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15 Jun

Sort of funny that Congress lets older people in the Supreme Court leave their jobs feet first in a technically challenged world under constant cyber attack while Dr. Billington is being shown the exit portal under the guise of a new world ordered by IT.

Longtime librarian of Congress, James H. Billington, will retire from his post, effective Jan. 1.

America’s loss.

I have known Dr. and Mrs. Billington since the first month I moved to DC in 2003. If anyone was destined to be the Librarian of Congress for life leaving feet first, I knew that person was Dr. Billington. A presence on the DC social scene, Dr. and Mrs. Billington looked the parts, wizened creases, whitened hair, Mrs. B. Wearing pearls with purses that rivaled Queen E, Elizabeth, that is. In fact, the TV series “Librarians” failed because the mentor wise old guardian of the secrets was not modeled after Dr. B.

The last time I saw the Dr. and Mrs. B. was at the annual National Book Festival newly homed in the Convention Center. Philanthropist David Rubenstein was just off his panel, scampering down to greet Dr. and Mrs. Billington where they were sitting, front row.

It was one of those rare moments I wished I was a Selfie Slut followed by an entourage of TV crew to capture that funny DC moments where someone of note someone misgauges who some else is.

I had introduced myself, and my God In The Temples Of Government pictorials, earlier to Mr. Rubinstein. The look of puzzlement on his face was ….standard for DC… a city filled shakers who don’t recognize movers, so to speak, who stay beneath the radar, deliberately. Twelve years in LA were enough to cure me any desire for red carpets and stalkings, not silk ones, but fans with glass eyes or vengeance or lunacy camouflaged by their chameleon ability to appear normal or ‘real.’

Mrs. Billington saw me. Her face glowed in her moment of recognition. We leaned in, kissed cheek to cheek, embraced catching up in rapid fire the last few years of absence from each others lives. Yes, in DC, life catch ups can occur in seconds, until the next time.

The puzzled look on Mr. Rubenstein’s was precious as he watched my intimate engagement with pillars of the Library of Congress. I was part of ‘that’ inner circle he rotates in. My seven league boots always kept me being that ‘one’ stomping tall grass others trailed through, behind.

It had been a few years since I saw Dr. and Mrs. Billington. I left the DC news scene rather abruptly. I missed my Billington encounters. We shared a passion, the Library of Congress, to me that one and only building to visiting DC if your time to tour was limited. Besides, the Library has the best swag in the Capitol, free, a definite brag swag few others know to secure the Library card, of course. Totally, awesome to boast ‘ TJ and I have something in common.’

TJ? Thomas Jefferson, of course, the man behind the Temple of Learning.

The good doctor had slowed some. Mrs. Billington, well, she has grown more elegant over the years. Some women have that eternal internal elegance. I cant imagine the Library without Dr. Billington. He is one of the longest serving members of the Administration. Thirty years is almost a lifetime to some.

In DC. abrupt never happens for no reason. That there was a reason, would reveal itself as the pages, so to speak, turned.

Dr. Billington is a Reagan appointee. The Library of Congress’ collection size has doubled under his tenure, transitioning from a ‘library’ to an ‘i-brary.’ A digital library had been added. The chicken and the egg conversation is which came first the digital innovations or the Digital innovations or the Library staff cut of 30%.

Few know that the Library of Congress is an educational beast that is constantly fed, a hydra of history, so to speak, said to be keeping Legislators abreast of the loop of madness exploding around the world.

In 2014, the Library of Congress offices acquired more than 800,000 items; reformatted more than 1.3 million pages of newspapers, periodicals and pamphlets from 79 countries spanning 120 different languages.

Six of the Library of Congress’s offices are overseas offices some even placed intentionally in unstable regions. The Library of Congress staff says those offices  are ready and able to rescue, archive, catalog and share books, publications, newspapers, maps, videos, recorded sounds and photographs even Osama bin Laden’s autobiography, that legislators need to learn from, you know,  that historic stuff that drones don’t capture in today’s war on terrorism.

March 17, the Senate Legislative BranchAppropriations Subcommittee chaired by chairwoman Senator Shelley Capito, adressing the Library of Congress and Architect of the Capitol budget requests, adressed news reports of ISIS destroying artifacts of their regions ancient civilizations.” Capito called the Library of Congress the ‘world’s resource.’  *********** Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, ranking member of the House Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee, said, the Library of Congress reaches to places where we would lose these important publications to history, to the ashes, or to floods, or to the simple lack of ability to share and preserve them.”Debbie had done LOC’s office in  Cairo, Egypt, Middle East, along with seven other legislators. Debbie and her  entourage  met the LOC office acting director, Beacher Wiggins, a man Wasserman Schultz describes as loving his work. Wiggin’s Cairo office gathers ‘stuff’ from 23 countries in the surrounding region, including Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Schultz said, “was very clear about how important it is and what would be lost if we were not there.”  Schultz failed to mention how he failed to protect the Jewel  of  Aleppo and other antiquities bought, sold, stolen for trade. Schultz failed to mention the cost of maintaining one man’s office in a world of crowd sourcing.

Wiggins says Cairo and Islamabad, Pakistan are two offices with high security risk with other LOC oversea offices located in Jakarta, Indonesia; Nairobi, Kenya; New Dehli, India; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The LOC says these offices are ‘vital’ for understanding the tumultuous Middle East, salvaging and protecting materials.

Mark Sweeney, the LOC’s associate librarian for library services, said security costs for protecting its overseas offices have increased. $$$$$$

Senator Murphy said, he gained an appreciation for all of this ‘material in Arabic’ the LOC said America couldn’t get its hands without “personnel on the ground in the Middle East.”

Wiggins said most of the LOC offices are housed in US Embassy compounds, employing more than 200 foreign nationals, alleging their local and language knowledge are invaluable to the Library’s mission. Wiggins said that these satellite offices cost the Library $10.1 million total of the Library’s more than $600 million fees excluding the $2.5 million annual security fees. though the offices are typically housed in U.S. embassy compounds. Those costs exclude acquisitions travel costs. Wiggins says budget cuts mean directors have to prioritize which countries the director wants to visit. Wiggins says some director are learning to relearn their local area.

GAO, Government Accountability Office reports released before Dr. Billington’s retirement criticized management weaknesses” in the Library of Congress’ IT divisions. Wiggins said the Library shrank its overseas presence to six offices, in 1887, that the Library wont close its offices. The Library instead lead its lead ludite, it’s grand wizard of knowledge, go.

The GAO report said the Library can’t ensure they are meeting cost, schedule and performance goals; can’t deliver the agency capabilities to carry out the Library’s mission; and said the Library’s IT systems are at risk of cyber spying and attack citing the library doesn’t always test technical security controls, putting the Library’s systems and information at risk of compromise. This GAO report was released after the Military was hacked, the IRS was hacked and practically everyone, else on the planet was hacked in a world that cannot be protected. Period.

Point made. Dr. Billington was wanted out. The good Doctor did as his job mandated, with he and his staff pledging to follow through on several of the GAO recommendations.

Dr. Billington is a luddite, the exact person you want near you when broadband reaches its band width, when the lights go out, and when the world is thrust into chaos caused by millennials whose brains work only when the PDA lights are on, whose elevators wont reach the penthouse suites when climate warming considerations collide with practical and simple purpose. Dr. Billington will know how to read and write and communicate, simply said.

The GAO report said the Copyright Office also mismanages it’s IT “upgrades and investments.”

The GAO said the LOC is weak in four areas- strategic planning, investment management, information security and privacy, service management and leadership. The report says the LOC does not “effectively managing” the $119 million allocated for IT in 2014 and that the LOC does not have an “effective process for taking inventory of materials.” The report says Library officials claim the Library has about 6,500 computers in use. A wire to wall count tabulated 18,000 computers. Do the federal employee a Golden Hammer math.

