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14 Nov

Investigat​ive Journalist New York Times Best Selling Author Nobel Prize Nominee Kenneth Timmerman fought to unseat Maryland District 8 incumbent Christopher Van Hollen Junior. Timmerman lost with a respectable % for a race run on shoestring and gas fumes.

The money wasn’t there. A victory of another kind was won. Chris Van Hollen’s hidden past was made public, picked up by media, only to be overlooked again in 2014.

Chris is a Junior. The impact of that, you say? Juniors usually are sons of seniors. That a son will hide his relationship to his father, is what is telling, an alert. Congressman Van Hollen Junior, a tall man, doesn’t talk about his upbringing, disappointing for such a cutting figure. Van Hollen Junior is, in the least, politically close with Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, some say too close, described as tagging on to the Speaker’s skirts. Van Hollen Junior rising high to leadership on the Democratic House Budget Committee.[1]

Chris Van Hollen Junior is familiar man-type for former Speaker Pelosi, a comfort zone. Stand Chris Van Hollen Junior side-by-side Paul Pelosi, husband of former Speaker Pelosi, the two men could pass for brothers.

A son that is comfortable being his own man, a man that loves his father, a man too in love with his father, talks openly, comfortably, proudly about his father, valuing the legacy imbued in him. A man that hides from the paternal tether, being named after his father, an honor conferred on him, raises red flags. A man that describes his college age daughter to constituents as a child, raises red flags too. Anna Van Hollen, the Congressman’s college age daughter, filed news stories from Ramallah in the West Bank. The year as 2012.

Congressman Van Hollen Junior was not happy being outed as a Junior. Being outed as a Junior meant adressing personal information Van Hollen Junior has shied away from all his years in Congress- who is Van Hollen Senior. Adressing questions about Van Hollen Senior, would open a Pandora’s Box in to Van Hollen Junior’s political record, both as a son and as a father.

The adage is, “the apple does not fall far from the tree’ and ‘the leopard does not change its spots.”

Van Hollen Senior is a retired US State Department Arabist Christopher Van Hollen Senior, listed as a director at the American Institute for Islamic Affairs[2],[3] There is very little online about Van Hollen Senior and his wife, rumored to be Career-State, too.

Congressman Van Hollen Junior was raised in Pakistan, through high school age, returning to America, as a teenager.

Former Speaker Gingrich says America’s fear isn’t Iran. Gingrich says America’s fear is Pakistan.

Van Hollen Junior has a history of not challenging statements made in the name of Islam to eradicate Christianity and Jews. Congressman Van Hollen Junior doesn’t explain why CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, ranks him a top supporter. December 2005, Congressman Chris Van Hollen Junior was quoted saying, “I am pleased to congratulate CAIR not only for the work it has done to promote and protect the civil liberties and civil rights of all Americans, but also for its ongoing efforts to foster a better understanding of Islam across the United States. Your work continues to make an important difference to our country.”[4]

And then there is the following year letter haunting Congressman Chris Van Hollen Junior wrote to Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice.

Constituents voting in Maryland District 8, said, their Congressman’s vote only impacts his constituents. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Each Congressman’s vote impacts other Congressmen’s Districts across America. Each Congressman’s vote impacts politics around the world. Chris Van Hollen Juniors voting record speaks for the Congressman[5]

Chris Van Hollen has participated in well over a 1000 bills since stepping in to office in 2003. Van Hollen’s website[6] posts over 1209 press releases: 38 in 2003, 103 in 2004, 130 in 2005, 64 in 2006, 141 in 2007, 103 in 2008, 184 in 2009, 189 in 2010, 156 in 2011, 101 in 2012 and more since the date of this research sheet being organized- no less than 56 child related press releases addressing safe, hunger free, health covered, mentored and solicitations for the annual Congressional Art Competition. Chris Van Hollen showed his constituents he can stand up. On 3rd Anniversary of No Child Left Behind, Van Hollen called on President Bush to Live Up to His Promises yet Van Hollen left a murdered 13 year old constituent behind by making no statements on Koby to date.

USA Today reported the boys had “been bound, stabbed and beaten to death with rocks” the size of bowling balls; “The walls of the cave in the Judean Desert were covered with the boys’ blood, reportedly smeared there by the killers”. The Irish Independent and CNN reported “Israel’s Channel Two TV said police believed there were at least three assailants who dipped their hands into the boys’ blood after the killing and smeared it on the walls of the cave.” Time Magazine reported the statement by a Judean desert farmer Miro Cohen, “A rock the size of a computer rested on Kobi’s smashed skull. Both bodies were covered with stones. Blood smeared the walls, and the dirt floor was muddy with it.” The Jerusalem Post reported on forensic examination, the bodies, together with blood-stained rocks, were taken out of the cave. The boys skulls and faces and bodies were so disfigured beyond recognition their identity dental records were used to identify them. The rocks used to bash their brains were the size of bowling balls were used to bash their brains.

