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27 Sep

Staying power, that is a reward for visions that stand the test of time well. The FRC Values Voter is a mainstay of the D.C. political tourism circuit. Like clockwork, every year, the Family Research Council’s annual convention of faith comes together in North West D.C. Next year will be different. No, not in Jerusalem as the prayer goes this time of year, the Jewish new year, but next year across the Potomac, at the Gaylord Hotel in Prince George county Maryland.

Tony Perkin’s F.R.C. annual Summit is a must stop at for presidential contenders in the years of campaigns racing up to the final vote in 2016. This year is no different. The ‘they’, the hopefuls came in crowded race- Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Governor Bobby Jindal. On their day, Friday, the presidential candidate day, they came, they talked and they hoped they conquered, before heading back out on their POTUS trail.

To the regular attendees, there is little that is different. That, the familiarity is what keeps these attendees coming back year after year. The F.R.C. is the faithfuls camp reunion where friends see old friends, meet new friends and catch up on shared friends that have left them.

The 2015 was elevated to an even higher level of patriotism with this years gala dinner honoring every day people who did extraordinary things, the real superstars who stood up for their convictions in faith, of faith- a clerk, a baker, a fireman along with others told their beliefs were no longer valid.

Kim Davis’ defenders were not the party she belonged to foreheads but men and women from across the aisle standing next to her as her moral fibers were being stripped. Kim Davis stood at the dinner, reborn, a republican. Davis was already a Christian. In a world that holds a different benchmark for Hollywood celebrity multiple marriages, Davis a hometown girl was vilified, publicly raked over the coals for her conviction to marry not live with the men outside of the sanctity of marriage.

Perkins provides a safe forum for people of faith to come together in. And leave from. The Duggars, past attendees at after F.R.C.s events were noticeably absent post the disclosures of son Josh. Not to worry. The unscripted reality that ruled television the past weeks was paralyzing as people witnessed employers flip on their employee, voted in by people who knew her faith.

Davis’ employers made her their sacrificial lamb.

The world watched newscast after newscast, streamed video after streamed video showing workplace violence Davis’ employer, the state did not protect her from- people verbally insulting her, verbally offending her. Davis watched as her employer became complicit in hate speech, against her, leaving her to fend for herself.

Until Conservatives crossed the political divide  and stood with Davis.

The voter Summit is showing its years, the A list of radio row were elsewhere. News competition being what it is, pope stalking was more attractive to mediathen men on mounts battling for their win at the White House. The stalwarts stay. Besides, times have changed. No one needs to be anywhere to be there anymore. Live streaming has become a death knoll to events. That said, the Grand Ballroom was packed.


Non profits were in the  exhibit area- faces of conservatism activism over the decades still present in the conversation of freedom and faith. The swag is candies and ‘pray pins drink sweat sleeves, an occasional books. The conversation is easy. The friends are there. Friends of all colors, ages, plus.

Don’t buy the news alleging the Conservative party is vanilla. Not at all. The FRC is proof positive the Conservative party is vanilla, chocolate, cherry, blueberry and cinnamon.

In the main hall, when the POTUS wannabes are gone, speeches are delivered by activists delivering messages of God, and politics. And dinners.

Attendees race to get speakers books signed. The big announcement of the day is, annually, the result of the Straw Poll, announcing its Presidential choice. And the winner live cast on Fox TV is, was, Ted Cruz, followed by Dr. Ben Carson and in 5th place, The Donald.


In a world driven by polls, interesting.

Authors Note: As long as I covered news in DC, a staple at protests and just plain driving up and down the street, have been the protesters with placards and truck sides  embellished with images of dismembered babies and fetal parts. And then, the videos were released. Those videos. Yup.