The Library’s acting chief information officer, Elizabeth Scheffler, says the Library is adjusting to a dramatic growth in digital materials., collecting things like Legislator tweets, staff selfie’s as such available to anyone including those with nefarious intentions.  Scheffler admits the Library grossly underestimated technology long term storing considerations.

The Register of Copyrights, Maria Pallante, the GAO, the day after the March 17 hearing, stating her office has to move to digital technology, taking her lead from Congress. Congress is questioning, coincidentally, if the Register of Copyrights should be under the LOC, to begin with. Friends and fans are fickle in DC when it comes to budgets and gain. The story doesn’t usually write itself best until after a crack, somewhere is uncovered then pried open. The wedge now that moved DR. billing ton to forced retirement is, CIO, chief information officer, sorta funny, when you hunk of it, after all this is the Internet age where ‘everyone’ pitches in and everyone is vulnerable, too.

Hence, my not accepting that Dr. Billington wanted to retire but instead, was shown the open portals he could walk through.

Congressional accolades trickled on to the Internet, post announcement. Sad, considering the millions of tourists that walk through the L oC doors annually.

Dr. Billington is ending his reign the way he began it. Dr. Billington announced he will go door to door, desk to desk of each employee, thanking them for being part of his history in service to books and America. Dr. Billing said in his video to the library, “Over the years I have been asked if I have been thinking about retiring; and the answer has always been ‘not really,’ because this library has always been not just my job, but my life… However, I have never had more faith in the leadership and staff of the Library of Congress. The library’s new top management team is as deeply experienced, and creatively collegial, as any I have ever known, and I am confident that they will continue to innovate, adapt and improve on the work we have undertaken during my time as Librarian of Congress.”

Dr. Billington is saying good-bye, an outstanding man showing leadership as he lets go of TJ’s. Book Place, and the steerage of the wheel of history from the poop deck of this man’s ship, navigating what was a good idea that grew into a behemoth gourging gargantuan data preservation.

Thank you Dr. and Mrs. B for a decade of being seen….



15 Nov

Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital had been on the DCPL roster of things preservationist things to do in DC, a few times. The National Historic Landmark Saint Elizabeths Hospital is located in South East Washington. The DCPL email advising me of a Veterans Day Remembrance Ceremony the day after 11.11 intrigued me so much I opted to honor the dead rather than commune with the living. Something about cemeteries brings peace to me. That, and, the residents don’t talk back, don’t put you down, down leave you feeling like you want to climb out of your skin and keep walking. Cemetery residents listen.

Saint Elizabeth’s East Campus was more than just a hospital. In cruel terms, it was a house for the nutters. In military terms, Saint Elizabeth was a hideaway for the ravages of war, today, called PTSD. Back then? There was no fancy term for men, and women, destroyed with struggles of what they had seen or lost or feared or found. It was just Saint Elizabeth’s, a place that in time became a place people got lost in to, like the man who lost 40 years of his life for stealing a $20 necklace. Life beyond the fence became impossible. Once possible, life beyond the fence became imperiled. The world he had known changed. Forty years, four walls, he hadnt changed. He aged.

Preservation is a double edged sword saving sites that one is left struggling to pay upkeep on. A woman I knew from racing told me, confidentially, that had she known the expense reality of preserving horses, she would have never started into preserving Premarin foals. Saving Saint Elizabeth is a heroic theme. Heroic preservation comes with a price tag.

There are over 3000 burials  including Civil War Veterans, both sides, North and South, buried in Saint E. With the Anacostia High School Junior ROTC, DC Preservation League, the African American Civil War Museum, Anacostia Coordinating Council, US Coast Guard the restoration remains possible, although one must giggle, in these days of NSA at the typo uncaught in the Memorial handout…. United Stares Coast Guard, there are some things even God cant plan or avoid. And at the bottom of the list of persons and organizations to thank was named the DC Department of Behavioural Health. Reading that, to me, note to self, partner potential. Crazy is no longer hidden behind closed doors. In current times, it is a psychosis with a diagnosis, maybe no cure, but a community with lifelines. And famous Alumni to call upon.

Saint Elizabeth’s was founded in 1852. Congress had appropriated $100,000 for the construction of a mental hospital in Washington DC. Saint Elizabeths was created to provide care for mentally ill residents of the District of Columbia, of the US Army and US Navy, too.

It seems that in 1873, the powers that be “deemed” the West Campus burying ground to be to capacity. So, Saint Elizabeth East Campus was created under the Civil and Diplomatic Appropriation Act of 1852, opened, growing over the next 120 years, into a nine acre cemetery, with over five thousand residents- over 2,050 military and over 3,000 civilian. The East Campus Cemetery is the final resting place for heroes of multiple conflicts- the war of 182, the Civil war, the War With Mexico, the Indian wars, the Spanish Wars. And World War 1.

It is not a surprise Saint Elizabeth’s Cemetery is not remembered. It is not on the must-do list of tours to DC. Saint Elizabeth was originally called the Government Hospital for the Insane. Dorothea Dix played a pivotal role in picking where the hospital should be. Dix picked the convergence of where the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers come together. Dix had taken charge. Dix was a mental health reformer back in the 19th Century. The Hospital history handout does not state if Dix’ was personally impacted in her family with mental health. Dorothea said her mission was “to creat the most humane care and enlightened and curative treatment of the insane of the Army and the Navy of the United States and the District of Columbia.”

Dix foraged ahead writing the hospital’s founding legislation, steering Congress through the travails of appropriating funds for a ‘condition’ people preferred to lock away behind closed doors. And forget. Dix kept people remembering. The Statute was passed. Dix steered President Millard Fillmore and Secretary of the Interior, Alexander Stuart to pick Charles Nichols, Saint Elizabeth’s first superintendent for America’s first Federal mental hospital Congress created. The next Federal Hospital was not established for about another fifty years, 1903. The Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians. Canton, South Dakota.

Saint Elizabeth doors closed in 1946, almost ten decades of providing medical care for the mentally ill, locked away, nearby to the ghosts of the Civil war. One can only imagine the two crossed  through walls, after all, in imagination, everything is possible, even love with a phantom, or life with a loved one. Walls do not lock away ones need for companionship, conjured or real. Conjured companionship can be more real than life itself.

It was through Saint Elizabeth that military psychiatry became a military  specialty. Four decades of conflicts passed through this hospitals walls. From Civil War to Second World War, the tortures of battle  were locked away. PTSD was known, just not discussed. It seems.

The original plan for Saint Elizabeth’s cemetery called for eight sections. Twenty years and eight sections later, more room was needed. Saint Elizabeth’s cemetery grew to nine acres and almost five thousand buried, between the years of 1873 and 1983 in Sections 1-11. Sections 1,2, 3, 8 and 9 inter military. Sections 4-7, 10-11 inter civilians, dead at Saint Elizabeth’s hospital, before 1917. Chicklets, grave markers for civilians are mostly unmarked.

Section 12-27, running west to east, are west of the Sexton’s House. Sections 12-14, 16-18 are heroes of conflicts past. Sections 26-27 are forever homes to men and women dead in Saint Elizabeth’s before 1917. Sections 15, 19, 22 and 23 are men only graves. Sections 20, 2, 24 and 25 are for the women. Crazy isn’t it that even in death the pleasure of the other gender’s companionship was denied them. Crazy. Or should I write, insane.

Sections 28-43 are the last legs of insanity’s journeyed. Section 43 has never been used. Sections 28-42 were earmarked for Saint Elizabeth’s non military. Men. Women. The question to be asked is where are the children. Were there children?

The residents of Saint E’s cemetery are nothing to sneeze at. Alumni include an artist, an inventor, Native Americans shuttled over from Hiawatha’s Insane Asylum in SD. Not every story can be told. First, Saint E’s residents must be remembered. Or trying to be. The National Consumer Memorial Project and the Department of Behavioral Health and Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital are making best effort to honor the dead. The default tribute of a memorial Garden, The Gardens At Saint Elizabeth’s- A National Memorial Of Recovered Dignity, is predictable, even though the  moniker is publicized to embrace the hundreds of thousands of patients buried at State Psychiatric facilities across the country.