Van Hollen spoke on Theresa Schiavo’s End Of Life decision, AIDS, the Red Line Metro Accident, earthquakes, Tsunamis and pushed Bills for Judith Tanjoh and her kids and relief of Malik Jarno who arrived at Dulles International Airport in 2001 with a fake passport, seeking asylum, claiming he would be persecuted if he was sent back to Guinea. Van Hollen issued press releases on behalf of Alan Gross in Cuba; 3 press releases on domestic and gang violence; 3 on Haleh Esfanriari; 1 calling for the release of Iranian American detainees; 11 on passings including that of Senator Bird, Rosa Parks and Simon Weisenthal; 7 praising Acts like the Dream Act; the James Zadroga 911 Health and Compensation; 1 on a presidential appointment and Winners of Public Service awards; a few for his own accomplishments; 1 on bringing the 2022 FIFA World Cup to the US; 1 announcing the founding of the Congressional Caucus on the Netherlands; 1 on Hate Crimes Legislation; anniversaries of invasions and Genocides of Turkey; Armenia, Kurds of Halabja, Ethiopian and Sudanese violence; 6 press releases on the anniversary of 911. The 10th anniversary of 911 has come and passed. Van Hollen issued 2 statements for Holocaust Day; 2 on Israeli Independence day; 1 on Jewish American Heritage month and Van Hollen issued one press release when met with members of Hadassah on their lobby day; 35 tributes ranging from nominations to life achievements and salutes.

Political rag Roll Call published, “Chris Van Hollen gets near-universal respect from his colleagues for his intellectual firepower and combination of policy and political chops.” The Washington Post was quoted “”Democrat Chris Van Hollen,.a political juggernaut who has represented his district effectively while overseeing his party’s House campaigns nationwide? Mr. Van Hollen has deftly balanced both responsibilities, and his constituents benefit from his national stature.” In fact, Van Hollen Junior said on his website,[7] “I believe our democracy is strengthened by the active participation of our citizens. Together, we can move our country forward, boosting our economy, growing jobs and meeting our challenges at home and abroad. It is a privilege to represent our community in the U.S. Congress. Thank you for your continued support. – Chris”

Every Congressman’s vote impacts Israel and faiths that fill America.

Marylanders, Jews and Christians remember Chris Van Hollen Junior’s infamous letter against Israel he sent in 2006 to then Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice followed by his Apology Tour to Jews in 2006.

Timmerman polled well. Timmerman needed funds for airtime, print, volunteers plus to get the word out.

The Republican Party picks winners the Grand Ol’ Party gets behind. 2014’s races reaffirmed that not all ‘horse’ races can be called. The GOP focused on Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign in 2012. Party focus shifted when Romney picked, as his running mate, House Budget Committee Chair Congressman Paul Ryan. Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen was elected Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee November 17 2010 by the House Democratic Caucus. Congressman Van Hollen, in 2010, issued the following statement “…“I look forward to working with incoming Chairman Paul Ryan. While we have some fundamental differences, we both agree that we must debate and tackle the real issues facing our country. The 112th Congress will deal with some very serious questions, and I hope we can work together to do everything we can to support American families and small businesses, create jobs here at home, and rebuild our economy.”

Fast forward, 2012. Van Hollen Junior was being challenged, for Maryland 8’s Congressional seat, by Kensington Maryland resident Kenneth Timmerman.

Maryland and Democratic media caught on to outing that Chris Van Hollen is a Junior. Hyperlinks spread across the online social media as bots carried this detail forward. Chris Van Hollen Junior remained mum on living in the shadow of his dad, and the closeness of Van Hollen Junior’s closeness with Former Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi. The Former Speaker visits Jordan on Israel’s annual birthday, not Israel.

Terrorism hit home to Van Hollen Juniors constituents. 13 year old Koby Mandell, a regular baseball loving American kid mourned by Rabbis, teachers, friends living in Maryland District 8’s Silver Spring until 1996 when the Mandell family, Seth and Shari, relocated to Israel. Koby was an American citizen when he was murdered.

Congressman Chris Van Hollen Junior did not mourn Koby. Van Hollen would not affix his signature to the Koby Mandell Act for Americans Victim To Terrorism Overseas signed in to law by President George Bush in 2004. Van Hollen did not post a tribute or news release to Van Hollen Junior’s Congressional website, in memory of Koby Mandell or for The Koby Mandell Foundation created by Koby’s parents Shari and Seth Mandell in their son’s memory[8]. Congressman Chris Van Hollen Junrior has posted over 1200 news releases and tributes, notices of passing, etc to his Maryland District 8.*

Congressman Van Hollen Junior does talk about kids, his own, neglecting to mention, that in 2012, Van Hollen Junior’s daughter Anna had been living in Ramallah, writing as a journalist from the West Bank as a Student Fellow of the Pulitzer Center. Ramallah is where Yasser Arafat, lived.

Van Hollen Junior’s daughter, Anna, describes in her articles and photographs, posted online, a Ramallah/Palestine/West Bank her father Christopher Junior does not describe when he talks about Israel or speaks at J Street events like the J Street conference this past May, the Congressman was not promoting his participating in.

Anna Van Hollen (Junior) eloquently describes a Ramallah under construction manifesting a vision of “…more than one thousand development projects, including paving roads, planting trees, digging wells, and constructing new buildings…” “…1,000 pricey deluxe units and 5,000 homes for a growing middle-income bracket that can afford monthly mortgage payments of $450 to $1,000.” “… green spaces, public parks, and a garbage-collection system… office and residential towers, a conference hall and hotel, shops, cafes, three cinemas, an outdoor amphitheatre, mosques and a church” “…office and residential towers, a conference hall and hotel, shops, cafes, three cinemas, an outdoor amphitheatre, mosques and a church…”

May 8 2001, Koby Mandell and his friend, 13 and 14 were murdered inTekoah, a community with hospitals, food stores, banks, playgrounds where Jews and Arabs live side by side. Tekoah is not a settlement. Tekoah is a community outside the West Bank.

