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30 Oct

It gets to a point when people point fingers, call names, ask for names to be uncalled and bully persons in the name of  whatever that you just want to tell everyone to stop, stand and listen.

A Redskin team cap was on the desk of an office I stopped in at this morning. The conversation of name change came up. The man immediately brought in the N word and the B word and then asked how I would feel if the team was called the Whiteskins. I told him quite frankly I wouldn’t care. I am not a football fan. I don’t get it over the “words.” Use allowance is imbalanced. Last time I was at Howard University the word Negro was on the knee wall dedication outside the Auditorium, the United Negro College Fund had not changed its name to the United N Word Fund, or ALL the movies using this and that word in the name of art? ‘Scuse me? and when I photographed MO’nique in concert I was HORRIFIED at how many times she used the N WORD and her audience couldn’t stop laughing so hard. They thought it was funny. I was mortified. Usually I don’t want to leave venues I would photograph. I could not wait to leave I was uncomfortable.

When will the rabi rhetoric end? Will AG Bills call for an eradication of the term REDSKIN POTATOES? Will Bills in Congress adressing Peanut Allergies no longer be able to refer to a certain kind of peanut as REDSKIN Peanut? Will the USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office have to scrub historical filings using the word “Nigger” in their filings as shown in the filings located on line? Will industry have to remove the N word stated clearly in Government documents? The official count of the word “Nigger” in the movie DJANGO is 113? The DJANGO stat came from a GOOGLE search pulling up in .28 seconds over 163,000 hits for the search “DJANGO Nigger” (https://www.google.com/search?q=django+nigger&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a)

The isolating of the football team for bullying is distasteful moreso when politicians weigh in but not with Learning Curves forward. USPTO redskins

USPTO Nigger 3

USPTO Nigger 2

USPTO NHere is a place to begin.

I told the man Football Can Learn A lot from Horse racing.

I had covered as a racing photographer, the Southern California Racing circuit years back, Congresswoman Judy Chu’s neighborhood. It was glorious driving over the hills before the sun rose, arriving at the track as the sun crested the Seven Dragons. That is the nickname of the mountain embracing SA, as we called it, known in horseracing as the Jewel Of Racing. I would arrive at Clockers, the corner where owners and trainers would clock their ponies practice time. I would watch the ponies breezing in the cool of the early morning.

One morning I left the workout a different way. I stumbled upon a Japanese man holding an umbrella leading a line of Japanese to a smallish brown podium stand hidden in the bushes, so it seemed. Now, I had archived the historic track but not seen this marble stand until now. When the people left I walked over. And there I read about history most of you know nothing about. I do. I actually started to write a project about it. Sad thing was, publishers didn’t care. I did. I do. One day I hope to tell that story.

My perspective is from Racing’s Point of View. These days of self publishing everything is possible. I have a copy of the book the government published on how to lock up Japanese at a racetrack during war time. It took me a few years until I figured out HOW the government knew to sweep up the Japanese within a few days. I got clarity on what became called a land grab.

At some point I met a lady who told me she knew she was ok when she looked up and saw the statue of Seabiscuit there. She also told me, a horse lover, that horse tastes sweet. TMI.

I learned something else. Racing may be a dying sport but having photographed it globally it is a sport where cultures come together even if they cant take back the bad that someone else did. Racing didn’t lock up the Japanese. The government did. Football didn’t malign Native Americans- people did.

Now, you are talking with a girl who has a passion for the Native American culture, who understands the Four Directions, a culture that honors the gifts of the creator and is filled with glory most people almost never see anything of anymore unless it is a Hollywood-i-fied version of something or other they researched on Wikipedia. Somewhere in the world, I have an Indian Sister For Life, a shaman for whom I carted home a suitcase filled with coquille nuts for him to make artistry from. He gifted me a horse mirror. I was passed forward in one of my too many moves. I learned about the Trail of Tears while I was at the Native American museum- remember when Al Gore almost risked the museum losing funding from Congress having used the grounds for something political. I didn’t see Gore in the screening nor did I see him at anyone of the amazing pow wows I covered at the Convention Center or around DC during my years of covering news.

The conversation with the man with the Redskins cap on his desk was getting testy on his head. I told him where I am coming from in the conversation of Red, White. I am Jew. He asked me if I hated Germans. I asked him why. In fact I told him I don’t hate but there are a boatload more of Germans I like than Jews I have met around the world who don’t stand for Israel or tradition. Hating I told him is not going to bring 6 million back. I stand in a world one generation away from Europe. I don’t know who I am because I have no one to look back at to see if they are like me. Am I the only feisty female in my clan. I will never know going back.

Going forward? I told him I do that daily with tears in my heart. I know the price of hate. I am the family member who was sent photos of my brother’s body on a commuter bus in the Middle East after it was blown up. I was tasked with seeking to remove those photos off the internet. The man looked at me.

I said I cant hate. Nor can I understand the people screaming each side of the Redskin divide because I remember racing finding a way to make Beauty out of Sin.

