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10 Aug

The role of a leader is to defend, redeem, preach and govern.

A leader cannot point the way. A teacher just can’t teach. A leader must have intuition, empathy and know how to delegate, giving guidance in a way the recipient will absorb and digest. A leader must observe, be merciful knowing when a lamb is thirsty needing to drink.

The role of a leader is to nurture. When a person leaves their faith they are as if the lamb that ran from Moses to water to drink. A person leaving their faith thirsts for meaning in life.

The true leader will walk with his protege, re-fill their depleted faith, be their defender, the ultimate sacrifice.

Moses learned a lesson in leadership. Moses faith was depleted.  Moses lacked the esteem to believe the people would hear his message.

God revealed himself. God refilled Moses depleted faith. Moses didn’t feel worthy. Moses said , “Who am I?” God said to His protege, “I will be with you.”

Moses said, “no.” Moses knew he wasn’t going to be the person to lead the Israelite in to the Promised Land.  Moses knew he wasn’t worthy. So, Moses said the people needed to be spoken to and that he, Moses, had a speech impediment.

Moses begged God to send someone else to get the job done.
Moses knew the Israelites would be exiled again. Moses knew the temple destroyed.  Moses knew the future of Israel.

So, God gave Moses a test, the burning bush. Seven days, seven nights, Moses resisted that test that teaches us that while leaders can be born, Leaders can be made, that a true leader takes a lifetime of tutoring, the Leadership lesson from Moses .



15 Feb

Its not a Bobby Flay thing nor an east coast – west coast competition of Who Does It Best (Yay Team COFFEE BEAN- BH CA) it’s a hidden secret in coffee klatches and devotees of the JAVA. It’s COFFEE FEST where baristas come together to show who can best design a Java Jot –drawing in to the Brew, coffee that is. Though Beer is dominating the Home Front scene when it comes to what people can do in their backyards, JAVA joints continue to pop up inexplainably on corners Starbucks does not dominate. Winners of TWO categories have been announced BEST ESPRESSO & BEST COFFEE HOUSE. A recent pop up in DC is BOURBON COFFEE devoted to homeland country beans not talked about on MSNBC or other shows pushing stocks. A BOURBON barista dished on home growing coffee trees from which beans are harvested in flavors unknown YET stateside. Coffee joints like BAKED & WIRED dominate floured hands down the coffee scene in that their key ingredient to success is sticking to what they know- CUPCAKES, SOCCER MOM BARS, OMG Bars, QUICHES and baristas that travel to compete locally and nationally in COFFEE designing Latte in to Sepia. BAKED & WIRED is leading the pack on coffee hangouts cutting out WIFI to discourage Internet squatters setting up offices in seats that could have cash paying backsides occupying until the last drop is drunk. COFFEE FEST NEW YORK takes place March 8-10 at the JacobJavitsCenter off the West Side Highway.  www.facebook.com/coffeefest  THE-REPORT-CARD  http://www.carriedevorah.wordpress.com