Yasser Arafat, president of the Palestinian National Authority, headquartered in Ramallah, where Arafat said Israel was at blame for Koby’s murder for “victimizing Palestinian children”. Anna Van Hollen spoke up, showing the world the Ramallah, Chris Van Hollen Junior does not show. Anna Van Hollen’s articles[9],[10],[11],[12] and photos from, show a burgeoning world, modern with women working alongside men in Construction, building multi rise and use communities on par if not better than communities one finds in the Beltway. As the expression goes, out of the mouth of babes, on in this case, daughters.



July 30, 2006

Dear Secretary Rice:

I write regarding the tragic situation in Lebanon. I urge you to call for an immediate cease-fire to be followed by the rapid deployment of an international force in southern Lebanon. I began this letter Friday evening, but today’s bombings in Qana have made the matter even more urgent.

A forty-eight hour time-out in the bombing campaign is not sufficient. Your lack of effective action to date has turned an opportunity to isolate Hezbollah into a political victory for Hezbollah.

The killing and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah precipitated the current crisis in the region. Those actions were followed by Hezbollah rocket attacks that have fallen indiscriminately in Haifa and other Israeli population centers. Like any sovereign country, Israel has the right and responsibility to defend itself. The people of Lebanon understand that Israel did not initiate these hostilities. By all reports, the majority in Lebanon strongly resent Hezbollah for dragging Lebanon into this conflict and recognizes that Israel has a right to target the military apparatus employed by Hezbollah to launch its attacks on Israel.

The Israeli response, however, has now gone beyond the destruction of Hezbollah’s military assets. It has caused huge damage to Lebanon’s civilian infrastructure, resulted in the large loss of civilian life, and produced over 750,000 refugees. Hezbollah is undeniably the culprit, but it is the Lebanese people — not Hezbollah — who are increasingly the victims of the violence. As a result, the Israeli bombing campaign, supported by the United States, has transformed Lebanese anger at Hezbollah into growing hostility toward Israel and the United States. The result has been a surge in the political strength and popularity of Hezbollah and its leader, Hasan Nasrallah, and the weakening of the already fragile Lebanese government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the Arab League have gone from condemning Hezbollah to denouncing Israel for its actions and the United States for its inaction. Even Prime Minister Siniora has now publicly praised Hezbollah for defending the country. We have squandered an opportunity to isolate Hezbollah and strengthen our credibility and negotiating leverage in the region. As a result of our ineffectiveness, Hezbollah has won a political victory not only in Lebanon, but throughout the Arab world, the Muslim world, and much of the international community. We may have won some battles, but we are losing the war.

You have failed the obligation of a good friend to give sound counsel and advice. I understand the impulses that are driving Israel’s actions, but I strongly believe that a continuation of the bombing campaign as it is being carried out is against the interests of the Israel and the United States.

When someone is in the heat of battle, it can sometimes be difficult to see the full picture. It is the responsibility of the United States, as a close friend and ally, to intervene more effectively in this crisis. In my view, Israel is entirely justified in using the maximum force necessary to hit Hezbollah military targets. The issue, however, is not the amount of force used, but where and how it is applied.

Had you done your job and successfully urged Israel to limit its attacks to clear, identifiable Hezbollah military assets, I would support a continuation of the campaign. But you failed to do that. Your lack of effective leadership has harmed the interests of both Israel and the United States.

The lack of American leadership in the current crisis exists in the larger context of our failed policies in the Middle East and Southwest Asia. The policy of promoting democracy in the Middle East is the right one, but you and the Bush Administration have missed the critical point from the start.

Do you believe that free and fair elections today in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world would bring to power governments that are more willing to live in peace with Israel and are more interested in building stability and peace in the region than those that exist today? I don’t think so. Not if you pay attention to public opinion there. It is clear that the result of such democratic elections would likely be governments that are much more anti-Israel and anti-American than those today.

Witness the election of Hamas. The point, however, is not to stop promoting democracy, but to recognize that the public perception of our policies in the Arab and Muslim world will have a direct bearing on the nature of any democratically elected governments. Consequently, if we are going to keep promoting democracy in the Middle East, we had better start caring about the public perceptions of our policies in the region. Otherwise, you are simply promoting a process that will produce governments that hate both Israel and the United States.

That brings me back to Lebanon. As you have said, the starting point should be the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559, which calls for the dismantling of all independent militias in Lebanon. It is obvious that, in the short term, the Lebanese army is not strong enough to defeat the Hezbollah forces militarily. Even the Israeli military campaign, while degrading Hezbollah’s military capabilities, cannot deliver a knock-out punch. Consequently, international forces with a strong mandate will have to be deployed to southern Lebanon. However, that will not resolve the underlying political issues. The Lebanese government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora is already fragile. Now it has been further weakened. As you know, Hezbollah has significant representation in the Lebanese parliament. Had the current crisis been handled differently, their influence could have been diminished. Now, however, their political stock has risen. As a result, it will be extremely difficult for the Lebanese government, assuming it survives the crisis, to strengthen the Lebanese military with the purpose of disarming Hezbollah. Once again, while we have rightly promoted democracy in Lebanon, our policies have mostly strengthened the political standing of those most adverse to our interests.

