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1 Sep

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The other day I met a man who shared he holds a top job in the Administration. He made it clear he doesn’t work for the Administration. He is a lifer. A long timer. In the real world, they are scoffed at as Federal employees.

Live in D.C. long enough it is wisely known that a snowball cannot be thrown without knocking over about 70K Federal employees. They are everywhere, migrating from around the country, even world, for the guarantee of the three S’- shower, sh*t and shave. Being a Federal employee is security. Being a Federal employee does not mean they are the brightest of the bright. More often than not, they are the complacent, unwilling to rock the boat enroute to pension.

They are just people, at work at 8 and leave at 5.

That is a problem.

This man volunteered out of the blue, he got a F.O.I.A., a Freedom of Information Act request for data on something or other. He had no clue what it was for. He signed the paper denying it.

My eyebrows rose. My question was direct, “why did the man file the F.O.I.A. and what did he tell you was his reason for filing it.”

Dunno “said the Chief of that Bureau as he nibbled on snacks.

“What did he say when you spoke to him” I asked.

“Dunno,” the Chief of the Bureau said, “Never asked.”

I was incredulous. In social circles, the best one can curvaceously explode with is “O.M.G. you didn’t pick up the phone to hear him out, to find out who he is and what can be done?”

“No” he said “he probably wants money or fame, all Whistleblowers do.”

And there you have it why people turn up at workplaces with guns, often. No one took the time to take the person out of the building for coffee to sit down and ask “hello, how are you and who are you?”

A few years back I was at the Social Safeway in Georgetown. Yes, D.C. names our Safeways, – the Soviet Safeway, it’s shelves were almost always bare; the Secret Safeway, it was hard to find it and the Social Safeway where people went to hook up, so I heard.

Starbucks operated a concession inside the Safeway. Safeway employees ran the coffee stand. It wasn’t rocket science work. All it took was asking “may I take your order please” followed with a “how are you paying” then wishing a good day.

One man could not manage that. He was curt, flippant and so weird that customers complained. I come from the Smiles Can Win culture. My smiles were not winning. It got to the point that I spoke to the manager, cautiously. I didn’t want the man to lose his job. My professional opinion was the man was qualified for a job, not this one. This one needed Social Skills..

To my horror the Store Manager opened a drawer exposing papers upon papers of complaints about this man. My eyebrows rose, I asked, “What did he say when you spoke with him?”

The manager answered, “I haven’t spoken with him. I am getting ready to fire him.”

A mentor taught me to ask people if they are open to a thought. Their answering “yes” engages them in ownership of the answer. The Store Manager said “yes.”

I shared, “Have you considered taking him outside of the store, across the street for coffee, chat with him, get to know abit about him, hear him listen…”

The Store Manager said, “I never thought about that.”

The world now knows the shooter of the TV crew lived a hidden life. The murder of these two people began with H.R., Human Resources. Someone did not ask pertinent questions that may have saved the life of these two kids maybe not of two others.

The red flag was there with the man using a name, Bryce Williams, that is nowhere as near impressive as his real name, being a Third, part of a lineage. Thirds and Seconds don’t always see their ‘tack ons’ as impressive. To them being a Second or a Third is an anchor they don’t want to talk about, a liability of having to answer who number One is and whether they lived up to Number One’s accomplishments or could escape his failures.

Congressman Chris Van Hollen was threatened when it came out in his 2010 re-run for office that he is a Second. His constituents never knew.

Van Hollen The First was a giant among men. The world will learn more about shooter “Bryce Williams” over time, more than his being an aging hot rent-boy going for $2000 a night, a success in that field. And of the man denied a F.O.I.A. that his boss did not invite for coffee?

Well, there are some more things the man said that had me worried enough to pen this piece that a simple enough coffee and walk around the block may or may not mitigate…..professionally speaking, is he the man for his job?

No. Not until he learns to pick up the phone and say “Hello, how are you and who are you….”



11 Sep

(c) Carrie Devorah

It is a day to reflect in more ways than one, about life, death and privacy. It is a day for Government to stand back and ask “What Hath We Wrought.” It is a day for legislators to look inside, the halls of Congress that is, to even ask who, if any know their lair well enough to state within seconds of this question being asked where those exact words are posted. My guess? Few if, to none. Pizza party in the Longworth Caf if I am wrong. SECONDS. That is my determinant in that one would expect history to be core to decisions that impact worlds, apart and near, decisions that are legislated on that should have no need for clawback as we are seeing effect after Congressional Causation.

