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28 Sep

Harry Reid made his point government looming shutdown in the Budget Debate – four words- THE LAW OF THE LAND. Nevada’s Tax Haven makes Harry’s Laws different from the Land.

The law of America is to pay taxes and to cooperate with the IRS. Nevada is one of two states that wont share information with the IRS. Nevada is one of a few states that is a magnet for corporations layering shell corporations Nevada holds its state to a different authority. Harrys. As far back as 2006, Congress was holding hearings into Harry’s Home State (http://www.keytlaw.com/irs/061114test.htm). The difference between 2006 and 2013, it takes seconds on line to support that Harry has been playing Houdini with monies that should be making AMERICA’s bottom line healthier rather listen to Harry’s Home State commercials, ‘What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.” Not anymore- courtesy of proponents of the Free Internet, administration, Search Engines and ISPs.

The vitriol of the politics is unsustainable. People are being scared to death. The Talking Points on Cspan and other shows has become vile. Legislators get on and slam colleagues. Callers in repeat the same nonsense being repeated show to show to show. There isn’t much to argue with when documents that were filed are put forth.

So, concurrent to the conversation of Technology hiding billions, domestically and/or overseas, and the conversation about Bitcoins, the newest con game in town, the Usual Suspects: Nevada, Delaware, Texas and California including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle and a few unexpected diamonds…

Heads of Google? Facebook? Microsoft? Apple? Taking people’s Intellectual Property? Democrats. NOT Conservatives yet both companies have all types of people working there point being the decision to take people’s private information and sell it isn’t a Right Wing Conspiracy.

Google- home state Senator Feinstein and Boxer. Same for Facebook, both of whom have Corporations filed as Foreign Entities in Nevada, Texas and Delaware, Safe Harbors they hide behind in their effort to avoid paying for the coming Judicial Decisions for Rocking The Rico and Abuse of Fair Use. 38 Hits for Google in Delaware. 11 Hits for Google in Texas. 14 Hits in Nevada (give or take a few in each state).  Microsoft? Washington state- Patty May. Apple? Home state- Cupertino, California.

Facebook- home state Senator Feinstein and Boxer. 3 Hits in Nevada, 9 Hits I Delaware including Facebook Beirut LLC/Payments/Services/Investor Group/Operations/Global Holdings. In California, home state? 3 Hits. Facebook Payments/Sales and Inc. Texas? 3 Hits. And the fun fact that Facebook is homed in CA at 1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park.

Microsoft Network LLC, a Washington State (Patti May) mailing address claims a State of Formation in Delaware (Joe Biden) and has a Texas Taxpayer number yet failed to register am SOS Registration Date, Registered Agent name or Registered office address. (https://ourcpa.cpa.state.tx.us/coa/servlet/cpa.app.coa.CoaGetTp?Pg=tpid&Search_Nm=microsoft%20&Button=search&Search_ID=30119174875)

In the state of Nevada, 1.17% tax is supposed to be collected on gross wages with payroll over what used to be $62,500, slightly hard to do if the Foreign Entity doesn’t make that Declaration.

Nevada has beacoup Registered Agents some of who are national companies. The Corporation Trust Company of Nevada lists a registration of over 43,500 business entities in Nevada.  National Registered Agents, Inc of NV  represents 19,275 entities. Nevada Corporate Planners Inc register over 5395 companies. Some like Braemar represent only two. It seems the Apple does not fall far from its genre.  United States Corporation Agents, Inc. lists 23,670 foreign corporations, a few of which are Squanto LLC, an active corporation listed at 2269 Chestnut Street in San Francisco CA 94123. Managing member? Paul Francis Pelosi Jr.