Any comprehensive and long lasting resolution of the current crisis must also address the role of Syria and Iran in arming Hezbollah. The United States must do more to rally international efforts to pressure Iran and Syria to end their support for Hezbollah and Hamas. Unfortunately, the war

in Iraq has had the unintentional but very foreseeable consequence of inflaming anti-Western sentiment and strengthening the hand of the most radical Islamic forces. Among the biggest beneficiaries has been Iran with its many ties to the majority Shia population in Iraq. Iran has successfully exploited the chaos and instability in neighboring Iraq to advance its own radical agenda and expand its influence in the region. We must develop a better strategy for addressing this trend, but the fact that we are bogged down in Iraq has complicated this effort.

Finally, no lasting solution to the turmoil in the Middle East will be achieved without resolving the Israeli-Palestinian problem. In a speech delivered at the American Enterprise Institute in February 2003, a few weeks before invading Iraq, President Bush declared that going to war would help promote democracy and stability in the Middle East, reduce the influence of the hardliners and help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He claimed that it would “begin a new stage for Middle Eastern peace and set in motion progress toward a truly democratic Palestinian state.”

Unfortunately, but predictably, we have seen the opposite result in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq. The region has been more radicalized and Hamas prevailed in the Palestinian elections.   While we engaged militarily in Iraq, this Administration has disengaged from any serious effort are-establishing an Israeli-Palestinian peace process. It is essential that the United States renew its efforts to resolve this festering issue. There can be little doubt that the lack of progress on that front continues to breed hatred and hostility that is effectively exploited by Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and others. Until that conflict is resolved, it will remain a key component of anti-American sentiment throughout the Middle East and complicate our efforts at democracy promotion in the region.

The overall foreign policy of this Administration has significantly diminished America’s credibility and moral standing around the world. That, in turn, has severely undermined our effectiveness. I sincerely hope that the current turmoil in the Middle East will result in a fresh American initiative to seek a comprehensive solution to the many conflicts brewing in the region. It will be a true test of leadership.

I hope you will engage the Congress in such an effort.


Chris Van Hollen

Member of Congress


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[13] FAIR USE REPRINT of Letter Written By Legislator While In Office



18 Oct

There are two sides to every story. When it comes to Copyrights there may be more than two- the Content Creators story, Technology’s and Derek Khanna’s Opine on Copyright Law and the Radio.http://dailycaller.com/author/dkhanna/

Khanna’s opine reminded me of my mentor’s earliest lesson in Licensing. Fresh out of Pratt, new in my ARTS career, my mentor gave me Copyright Clarity. He said, “The relationship between Artists and Agents is like the relationship between Pimps and Whores. If the Agent had talent of his own to sell, he wouldn’t need you but he doesn’t. He wants what you have and will tell you what you want to hear to sign on his dotted line…” My mentor’s words remained Mantra when it came to my negotiating deals, “if they could do it themselves they would. They can’t. But I can. This is my price. Like it. Good. Don’t like it? Bye.”

ARTS Creators are valuable to evolving technologies, Search Engines, Cable, Aereo, Publishers, Copyright Thieves and all Matters Copyright, as is Khanna’s Opine, too, protected under Copyright Code, Title XVII, Section 102, “…(1) literary works; (2) musical works, including any accompanying words; (3) dramatic works, including any accompanying music; (4) pantomimes and choreographic works; (5) pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works; (6) motion pictures and other audiovisual works; (7) sound recordings; and (8) architectural works.”

Let’s talk Radio.

Remember Radio’s Battle of The Patents? Nikola Tesla was granted Radio patent Numbers 645,576 and 649,621. Corporate Activists interfered costing Intellectual Property creator Tesla to lose First File to Marconi. Marconi’s stock rose on Wall Street from $3 to $22 before Tesla prevailed.

Activists are interfering again.

Copyright is One-Size Fits-All. Copyright Protection is for Intellectual Property, the same for a Cup Cake Recipe, a new plant species, new breed of Tea Cup Yorkie, owner’s design of Jockeys silks or even Derek’s editorial. Internet associations, Activists and Lobbyists are intent to parse, split, dice and slice Copyright laws they espouse “should not be owned at all,” pitching Legislators a distorted value of an ARTS Copyright to its Creator. Abusive interpretation of Copyright Law must end.

It takes many players to put out Content, just like it takes a village to raise a child. ARTS and Personalities make Radio stations. If Corporate Whales don’t want to pay the cost of doing ARTS business, Royalties for Metallica, Beyonce, Jay Z or “America’s Got Talent” stars, an expense no different than paying Angels, Investors, VC, IP/IT fees or decorating posh offices et al, tell your investors to imagine Corporate bottom lines without ARTS. 

America really does have talent. IP thieves, Copyright Wolves, Corporate Whales and Sharks want it. It is a jungle out there for ARTS creators.

Khanna wrote the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement will “restrict the ability of Congress to engage in domestic law reform to meet the evolving IP needs of American citizens and the innovative technology sector.” Wrong. In our Internet world, ARTS Copyrights is a global matter. With over one hundred signatories on the Berne Convention, trying to stop Copyright Law Abuse, no wonder Khanna doesn’t like TCPPA. TCPPA protects Intellectual Property Creators. If Tech Activists don’t like TCPPA then write photograph, draw, film or sing Content yourself but Keep Your Hands Off Our Copyrights. Removing or reducing ARTists royalties does not generate new jobs instead it stifles innovation pushing ARTS Creators on to Government dole. Corporate bottom line is not ARTS Creators’ worry. ARTS Creators’ concern is a Living Wage. 