To this day I recall the Japanese warriors dressed in armor charging their horses down the track warrior banners held so tall they tickled the sky. And then I remember the pageantry that followed. I was over the moon by the time the drummer hit their stride and drums on the track. Santa Anita brought Japan to live in a place where shame was brought.

To me? I said to the man who testosterone calmed enough to let us be bezzies again, why cant this be the way forward? He said, I never would have thought of that. I know. An editor at the Daily Caller said another thought of mine was unconventional. I own it. I am.

I know the price of being conventional.

What is getting lost in the vitriol is a Learning Moment. Imagine a day where Native American culture dominates. Imagine a scholarship invested toward bringing America’s original athletes into potential in the world of sports. Imagine rather than the traditional halftime show, traditional dances, traditional foods in the food court. I think it can be glorious. But then who am I to offer a way forward for everyone ONCE we get the politicians and the so called media out of the mix turning up the rhetoric rather than researching ways forward.

I clearly think the Pelosi family will want to get on board leading this initiative having named their waste management company after Squanto and another after his nickname Tisquantum. If we don’t move forward in grace then what have we left? Are we going to remove the Indian head off the nickel? Are we going  to airbrush out two members of the Y-M-C-A song?

Timing? I always ask that question of a mentor of mine as to the timeline I should consider. Why, Thanksgiving, of course. If it wasn’t for Squanto, there would not have been an original Thanksgiving. He saved the Pilgrims. Totally, bring out the Peace Pipe. Trust me- Peace Pipe, silk ties, prayer circle…. One has never been At One with there creator… until then.

Ok Dan. This is how it goes down. I get to pick the guest list because it is going to exclude politicians looking to plump up war chests for political battles. NO N-G-Os. NO way Smithsonian. If you could not have figured out offering a Culture Way forward having used Native Americans as props during the Folklife Festival over the years… ummm NO. I have a list of NOs that are clearly out there for this to become a peace way forward. Start collecting a scholarship fund. Offer a learning corner, a museum of sorts of Native American culture.

My son’s Native American brother Ben will come in full dress. I will do the Shawl Dance on the edge of the drum area. I already learned not to get too close tribal dancers. One chew out by a drum circle guy was good enough for me. Since I am brokering the path forward, Dan will bring my sons in for the game. He, my boys, Ben, and every day people can sit and talk together, tribe to tribe. Oh geez, didn’t anyone tell anyone the connection, possibly, between Jews and Native Americans? Why are holy days are similar in ways? Some theorize Native Americans are the Lost Tribe of Israel….

As for the knee wall at Howard and the College Fund and Mo? Let everyone take a page from the playbook of the Sport of Kings- horseracing, when you come from a culture of class and heritage, learn people the way forward…….. just like horseracing did. Racing tried to ignore the blemish that is carved in stone on SA’s fountains. Years are missing, the years that racing stopped because someone had a book written ready to go on how to deal with perceived anybody, not wanting to listen to the attache who said ‘These are people that would do anything for their country, dont lock them up.’

That I found the government’s handbook remains amazing. That I thought to copy it, was insightful. One day I want to write the rest of that story. Until then, trust me when I write we cant change the past but we can remind people of beauty in danger of being swallowed by bully pulpits, otherwise, no one wins and history gets lost in a world of edits…Nothing would give me greater pleasure than having my brother back lost through vitriol incited by leaders. Are you going to try to erase memory? Oh, yeah. Google is already working on that.

In lieu of that I offer, make this a learning curve. Changing the name wont make the discourse go away. It will breed further resentments.

Dan…. as for your marketing team? Grin…… there is a train leaving Union Station at midnight….



15 Oct

Thanksgiving is weeks away. Rather than planning prayer recalling friendship between Pilgrims and the Indians at Plymouth Rock, a battle is being fueled yet another battle over Right Of Publicity hasnt begun to brew. Yet. Paul F Pelosi the director on Board “SQUANTO” and “Tisquantum” the NEVADA Fertilizer Corporation named after the historic Indian who helped the Pilgrims survive to celebrate the first Thanksgiving. Naming a high profile fan energizing sports team is BAD, it seems in the world of politics.

Hmmm. So it seems when a Legislator’s family is on the Board of a Fertilizer company named after the Pilgrim’s Best Indian friend, that is good? For this answer, come Turkey Day, we pray.

The list of outcryers against Redskin’s team owner Dan Snyder continues to grow. President Obama, smarting from his “If I had a son he would be like Trayvon” comment, weighed in he is open to a Redskins name change (http://www.cbsatlanta.com/story/23616279/obama-open-to-name-change-for-washington-redskins) A little worn for the years, Bob Costas weighed in, halftime of the weekend football game, on the value of a Trademark, one specific trademark to be clear, Redskins, playing as it was the Cowboys. Costas is one of many persons weighing in to on the bully pulpit of political correctness. Costas said Redskins is an insult and a slur without mentioning how Cowboys are visualized to be dusty, craggy, smoking and anti-social, if one measures Cowboys by the same benchmark Costas spoke on the Redskins about.