Point of sharing  is the annual presence of the sandwich truck outside of conservative events, that truck, with larger than man size life images of fetal baby parts, arranged so the head, hands and legs are where they should be almost. The body parts are separated. And across the street is a restaurant wondering what it did wrong to deserve this truck across from the restaurant’s lunchtime and dinner crowd, as people sat eating their salads and such. Just like in the videos that are bringing good people together across a political divide of horror asking, is this how far we have fallen as a culture, or, more correctly, lack of culture and couth, if baby parts can be sold from a menu……



23 Aug

(Please LINKEDIN and visit our sister sites http://www.centerforcopyrightintegrity.com and http://www.godinthetemplesofgovernment.com)

TheDonald is best compared to the fire engine or cop car racing on a street sirens blaring so that people pull over to the shoulder to get out of the fire enginge’s way. The smart people are those that immediately jump back on to the road threading traffic in the draft of the Emergency Services car, full speed ahead.

The question foremost to my mind is who the hell is running Trump’s campaign, a political manifestation of the fire engine parting waves of traffic to make way? Why isn’t that person(s) threading the political needle leaving no room for question or, proverbial holes, that could tear Trump’s campaign apart?

Failure to dot ‘i’s and cross ‘t’s flies in the face of P.R. and logic, as does failure of Trump’s team to build out on his trademark “You’re ……”.

Fill in that blank, I won’t used TheDonald’s trademarked Catch Phrase fearing litigation by TheDonald, a little too aggressive with suits. I will create my own suggesting TheDonald use two golden words will tear a raceway to the presidency the day TheDonald declares, two words that unemployed, financially hurting American are desperate to hear, a promise to learn the pathway being able to provide ,  “You’re Hired” accompanied with ‘Vote For Me If You Want To Hear those words.”

With a reputation for brilliance in marketing, Trump strategists are leaving me wanting for more. These are desperate times getting more desperate.

Failure to clarify his family vestment in Immigration, grandfather Drumpf, Ivana and Melania as talking points to rebalance the miscredit to his name of illegal v legal immigrants, was One.

Failure to answer detractors that business comes with failure and success but track record of more wins than losses that is the goal to aspire to, is Two.

Failure to state his foreign business expertise and foreign government relationships evolved over his decades of licensing his named, brand to buildings and such around the world is Three.

No, I am not holding my breath for Nene Leakes to start stumping for the Donald or any other of the reality checks of the RHO(__) franchise. Quite frankly I admire the man for keeping them out of this circus. Although it would be nice for Marla, Melania and Ivana doing pop ups for their man. Let’s be real, if anyone can speak to women about rights,wrongs and paychecks, it is these three.

I expect TheDonald to step up his game. I do want to know the Donald’s intention for his brood- part of his cabinet? Ambassadorial appointments, give us a hint.

I do want Thedonald to dish on what is discussed at Davos.

I want TheDonald to state emphatically he has no back room business deals with Bill.

In the least, I expect TheDonald wag his finger at his current political team that Sarah Palin ran rogue and in his trademark way, as only TheDonald can, I expect declare, to me, “You’e Hired” then send me on my way to Ireland.

Bring on all the comments TheDonald may make, but nothing beats providing the demanded details that the devil is in. As for working for TheDonald? In a heartbeat. A talented gal can dream cant she…


1 Jun

Politics is dirty. If you hang around DC long enough you do see the good, the bad and the formerly ugly. Well, the news gets it wrong again about Denny, I mean.

There is, as always, a rest of every story. Threatening a Federal official is criminal. Demanding money is extortion. Demanding money with a threat to expose an alleged misdeed is blackmail. Following a person’s life then calling in to the radio show they are guesting on is stalking.

A lesson to all Individual A’s is the lesson to all future victims, listen to your mother who taught you that it is better to tell the truth, and get in trouble than it is to not tell the truth because you will get found out, a when not an  if.

And then there is Denny, a  lesson to all women about powerful men put their pants on one leg at a time like you and me. Their instinct is to cover up rather than challenge the blackmailer to “bring it on.”