Royalties are corporate partnering with ARTS Creators able to cut  deals themselves through opportunities to e-showcasing their talent globally via  youtube channels, mobile bumps and Dick Tracy watches. Corporations have options. Create an ARTS barn of people working for a fee. They won’t. They know spin doesn’t drive sales, talent does.  

Stealing online IP risks  Rockin’ The Rico. Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “Copyright Registration” says “…Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. work.”  Khanna doesn’t like Tort Abuse. Simple. DON’T STEAL.

Askme.com, the poor ARTs Creators reference of choice, says “copyright law exists so as to govern the legality of ownership of an original work including the right to copy, adapt and distribute the work. Other users need authorization from the owner.” Users agree to Technology’s policies. Tech needs to man up and agree to ARTS Creators policies or create Content themselves.

The playing field for ARTS Content use will level when Corporate Biggies give up salaries, paychecks, perks, speaking fees agreeing to work in speculation of getting paid, if at all. Khanna’s e-world activism demands ARTS Creators give away family heirloom Intellectual Property for cheap. Forget Toddlers & Tiaras. Take this show on the road. Call it the Heirloom Copyright Heist.

THE ANAGRAM OF STELA IS STEAL (E&C roundup June 2013):

23 Jul

Congressman Joe Barton leaned in to his microphone. He shared the humanity of a legislators life in a city where often legislators are painted as less than humane. But legislators doing their constituent’s work- need housing here, in the Capitol, and there, wherever back home is. Multiple residences means multiple costs of services replicated in each home, as Barton’s case may be, in each state and county. Three homes means three cable bills. As Mr. Barton pointed out, cable doesn’t come cheap these days. Do the Congressional math- $200 a pop times three equals $600, a hefty price, when service options are restricted by Cable providers to package options, each pricier than the other, bundled with programming options along with the one show, or two, customers like Barton want. 

The hearing, a second on STELA, held by the Energy & Commerce Committee, was coincidental to the Cable Industry Gala the night before. Hearing witness Amy Tykeson, CEO of Bend Broadband was congratulated for being inducted into the Cable Industry Hall of Fame. How nice to save an industry travel costs back and forth to the Capitol.

Chairman Upton opened the hearing making an understatement in a world where technology changes day to day. Upton said to hearing attendees that the video marketplace changed since STELA, the Satellite Television Extension and Localism, was enacted back in 1988. The E&C’s hearing was called to “Revoke” or “Revise” STELA. Recycle should be an option. Walden said, “The purpose of the law was to give the then nascent satellite industry a leg up in providing distant broadcast signals to viewers out of range of local over the air signals.” Mobile has conquered the world. Viewers in Bangladesh are receiving vimeo on mobiles. Fred Upton acquiesced “television providers are no longer new kids on the block. And cable operators, once the commanding presence in the pay TV sector, now face competition not just from satellite providers, but phone companies and the Internet as well.”

STELA’s Act may be up in 2014. The jig is up when it comes to Congress showing its failing in getting Legislation ahead of the next technological move, and the next after that, and so on. It doesn’t take rocket science to see solutions. It takes therapy. Congress must move past being their own Self Help group by admitting they are co-dependent on the wrong community as advisors- technology, corporate lobbyists and Congressional Research staff for advice- the people who walked Congress into getting caught with their pants down when it came to technology that is now running America, and the world, amok.

Fuggedaboudit when it comes to healthcare, NSA, etc. being the themes for Town Halls. Talk about the common thread in all of the issues making headlines- IP, Intellectual property- and in the headlines not being made, constituents ability to make their living based on their entrepreneurial skills. And intellect. 2D IP, intellectual property used in the content produced and disseminated by Satellite through Search Engines and ISPs and soon to be AEREO, the even newest kid on the block Farhad Manjoo of Pandeo calls “stupidest high-profile tech start-up ever launched.” (http://pandodaily.com/2012/07/14/dont-root-for-aereo-the-worlds-most-ridiculous-start-up/ )

Why is Congress stepping towards the AEREO light?

Deep pockets. Barry Diller and a “loophole in technology.” Manjoo wrote “I’m being harsh. But someone has to be. In the past few months, after Aereo was hit by insane lawsuits from the television industry, it has become something of a cause célèbre for people fighting for more progressive copyright laws. No doubt it was good to see Aereo win its first legal test this week, when a federal judge denied TV companies’ request to have the firm immediately shut down. But don’t mistake Aereo’s win as a sign of progress in copyright law or as a victory for consumers. If Aereo is successful, it will be only because it found a strange loophole in the legal thicket surrounding how we treat content. But as BuzzFeed’s John Herrman smartly points out, “loopholes aren’t a technology” just because a company has found a legal loophole does not make it a sound business idea, a sound technical idea, or a good deal for consumers. Read it and weep Congress. Read it and weep.

Just because Disney, WDIG (the Walt Disney Internet Group) sit at a table in front of you testy because Schurz Communications had  bigger ‘ones’ than Disney does. Marci Burdick, Senior V.P. of Broadcasting, Schurz Communications, Inc. did not let Ben Pyne, President Global Distribution, Disney Media Network get away with anything he attempted to set aside. Good reason. It’s a paycheck to Ben. It’s a family dynasty to Marci…”It all began in 1872 when Alfred B. Miller and Elmer Crockett founded the South Bend, Ind. Tribune. The Tribune is still the flag-ship property and family members have held editor and publisher positions at the newspaper for five generations. Schurz Communications newspapers have a long tradition of editorial excellence, technical innovation and a commitment to the highest standards for quality and excellence in journalism.” (http://www.schurz.com/about/history/)  

The hearing focus was wrongly on CEOs. Each individual is a CEO sometimes even only in their own mind. Companies start with Individuals who have ideas. Other witnesses at the table included Geoffrey Manne, Senior Fellow, TechFreedom; Mike Palkovic, Executive VP, DirectTV; Hal Singer, Managing Director, Navigant Economics and Amy Tykeson, CEO, Bend Broadband.