Earlier this 2011, Daniel Sanders, an estate auctioneer with Virginia based Four Sales, Ltd. came across a gravestone belonging to a Civil War veteran while preparing an estate for auction. Daniel Sanders researched online the history of the stone. The gravestone that came from the cemetery located on the West Campus of Saint Elizabeths Hospital where civilians and white and African American veterans from Union and Confederate forces are buried. It is estimated there were up to 450 military burials and 150 civilian burials between the years of 1856 and 1873. There are about 209 military gravestones in the cemetery. The headstone belonged to Jordan Mann, a nineteen year old volunteer member of the 12th Missouri Cavalry originally from Kentucky, enlisted in the Cavalry in 1863. Mann was transferred to Saint Elizabeths in the spring of 1864 after having been declared insane. Mann was deemed to have gone insane or lost his mind. He was taken by other soldiers to St Elizabeths where he got sick. Mann died September 1864 of typhoid fever.

Mann’s gravestone was returned as part of the General Services Administration’s annual Veteran’s Day observance held at Saint Elizabeths Hospital. Mann’s headstone was found by the family of Guy Schultz from Clinton Maryland. Daniel Sanders president of Four Sales Ltd an Alexandria based estate sales company was called to clean out the Schultz house. The gravemarker was found while Sanders and his team where picking through the house looking for items resellable at auction. The gravemarker was in the garage hidden behind other items. No one who was alive knew how the gravemarker got in to the garage. Sanders, reading the markings on the gravemarker, recognized the stone had historical significance and the gravemarker had been removed without permission from a government facility, the St Elizabeth cemetery. There are 450 known gravesites in the cemetery. Only 250 gravemarkers are left. It was determined some of the missing gravemarkers were made from wood, deteriorating over time. Mann’s headstone will be kept in secure storage until the implementation of a comprehensive conservation program of the entire West Campus Cemetery. The commemorative ceremony was attended by a Federal Protective Service Honor Guard and Coast Guard officials placing flags at each of the military gravestones in the historic cemetery. The GSA laid a wreath. Jordan Mann’s gravemarker is in temporary storage until it will become part of a historic display.

Residents of Saint Elizabeth’s Cemetery, graves marked in stone are, well, surprising. Anonymous enough in this decade and time, once, with instincts, results, undeniable, they were people, too;
Henry Haack, Row 4, Grave 611; Thomas Burke, Row 10, Grave 1685; Ernst Durig, Row 5, Grave 1817-A; Jonathan Jessup, Row 10, Grave 1687; Joseph Noil, Row 3, Grave 535; Harvey Fowler,, Section 6; William Shields, Section 14, Row 2, Grave 200.

Harvey Fowler was a clerk in the Treasury Departments Bureau of Statistics. Fowler patented a Mechanical Hand Motor that gave “motion to machinery or to the driving wheels of a car or carriage.” Fowler advertised in the Washington Post for a partner for his “perpetual motion machine now in operation. Fowler also received a patent for his “hand propeller for Canal Boats.” It was Fowlers perpetual motion invention that drove him crazy, ending him up in Saint Elizabeth’s  November 20, 1881.

William Shields served the Army 20 years before being discharged ending up in Saint Elizabeth, December 24, 1909, dead a year later. Shields was a Seminole Negro Indian Scout.

Jonathan Jessup showed signs of going crazy, notes said, after he marred Elizabeth, March 30, 1854. Military life, notes said, brought Jessup balance, not much of a testament to have gone from the Institution of marriage, in to the Institution of Mental Health. War and Death didnt shake Jessup. Returning back to his wife after war, did. Elizabeth left him taking their youngest child. Their oldest, deaf, was killed by a train.

Joseph Noil, a Canadian from Nova Scotia, enlisted in the US Navy in New York. Noil received a Congressional Medal of Honor after being rescued from falling in to ice cold water. That fall in the water was the peak of Noil’s career, always 1st class and on time, as he is remembered on his tombstone. Sarah Jane, Noil’s wife, could not afford to travel with their two kids to visit Noil in Saint Elizabeth’s. Sarah Jane kept a correspondence going with Superintendent Godding asking as to the health of her husband, telling Godding, ‘poor with two kids’ she could not travel to see her husband. One could only wonder, had she, would he? I guess it doesn’t matter. Noil is inscribed in stone.

Professor Ernest Durig was a Swiss, a sculptor who studied under Rodin, a popular sculptor carving busts of the ‘then’ glitterati- Pope Pius, Mussolini, Will Rogers, Knute Rockne, George Eastman, President Truman and others. Durig went insane in the grief washed over him after the deaths of his daughter and wife. Durig entered Saint E June 11, 1959. Durig exited Saint E’ November 4, 1962, only to become controversial in death. Durig was survived, at Saint Elizabeth, by letters and painting and sketches signed by August Rodin. Slated for auction at Sotheby’s, these items were determined to be fakes. June 4, 1965, Life Magazine ran a story calling During a “fake who forged drawings and paintings.”

I can tell you a bit about DC, art, fakes and things that disappear in government institutions. The “Noah’s Ark” painting at the National Zoo, that I looked for? Gone, without a trace. The Leroy Neiman paintings that were stored south of D Street NW? Gone, without a trace. Fakes? That would be interesting to determine. And to locate. Beggaring the question to find answers to, where in the chain of custody of the insane are their possessions, if they die, alone, in Saint E, a Federal hospital, still.

As for Durig, Ernest lives on in the farming community of Greenwood, Wisconsin. Durig had gone to visit family, liked the space so much, he wanted to ‘gift’ back. Durig’s only ‘cost’ to Greenwood, was materials and site prep for the Durig’s sculpture. Not so crazy, for a man locked into a hospital for the insane. A fifteen foot high monument, Durig’s memorial  to gold Star Mothers in memory of the 150th anniversary of the Constitution of the United States, stands, most likely out of lock step with the innovation the world has grown to. October 3, 1937, Durigs memorial was valued at $50,000.

Henry Haack was a shoemaker by trade,  Medal of Honor awardee for his gallantry in the Little Bighorn River Fight.

Thomas Burke, an Irishman, US Navy, Seamen, saved his fellow comrades James Rose and John Russell from drowning in the waters off Eastport, Maine. Burkes tombstone is marked with his Medal of Honor designation.

It is not too far fetched to presume, the nine acres are filled with life at night, more correctly, lives of men and women who did incredible things in a life lost in time. It is not far fetched at all to bring to their world of markers and tombstones, cheer and joy, and thanks, for giving their all. Including their sanity…

There are partners to be brought on board, if one thinks outside the box- The National Board For Certified Counselors, The American Psychological Association, The American Council For Continuing Medical Education. And there are groups like Wreaths Across America to let know this Cemetery survives. Wreaths Across America remember the buried military, on Christmas, placing wreaths on tombstones. Then there are the groups that remember military on Veterans Day, Flag Day. Then there are the Gold Star Moms, that Durig honored. There are Mental Health Advocates like Patrick Kennedy Junior who speaks for Mental Illness. There is the Virginia politician whose son took his own life. There are psychologists with patients needing something to feel good about. The list abounds.

And then there is the something special, a way to read the headstones, names obscured to the naked eye. All in good time. Until then, Wynton, its time…. bring back the Jazzman New Orleans style. Rock it out amidst the headstones.

(Special thank you to Saint Elizabeth’s archivists for their notes keeping Saint E’s insane alive in our crazy world)


14 Nov

Investigat​ive Journalist New York Times Best Selling Author Nobel Prize Nominee Kenneth Timmerman fought to unseat Maryland District 8 incumbent Christopher Van Hollen Junior. Timmerman lost with a respectable % for a race run on shoestring and gas fumes.