DC Mayor Vincent Gray weighed in claiming to be setting an example for the youth of DC. Gray is beleagured with financial incorrectness claims about his campaign.

Snyder says he wont ever change the name. Over 165,000 fans attended the Washington Redskins camp which brings in roughly $8.5 million . Kathleen O’Donnell of Richmond Tourism said the Redskins brand identified with Richmond is priceless with so many benefiting including the local hairdresser who styled RGIII’s locks.
Former Redskin Heath Shuler says Nancy Pelosi with heavy losses during the midterms was “unacceptable for our party.” Shuler said Pelosi should step down (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/us-politics/8135380/Former-Redskin-challenges-Nancy-Pelosi.html). Pelosi was not challenged over an Indian name used closer to home- her home.

Paul F Pelosi, Petrus Holdings, Xu Hu, working with Sergio Adami, used the name Squanto, Tisquantum, on a fertilizer company, a Nevada fertilizer company, #E0684872009-2, filing date 12/31/2009, host of the site Squanto.com. Pelosi is the Director of the company. Hu is the president. Sergio is the secretary. There doesn’t appear to have been a California filing for either Squanto or Tisquantum.

tisquantum 1

The principals filed for Squanto Secret Fertilizer, a trademark, serial number 85163214, owner- TISQUANTUM FERTILIZER COMPANY, INC and Petrus Capital Holdings Inc was dead circa 2010 (http://www.trademarkia.com/squantos-secret-fertilizer-85163214.html) The trademark was filed in the category of Chemical Products. International Class Code 001, US Class Codes 001, 005, 006, 010, 026, 046 was filed in the Primary Class “Chemicals used in Industry, science and photography, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics, manures, fire extinguishing compositions, tempering and soldering preparations, chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs, tanning substances, adhesives used in industry”

squantos 1

squanto petrus

The mark was abandoned January 2012. Squanto was not. Sort of.

Who is he? Who isnt he. And why should Squanto never have been used on a Fertilizer Company. Squanto holds historical significance for America few people get especially as Thanksgiving nears. Squantos, a member of the Patuxet Tribe, was part of the Wampanoag Confederacy, a place better known as Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. Squantos is the man who helped America survive, simply said. English speaking with a British clip, Squanto, a legend on the Massachusetts South Shore, was appointed by Massasoit, the Sachem as liason to the Pilgrims.

Squanto, also called Tisquantum, was a worldly man. Squanto transversed the Atlantic Ocean four times.

Squanto was one of a group of Indians kidnapped by John Smith’s lieutenant Thomas Hunt. Hunt, entrepreneurial, intended to sell the captured Indians, along with fish and other foods, to people in Spain. Hunt wanted 20 pounds for each native. Some friars objected to Hunt’s human trafficking. The Friars took the Indians Hunt tricked on board, locking them below after having purportedly claimed he needed them below to discuss beaver trade. Hunt locked them in the ship. The Friars wanted to raise the Indians with Christianity. Squanto wanted to go home. He had been enroute home in 1614 when he was kidnapped. The Friars agreed to let Squanto go. Tisqunatum returned to London where he lived for a few years with a shipbuilder he knew, John Slany. Squanto accompanied Slany on sailing trips to Canada. Squanto wanted to return to New England. It wasn’t until 1619, Squanto caught a ride on Captain John Smith’s exploratory sail on the New England coast. Squanto returned to find his tribe decimated through a plague.

Pilgrims had settled there, living out of the Mayflower while the Pilgrims ferried back and forth to land, building their storehouses and living houses all through the winter months of December, January, February, moving entirely to shore by March. The Pilgrims had renamed Squantos former village Plymouth Rock. One day an Indian named Samoset walked in to the village midst speaking English. Samoset told them he had a friend who learned to speak English in London. The Pilgrims used the opportunity of Squanto to negotiate a peace treaty and establish trading relations.

The Pilgrims struggled after their first winter in the New World. Squantos taught the Pilgrims the Indian way how of companion planting and cultivating corn corn fertilized with fish. The corn was used to catch eel and wildlife for food. Fish, plentiful on the New England coast, fed the soil. The calcium from fish flesh and bones, raised the soil Ph. Calcium softened the clay’s soil, making it easier to work, strengthening the plant’s cell walls, making them resistant to drought and temperature changes. Squanto serving as envoy, translator, reconnoitering for the Governor, William Bradford, proved invaluable to the Pilgrims, continuing in service to the settlers. Squanto was corrupted by his power. Squanto knew the Indians were afraid of the Pilgrims guns. He knew the Pilgrims were afraid of the Indians. He played them against each other for gain until they found out, becoming angered.

Myles Standish led settlers to rescue Squanto. Their mission was clear- free or revenge Squanto, if he was alive or dead. Squanto was alive. He returned to his friendships at Plymouth. Not for long. A few days later, in 1622, Chatham Massachussetts, Squanto died. Some thought Squanto was playing the Pilgrims against the Indians. The Massoit called for Squantos execution. His life was saved when a ship was seen sailing on the horizon. Squantos death was delayed. Squantos was needed to help the new Pilgrims settle.