Legislators need to go back to the drawing board, first stepping on technology’s push for a free Internet where consumers are bundled and sold, spied upon and petrified that IF the Russians or terrorists attack, they will know how to find them- each and every member of their family and know how to torture them- forget about waterboarding- google has everyone’s lives in their storage centers, even yours Mr. Upton. A few months back Americans believed hackers were foreigners, now they know the people to fear are people living next door.

Let your constituents talk to you at Town Halls. Let them tell you how they feel about getting technology that takes away their rights to privacy, their rights to their Intellectual Property that will make their living for them. Ask them the questions your Research Committee isn’t giving you. Why? Partial reason. Your research is being done by the generation that is acting before they think or realized the same technology they are pushing Congress to move forward is the same technology that hacked and released Congressional staffers emails- Anonymously. Not. Aided and abetted by Congress’s decisions that got Legislators to where they sat that morning…. STELA- revise or revoke.

Satellite companies are here today and hair brained schemed replaced tomorrow. AEREO? Really. Customers. Customer service and where Congressman Barton got the conversation heading- customers and corporations being forced to take what they don’t want to get what they want at prices and with disclosures that change without constituents not being told about technological wizadry provided to Satellite companies in order to predict what Customers want and THEN, withholding that programming from them unless Cable packages are bought. If paying customers are the lab rats being tracked at home for Search Engines and ISPs to sell data on, the PAY THEM by bringing Google billions back from offshore and reduce customer monthly costs.

Chairman Walden said, “We have a year and a half before we must decide what action to take.” No sir. Deadline passed. E&C has no time to clawback latitudes given to the tech companies and the Behemoths in industries that are pushing competitors out of business.

In 1988, some rocket scientist put Satellite under the Judiciary because of a link being drawn IP. Remove Satellite from Maria Pallente’s jurisdiction and put it under the FTC’s Julie Brill where it belongs.  In the eye of the Search Engine and ISP content- Google model, everything is content. In the eye of the consumer, the consumer has become Search Engine and ISP content. In the eye of the realist, CONTENT is king. The consumer has lost. Especially this secretly recorded wife now, Content’ http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/07/22/man-uploads-wifes-explosive-temper-tantrum-on-youtube-one-of-them-has-reportedly-moved-out-and-filed-a-restraining-order/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=story&utm_campaign=Share+Buttons. Content has been evolved from Google Glass being worn into a Strip Club by a non frequent visitor Patrick Hill. Hill posted hi Google Glass content to youtube where it was picked up by CNET writer Chris Matyszck who then posted the link to his page and so on and son on in the evolution of Content then dispersing it http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57594982-71/get-em-off-man-gets-into-a-strip-club-wearing-google-glass/

The push for mobile was orchestrated years back. “ITS” no longer just about TV. “ITS” being sold as Freedom. The new Freedom bandwagon is mobile. Advertising was predicting mobile as the way to go. Ask Ted Leonsis of Monumental Sports. 3x more money comes from an online targeted ad then online broadcast ad traditional shotgun ad.

Mobile is a parents nightmare. Mobile devices are tricky for parents to monitor. It is a stalkers paradise. It is a Satellite consumers fear. Yes, there are stories of “call centers” overseas taking Satellite consumers Intellectual Property. Better yet, the IP and personal data thievery Congress always dumps on China is a helluva lot closer to home Fort Lauderdale Florida (www.dmnews.com/former-call-center-workers-accused-of-stealing-consumer-information/article/72133/). Facebook has been compared t oa Walled Garden. Google has been compared to a digital nudist colony. No one can cover up their nibbles & bits anymore. Kids and teens are about to learn the choices in their Internet life, they didn’t make. They were groomed- a slap in the face to the hard work former Congressman Ed Markey and Joe Barton have done to protect children’s privacy. The technological foot print children are making is being shaped by their online interacting being stalked by technology. Remember the Jim Carey movie? Where a crew behind the scene made his choices happen based upon decisions the crew notated he did before? Who would have thought we are in Jim Carey’s mind.

The problem is definitions. The problem is there are none. The problem is technology’s pot bangers are telling Congress how amazing the Emperor is looking. NSA’s data theft and teenagers making content of gang rapes of drunk teenagers should be telling Congress the Emperor has no clothes on. Dudes. Cover up.

The STELA conversation is not about looking back at “cable regulations, such as the must carry, basic tier, buy through, program carriage, program access, and set top box rules….The video market is changing rapidly. Phone companies are in the video business now, both over wires and wirelessly. Netflix is offering original programming over the Internet. And Aereo, for better or for worse, could turn everything upside down” as co-Chairman Walden said. The STELA conversation had to be about setting up a Ten Commandments that protects what made America great- Consumers rights to their Property promised by the Founding Fathers- their rights to privacy, their rights to owning their Intellectual Property OR getting paid for it, sharing in the profits Search Engines and ISPs are making from consumers while charging more and providing less in a push to prop up corporate profits. 