) Natural Blue Resources listed out of Santa Fe New Mexico at the adress of 200 W Devargas St 7, 87501, with Paul Pelosi Jr, (president and secretary) affiliated with DATAMEG CORPORATION out of Delaware; Petrus Capitol Holdings one of two Business entities under registered agent “SERGIO ADAMI”, and the other, TISQUANTUM FERTILIZER COMPANY INC. (http://nvsos.gov/SOSEntitySearch/CorpDetails.aspx?lx8nvq=1hZILBjyWFb%252bvSKGOs%252b6Cw%253d%253d&nt7=0) According to (http://www.trademarkia.com/squantos-secret-fertilizer-85163214.html)

On Thursday, October 28, 2010, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for “Squanto’s Secret Fertilizer” by Tisquantum Fertilizer Company Inc   Henderson, NV 89052. The USPTO has given the “Squanto’s Secret Fertilizer” trademark serial number of 85163214. The current federal status of this trademark filing is ABANDONED- no statement of its use was filed.The correspondent listed for “Squanto’s Secret Fertilizer” is Tisquantum Fertilizer Company Inc    of 2850 W Horizon Ridge Parkway Suite 200, Henderson Nevada, 89052, . The “Squanto’s Secret Fertilizer” trademark is filed in the category of “Chemical Products.” The description provided to the USPTO for “Squanto’s Secret Fertilizer” is Fertilizers. The owner of US Trademark No. 85163214, include Tisquantum Fertilizer Company, Inc   Inc and the “other” company registered  by Sam Adami, being, Petrus Capital Holdings Inc. On  October 28, 2010, the trademark, Squantos Secret Fertilizer was filed. The trademark was accepted on April 19 2011.  January 16 2012, the trademark was abandoned.

The Registered Agent, Secretary and Treasurer of Tisquantum Fertilizer Company Inc, as of 2013, according to the online Nevada Department of Corporations, are Adami. Paul F Pelosi is listed as a Director in 2013. The company president is Xu Hu. A director of the company is Paul F Pelosi. The given adress for all is 2830 W HORIZON RIDGE PKWY, Henderson NV 89052.

The irony of the trademark, albeit abandoned, Squantos Secret Fertilizer is named after an Indian, whose other name was, shock, Tisquantum, the name of the company Paul F was listed as director of in 2013. Tisquantum born, died and buried in Massachussets (Burial Hill, Plymouth, MA) must be rolling over in his grave to be so dishonored with a Fertilizer Company named after him. Tisquantum was the Native American who assisted the Pilgrims after their first winter in the New World and was integral to their survival, according to Wikipedia. If Paul Pelosi can sit as a Director on a company for Fertilizer in 2013 then surely Dan Snyder wont be slammed anymore for a the historic name of his football team.


Natural Blue Resources, Inc., a development stage company, engages exploration, acquisition, and development of various interrelated ‘green’ businesses, including waste stream recycling, plastic and steel recycling, and a ‘print responsibly’ business segment that would use recycled printing processes both online and in the traditional print process. Subsidiaries The company’s principal direct or indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries include EcoWave, LLC a Delaware limited liability company (EcoWave) and Natural Blue Steel, Inc., a Delaware corporation (NBS). (http://corp.delaware.gov/pdfs/whycorporations_english.pdf)

Delaware posts to its website “More than 1,000,000 business entities have their legal home in Delaware including more than 50% of all U.S. publicly-traded companies and 64% of the Fortune 500. Businesses choose Delaware because we provide a complete package of incorporation services including modern and flexible corporate laws. Delaware offers remote agents (http://www.corp.delaware.gov/remoteagts.shtml)”

EcoWave holds the worldwide, excluding the Republic of Korea, use and manufacturing license to patents and technology rights for waste treatment using microwave technology. Kaleida Eco Ventures, Inc. (Kaleida) is licensing the technology for use in waste treatment plants located in Korea. Kaleida is the manufacturer of the equipment which EcoWave intends to market and sell. It is intended that EcoWave would sell waste treatment equipment into which is incorporated a proprietary process to third parties who would treat waste. In December 2009, EcoWave purchased the pilot unit necessary to allow EcoWave to facilitate a hand review of the process and establish small scale residual processing. Natural Blue Steel The company has formed NBS to operate in the recycled steel market. The company, through NBS, intends to make arrangements for the purchase and subsequent resale of recycled steel, through the acquisition of abandoned buildings, which it would demolish to recover and sell the scrap steel. NBS’ principal product and service would be the identification and procurement of recycled steel predominantly from old warehouses throughout North America and then the dismantling, cutting, and transporting of scrap steel to its end customer. History Natural Blue Resources, Inc. was founded in 2009..