The money wasn’t there. A victory of another kind was won. Chris Van Hollen’s hidden past was made public, picked up by media, only to be overlooked again in 2014.

Chris is a Junior. The impact of that, you say? Juniors usually are sons of seniors. That a son will hide his relationship to his father, is what is telling, an alert. Congressman Van Hollen Junior, a tall man, doesn’t talk about his upbringing, disappointing for such a cutting figure. Van Hollen Junior is, in the least, politically close with Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, some say too close, described as tagging on to the Speaker’s skirts. Van Hollen Junior rising high to leadership on the Democratic House Budget Committee.[1]

Chris Van Hollen Junior is familiar man-type for former Speaker Pelosi, a comfort zone. Stand Chris Van Hollen Junior side-by-side Paul Pelosi, husband of former Speaker Pelosi, the two men could pass for brothers.

A son that is comfortable being his own man, a man that loves his father, a man too in love with his father, talks openly, comfortably, proudly about his father, valuing the legacy imbued in him. A man that hides from the paternal tether, being named after his father, an honor conferred on him, raises red flags. A man that describes his college age daughter to constituents as a child, raises red flags too. Anna Van Hollen, the Congressman’s college age daughter, filed news stories from Ramallah in the West Bank. The year as 2012.

Congressman Van Hollen Junior was not happy being outed as a Junior. Being outed as a Junior meant adressing personal information Van Hollen Junior has shied away from all his years in Congress- who is Van Hollen Senior. Adressing questions about Van Hollen Senior, would open a Pandora’s Box in to Van Hollen Junior’s political record, both as a son and as a father.

The adage is, “the apple does not fall far from the tree’ and ‘the leopard does not change its spots.”

Van Hollen Senior is a retired US State Department Arabist Christopher Van Hollen Senior, listed as a director at the American Institute for Islamic Affairs[2],[3] There is very little online about Van Hollen Senior and his wife, rumored to be Career-State, too.

Congressman Van Hollen Junior was raised in Pakistan, through high school age, returning to America, as a teenager.

Former Speaker Gingrich says America’s fear isn’t Iran. Gingrich says America’s fear is Pakistan.

Van Hollen Junior has a history of not challenging statements made in the name of Islam to eradicate Christianity and Jews. Congressman Van Hollen Junior doesn’t explain why CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, ranks him a top supporter. December 2005, Congressman Chris Van Hollen Junior was quoted saying, “I am pleased to congratulate CAIR not only for the work it has done to promote and protect the civil liberties and civil rights of all Americans, but also for its ongoing efforts to foster a better understanding of Islam across the United States. Your work continues to make an important difference to our country.”[4]

And then there is the following year letter haunting Congressman Chris Van Hollen Junior wrote to Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice.

Constituents voting in Maryland District 8, said, their Congressman’s vote only impacts his constituents. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Each Congressman’s vote impacts other Congressmen’s Districts across America. Each Congressman’s vote impacts politics around the world. Chris Van Hollen Juniors voting record speaks for the Congressman[5]

Chris Van Hollen has participated in well over a 1000 bills since stepping in to office in 2003. Van Hollen’s website[6] posts over 1209 press releases: 38 in 2003, 103 in 2004, 130 in 2005, 64 in 2006, 141 in 2007, 103 in 2008, 184 in 2009, 189 in 2010, 156 in 2011, 101 in 2012 and more since the date of this research sheet being organized- no less than 56 child related press releases addressing safe, hunger free, health covered, mentored and solicitations for the annual Congressional Art Competition. Chris Van Hollen showed his constituents he can stand up. On 3rd Anniversary of No Child Left Behind, Van Hollen called on President Bush to Live Up to His Promises yet Van Hollen left a murdered 13 year old constituent behind by making no statements on Koby to date.

USA Today reported the boys had “been bound, stabbed and beaten to death with rocks” the size of bowling balls; “The walls of the cave in the Judean Desert were covered with the boys’ blood, reportedly smeared there by the killers”. The Irish Independent and CNN reported “Israel’s Channel Two TV said police believed there were at least three assailants who dipped their hands into the boys’ blood after the killing and smeared it on the walls of the cave.” Time Magazine reported the statement by a Judean desert farmer Miro Cohen, “A rock the size of a computer rested on Kobi’s smashed skull. Both bodies were covered with stones. Blood smeared the walls, and the dirt floor was muddy with it.” The Jerusalem Post reported on forensic examination, the bodies, together with blood-stained rocks, were taken out of the cave. The boys skulls and faces and bodies were so disfigured beyond recognition their identity dental records were used to identify them. The rocks used to bash their brains were the size of bowling balls were used to bash their brains.

Van Hollen spoke on Theresa Schiavo’s End Of Life decision, AIDS, the Red Line Metro Accident, earthquakes, Tsunamis and pushed Bills for Judith Tanjoh and her kids and relief of Malik Jarno who arrived at Dulles International Airport in 2001 with a fake passport, seeking asylum, claiming he would be persecuted if he was sent back to Guinea. Van Hollen issued press releases on behalf of Alan Gross in Cuba; 3 press releases on domestic and gang violence; 3 on Haleh Esfanriari; 1 calling for the release of Iranian American detainees; 11 on passings including that of Senator Bird, Rosa Parks and Simon Weisenthal; 7 praising Acts like the Dream Act; the James Zadroga 911 Health and Compensation; 1 on a presidential appointment and Winners of Public Service awards; a few for his own accomplishments; 1 on bringing the 2022 FIFA World Cup to the US; 1 announcing the founding of the Congressional Caucus on the Netherlands; 1 on Hate Crimes Legislation; anniversaries of invasions and Genocides of Turkey; Armenia, Kurds of Halabja, Ethiopian and Sudanese violence; 6 press releases on the anniversary of 911. The 10th anniversary of 911 has come and passed. Van Hollen issued 2 statements for Holocaust Day; 2 on Israeli Independence day; 1 on Jewish American Heritage month and Van Hollen issued one press release when met with members of Hadassah on their lobby day; 35 tributes ranging from nominations to life achievements and salutes.

Political rag Roll Call published, “Chris Van Hollen gets near-universal respect from his colleagues for his intellectual firepower and combination of policy and political chops.” The Washington Post was quoted “”Democrat Chris Van Hollen,.a political juggernaut who has represented his district effectively while overseeing his party’s House campaigns nationwide? Mr. Van Hollen has deftly balanced both responsibilities, and his constituents benefit from his national stature.” In fact, Van Hollen Junior said on his website,[7] “I believe our democracy is strengthened by the active participation of our citizens. Together, we can move our country forward, boosting our economy, growing jobs and meeting our challenges at home and abroad. It is a privilege to represent our community in the U.S. Congress. Thank you for your continued support. – Chris”

Every Congressman’s vote impacts Israel and faiths that fill America.

Marylanders, Jews and Christians remember Chris Van Hollen Junior’s infamous letter against Israel he sent in 2006 to then Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice followed by his Apology Tour to Jews in 2006.

Timmerman polled well. Timmerman needed funds for airtime, print, volunteers plus to get the word out.

The Republican Party picks winners the Grand Ol’ Party gets behind. 2014’s races reaffirmed that not all ‘horse’ races can be called. The GOP focused on Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign in 2012. Party focus shifted when Romney picked, as his running mate, House Budget Committee Chair Congressman Paul Ryan. Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen was elected Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee November 17 2010 by the House Democratic Caucus. Congressman Van Hollen, in 2010, issued the following statement “…“I look forward to working with incoming Chairman Paul Ryan. While we have some fundamental differences, we both agree that we must debate and tackle the real issues facing our country. The 112th Congress will deal with some very serious questions, and I hope we can work together to do everything we can to support American families and small businesses, create jobs here at home, and rebuild our economy.”