The circumstances of Squanto’s death were odd. Blood streamed from his nose, a sign Indians take as imminent death. Squanto sensed he may have been poisoned, Squanto arranged with the Governor to leave his belongings to his Pilgrim friends. It was thought Squanto was poisoned by the man who assigned Squanto to work with the Pilgrims.

Shuler acknowledges his leadership bid most likely will fail. Colleagues are reportedly developing amendments to caucus rules intended to limit Mrs Pelosi’s power to appoint allies to posts, worrying too much power is in her hands. So come Thanksgiving, a conversation to hold with Mrs Pelosi, may be about Squantos, fertilizer, Paul and his Nevada corporation, refocusing the conversation of how a tax paying team that contributes to America’s economy that brings tourism to the neighborhood and countless fans together should have developed the ire of Congress when family of the former Speaker, naming a fertilizer company after the Indian who helped Pilgrims, have gone unscathed.

For this we are thankful… balance, being fair… amen

THE JOB WE GOTTA DO The Responsibility of a Creator

13 Oct

”The Job We Gotta Do” was the sentiment of FRC s annual conservative action conference was capsulized in five words uttered by Texas Representative Louis Gohmert who showed up for a TownHall noting, at the Get Go, the Legislators trek cross town was timed. Votes in the House were imminent. The Legislators connecting to voters was of priority.

America is in shutdown. She is hurting. The great experiment is crashing under Hubris.

Representative Gohmert says  America is at the place it is now because a conversation is not going on making it clear, to him, that compromises are not part of the conversation of budget and appropriations. Gohmert said anyone who does not see it coming, has a surprise thanking the Becket Fund for stepping up to fight the battles leading the charge needed to take America back for We The People not Some Of The People.

Gohmert said it is important for people to be heard. A woman asked, how can we pray for Legislators. Louie paused, said, I don’t need wisdom prayed for, I need Wisdom, adding patting the backs of his fellow Legislators on the panel, maybe they need courage. Reps Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise are new to the battle. Gohmert has been on the Hill for decades fighting the fight he takes across the aisle Democrats say never gets crossed. Gohmert went to the Black Tie and Boots Ball in 2012 even though the Democrats won. Asked why, Gohmert answered he felt being there was important with his being a legislator for Texans not just Conservative Texans.

Rep Jordan wanted Americans to know how fundamental this battle is. Gohmert said it is important for the Justices to know the sentiment of Americans in the shadow of Roe versus Wade. A woman told Louie to tell his fellow Legislators to ‘listen to us, We are the people.’ Louie, with a sense of humor almost as long as the drive from the Texas airport to Dallas said the audience cannot be accused of sleeping with a judge because he is not a judge anymore, teased that his sessions subbing FRC leader Tony Perkins, are a barometer of how much Tony Perkins is liked and Louie is not, with the audience always anxious when Perkins is back at the mic.

Lady, it is simple, Gohmert explained, you want to do something, if you write your legislator once every six months, that is not enough. Write them every month.

Michelle Bachman was an unexpected speaker, wearing her signature white dress with angel caplet sleeves. Michelle brought swags. Swag is that gift moments someone leaves an event with. The event Michelle claimed the swag, more like a trophy, from was the storming of the Lincoln Memorial with 600 citizens barred from seeing the Lincoln Memorial under the charade of Government cuts. Bachman told of her jog during the House’s being kept in DC for the weekend adressing the Budget battle a few days shy of the Debt date. Michelle jogged up on an Honor Flight tour, vets flown in, with charitable donations, to see their Memorial before they pass. Donations? A trickle compared to dollars poured in to AIDS support. I had covered Ashley Judd’s AIDS gala back to back with a Honor Flight visit. Ashley Judd got $500 million from government and other findings. Honor Flight? They were over the moon with a check for $29k.

Michelle Bachman’s swag? The Police Line Yellow Tape which she held high above her head championing Americans need to stand up and take their tax paid monument access back. Bachman told the story of the inn keeper at a national park area shut down when police cruisers, blue lights flashing, showed up on his doorstep. Bachman told him to get out there with his camera and take photos. It got better yet, Bachman told. Utah. There are something’s that can’t be controlled or roped in like Mother Nature. It snowed. And when the snow plows came along to clear the road, the plows did just that, too, pushing off the cliff the orange cones Federal workers set up to block taxpayers from the dollar funded pullovers and roads.

Bachman shared her fears which, an election ago, became the warning that felled Sara Palin from serious politics- Death Panels. They are a coming and may even be here as Americans looking in to Obamacare are discovering and is a real concern, Michelle expressed, impacting her family healthcare  business. Bachman asked if Obamacare will shut a c-section in process. Bachman asked, who would have thought hunters who paid for their pheasant hunting season passed would be barred from their shooting rights.

Bachman warned that Obamacare is consequential for Obamacare and the US economy. It is. Care First Blue Cross has notified subscribers they are no longer excluded from a gender change surgery. The question Bachman did not ask is for the benefit of audience what are our options. There are nine options.