Congressman Murphy said these conversations never quite reach the level of the Artist who designs the logo or the website or even the uniforms and office and equipment for the doctor or professional addressed in these hearings. Michael Burgess talked about doctors and dentists offices and patient IP. Dr. Burgess- doctor-patient privacy? Used to be scotched the second your staff hits ‘Send.’ Now, the ISPs are entering computers constantly taking data, even when offline- all communities. Simplify the protection needed- everyone’s 2D IP, ID and Commerce. The worry isnt that the theft goes on but how the Internet has expedited the speed thefts are taking place. 

Footnote, Congress. On the heels of Snowden and the NSA? Stop blaming China for stealing American IP. Take a lesson from China’s example of IPR, Intellectual Property Rights courts instead of Maria’s solicitation of Small Claims as a forum to resolve IP theft. Ask which search engine gave their encryption codes away to access THAT market. Hopefully China doesn’t clue in and sue America yet for stealing Chinese Food….. And one day, may I’ll write about Bulova Watch Company IP theft from a half a decade ago or how “Tuesday is Russian Day at the USPTO. Congress, every day is Russian Day…

Congressman Horton said put one office in charge of Satellite and IP. No. Two. And they exist. The FTC and Register of Copyrights. Re-divy Satellite back to the FTC . Create IPR courts along the lines of China’s and India’s. NOW. Enforce Economic Espionage Act, Computer Hacking laws. Don’t depend on the Direct Marketing Alliance. What part of Digital and Marketing and Alliance is Congress not getting. There is no silver bullet to Media Literacy and Public citizenship.

Where did Congress get the misdirection that consumers and Moms & Pops are worth less than Mega-Witnesses like Disney who was at the table. The answer is really quite truthful- college, it seems, and from the DAA Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising (www.aboutads.info/participating) College professors created a theory that companies worth is justified by its returns to investors, obliterating the old school way of Customer Service and, most likely, the push for global expansion. Guess, most of the legislators aren’t old enough to recall the Nordstrom Model of Business. Well worth repeating. Will save the story for last.

Congressman Barton started down the conversation addressing cable subscribers paying through the nose for services they don’t want to get the one or two channels they want. Legislators must keep an eye on news back home while they are away on Capitol Hill. Options? Buy the package the satellite carrier  is selling or, as Mr. Barton said, go back to free TV.  $600 a month out of  legislators’ pockets while facing a $2000 per staffer healthcare Obama tax looming has legislators weighing their running, again.

Undiscussed during the hearing was the games cable companies play with customers beyond Program Packaging Options. Satellite companies fail to advise customers of new promotions that might drop a high bill to $89.99, with no cost for the package switch. Companies like Comcast don’t tell relocating customers their monthly fee might be changed by the satellite company without the customer being told. Customers are not advised $20 credits are available if techs are late or fail to show. Customers are not told when Plans expire the company picks the Plan customers are renewed in to, without notice or permission. Nor are customers told they are subsidizing cable for people who live in rural America IN AN INTERNET/VIMEO/AERO/SEARCH ENGINE/ISP world.

What are the norms going to be. Google Glass, a transmitter/ streamer Bathroom two men standing in one says are you ok if I wink your winkie? Democrats signaled they would prefer to reauthorize the act rather than bog it down with other issues. As it is, the Judiciary committee has to be involved in the legislation because of the interlocking copyright provision in the law.

Mobile has changed the ecosystem. Legislators, maybe it is time to say no to Hollywood. They are no longer King of Content.  Now, if someone wants to be a star, they just have to turn their flip phone on themselves in the bathroom mirror and Click. CONTENT. As legislators are learning, Gotcha moments are a reality TV show waiting to happen…

Walden is wrong. Its not about “respecting the investments of the networks that create it and the broadcasters and Pay TV companies that deliver it? “ Its about protecting the consumer who has unknowingly paid for this with the greatest price of all, loss of privacy. The chairman said “million viewers write and call Congress reminding Congress of that clause in the Constitution “about the right of Americans to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever and however they want.” GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

The key is to learn from the twenty five year old STELA Act. Keep its best as framework. It isnt the satellite industry that needs addressing. New industries continue to emerge. It is the model- Consumers and their entertainment consumption. The model has been thought through. Simple, CONSUMER v BUSINESS ENTITY. This is where the Nordstrom’s Business Model comes in to play.

And the Ten Commandments of Consumer Consumption, that Congressman Barton called a Consumers Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, well, he said “Bill of Rights For Consumers.” Hint.   No don’t do as Michael Palkovic, DirecTV’s svp of services and operations, said “make the laws smarter to reflect the 21st century video marketplace.” Do the American thing, create the Bible that stands the test of time, the framework of the country. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid- Ten Points that will protect Tablet One (Constituents) Privacy, Customers, Innovators, Data, ________, from Tablet Two (Corporate) Open Data, Notice, Simplified Contracts and Terms of Service, Algorithms, ________.

For whatever it is worth, E&C, the anagram of STELA is STEAL…


23 Jun

The United States Constitution went into effect on June 21 1788 when New Hampshire became the 9th state to ratify it


6 Jun

SECOND THEY CAME FOR OUR GUNS © Carrie Devorah                                                    FIRST THEY CAME FOR OUR PROPERTY RIGHTS

FIRST, they came for our Property Rights the Founding Fathers gave us. Guns and the Right To Bear Arms was the SECOND Right they came for. The Copyright Act of 1976 was a major Property Right grab. The is 2013. Technology outpaces legislation and Copyright laws on the books. Property Rights are up for an even bigger grab with the New Great Copyright Act seeking to overhaul TITLE 17. Copyright expert Jon Baumgarten testified that should not be done. 