English? Courtland reporter Charlotte Alter wrote a summary on Circuit Judge Jay Bybee agreeing that Google, as I had written the words, is Rocking The Rico. Street View by Google is a Data Grab, officially, in violation of the Wiretap Act, setting boundaries for Privacy Protection, as Alter wrote “whether or not the network is secure.”

Bybee refused, repeat, REFUSED, to dismiss the collective suit(s) against Google’s collecting of Emails, User Names, Passwords and other data from personal Wi-Fi networks while collecting photos for its popular Street View feature.” Now, let me be honest here, the plethora of private data on the Internet is a double edged sword, I dance on while doing papertrails. For good, for bad, the info is out there in ways people haven’t a clue is coming back to bite them in the behind.

All those CASH ONLY businesses? Online, reported in sites like YELP where customer experience is King, making this world no longer a place Tax Dodges can hide behind. Cities going bust? GO ONLINE and search zipcodes and cash and turn your investigators out to bring ‘dem doggies home. Doing a skip trace? If one is smart enough… takes seconds online. Back to Google Street view? That adress a fancy posh advisor gives as a work adress sort of looks an awful lot like a private home in a well heeled adress. Thank you, Street View.

That said, there is everything right with being an old fashioned gumshoe and celebrating Bybee’s decision in that it aught to and better shake the Judiciary as it moves forward Legislating matters Google is pushing for …. MORE FREE DATA ALREADY IN VIOLATION OF FAIR USE & SAFE HARBOR.

Google’s, AOLs, Yahoo!s models are built on the backs of starving 2D ARTS IP and on the ID of the everyday person. AND on the images of the dead and unprotected. NO ONE has the rights to the images of the dead from 9-11, the murdered from the streets of Syria except their families who, considering Models must sign releases & waivers, should have Releases & Waivers signed, too, once the News event has come and been reported after all there must be balance in order for news to be covered AND for the Right to Data, the Right of Publicity to be respected.

Call it the adult version of the childhood game “MOTHER, MAY I?” Etiquette. Privacy, the same privacy Google exec Eric Schmidt requires lovers to sign on the dotted line for…. The right to decide if someone wants to continue to speak out for Loss From Terrorism as has Debra Burlingame or the decision to be silent and fight back each time a loved one’s image is used without permission, almost a second job along with all the other patrolling one must do to protect our murdered. My brother was murdered by terrorists. I continue to stand against charities using his name without permission or acknowledgement of his seven orphans.

Without etiquette or respect, what is America…… Atlantis waiting to sink

Judge Bybee? Politics aside, standing up for Privacy in a Technological age, YOU are 2D ARTS IPs Newest ROCKSTAR!!!! Yes, What hath God Wrought…. a good thought to reflect on this day and IP, intellectual property, legislation going forward.

So Congress- within FIVE seconds of receiving this like the five second rule for stuff falling on the floor? grin. The first House staff CORRECTLY identifying the answer…. Pizza on me for the office… oh heck I’ll even spring for the soda


1 Jul

OUR GOVERNMENT DOLLARS AT WORK: http://girlshealth.gov/relationships/index.html
[ do they really believe a 10-16 year old is researching and reading this website which is pretty much a copy & paste of what is in a doctor’s office where a real live doctor a teen bonds with can be found. Now if our government tweeted Justin Bieber or flickered Selena Gomez etc, now maybe…. but oh, royalty government to be paid for IP Intellectual Property/ original thought government workers should have thought of but didnt…. ]


22 Jun

Why is it the same people that complain against government using Algorithms to predict terrorism arent complaining about Wall Street using algorithms to trade the market? Arent Algorithms, Algorithms and unfair?


13 Mar

Internment camps for political dissidents is nothing new for America. The US Government locked up Japanese Americans within days of Pearl Harbor. How did they know where to find the Japanese? In the US Census promoted by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. How did all that data get gathered? IBM and the Hollerith punch card machine. Hollerith was concurrently in and out of the Oval Office, dealing with the Nazis and with the Japanese. The USHM removed the Hollerith punch card machine from their permanent display after MD author Edwin Black outed the machines role in the Holocaust. Mandate in the Holocaust Museum, then became to remove all Branded/corporate labeled items. The Nazis determined the price of a human life was NOT worth the cost of a single card.