And, Bachman said, what is at risk is the answer to America being a Police Line state or a Congressional Democracy. Bachman told her Family Research Council audience, at the FRC’s Value Voters Summit at DC ‘s Omni Shoreham  in North West DC. Bachman said this isn’t a time for caving, this is a time for standing.

Bachman said she is proud of the leadership in the House. Michelle said she sees a resolve that people count. Michelle wondered out load a people can be forced to buy a product they don’t want from a website that does not work.

Constitutional democracy? no. Bachman said. It is a Constitutional Republic. Choice? That or a Police state. Battles count, said Bachman, from the days of Charlemagne to present date. And, she asked, if the NSA has been looking at Private Data, she cautioned, they have not seen anything yet, so battles out, she said. One needs to know when to fight and the time is now.

Alveda King a niece of Martin Luther King Jr chortled at her luck coming up on stage after Michelle Bachman. King comes from a mixed background- Republican and Democrat. Bringing people together King said will come about when people look back, seeing how far they have come and fat they have to go. King said the attack on a religion began years back. King said the man who came to the FRC with enough ammo kill everyone in the building, finding his way to the FRC building, guided by the Southern California Law Center.

2nd Vote talked about their APP, a site that helps people Vote Twice- once at the polling booth and the second time at the store knowing the rankings of retailers of product that reflects, often, politics- slaver, trafficking, grooming.

Oh yes, the Rockstars were there- Cruz, Rubio, Forbes, Paul. Noticeably absent were Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity. FRC is a gathering of Faith. Politic is present. Faith dominates. The Old Guard was set aside for prayer, warmth and hugs. Yet, the last speaker in the Grand Ballroom, left the gathered puzzled.

Glen Beck has made a name for himself building an empire that is affording him toys some of which he brought with in a Show and Educate session with the audience. Beck brought with his binder filled with patches worn by Jews, under force, by the Nazis. Beck didn’t bring one. The one he was looking for, he had left backstage. He had it brought to him. Who collects patches worn by prisoners who died with faith and abandonment on their life.

Then Beck showed off the compass George Washington owned since age 14. Beck noted the compass was worn from rubbing. Beck said he carries the compass with him at times finding himself distractedly rubbing his thumb in the same track George Washington did when he was discovering America. Beck talked about Washington at age 14 surveying land in Indian country while 14 year olds today worry about Beck talked about Tesla, and GE, and Westinghouse and Edison. Did you know Edison photographed a tortured Topsy The Elephant being electrocuted with a battery setup Edison conceived of? The audience quieted at the seguy revelation. Beck talked about his own family and dinner time. Beck talked about Baby Knauer, point being, Beck made, is to not rely on ‘media’ to decide what to think or how to know. Read. And learn, history repeats itself and where the future is shaping up should be a fright to everyday citizens.

Beck wrapped up talking on Tesla, not the car. Tesla was an inventor who came to America, earned his fortune but at one time gave it back. Tesla understood accomplishment and giving back to a place he called home. Truly. Tesla gave back stocks and holdings. Final note….
Beck observed that Obama has the support of GE, Comcast, ABC, movies, Hollywood and a low approval rating than Bush 3 points higher at this time.
Games and an App. In contrast to today’s youth told they are children until age 26.

Second Vote present their App on how a vote continues after the election.

Beck said stay true to your self and chart your course. Leadership isnt getting it right. Short of Clint Eastwood ‘s chair during the campaign, Republicans lack theatre of politics the Democrats are mastering.

Day Two of the FRC, while believers were being energized, Congress was dealing political theatre under “In God We Trust” above the Speaker’s Bench House side. One after the other after the other, Democratic legislators spoke out script, a message on point, differing in voice and delivery. It was masterful theatre, Politics on Point.


11 Sep

(c) Carrie Devorah

It is a day to reflect in more ways than one, about life, death and privacy. It is a day for Government to stand back and ask “What Hath We Wrought.” It is a day for legislators to look inside, the halls of Congress that is, to even ask who, if any know their lair well enough to state within seconds of this question being asked where those exact words are posted. My guess? Few if, to none. Pizza party in the Longworth Caf if I am wrong. SECONDS. That is my determinant in that one would expect history to be core to decisions that impact worlds, apart and near, decisions that are legislated on that should have no need for clawback as we are seeing effect after Congressional Causation.

English? Courtland reporter Charlotte Alter wrote a summary on Circuit Judge Jay Bybee agreeing that Google, as I had written the words, is Rocking The Rico. Street View by Google is a Data Grab, officially, in violation of the Wiretap Act, setting boundaries for Privacy Protection, as Alter wrote “whether or not the network is secure.”

Bybee refused, repeat, REFUSED, to dismiss the collective suit(s) against Google’s collecting of Emails, User Names, Passwords and other data from personal Wi-Fi networks while collecting photos for its popular Street View feature.” Now, let me be honest here, the plethora of private data on the Internet is a double edged sword, I dance on while doing papertrails. For good, for bad, the info is out there in ways people haven’t a clue is coming back to bite them in the behind.