Fast forward, 2012. Van Hollen Junior was being challenged, for Maryland 8’s Congressional seat, by Kensington Maryland resident Kenneth Timmerman.

Maryland and Democratic media caught on to outing that Chris Van Hollen is a Junior. Hyperlinks spread across the online social media as bots carried this detail forward. Chris Van Hollen Junior remained mum on living in the shadow of his dad, and the closeness of Van Hollen Junior’s closeness with Former Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi. The Former Speaker visits Jordan on Israel’s annual birthday, not Israel.

Terrorism hit home to Van Hollen Juniors constituents. 13 year old Koby Mandell, a regular baseball loving American kid mourned by Rabbis, teachers, friends living in Maryland District 8’s Silver Spring until 1996 when the Mandell family, Seth and Shari, relocated to Israel. Koby was an American citizen when he was murdered.

Congressman Chris Van Hollen Junior did not mourn Koby. Van Hollen would not affix his signature to the Koby Mandell Act for Americans Victim To Terrorism Overseas signed in to law by President George Bush in 2004. Van Hollen did not post a tribute or news release to Van Hollen Junior’s Congressional website, in memory of Koby Mandell or for The Koby Mandell Foundation created by Koby’s parents Shari and Seth Mandell in their son’s memory[8]. Congressman Chris Van Hollen Junrior has posted over 1200 news releases and tributes, notices of passing, etc to his Maryland District 8.*

Congressman Van Hollen Junior does talk about kids, his own, neglecting to mention, that in 2012, Van Hollen Junior’s daughter Anna had been living in Ramallah, writing as a journalist from the West Bank as a Student Fellow of the Pulitzer Center. Ramallah is where Yasser Arafat, lived.

Van Hollen Junior’s daughter, Anna, describes in her articles and photographs, posted online, a Ramallah/Palestine/West Bank her father Christopher Junior does not describe when he talks about Israel or speaks at J Street events like the J Street conference this past May, the Congressman was not promoting his participating in.

Anna Van Hollen (Junior) eloquently describes a Ramallah under construction manifesting a vision of “…more than one thousand development projects, including paving roads, planting trees, digging wells, and constructing new buildings…” “…1,000 pricey deluxe units and 5,000 homes for a growing middle-income bracket that can afford monthly mortgage payments of $450 to $1,000.” “… green spaces, public parks, and a garbage-collection system… office and residential towers, a conference hall and hotel, shops, cafes, three cinemas, an outdoor amphitheatre, mosques and a church” “…office and residential towers, a conference hall and hotel, shops, cafes, three cinemas, an outdoor amphitheatre, mosques and a church…”

May 8 2001, Koby Mandell and his friend, 13 and 14 were murdered inTekoah, a community with hospitals, food stores, banks, playgrounds where Jews and Arabs live side by side. Tekoah is not a settlement. Tekoah is a community outside the West Bank.

Yasser Arafat, president of the Palestinian National Authority, headquartered in Ramallah, where Arafat said Israel was at blame for Koby’s murder for “victimizing Palestinian children”. Anna Van Hollen spoke up, showing the world the Ramallah, Chris Van Hollen Junior does not show. Anna Van Hollen’s articles[9],[10],[11],[12] and photos from, show a burgeoning world, modern with women working alongside men in Construction, building multi rise and use communities on par if not better than communities one finds in the Beltway. As the expression goes, out of the mouth of babes, on in this case, daughters.



July 30, 2006

Dear Secretary Rice:

I write regarding the tragic situation in Lebanon. I urge you to call for an immediate cease-fire to be followed by the rapid deployment of an international force in southern Lebanon. I began this letter Friday evening, but today’s bombings in Qana have made the matter even more urgent.

A forty-eight hour time-out in the bombing campaign is not sufficient. Your lack of effective action to date has turned an opportunity to isolate Hezbollah into a political victory for Hezbollah.

The killing and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah precipitated the current crisis in the region. Those actions were followed by Hezbollah rocket attacks that have fallen indiscriminately in Haifa and other Israeli population centers. Like any sovereign country, Israel has the right and responsibility to defend itself. The people of Lebanon understand that Israel did not initiate these hostilities. By all reports, the majority in Lebanon strongly resent Hezbollah for dragging Lebanon into this conflict and recognizes that Israel has a right to target the military apparatus employed by Hezbollah to launch its attacks on Israel.

The Israeli response, however, has now gone beyond the destruction of Hezbollah’s military assets. It has caused huge damage to Lebanon’s civilian infrastructure, resulted in the large loss of civilian life, and produced over 750,000 refugees. Hezbollah is undeniably the culprit, but it is the Lebanese people — not Hezbollah — who are increasingly the victims of the violence. As a result, the Israeli bombing campaign, supported by the United States, has transformed Lebanese anger at Hezbollah into growing hostility toward Israel and the United States. The result has been a surge in the political strength and popularity of Hezbollah and its leader, Hasan Nasrallah, and the weakening of the already fragile Lebanese government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the Arab League have gone from condemning Hezbollah to denouncing Israel for its actions and the United States for its inaction. Even Prime Minister Siniora has now publicly praised Hezbollah for defending the country. We have squandered an opportunity to isolate Hezbollah and strengthen our credibility and negotiating leverage in the region. As a result of our ineffectiveness, Hezbollah has won a political victory not only in Lebanon, but throughout the Arab world, the Muslim world, and much of the international community. We may have won some battles, but we are losing the war.

You have failed the obligation of a good friend to give sound counsel and advice. I understand the impulses that are driving Israel’s actions, but I strongly believe that a continuation of the bombing campaign as it is being carried out is against the interests of the Israel and the United States.

When someone is in the heat of battle, it can sometimes be difficult to see the full picture. It is the responsibility of the United States, as a close friend and ally, to intervene more effectively in this crisis. In my view, Israel is entirely justified in using the maximum force necessary to hit Hezbollah military targets. The issue, however, is not the amount of force used, but where and how it is applied.

Had you done your job and successfully urged Israel to limit its attacks to clear, identifiable Hezbollah military assets, I would support a continuation of the campaign. But you failed to do that. Your lack of effective leadership has harmed the interests of both Israel and the United States.

The lack of American leadership in the current crisis exists in the larger context of our failed policies in the Middle East and Southwest Asia. The policy of promoting democracy in the Middle East is the right one, but you and the Bush Administration have missed the critical point from the start.

Do you believe that free and fair elections today in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world would bring to power governments that are more willing to live in peace with Israel and are more interested in building stability and peace in the region than those that exist today? I don’t think so. Not if you pay attention to public opinion there. It is clear that the result of such democratic elections would likely be governments that are much more anti-Israel and anti-American than those today.

Witness the election of Hamas. The point, however, is not to stop promoting democracy, but to recognize that the public perception of our policies in the Arab and Muslim world will have a direct bearing on the nature of any democratically elected governments. Consequently, if we are going to keep promoting democracy in the Middle East, we had better start caring about the public perceptions of our policies in the region. Otherwise, you are simply promoting a process that will produce governments that hate both Israel and the United States.

That brings me back to Lebanon. As you have said, the starting point should be the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559, which calls for the dismantling of all independent militias in Lebanon. It is obvious that, in the short term, the Lebanese army is not strong enough to defeat the Hezbollah forces militarily. Even the Israeli military campaign, while degrading Hezbollah’s military capabilities, cannot deliver a knock-out punch. Consequently, international forces with a strong mandate will have to be deployed to southern Lebanon. However, that will not resolve the underlying political issues. The Lebanese government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora is already fragile. Now it has been further weakened. As you know, Hezbollah has significant representation in the Lebanese parliament. Had the current crisis been handled differently, their influence could have been diminished. Now, however, their political stock has risen. As a result, it will be extremely difficult for the Lebanese government, assuming it survives the crisis, to strengthen the Lebanese military with the purpose of disarming Hezbollah. Once again, while we have rightly promoted democracy in Lebanon, our policies have mostly strengthened the political standing of those most adverse to our interests.