Adressing this quote, “Internment camps for political dissidents in the U.S. aren’t a conspiracy theory. The Department of Defense document entitled “INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS” or FM 3-39.40 proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt,” know that we cannot put the dragon back in the bottle. The Internet is us. We used to give up private unpublished numbers when filling out promotion cards to win cars in the shopping mall. Now, everything we are is out there and not ours- unless our legislators recognize their role in meeting with Technological (now) Giants in their office Grip & Greets and at hearings.

I filed this Comment on Orphan Works and Unauthorized Use with the United States Copyright Office
Read. Please pass it forward.

If America did not anticipate this step on Roosevelt’s footpath, then shame on historians who failed to read the writings from 60 plus years back… History repeats itself. A simple enough lesson to remember.


17 Feb

Women For Democracy in America sent out an alert to support Chief Mark Kessler. 

Mark Kessler is a local police chief who does not mince words when it comes to his concerns of the danger of government tyranny. Kessler is Chief of Police of Gilberton Borough Police Department in Pennsylvania is seeking citizens to join with his police department in building a “reserve force” Kessler wants to help his police force if the need arise to resist Federal authorities when it comes to the Second Amendment, quite a statement from a local police chief. Kessler is calling his force the CONSTITUTIONAL SECURITY FORCE.

Kessler, interviewed on Freedompost.com http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/02/police-chief-wants-citizens-as-reserve-force-to-defend-against-feds/#ixzz2KqlUNHT4  has posted to his website, a call to arms, of support that is “ALERT! Anyone interested in joining a reserve force with the Gilberton Borough Police Department ,contact Chief Kessler immediately for details! Due to our Country’s current situation I’m compelled to form an auxiliary force, DHS ( Department of Home Land Security ) is stock piling ammunition, Stock Piling Machine guns at a alarming rate! I believe we have no choice for what MAY OR MAY NOT happen shortly!, Ask yourself this one question, can you walk into any sporting good store and purchase 22LR, 9mm, 45ACP , 40 caliber,, 5.56/223 , 7.62×51 or 308 ammunition in quantity’s more then a box or two ? (OR ANY AT ALL) if you answer No, ask yourself why ???? I’ll tell you why because the GOVERNMENT is STOCKPILING BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition! (for what ????) even the police can’t get ammo ! DHS has enough weapons and ammo to wage a 30 year GROUND war, ( BUT ON WHO and WHY ) what is wrong with this picture???, Maybe the tyrants want to take as much ammo off the civilian market AS POSSIBLE! either way it’s very disturbing” Kessler’s website www.chiefkessler.com is dedicated to the memory of Kessler’s father “a proud Vietnam veteran.”

Former ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey penned an opinion piece asking “Do you recall when then Presidential Candidate Barack Obama said:  “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”  ??

September 13,  2012   FEMA graduated its first class of FEMA Corps Homeland Youth.  FEMA Deputy Administrator Sarino goes on to explain, ‘The new members, who range in age from 18-24 years old, will contribute to a dedicated, trained, and reliable disaster workforce by working full-time for ten months on federal disaster response and recovery efforts.”

Many are asking , “What is the US federal government preparing for? And why does it feel it needs a standing “corps” of American youth, millions of guns, thousands of armored fighting vehicles and literally billions of rounds of ammunition, just to provide relief to the American people during a natural disaster?” Why do we need a small army attached to FEMA? Can’t our police, National Guard, Reserves and Military handle state and national emergencies?!”

Maybe the Administration remembers how America started… by rebellion against oligarchy

Definition of oligarchy (n)

bing.com · Bing Dictionary


 [ ólli grkee ]   



  1. small governing group: a small group of people who together govern a nation or control an organization, often for their own purposes
  2. entity ruled by oligarchy: a nation governed or an organization controlled by an oligarchy
  3. government by small group: government or control by a small group of people


1 Jan

Is it really that water seeks its own level or that we lower ourselves to see what we want to believe is our reflection- (c) Carrie Devorah
[ used only under license ] [www.godinthetemplesofgovernment.com]