All those CASH ONLY businesses? Online, reported in sites like YELP where customer experience is King, making this world no longer a place Tax Dodges can hide behind. Cities going bust? GO ONLINE and search zipcodes and cash and turn your investigators out to bring ‘dem doggies home. Doing a skip trace? If one is smart enough… takes seconds online. Back to Google Street view? That adress a fancy posh advisor gives as a work adress sort of looks an awful lot like a private home in a well heeled adress. Thank you, Street View.

That said, there is everything right with being an old fashioned gumshoe and celebrating Bybee’s decision in that it aught to and better shake the Judiciary as it moves forward Legislating matters Google is pushing for …. MORE FREE DATA ALREADY IN VIOLATION OF FAIR USE & SAFE HARBOR.

Google’s, AOLs, Yahoo!s models are built on the backs of starving 2D ARTS IP and on the ID of the everyday person. AND on the images of the dead and unprotected. NO ONE has the rights to the images of the dead from 9-11, the murdered from the streets of Syria except their families who, considering Models must sign releases & waivers, should have Releases & Waivers signed, too, once the News event has come and been reported after all there must be balance in order for news to be covered AND for the Right to Data, the Right of Publicity to be respected.

Call it the adult version of the childhood game “MOTHER, MAY I?” Etiquette. Privacy, the same privacy Google exec Eric Schmidt requires lovers to sign on the dotted line for…. The right to decide if someone wants to continue to speak out for Loss From Terrorism as has Debra Burlingame or the decision to be silent and fight back each time a loved one’s image is used without permission, almost a second job along with all the other patrolling one must do to protect our murdered. My brother was murdered by terrorists. I continue to stand against charities using his name without permission or acknowledgement of his seven orphans.

Without etiquette or respect, what is America…… Atlantis waiting to sink

Judge Bybee? Politics aside, standing up for Privacy in a Technological age, YOU are 2D ARTS IPs Newest ROCKSTAR!!!! Yes, What hath God Wrought…. a good thought to reflect on this day and IP, intellectual property, legislation going forward.

So Congress- within FIVE seconds of receiving this like the five second rule for stuff falling on the floor? grin. The first House staff CORRECTLY identifying the answer…. Pizza on me for the office… oh heck I’ll even spring for the soda


15 Jul

Free Internet. High-er living wage. Some people are just not getting you cant get everything you want. Well, you can but it comes at a cost. While the Farm Bill was controversial over its setting aside Food Stamps, it seems no one was listening to the Washington Journal morning interview where a caller who grew up in the oil industry shared how he left high school to work in the fields, ending up making a salary of over $90K while the average hometown salary nearby was less than 40, thousand that is.. not Acres and a Mule (Spike Lee.) Aside from his experience being timely to college loan debt at a time when the piece of paper is worth less than what is printed on it, why is it becoming increasingly moreso that when one gets old one MUST these days clarify references.

Well, Mr. Obama’s commitment to a Free Internet is august with his minions in the field. Truly. They are now reaching down on the farms. Andrew McLaughlin- O’s Internet guru- thinks no one should own IP. And the newest grave-y train for Intellectual Property is the INTERNET ASSOCIATION. Doing the rounds of Congress, getting John Dingle to put on Google Glass makes for great PHOTO but doesn’t tell the truth. IT/THEY, the Internet Association are pushing for more of your IP being Free, Open and owned by no one- unless it is them, their investors and going public with billions Congress is now discovering should be clawed back.

How does this relate to the Farm Bill and Food Stamps?  With a bit of a stretch…. The woman on Food Stamps in the Safeway, NY Avenue and 5th, downtown DC, had some pretty toney finger nails she was waving and bragging as she counted our her stamps to the bug eyed clerk. The nail job, you see, cost $65. A round of nails for everyone, on the government that is.  Any woman that is bright enough to get her fingernails custom done for $65 is a candidate for doing a job that can make her $90K a year. She doesn’t have to take a job in the fields. Jobs are there for people of all types wanting to work. And there is the rub. Food Stamps are designed to put food on the table. Working for pay is intended to put food on the table. So, head scratch, if I got it right, Food Stamps are going to people who don’t want to leave their zip code of choice and go to work or care to work. To be honest, immigrants tend to have more pride than people who think Food Stamps are entitlement. Immigrants work harder and longer to make a better life and then, well, they become Americans and sometimes, lets be honest, along the way, the entitlement attitude comes along.

The Farms? Getting there. The Dems argument about Farms tends to slippery slope to conversations of Labor, Cheap Labor, Long Hours, yada yada… well, bad news Dems, your Free Internet Gen X is taking steam out of your argument there too. Dateline… California. A bright farmer got the idea that robots don’t complain, don’t strike, don’t moan, they work. They don’t need feeding, they don’t need Obamacare, they don’t need much more than a whack, and a kick and the occasional burp of grease. They do their jobs. Maybe the farmers investment into AI Mr. GreenJeans is a big outlay but hey someone has to feed all those lady with fancy nail jobs counting out their Food Stamps in Safeway in DC. Those same engineers stealing IP that belongs to the every day people decided to go green- leafy lettuce green. The Lettuce Bot, part of the generation of agricultural mechanization- thins a field of lettuce in the time it takes 20 workers. Researchers clear that bruised fruits and veggies don’t sell, are focused on roboting high precision GPS localization technologies that will integrate sensors, computing, electronics, computer vision, robotic hardware and algorithms. My guess in time the robots will ask for, wink, social networking breaks, too.