Whatever the base crime the blackmailer began with spiraled to a different dimension. He targeted a legislator, a crime that exceeds the blackmailing (US Code – Chapter 41: EXTORTION AND THREATS), extortion (http://www.federalcharges.com/extortion-laws-charges),  stalking (18 U.S. Code § 2261A – Stalking) of you and me. Denny was Speaker of the House.

The crime? No crime. It is only Alleged.

The outstanding question is why now?

Speaker Hastert retired in 2007. Allegedly, Individual A began his blackmail scheme in 2010, decades after the alleged misdeeds are said to have taken place. One cannot approach this thinking like a nice person. One must try to get inside the head of the perpetrator and, in this case, inside the head of his victim, asking why one of the most powerful men in the country would break laws he wrote and swore allegiance to.

Makes no sense does it, neither does running an intersection on an amber light to beat the red light knowing one will either get caught or not. It is more than a conversation of risk. Hubris and Human Will factor in to this conversation. The Blackmailer and Denny is an insight in to the world of the I.O.T., the Internet Of Everything, shaping our world believing that with algorithms people can be told what to do. The nemesis of algorithms is Free Will and human nature. People do not like to be told what to do. Human nature is to hide, cover up and believe they are THAT one who will not be caught.

Ergo, Individual A. And Denny.

Roll the story back 5 years. What if Denny had contacted the U.S. Capitol Police and reported he was being threatened for alleged sexual misconduct. The Cap Police would have done their job. Denny would be none the worst for it. Cap Police are known for many things. Leaking Capitol Secrets is not something the USCP are known for. There are some Codes that employees are still loyal to.  Denny would not be the first Legislator who would have reported blackmail threats for pond dipping, alleged. Asking a legislator for funds to keep quiet puts the blackmailer up the river 5-10.

Social media changed the political playing field in 2010 which might explain why Denny took the path he did.

There is a misconception about legislators sitting atop Ivory Hill. Writing laws doesn’t mean the legislators are knowing laws or understand the foibles of being human. Remember, it is human nature to hide and run. It is a brave man or a woman who stands and fight, a rare one at that.

I spent years around Denny when I covered Capitol Hill, not a lot but enough time to know the core of a man. I recall Denny’s last Christmas tree lighting on the West Lawn. Big guy. Burly. That doesn’t mean he is tough. Big guys rarely are. Let’s get something straight about power, men and backbone. The biggest thing about them is the expectations by others.

Denny shows here he is the everyday man, the ashleymadison.com client who believes he can tell who people are, that he has special skills to cover up and divert inquiries.

Was it the bank who told the FBI that Denny was pulling out monies in amounts under the $10,000 threshold? I highly doubt that. In the world of the Internet, the world of political blackmail, I believe Denny is the new normal politicians must expect in a world wired in places and ways we do not know that Denny and other political mates voted in to our existence, all thinking they were smarter than the people pulling what has turned out to be our privacy strings.

Let me restate that I believe Denny is the new normal we all must expect.

Banks are bound to report withdrawals of $10,000 or more in a terrorism world post 9/11. People pull amounts out from their bank accounts routinely- to pay mortgages, college loans, for trips, and for whatever. that a bank employee was paying attention to this man whose relevancy has moved on, is laughable. Unless….
res ipsa loquitor, it speaks for itself.

Politics. Dirty pool.

But then. Denny, given an amber light to decide to risk or stop, Denny risked. Hastert allegedly lied about his use of the funds. All he had to say was, I am giving the funds to Individual A. There are statutes of limitations (http://www.ncsl.org/research/human-services/state-civil-statutes-of-limitations-in-child-sexua.aspx), after all. Most likely, Individual A would already be up the river by now. The rumors about Denny would be ‘blowin in the wind.’

The media is yet to see the possibility of nefarious party connections. This does not mean Dem v GOP. Let us not forget Eric…. paying to take down a member of his own party.