Any comprehensive and long lasting resolution of the current crisis must also address the role of Syria and Iran in arming Hezbollah. The United States must do more to rally international efforts to pressure Iran and Syria to end their support for Hezbollah and Hamas. Unfortunately, the war

in Iraq has had the unintentional but very foreseeable consequence of inflaming anti-Western sentiment and strengthening the hand of the most radical Islamic forces. Among the biggest beneficiaries has been Iran with its many ties to the majority Shia population in Iraq. Iran has successfully exploited the chaos and instability in neighboring Iraq to advance its own radical agenda and expand its influence in the region. We must develop a better strategy for addressing this trend, but the fact that we are bogged down in Iraq has complicated this effort.

Finally, no lasting solution to the turmoil in the Middle East will be achieved without resolving the Israeli-Palestinian problem. In a speech delivered at the American Enterprise Institute in February 2003, a few weeks before invading Iraq, President Bush declared that going to war would help promote democracy and stability in the Middle East, reduce the influence of the hardliners and help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He claimed that it would “begin a new stage for Middle Eastern peace and set in motion progress toward a truly democratic Palestinian state.”

Unfortunately, but predictably, we have seen the opposite result in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq. The region has been more radicalized and Hamas prevailed in the Palestinian elections.   While we engaged militarily in Iraq, this Administration has disengaged from any serious effort are-establishing an Israeli-Palestinian peace process. It is essential that the United States renew its efforts to resolve this festering issue. There can be little doubt that the lack of progress on that front continues to breed hatred and hostility that is effectively exploited by Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and others. Until that conflict is resolved, it will remain a key component of anti-American sentiment throughout the Middle East and complicate our efforts at democracy promotion in the region.

The overall foreign policy of this Administration has significantly diminished America’s credibility and moral standing around the world. That, in turn, has severely undermined our effectiveness. I sincerely hope that the current turmoil in the Middle East will result in a fresh American initiative to seek a comprehensive solution to the many conflicts brewing in the region. It will be a true test of leadership.

I hope you will engage the Congress in such an effort.


Chris Van Hollen

Member of Congress


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[13] FAIR USE REPRINT of Letter Written By Legislator While In Office


30 Oct

It gets to a point when people point fingers, call names, ask for names to be uncalled and bully persons in the name of  whatever that you just want to tell everyone to stop, stand and listen.

A Redskin team cap was on the desk of an office I stopped in at this morning. The conversation of name change came up. The man immediately brought in the N word and the B word and then asked how I would feel if the team was called the Whiteskins. I told him quite frankly I wouldn’t care. I am not a football fan. I don’t get it over the “words.” Use allowance is imbalanced. Last time I was at Howard University the word Negro was on the knee wall dedication outside the Auditorium, the United Negro College Fund had not changed its name to the United N Word Fund, or ALL the movies using this and that word in the name of art? ‘Scuse me? and when I photographed MO’nique in concert I was HORRIFIED at how many times she used the N WORD and her audience couldn’t stop laughing so hard. They thought it was funny. I was mortified. Usually I don’t want to leave venues I would photograph. I could not wait to leave I was uncomfortable.

When will the rabi rhetoric end? Will AG Bills call for an eradication of the term REDSKIN POTATOES? Will Bills in Congress adressing Peanut Allergies no longer be able to refer to a certain kind of peanut as REDSKIN Peanut? Will the USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office have to scrub historical filings using the word “Nigger” in their filings as shown in the filings located on line? Will industry have to remove the N word stated clearly in Government documents? The official count of the word “Nigger” in the movie DJANGO is 113? The DJANGO stat came from a GOOGLE search pulling up in .28 seconds over 163,000 hits for the search “DJANGO Nigger” (https://www.google.com/search?q=django+nigger&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a)

The isolating of the football team for bullying is distasteful moreso when politicians weigh in but not with Learning Curves forward. USPTO redskins

USPTO Nigger 3

USPTO Nigger 2

USPTO NHere is a place to begin.

I told the man Football Can Learn A lot from Horse racing.

I had covered as a racing photographer, the Southern California Racing circuit years back, Congresswoman Judy Chu’s neighborhood. It was glorious driving over the hills before the sun rose, arriving at the track as the sun crested the Seven Dragons. That is the nickname of the mountain embracing SA, as we called it, known in horseracing as the Jewel Of Racing. I would arrive at Clockers, the corner where owners and trainers would clock their ponies practice time. I would watch the ponies breezing in the cool of the early morning.

One morning I left the workout a different way. I stumbled upon a Japanese man holding an umbrella leading a line of Japanese to a smallish brown podium stand hidden in the bushes, so it seemed. Now, I had archived the historic track but not seen this marble stand until now. When the people left I walked over. And there I read about history most of you know nothing about. I do. I actually started to write a project about it. Sad thing was, publishers didn’t care. I did. I do. One day I hope to tell that story.

My perspective is from Racing’s Point of View. These days of self publishing everything is possible. I have a copy of the book the government published on how to lock up Japanese at a racetrack during war time. It took me a few years until I figured out HOW the government knew to sweep up the Japanese within a few days. I got clarity on what became called a land grab.

At some point I met a lady who told me she knew she was ok when she looked up and saw the statue of Seabiscuit there. She also told me, a horse lover, that horse tastes sweet. TMI.

I learned something else. Racing may be a dying sport but having photographed it globally it is a sport where cultures come together even if they cant take back the bad that someone else did. Racing didn’t lock up the Japanese. The government did. Football didn’t malign Native Americans- people did.

Now, you are talking with a girl who has a passion for the Native American culture, who understands the Four Directions, a culture that honors the gifts of the creator and is filled with glory most people almost never see anything of anymore unless it is a Hollywood-i-fied version of something or other they researched on Wikipedia. Somewhere in the world, I have an Indian Sister For Life, a shaman for whom I carted home a suitcase filled with coquille nuts for him to make artistry from. He gifted me a horse mirror. I was passed forward in one of my too many moves. I learned about the Trail of Tears while I was at the Native American museum- remember when Al Gore almost risked the museum losing funding from Congress having used the grounds for something political. I didn’t see Gore in the screening nor did I see him at anyone of the amazing pow wows I covered at the Convention Center or around DC during my years of covering news.

The conversation with the man with the Redskins cap on his desk was getting testy on his head. I told him where I am coming from in the conversation of Red, White. I am Jew. He asked me if I hated Germans. I asked him why. In fact I told him I don’t hate but there are a boatload more of Germans I like than Jews I have met around the world who don’t stand for Israel or tradition. Hating I told him is not going to bring 6 million back. I stand in a world one generation away from Europe. I don’t know who I am because I have no one to look back at to see if they are like me. Am I the only feisty female in my clan. I will never know going back.

Going forward? I told him I do that daily with tears in my heart. I know the price of hate. I am the family member who was sent photos of my brother’s body on a commuter bus in the Middle East after it was blown up. I was tasked with seeking to remove those photos off the internet. The man looked at me.

I said I cant hate. Nor can I understand the people screaming each side of the Redskin divide because I remember racing finding a way to make Beauty out of Sin.

To this day I recall the Japanese warriors dressed in armor charging their horses down the track warrior banners held so tall they tickled the sky. And then I remember the pageantry that followed. I was over the moon by the time the drummer hit their stride and drums on the track. Santa Anita brought Japan to live in a place where shame was brought.

To me? I said to the man who testosterone calmed enough to let us be bezzies again, why cant this be the way forward? He said, I never would have thought of that. I know. An editor at the Daily Caller said another thought of mine was unconventional. I own it. I am.

I know the price of being conventional.