Legislators pleaded at a recent Capitol Hearing “Where are the artists?”

We, the Arts Community, are not silent. I am here. I am speaking up educating Legislators the Real Loss and Value of losing our Images/ID is Commerce we make from our Property we own. Facilitating The New Great Copyright Act further erodes Arts Property Rights, further.

We, the Arts Community, are helplessly watching our IP,  Commerce & inheritance to our children, being stolen in Free Internet Initiatives like Safe ,  diminishing our livelihoods in the Free Internet world. Arts students cannot pay off college loans. Arts professionals watch their IP knocked off in seconds.

I am not a lobbyist or a wonk. 2D IP is my lifelong industry- writer, photographer, artist- an author, a renowned illustrator/designer, an award winning journalist and a news photographer with global impact. I filed eye opening comments with the Register of Copyrights. I achieved the first ever Congressional IP Hearing shout-out to ‘artists and photographers.’  I am a Pratt Institute alumnus. I have over thirty years in the Licensing World, starting from when I was in art school. We, the Arts Community,  believe Life +70 is not long enough to own what is our Property Right to hand down to our descendants- generation to generation. We believe Safe Harbor is being abused by Free Internet proponents who then squirrel profits made from Unauthorized Use of our IP.

While Internet Associations are advocating Congress for their membership some who circumvent Brick laws, domestically and internationally, that Brick stakeholders are bound to (Search Engines, ISPs utilizing Unauthorized Use of Arts Community Intellectual Property), I am reminding Legislators the Founding Fathers said I can keep my Intellectual Property Rights and ALL the profit I make from them. And I remind the Legislators to remember the Commandment, THOU SHALT NOT STEAL

http://www.copyright.gov/orphan/comments/noi_10222012/Devorah-Carrie.pdf  http://www.copyright.gov/docs/smallclaims/comments/noi_02263013/Devorah-Carrie.pdf 

© Carrie Devorah . www.godinthetemplesofgovernment.com . 562 688 2883


21 May

President Obama crisscrossed the nation on the deathbeds of 21 tots, campaigning for gun reform. Shells flew off the shelves. Gun stocks shot up through the roof. Newtown families caught up their grief, were flown on Air Force One. And then the unthinkable happened. Downloads for 3D Printed Liberator Gun Reach 100,000 catching Democrat gun grab supporters off guard. Citizens gun rights were being grabbed while undetectable gun parts were being printed- at home.

Blueprints of Liberator, Defense Distributed’s 3D printed plastic gun was downloaded over 100,000 times since it went online with most of the downloads in the US then Spain, Brazil, Germany and the UK. New York congressmen Steve Israel and Chuck Schumer aimed their legislation at adding a 3D-printing provision to the US Undetectable Firearms Act. The US Undetectable Firearms Act requires all guns to be detectable.

Two British journalists had taken a 3D gun onto the London-Paris Eurostar train- undetected- during weekend rush hour, unchallenged. The gun was capable of firing live rounds. Less than 36 hours after reporters, Simon Murphy and Russell Myers bought a 3D Systems’ CubeX 3D printer from online, they printed out the 15 components of the plastic gun. The firing pin, too small to be detected by metal detectors, was bought from a local hardware. It took a few minutes for the journalists to assemble the DIY gun- undetectable in some amounts, just as metal joints can be, too.

The Newtown 21 were shot by a rapid firing weapon that could be seen. Legislators did not see undetectable guns coming.

So much for legislation outdated before its time.


2 May




Ronald Reagan said “If we forget that we are One Nation under God”, then we will be a nation gone under”. Erosion of our country is real. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to tell our legislators to walk, daily, to their Chamber, Senate or House, to stand together in the presence of their Chaplain, for Prayer, letting our legislators know that pointing to our nation’s motto IN GOD WE TRUST (United States Code  36 U.S.C. § 302) for political emphasis is no longer enough. Prayer has become a talking point. The Congressional Chaplaincy was established before there was a Constitution or Bill of Rights. We want our legislators to stand with their Chaplains, in their presence, shoulder to shoulder, reaching across the political aisle to bring America back together in Faith and in Trust

Meaningful prayer has become, lost in workings of Congress and agendas. Chaplains, stand alone, delivering their prayer to an empty House and Senate Chambers. Daily prayers are piped in to Congressional offices where they are drowned out by constituents, lobbyists and distracted by technology and publications. Moments of Silence are choreographed events on Capitol stairs remembering a moment a battle of faith brought about.

IN GOD WE TRUST, four words that resonate with Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, are inscribed over the Main Door under which Senators pass as they enter the Senate. These golden words are above the Speaker’s rostrum in the House Chamber (1962, House Resolution 740, 87th Congress.) Abraham Lincoln  said “… this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom.” Let us prove him right. Declare America to be a country where faiths come together. Stand with prayer in the presence of Congress’ Chaplains, showing respect to Congress’ Chaplains, their meditations and prayer.

Stand for The Declaration Of Independence . Stand for The Pledge of Allegiance, Stand in respect of our Forefathers. Uphold the Ten Commandments that guide WE THE PEOPLE. Make prayer count.  Make our Nation’s motto, our Nation’s Model.  IN GOD WE TRUST