The argument by Labor of Labor “for” Labor is sunsetting. Fast.

Seems the Farmworker Labor unions had a hand in suppressing research into Fresh Produce mechanization. And the Government is sending out mixed messages- funding Venture Capitol that is costing Immigration Argument steam- vegetables, that is. Blue River, which has raised more than $3 million in venture capital. Vision Robotics uses robotic arms and cameras to photograph, create a computerized model of vines, locate of buds – then edit- decide which to cut down. Spains Agrobot is testing a 24 arms strawberry harvester whose optic sensor can discern fruit color, quality and size it plucks for a worker to pack. Lettuce Bot uses video cameras and visual-recognition software to identify which lettuce plants to eliminate with a squirt of concentrated fertilizer that kills the unwanted buds. Automated soil hoes weed out lettuce plants so others can grown into full lettuce heads.    

 Even the Immigrants the Dems are arguing for don’t want to work in the fields. They want Kim Kardashian lifestyles with just as little work. Makes one wish the Hollywood Left wasn’t as good as they are promoting the American Mythstyle they live. Someone HAS to tell Erik Nicholson, national vice president of the United Farm Workers of America who said, “The fundamental question for consumers is who and, now, what do you want picking your food; a machine or a human, who with the proper training and support, can” … take significant steps to ensure a safer, higher quality product”, no, people don’t care where food comes from just as long as it is cheap. Erik, huddle- most people don’t even know where food comes from or how. Like the lady in Safeway in downtown DC, they think food comes from FOOD STAMPS.

Daniel L. Schmoldt at the U.S. Agriculture Department’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture is impressed by the machines, cautioning hand-eye coordination of workers is a ways away. Schmoldt probably hasn’t visited Googles campus to see people who sole day is spent doing little but replacing what already works- with computers and robots. Lupe Sandoval, managing director of the California Farm Labor Contractor Association, says “If you can put a man on the moon, you can figure out how to pick fruit with a machine.” And replace harvesters. Where o where will all that cheap labor go? Send them to the oil lines to make a great living free from Food Stamps.

GOP, get it together, NOW, and get your message clear and ahead of where the proverbial game ball is going. IT IS THE SAME SILICON VALLEY that is killing their political proponents argument. Labor shortages? Robots. Immigration reform? What the hell are they going to do when they get here- robots. Increased quality? Check. Cheaper cost- you betcha with Obamacare. Consistency? Robots don’t get PMS or take off for…__________(enter any excuse). Looping it in… give the lady Food Stamps if she is willing to relocate from the anti- GOP corner of Bus Boys and Poets in DC and take a job that will give her a lifestyle she thinks she is entitled to where $65 a nail will be cheap for her but it comes at a cost- moving… as the TV show theme song was… Movin On Up….

A SIDE NOTE FOR REP CORRINE BROWN ON THE DISCUSSION OF FARMING: The Bible actually tells us to leave on the ground what is dropped and what is in the four corners so the Aniyim, the poor, can gather it themselves AND NOT DISCLOSE THEY ARE POOR AND EMBARRASS THEMSELVES. I have in mind a whole new definition of the word Bible Belt to chat with this woman who misquotes Bible for convenience….  

So there we go, hit all the marks- college, tuition, work, labor, immigrant, God, belt someone with her bible, Dems and a smack upside the head for the Republican party. FOR ONCE – get to the point of position rather than playing catch up after the fact. Got to love Karl but time to pass the mace… got to get to the finish line before the first horse crosses the line in order to win the race… or the bet…. Reality check of Life and Racing Photography. Second is what second gets…. Second Place and now that Obama reopened Horse Slaughter in America… second place? steak dinner 😉 C’mon GOP, you can do it- Si Se Puente…. (oops)


5 Jul

One would expect a bump in traffic and corporate exploitation of moments these days but leading the course of COUTH & ETIQUETTE are company’s like McDonalds and Mizunos showing that WE THE PEOPLE are not being taken for being Sheeple.

Photographers do what photographers do which is  get your shot in moments and THEN- shoot everything else in between including, guilty here, shoot shots between Sara Palin’s legs. Yes, I admit it. Been there done that. Hey…. Snappers were corralled with no way out so I took that shot which became HOT HOT HOT.

The photographer who photographed Texas State Senator’s Mizunos took the phenomenal shoe in a new direction- down the garden path into politics and faith, a haute conversation in Texas. And then?