What is getting lost in the vitriol is a Learning Moment. Imagine a day where Native American culture dominates. Imagine a scholarship invested toward bringing America’s original athletes into potential in the world of sports. Imagine rather than the traditional halftime show, traditional dances, traditional foods in the food court. I think it can be glorious. But then who am I to offer a way forward for everyone ONCE we get the politicians and the so called media out of the mix turning up the rhetoric rather than researching ways forward.

I clearly think the Pelosi family will want to get on board leading this initiative having named their waste management company after Squanto and another after his nickname Tisquantum. If we don’t move forward in grace then what have we left? Are we going to remove the Indian head off the nickel? Are we going  to airbrush out two members of the Y-M-C-A song?

Timing? I always ask that question of a mentor of mine as to the timeline I should consider. Why, Thanksgiving, of course. If it wasn’t for Squanto, there would not have been an original Thanksgiving. He saved the Pilgrims. Totally, bring out the Peace Pipe. Trust me- Peace Pipe, silk ties, prayer circle…. One has never been At One with there creator… until then.

Ok Dan. This is how it goes down. I get to pick the guest list because it is going to exclude politicians looking to plump up war chests for political battles. NO N-G-Os. NO way Smithsonian. If you could not have figured out offering a Culture Way forward having used Native Americans as props during the Folklife Festival over the years… ummm NO. I have a list of NOs that are clearly out there for this to become a peace way forward. Start collecting a scholarship fund. Offer a learning corner, a museum of sorts of Native American culture.

My son’s Native American brother Ben will come in full dress. I will do the Shawl Dance on the edge of the drum area. I already learned not to get too close tribal dancers. One chew out by a drum circle guy was good enough for me. Since I am brokering the path forward, Dan will bring my sons in for the game. He, my boys, Ben, and every day people can sit and talk together, tribe to tribe. Oh geez, didn’t anyone tell anyone the connection, possibly, between Jews and Native Americans? Why are holy days are similar in ways? Some theorize Native Americans are the Lost Tribe of Israel….

As for the knee wall at Howard and the College Fund and Mo? Let everyone take a page from the playbook of the Sport of Kings- horseracing, when you come from a culture of class and heritage, learn people the way forward…….. just like horseracing did. Racing tried to ignore the blemish that is carved in stone on SA’s fountains. Years are missing, the years that racing stopped because someone had a book written ready to go on how to deal with perceived anybody, not wanting to listen to the attache who said ‘These are people that would do anything for their country, dont lock them up.’

That I found the government’s handbook remains amazing. That I thought to copy it, was insightful. One day I want to write the rest of that story. Until then, trust me when I write we cant change the past but we can remind people of beauty in danger of being swallowed by bully pulpits, otherwise, no one wins and history gets lost in a world of edits…Nothing would give me greater pleasure than having my brother back lost through vitriol incited by leaders. Are you going to try to erase memory? Oh, yeah. Google is already working on that.

In lieu of that I offer, make this a learning curve. Changing the name wont make the discourse go away. It will breed further resentments.

Dan…. as for your marketing team? Grin…… there is a train leaving Union Station at midnight….


18 Oct

There are two sides to every story. When it comes to Copyrights there may be more than two- the Content Creators story, Technology’s and Derek Khanna’s Opine on Copyright Law and the Radio.http://dailycaller.com/author/dkhanna/

Khanna’s opine reminded me of my mentor’s earliest lesson in Licensing. Fresh out of Pratt, new in my ARTS career, my mentor gave me Copyright Clarity. He said, “The relationship between Artists and Agents is like the relationship between Pimps and Whores. If the Agent had talent of his own to sell, he wouldn’t need you but he doesn’t. He wants what you have and will tell you what you want to hear to sign on his dotted line…” My mentor’s words remained Mantra when it came to my negotiating deals, “if they could do it themselves they would. They can’t. But I can. This is my price. Like it. Good. Don’t like it? Bye.”

ARTS Creators are valuable to evolving technologies, Search Engines, Cable, Aereo, Publishers, Copyright Thieves and all Matters Copyright, as is Khanna’s Opine, too, protected under Copyright Code, Title XVII, Section 102, “…(1) literary works; (2) musical works, including any accompanying words; (3) dramatic works, including any accompanying music; (4) pantomimes and choreographic works; (5) pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works; (6) motion pictures and other audiovisual works; (7) sound recordings; and (8) architectural works.”

Let’s talk Radio.

Remember Radio’s Battle of The Patents? Nikola Tesla was granted Radio patent Numbers 645,576 and 649,621. Corporate Activists interfered costing Intellectual Property creator Tesla to lose First File to Marconi. Marconi’s stock rose on Wall Street from $3 to $22 before Tesla prevailed.

Activists are interfering again.

Copyright is One-Size Fits-All. Copyright Protection is for Intellectual Property, the same for a Cup Cake Recipe, a new plant species, new breed of Tea Cup Yorkie, owner’s design of Jockeys silks or even Derek’s editorial. Internet associations, Activists and Lobbyists are intent to parse, split, dice and slice Copyright laws they espouse “should not be owned at all,” pitching Legislators a distorted value of an ARTS Copyright to its Creator. Abusive interpretation of Copyright Law must end.

It takes many players to put out Content, just like it takes a village to raise a child. ARTS and Personalities make Radio stations. If Corporate Whales don’t want to pay the cost of doing ARTS business, Royalties for Metallica, Beyonce, Jay Z or “America’s Got Talent” stars, an expense no different than paying Angels, Investors, VC, IP/IT fees or decorating posh offices et al, tell your investors to imagine Corporate bottom lines without ARTS. 

America really does have talent. IP thieves, Copyright Wolves, Corporate Whales and Sharks want it. It is a jungle out there for ARTS creators.

Khanna wrote the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement will “restrict the ability of Congress to engage in domestic law reform to meet the evolving IP needs of American citizens and the innovative technology sector.” Wrong. In our Internet world, ARTS Copyrights is a global matter. With over one hundred signatories on the Berne Convention, trying to stop Copyright Law Abuse, no wonder Khanna doesn’t like TCPPA. TCPPA protects Intellectual Property Creators. If Tech Activists don’t like TCPPA then write photograph, draw, film or sing Content yourself but Keep Your Hands Off Our Copyrights. Removing or reducing ARTists royalties does not generate new jobs instead it stifles innovation pushing ARTS Creators on to Government dole. Corporate bottom line is not ARTS Creators’ worry. ARTS Creators’ concern is a Living Wage. 

Royalties are corporate partnering with ARTS Creators able to cut  deals themselves through opportunities to e-showcasing their talent globally via  youtube channels, mobile bumps and Dick Tracy watches. Corporations have options. Create an ARTS barn of people working for a fee. They won’t. They know spin doesn’t drive sales, talent does.  

Stealing online IP risks  Rockin’ The Rico. Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “Copyright Registration” says “…Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. work.”  Khanna doesn’t like Tort Abuse. Simple. DON’T STEAL.

Askme.com, the poor ARTs Creators reference of choice, says “copyright law exists so as to govern the legality of ownership of an original work including the right to copy, adapt and distribute the work. Other users need authorization from the owner.” Users agree to Technology’s policies. Tech needs to man up and agree to ARTS Creators policies or create Content themselves.

The playing field for ARTS Content use will level when Corporate Biggies give up salaries, paychecks, perks, speaking fees agreeing to work in speculation of getting paid, if at all. Khanna’s e-world activism demands ARTS Creators give away family heirloom Intellectual Property for cheap. Forget Toddlers & Tiaras. Take this show on the road. Call it the Heirloom Copyright Heist.


15 Oct

Thanksgiving is weeks away. Rather than planning prayer recalling friendship between Pilgrims and the Indians at Plymouth Rock, a battle is being fueled yet another battle over Right Of Publicity hasnt begun to brew. Yet. Paul F Pelosi the director on Board “SQUANTO” and “Tisquantum” the NEVADA Fertilizer Corporation named after the historic Indian who helped the Pilgrims survive to celebrate the first Thanksgiving. Naming a high profile fan energizing sports team is BAD, it seems in the world of politics.

