Gas. Sano has top Secret Clearance. When asked to concur, or not, Sano agrees that whomever developed or sold the Nerve Gas should be held accountable……. Which is the largest OMG, the Sano doesn’t know the history of the Alphabetical Agents or that the finger points…. omg

As for the book the officer in the photo is reading? Probably a good idea to collect and destroy. The book, that is. Erroneous information. The author incorrectly listed America as the country that discovered VX. So much for experts on topics but in these days of War Crimes and War Tribunals…. Get my drift.

MITIGATE FAIR USE ABUSE BY REPAGINATING 17 USC § 107 – Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use:

16 Aug

It is a rule of thumb that people rarely read to the bottom of a page. I school people to read a page backwards- UP to TOP- to “get” the points they are missing. The eye is an Optic catching words by reversing the flow of the ‘read’, that are lost while reading in a flow. Reading in reverse makes words stand out as Individuals rather than being lost in the string of ‘tale telling.’

You want someone to see something, put it in their face where they cant miss it. In the marketing world, its called IDIOT PROOF MARKETING.


Put Clause 4 where Clause 1 is; Clause 1 where Clause 3 is; Clause 3 where Clause 2 is and Clause 2 where Clause 4 is assuring that what WILL be seen by lawyers arguing issues of Fair Use is the first declaration that FAIR USE isnt when a Copyright Owner is denied Income/Commerce.

“… shall include-

(4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work

(3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole

(1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;

(2) the nature of the copyrighted work

“… shall include-

(1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes

(2) the nature of the copyrighted work

(3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole;

(4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work

The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.”

To review from beginning to end, the repaginated 17 USC § 107 – Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use, will read:

“Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include—

[1] the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work ( formerly (4))

[2] the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole (formerly (3))

[3] the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes (formerly (1))

[4] the nature of the copyrighted work (formerly (2))


14 Aug

(c) Carrie Devorah May be cited. May be used under License

Jim’s Crystal City is getting Ping Pocketed by DC. In all fairness to Jim, he probably doesn’t know Arlington taxes are crossing the Potomac each time a Sprint or other cell carrier is being paid. But they are.

In all fairness most customers don’t either unless they look past the DUE amount and read the surcharges. In all fairness, most customers don’t read the surcharges on their Telecom bills. Not only is it painful to shell out more money for reasons unexplained or necessary in light of Obamaphones being distributed to persons who at times get multiples they ‘fair-share’ maybe even sell but for sure support Carlos Slim whose wallet is getting fatter one Obamaphone at a time.

What is sure is this? One constituent of Jim’s caught the Tax Theft to DC and got back $13.20 of a $69.20 ‘surcharge’ which included DC, the District of Columbia in the wrap up.

IF YOU CAN FIND Sprint Surcharges where they are hidden under “Details” and if the link is clicked, the consumer Sprint’s Monthly statement reads: “Sprint Surcharges are rates we choose to collect from you to help defray costs imposed on us. Surcharges are not taxes on you or amounts we are required to collect from you by law. Surcharges, other charges incurred to recover costs associated with governmental programs and certain taxes associated with government programs and certain taxes imposed upon Sprint. The amounts and certain taxes associated with governmental programs, and certain taxes imposed upon Sprint. The amounts and the components used to calculate Surcharge amounts are subject to change. Federal-Univ Serv Assess LD Federal-Univ Serv Assess Non-LD District of Columbia State-911
Surcharge District of Columbia State-Telecom Serv Tax Administrative Charge Regulatory Charge
TOTAL DUE [ make a payment ]

No wonder this crucial bill segment is hidden. “…rates WE CHOOSE to collect…” “…to help defray costs imposed on us…” “… other charges incurred to recover costs…” “…associated with governmental programs…” “…. Certain taxes associated with government programs…”

Need more be said…. Actually, yes….

Sprint Corporation (S) -NYSE
Prev Close: 7.01
Open: 7.07
Bid: 6.99 x 6600
Ask: 7.00 x 23000
1y Target Est: 7.28
Beta: N/A
Next Earnings Date: 21-Oct-13S Earnings announcement
Day’s Range: 6.96 – 7.10
52wk Range: 5.61 – 7.26
Volume: 7,669,265
Avg Vol (3m): 42,562,600
Market Cap: 21.15B
P/E (ttm): N/A
EPS (ttm): -1.44
Div & Yield: N/A

Its not about Customers, its about bottom lines. Sprint’s has been saggin’ a while. And the District’s? Well,…. cant say anymore about how sad the Seat of Government has become with one Legislator crisis after another.

The explanation from Sprint was, well, should have been a Jay Leno intro… “Did you hear the one about the Arlington taxes that crossed the Potomac into Vince Gray’s constituency? Just like his shadow campaign… now you see the taxes in DC and now you don’t see them in Virginia…”

Sprint Customer Service Person #1 gave was the signal searches for a tower to PING from. Since Arlington is close to DC, given the choice of towers, the signal PING’d DC’s. Grin. I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you. Sprint states it doesn’t profit from PING taxes on cell phone bills. Sprint says the Tax money flows through to DC. Arlington County Virginia has 220,565 residents. Crystal City has around 11,000 residents and approxiametly 30,000 transient workers. Adressing the telecom carrier Sprint only at this time, this is potentially alot of revenue lost to Virginia, no telling how far back the river jumping of Tax Dollars to DC has been going on.

Is this JUST a Virginia/DC issue. Most likely not. Is it a tower issue? Most likely not. Is it just an America problem? Not in a global economy with Markets & Mergers happening as quick as a blink of an eye. It is an everywhere problem of lack of oversight all the way down from Congress to the Constituent.

How would a legislator or local BID or mayor find out if their tax dollars are being PING POCKETED by telecom carriers or other jurisdictions?


A- Random sampling & B- Approach & C- Determination A(i) Pick 3-9 residents in each of your jurisdictions A(ii)Determine where the Cell Towers are in your jurisdiction A(iii) Determine where the Cell Towers are in your bordering jurisdictions

B(i) Annoint your 3-9 Constituents “rockstars” B(ii) Your “Rockstars” will provide you their cell phone bill SURCHARGE SECTION for a period of (moving forward) 6 months B(iii) Your “Rockstars” will provide you their cell phone bill SURCHARGE SECTION for a period of (moving backward) 6 months, if needed 12 months, if needed 18 months (you get the point. Bills go back without charge for 18 months)

C(i) If determining your Constituents tax monies have been passed forward to another jurisdiction, you will connect to that jurisdiction to determine if they are losing tax dollars too
C(ii) Reach across the state line to others to determine Patterns (call me but not on your land line to lay this out for you…wink… Sprint makes big bank on land to cell calls racking up overage charges in no time at all)

D(i) Call for Congressional Oversight by the FCC and the Energy & Commerce Committee D(ii) Make sure EACH AND EVERY TAX DOLLAR overcharged to another District, county or state goes Directly back to the Consumer. NO. Lawyers are not needed neither are class action suits

E- for edification sake, ask your constituents E(i) do they receive their monthly statement by mail or by email
E(ii) do they read their monthly statement cover to cover (determined if is a snail mail bill or an email) E(iii) do they read their email bill or just follow the Payment Prompts and pay without reading the small print E(iv) have they ever read their online bill from beginning to end
E(v) do they want a simpler one page bill online or did they like it better when the bills came by mail…. (rooting for the USPS)

F- thank your “rockstars” publicly- McDonalds, anyone?

Legislators, just don’t get caught with your pants down getting PING POCKETED…. again


13 Aug