Hastert retired abruptly, it is reported. Denny was replaced by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Unrelated, possibly, it is interesting to note that about a year ago, Paul Pelosi Jr. was charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC learned that two convicted criminals were running the business,  Natural Blue Resources Inc., an investment company he cofounded that focuses on “environmentally-friendly” ventures.

Paul, Jr. , the C.E.O., is the son of former House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) Former New Mexico Gov. Toney Anaya was one of the 4 persons charged with fraud. James E. Cohen and Joseph Corazzi, both of whom had previous fraud convictions.  Corazzi was barred from acting as an officer or director of a public company. Cohen was incarcerated for financial fraud. Pelosi held over 10 million shares in the company in 2009. Andrew J. Ceresney, director of the SEC’s Enforcement Division said, “Investors in Natural Blue had a right to know who was running the company behind the scenes.”

Few know of Pelosi Jr. being charged, not in the way nor as fast that the world knew about Denny’s bad decision. The SEC knows that Pelosi Jr. did it and escaped jail.

Paul? He paid the SEC a $150,000 fine that does not go to repay investors. And, Pelosi is barred from every serving as an officer of a public company. The $1.4 million that he owned on paper is now valued at zero, for the investors. Pelosi and co-con men got to keep their profits gleaned while they had a good run. One week in 2012, someone pumped the stock up  from 4 cents a share to 12 cents.

No one knows if Denny did anything more than not telling the Cops the truth  when they asked, for that, Denny will go to jail. Something to keep in mind about Cops is that when they ask you a question, they already have the answer. Sorta like asking ‘did you know you were going over 100 in a 50 mph zone?’ The option is say nothing or tell the truth.

Paying out to a blackmailer is something that makes no sense because the truth may hurt but, as will happen here, telling the cops would have been a temporary knock on the chin as opposed to what lies ahead for the Speaker who didn’t answer their questions.

After all, even former Speaker’s Of The House are innocent about decade old allegations until proven guilty. Not much to say about lying to the Feds other than ‘dumb bunny.’

And Individual A? What goes around, comes around… hackers and radioshow callers from Small Town Illinois? Just a matter of time, babe, just a matter of time until you are outed then in’d in to jail…..

THE JOB WE GOTTA DO The Responsibility of a Creator

13 Oct

”The Job We Gotta Do” was the sentiment of FRC s annual conservative action conference was capsulized in five words uttered by Texas Representative Louis Gohmert who showed up for a TownHall noting, at the Get Go, the Legislators trek cross town was timed. Votes in the House were imminent. The Legislators connecting to voters was of priority.

America is in shutdown. She is hurting. The great experiment is crashing under Hubris.

Representative Gohmert says  America is at the place it is now because a conversation is not going on making it clear, to him, that compromises are not part of the conversation of budget and appropriations. Gohmert said anyone who does not see it coming, has a surprise thanking the Becket Fund for stepping up to fight the battles leading the charge needed to take America back for We The People not Some Of The People.

Gohmert said it is important for people to be heard. A woman asked, how can we pray for Legislators. Louie paused, said, I don’t need wisdom prayed for, I need Wisdom, adding patting the backs of his fellow Legislators on the panel, maybe they need courage. Reps Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise are new to the battle. Gohmert has been on the Hill for decades fighting the fight he takes across the aisle Democrats say never gets crossed. Gohmert went to the Black Tie and Boots Ball in 2012 even though the Democrats won. Asked why, Gohmert answered he felt being there was important with his being a legislator for Texans not just Conservative Texans.

Rep Jordan wanted Americans to know how fundamental this battle is. Gohmert said it is important for the Justices to know the sentiment of Americans in the shadow of Roe versus Wade. A woman told Louie to tell his fellow Legislators to ‘listen to us, We are the people.’ Louie, with a sense of humor almost as long as the drive from the Texas airport to Dallas said the audience cannot be accused of sleeping with a judge because he is not a judge anymore, teased that his sessions subbing FRC leader Tony Perkins, are a barometer of how much Tony Perkins is liked and Louie is not, with the audience always anxious when Perkins is back at the mic.