Hmmm. So it seems when a Legislator’s family is on the Board of a Fertilizer company named after the Pilgrim’s Best Indian friend, that is good? For this answer, come Turkey Day, we pray.

The list of outcryers against Redskin’s team owner Dan Snyder continues to grow. President Obama, smarting from his “If I had a son he would be like Trayvon” comment, weighed in he is open to a Redskins name change (http://www.cbsatlanta.com/story/23616279/obama-open-to-name-change-for-washington-redskins) A little worn for the years, Bob Costas weighed in, halftime of the weekend football game, on the value of a Trademark, one specific trademark to be clear, Redskins, playing as it was the Cowboys. Costas is one of many persons weighing in to on the bully pulpit of political correctness. Costas said Redskins is an insult and a slur without mentioning how Cowboys are visualized to be dusty, craggy, smoking and anti-social, if one measures Cowboys by the same benchmark Costas spoke on the Redskins about.

DC Mayor Vincent Gray weighed in claiming to be setting an example for the youth of DC. Gray is beleagured with financial incorrectness claims about his campaign.

Snyder says he wont ever change the name. Over 165,000 fans attended the Washington Redskins camp which brings in roughly $8.5 million . Kathleen O’Donnell of Richmond Tourism said the Redskins brand identified with Richmond is priceless with so many benefiting including the local hairdresser who styled RGIII’s locks.
Former Redskin Heath Shuler says Nancy Pelosi with heavy losses during the midterms was “unacceptable for our party.” Shuler said Pelosi should step down (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/us-politics/8135380/Former-Redskin-challenges-Nancy-Pelosi.html). Pelosi was not challenged over an Indian name used closer to home- her home.

Paul F Pelosi, Petrus Holdings, Xu Hu, working with Sergio Adami, used the name Squanto, Tisquantum, on a fertilizer company, a Nevada fertilizer company, #E0684872009-2, filing date 12/31/2009, host of the site Squanto.com. Pelosi is the Director of the company. Hu is the president. Sergio is the secretary. There doesn’t appear to have been a California filing for either Squanto or Tisquantum.

tisquantum 1

The principals filed for Squanto Secret Fertilizer, a trademark, serial number 85163214, owner- TISQUANTUM FERTILIZER COMPANY, INC and Petrus Capital Holdings Inc was dead circa 2010 (http://www.trademarkia.com/squantos-secret-fertilizer-85163214.html) The trademark was filed in the category of Chemical Products. International Class Code 001, US Class Codes 001, 005, 006, 010, 026, 046 was filed in the Primary Class “Chemicals used in Industry, science and photography, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics, manures, fire extinguishing compositions, tempering and soldering preparations, chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs, tanning substances, adhesives used in industry”

squantos 1

squanto petrus

The mark was abandoned January 2012. Squanto was not. Sort of.

Who is he? Who isnt he. And why should Squanto never have been used on a Fertilizer Company. Squanto holds historical significance for America few people get especially as Thanksgiving nears. Squantos, a member of the Patuxet Tribe, was part of the Wampanoag Confederacy, a place better known as Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. Squantos is the man who helped America survive, simply said. English speaking with a British clip, Squanto, a legend on the Massachusetts South Shore, was appointed by Massasoit, the Sachem as liason to the Pilgrims.

Squanto, also called Tisquantum, was a worldly man. Squanto transversed the Atlantic Ocean four times.

Squanto was one of a group of Indians kidnapped by John Smith’s lieutenant Thomas Hunt. Hunt, entrepreneurial, intended to sell the captured Indians, along with fish and other foods, to people in Spain. Hunt wanted 20 pounds for each native. Some friars objected to Hunt’s human trafficking. The Friars took the Indians Hunt tricked on board, locking them below after having purportedly claimed he needed them below to discuss beaver trade. Hunt locked them in the ship. The Friars wanted to raise the Indians with Christianity. Squanto wanted to go home. He had been enroute home in 1614 when he was kidnapped. The Friars agreed to let Squanto go. Tisqunatum returned to London where he lived for a few years with a shipbuilder he knew, John Slany. Squanto accompanied Slany on sailing trips to Canada. Squanto wanted to return to New England. It wasn’t until 1619, Squanto caught a ride on Captain John Smith’s exploratory sail on the New England coast. Squanto returned to find his tribe decimated through a plague.

Pilgrims had settled there, living out of the Mayflower while the Pilgrims ferried back and forth to land, building their storehouses and living houses all through the winter months of December, January, February, moving entirely to shore by March. The Pilgrims had renamed Squantos former village Plymouth Rock. One day an Indian named Samoset walked in to the village midst speaking English. Samoset told them he had a friend who learned to speak English in London. The Pilgrims used the opportunity of Squanto to negotiate a peace treaty and establish trading relations.

The Pilgrims struggled after their first winter in the New World. Squantos taught the Pilgrims the Indian way how of companion planting and cultivating corn corn fertilized with fish. The corn was used to catch eel and wildlife for food. Fish, plentiful on the New England coast, fed the soil. The calcium from fish flesh and bones, raised the soil Ph. Calcium softened the clay’s soil, making it easier to work, strengthening the plant’s cell walls, making them resistant to drought and temperature changes. Squanto serving as envoy, translator, reconnoitering for the Governor, William Bradford, proved invaluable to the Pilgrims, continuing in service to the settlers. Squanto was corrupted by his power. Squanto knew the Indians were afraid of the Pilgrims guns. He knew the Pilgrims were afraid of the Indians. He played them against each other for gain until they found out, becoming angered.

Myles Standish led settlers to rescue Squanto. Their mission was clear- free or revenge Squanto, if he was alive or dead. Squanto was alive. He returned to his friendships at Plymouth. Not for long. A few days later, in 1622, Chatham Massachussetts, Squanto died. Some thought Squanto was playing the Pilgrims against the Indians. The Massoit called for Squantos execution. His life was saved when a ship was seen sailing on the horizon. Squantos death was delayed. Squantos was needed to help the new Pilgrims settle.

The circumstances of Squanto’s death were odd. Blood streamed from his nose, a sign Indians take as imminent death. Squanto sensed he may have been poisoned, Squanto arranged with the Governor to leave his belongings to his Pilgrim friends. It was thought Squanto was poisoned by the man who assigned Squanto to work with the Pilgrims.

Shuler acknowledges his leadership bid most likely will fail. Colleagues are reportedly developing amendments to caucus rules intended to limit Mrs Pelosi’s power to appoint allies to posts, worrying too much power is in her hands. So come Thanksgiving, a conversation to hold with Mrs Pelosi, may be about Squantos, fertilizer, Paul and his Nevada corporation, refocusing the conversation of how a tax paying team that contributes to America’s economy that brings tourism to the neighborhood and countless fans together should have developed the ire of Congress when family of the former Speaker, naming a fertilizer company after the Indian who helped Pilgrims, have gone unscathed.

For this we are thankful… balance, being fair… amen


13 Oct

READ THE STORY OF A BOY INSPIRED BY A BOOK TO GO OFF AND DISCOVER THE NEW WORLD…. http://www.centerforcopyrightintegrity.com

There is an IP(intellectual property) lesson learned from the Discovery of America…. Columbus Day is celebrated with pomp and circumstance. Marco Polo is the man least credited for the New World being found. All Marco Polo gets is a popular water game of Hide n’ Seek named after him but in the real world of exploration and adventure, there is more to the Intellectual Property story. At an age current health policies considers adults to be kids, Marco Polo, all of 17, traveled 5600 miles with his dad, Niccolo, and uncle, Matteo, to meet the grandson of Ghengis Khan. Kublai Khan was the Emperor of Hungary, Russia, Persian, North India, China and Korea. Polo was all of 17. The year was 1271. Marco Polo was considered a man.

Marco’s father and uncle had met the Emperor on one of their earlier adventures.….