That is the point. Mizuno didn’t exploit their Shoe Shot Moment of Fame. Sellers on Amazon did. Can you imagine someone put THAT same shoe type up for sale for over $10,000 smackeroos? AND THEN….

The rest of the story.

THAT not being enough selling a shoe at that markup, someone dug deep into the politics beyond sports opening a doorway I hope to lead readers into a new direction of support for Mizuno and their president Robert Puccini, now, noted on the net for having donated at least twice to the RNC, Republican National Committee, AND… THEN, horror of horror he invoked his American right to vote… Puccini voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.

Got to love irony! Don’t ‘cha. For all the women (and others) who ran out to buy Wendy’s shoes and a stand for Pro-Choice, ya’ stood for Capitalism in support of the 1% and entreprenuerism. Love love love American justicia….

Mizuno took the middle road on their website posting response to their boost in Post Wendy’s Stand sales:

Media and consumers’ response via social media nearly doubled traffic to our site and lifted the Wave Rider 16 product page to be the number one viewed page.  All in all, the excitement this event has drawn to our brand and running has been tremendous and unexpected…. As you do, we love talking about running and introducing new consumers to our quality product. However, this conversation did not start out as a running conversation, thus we have limited our engagement to date. We are fortunate to have benefitted from this conversation and do appreciate Ms. Davis selecting our quality athletic footwear for her “endurance” event; however we do not have a corporate position related to the topic she presented.”

MIZUNO’s PHILOSOPHY: “Never Settle™ is more than just a tagline. It’s our calling. Our way of seeing the world. And the rallying cry for our entire company.”

MIZUNO’s INNOVATION: “Breakthroughs come by leadership and discovery, not by following others. Our R&D teams will stop at nothing to give athletes the gear they need to perform their best.”

MIZONO’s LEADERSHIP: “At Mizuno, we challenge ourselves each day to innovate and constantly improve.  And our leaders not only are seasoned in their respective sports but also inspire us to make the world a better place through participation in sports.”

ABOUT MIZUNO USA: “Mizuno USA, Inc.’s roots stem from its parent company Mizuno Corporation. Mizuno Corporation was established in Osaka, Japan in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno. Today, Mizuno USA is located in Norcross, GA and continues to manufacture and distribute high quality golf, baseball, softball, running, track & field and volleyball equipment, apparel, and footwear….Since our founding, we have taken special pride and pleasure in being able to participate in the exciting world of sports and providing sports equipment of the highest quality. Each and every one of us is guided by the ideal of true sportsmanship. That was true over 100 years ago and is still true today. It is evident in our corporate philosophy which, simply stated, is “Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports.” Our product development strategy is to create products with features that enhance athlete performance and are unique to only Mizuno. These technological advancements make our sporting equipment and apparel go the extra mile and keep you in tip top playing form no matter the sport or the conditions.  We believe in making products that work in harmony with your body, helping you to be the best athlete you can be.”

So pony up Republicans and people who love life. Stand tall in your Mizunos knowing you celebrate the American way that Wendy’s stance was firm on Mizuno’s beliefs of Hard Work & No Free Ride. Maybe us Conservatives have a little bit of Japanese Resilience and Morality to embrace. The NEXT TIME someone challenges your politics citing Wendy’s 11 hour stand in Sushi colored shoes, wink back, relish and say: “yah and a Conservative’s ideals helped her do it… caching!!!” Buy, Buy, Buy Mizunos! And BYE BYE BYE Wendy

Mizunos for everyone… (oh, they really truly are amazing shoes…)


19 Jun

It has been a hell two weeks. God was down. More correctly, GOD IN THE TEMPLES OF GOVERNMENT was off the net.

Sorta sounds ‘to be expected.’

I learned that Domain Hosts BUNDLE and sell Domain names to resellers without notifying the owner.

Between you and me and the (shhh) NSA- Patent Trolls are being misdescribed.

IF someone legitimately owns patents they came up with and bought and IF someone uses THAT SAID patent without permission or license then WHO TRULY is at fault? Methinks the person using it without permission is at fault, not the person who owns the patent WHICH is the same situation Copyright Owners experience. AM I a Copyright Troll (bite your tongue, baby- just [ wink ] because a door is opened doesnt mean one gets rights to that tease) if I stand to defend MY COPYRIGHT or have my agent or IF I sold it, rights and all, that I am at fault standing up against someone abusing my Copyright with Unauthorized Use?


What is wrong is someone DOMAIN SQUATTING, pouncing on other people’s domains during renewal periods OR ie like buying up COCA COLA as a domain name when the owning company has invested dollars to donuts into the name over time.

Seems the USPTO and ICAAN dropped the ball on that one. Law should have been Notice of First Refusal to the Trademark owner (WITH PROOF OF SERVICE OF NOTICE) allowing the owner to decide FOR or Against buying their name in a domain format RATHER than having to buy it back from DOMAIN RESELLERS who extort…. hmmm, lawmakers…. now isnt that against the law…. would be a neat swansong for summer to require someone setting up a slam site on the net to be approved or DENIED use of one’s name which is their ID and property….. all is well, GOD is back up and running