Lady, it is simple, Gohmert explained, you want to do something, if you write your legislator once every six months, that is not enough. Write them every month.

Michelle Bachman was an unexpected speaker, wearing her signature white dress with angel caplet sleeves. Michelle brought swags. Swag is that gift moments someone leaves an event with. The event Michelle claimed the swag, more like a trophy, from was the storming of the Lincoln Memorial with 600 citizens barred from seeing the Lincoln Memorial under the charade of Government cuts. Bachman told of her jog during the House’s being kept in DC for the weekend adressing the Budget battle a few days shy of the Debt date. Michelle jogged up on an Honor Flight tour, vets flown in, with charitable donations, to see their Memorial before they pass. Donations? A trickle compared to dollars poured in to AIDS support. I had covered Ashley Judd’s AIDS gala back to back with a Honor Flight visit. Ashley Judd got $500 million from government and other findings. Honor Flight? They were over the moon with a check for $29k.

Michelle Bachman’s swag? The Police Line Yellow Tape which she held high above her head championing Americans need to stand up and take their tax paid monument access back. Bachman told the story of the inn keeper at a national park area shut down when police cruisers, blue lights flashing, showed up on his doorstep. Bachman told him to get out there with his camera and take photos. It got better yet, Bachman told. Utah. There are something’s that can’t be controlled or roped in like Mother Nature. It snowed. And when the snow plows came along to clear the road, the plows did just that, too, pushing off the cliff the orange cones Federal workers set up to block taxpayers from the dollar funded pullovers and roads.

Bachman shared her fears which, an election ago, became the warning that felled Sara Palin from serious politics- Death Panels. They are a coming and may even be here as Americans looking in to Obamacare are discovering and is a real concern, Michelle expressed, impacting her family healthcare  business. Bachman asked if Obamacare will shut a c-section in process. Bachman asked, who would have thought hunters who paid for their pheasant hunting season passed would be barred from their shooting rights.

Bachman warned that Obamacare is consequential for Obamacare and the US economy. It is. Care First Blue Cross has notified subscribers they are no longer excluded from a gender change surgery. The question Bachman did not ask is for the benefit of audience what are our options. There are nine options.

And, Bachman said, what is at risk is the answer to America being a Police Line state or a Congressional Democracy. Bachman told her Family Research Council audience, at the FRC’s Value Voters Summit at DC ‘s Omni Shoreham  in North West DC. Bachman said this isn’t a time for caving, this is a time for standing.

Bachman said she is proud of the leadership in the House. Michelle said she sees a resolve that people count. Michelle wondered out load a people can be forced to buy a product they don’t want from a website that does not work.

Constitutional democracy? no. Bachman said. It is a Constitutional Republic. Choice? That or a Police state. Battles count, said Bachman, from the days of Charlemagne to present date. And, she asked, if the NSA has been looking at Private Data, she cautioned, they have not seen anything yet, so battles out, she said. One needs to know when to fight and the time is now.

Alveda King a niece of Martin Luther King Jr chortled at her luck coming up on stage after Michelle Bachman. King comes from a mixed background- Republican and Democrat. Bringing people together King said will come about when people look back, seeing how far they have come and fat they have to go. King said the attack on a religion began years back. King said the man who came to the FRC with enough ammo kill everyone in the building, finding his way to the FRC building, guided by the Southern California Law Center.

2nd Vote talked about their APP, a site that helps people Vote Twice- once at the polling booth and the second time at the store knowing the rankings of retailers of product that reflects, often, politics- slaver, trafficking, grooming.

Oh yes, the Rockstars were there- Cruz, Rubio, Forbes, Paul. Noticeably absent were Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity. FRC is a gathering of Faith. Politic is present. Faith dominates. The Old Guard was set aside for prayer, warmth and hugs. Yet, the last speaker in the Grand Ballroom, left the gathered puzzled.

Glen Beck has made a name for himself building an empire that is affording him toys some of which he brought with in a Show and Educate session with the audience. Beck brought with his binder filled with patches worn by Jews, under force, by the Nazis. Beck didn’t bring one. The one he was looking for, he had left backstage. He had it brought to him. Who collects patches worn by prisoners who died with faith and abandonment on their life.

Then Beck showed off the compass George Washington owned since age 14. Beck noted the compass was worn from rubbing. Beck said he carries the compass with him at times finding himself distractedly rubbing his thumb in the same track George Washington did when he was discovering America. Beck talked about Washington at age 14 surveying land in Indian country while 14 year olds today worry about Beck talked about Tesla, and GE, and Westinghouse and Edison. Did you know Edison photographed a tortured Topsy The Elephant being electrocuted with a battery setup Edison conceived of? The audience quieted at the seguy revelation. Beck talked about his own family and dinner time. Beck talked about Baby Knauer, point being, Beck made, is to not rely on ‘media’ to decide what to think or how to know. Read. And learn, history repeats itself and where the future is shaping up should be a fright to everyday citizens.

Beck wrapped up talking on Tesla, not the car. Tesla was an inventor who came to America, earned his fortune but at one time gave it back. Tesla understood accomplishment and giving back to a place he called home. Truly. Tesla gave back stocks and holdings. Final note….
Beck observed that Obama has the support of GE, Comcast, ABC, movies, Hollywood and a low approval rating than Bush 3 points higher at this time.
Games and an App. In contrast to today’s youth told they are children until age 26.

Second Vote present their App on how a vote continues after the election.

Beck said stay true to your self and chart your course. Leadership isnt getting it right. Short of Clint Eastwood ‘s chair during the campaign, Republicans lack theatre of politics the Democrats are mastering.

Day Two of the FRC, while believers were being energized, Congress was dealing political theatre under “In God We Trust” above the Speaker’s Bench House side. One after the other after the other, Democratic legislators spoke out script, a message on point, differing in voice and delivery. It was masterful theatre, Politics on Point.


27 Jul

Editorial cartoonists have the sharpest of minds and even the sharpest of pencils STILL! I studied cartooning at Pratt Institute, my alma mater, under Sam Gross. Love his mentorship. Love his way of showing one can speak up and entertain at the same time making a difference in how people see clearer through the vitriol rhetoric consuming the world. Dont forget- cartoonists are people too who own their art and have bills to pay. Dont just take and share… ask


Draw on, colleagues, Draw on!


28 Apr

 Let me put it simply…. Senator Kennedys son Patrick went in to the family business- politics; PET Pierre Elliot Trudeaus son is attempting to go in to the family business- Prime Minister; the Bush family has gone into the family business. The THREE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER OF THE BOSTON TERRORIST KILLED ON HIS JIHAD- ya think? Reality is like Mother like Son like…. there is a VERY high percentage she will go into the family business… it is a ‘honor’ thing….


22 Apr

The brother WILL answer questions. He lacks someone of perceived authority to turn to now that his brother is gone. He feels ‘alone’. Talking now will give him false sense of being a ‘hero.’ In his mind he will be playing the reel that says ‘I am doing good’ negating the bad. Sad. Indication of a term I coined at UCLA PD- psychological homelessness. It may turn out to be the Uncle from Maryland stepping in to the picture. Uncle is empathetic figure of authority contrasting to father in another country he is disconnected from emotionally. Will not be mother. He looks down on her. He needs a father figure. 19? No girlfriend? Ahem! Says it all, Most likely felt rejected by women he approached. Will respond to a soft spoken man who listens, sits near, allows ‘space’- Carrie Devorah CCIA MPI DRS profiler former BSIS