Nevada incorporators claim Nevada provides a layer of privacy and anonymity.

Banks are supposed to contact Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to verify you’re not on a “watch list” before you open an account.  OFAC is a department within the US Treasury of which the IRS is the collection arm. While the Nevada Secretary of State doesn’t collect stockholder information, corporations and LLC’s must file for a state business license, fill out the application asking for names, addresses, date of birth and the SSN of all the owners, and pay a $100 fee.   (http://nevadavirtualoffice.com/Nevada_irs_information_sharing_agreement.htm)Nevada Virtual Information says Harry’s state of Nevada sells their information to clearinghouses.  “These data firms sell their data to ChoicePoint.  This company provides data mining and database services to the IRS.”  NVO advises companies, if you want your information NOT sold… grin… be nice to Wild Shot Cheney in that his home state of Wyoming doesn’t sell corporation information nor  collect stockholder data either.  IRS employees know how to use the internet and can log unto the NV Secretary of State website. But when Registered Agents have thousands of foreign corporations they represent, the time needed to go through each and every Registered Agent clients is daunting.

The jump to dump DOCS has been the best and the worst thing in the history of the world. A stalker can find a target; the IRS only needs to search “CASH” “Food” and a zipcode.” Harry had his Department of Corporations put their database on line, as did Nancy Pelosi, Patty May, and every other leader, Senate, House, Republican or Democrat, black, white, pink, immigrant born or native son. The IRS will be raking bucks in chasing people down. Every brother, mother and well intentioned customer just wanting to give a Shout Out on YELP to their FAVE has become a blogger. It was just a matter of timing Harry’s Home State of Nevada would be outed by his own words, THE LAW OF THE LAND, a brief history of which is at the end of this piece.    

The anger heard from the people is being misdirected. The people’s anger should be launched at Legislators who came so ill prepared to this debate with poor research provided by staff. IF this is about the people then Patty May owes her constituents an apology for knowing her whale is swimming in Harry’s and Joe’s and other states ponds when those diverted Tax Dollars are needed back home. As should Governor Jerry Brown be slamming his constituents for hoarding money in every political duckout pillow when Home State needs a handout.

As for Texas, Ted- 21 hours is to be applauded, black sneaker et al but the point would have been better made having a staff who figured this out and given you the millions of corporations names hiding in Delaware and Nevada to make the point, there IS money and Harry, Nancy, Joe (and Texas, Wyoming, etc) are hoarding the caching that will even out America’s bottom line. Put the Bucks Data before the people? Mr. Obama is always wanting people to tell him what to do…. The Internal Revenue Service will be doing just that. Be nice to them. Quoting the USPTO, ‘we dont write the laws, we just enforce what Legislators write.’ The IRS is in lockstep with Mr. Obama as enforcement for Data Gathering on who has how much, have they paid, insured and all is the IRS is supposed to bird dog bag to the President. Watch, more ‘Manchins’ whose home states are hurting will come on board the Back The Budget and Get Off The Obamacare train…. Remember… courtesy, Google, Facebook, et al? The IRS is watching you and you and you and you… And reconsider, staff who should have done this digging and ‘reporters’ when what Legislators really need are damn good investigators who look beyond headlines even Legislators have resorted to citing as inspiration…

So to Recap with a bit of Taxes History Lesson Courtesy of the IRS. Think about Squanto at Thanksgiving time. Consider this his gift, round two. Squanto met the English ship the Mayflower when it  landed, in 1620, on the shores inhabited by the Pokanoket. It was Squanto who welcomed the newcomers and taught them how to survive. When the harvest was gathered, the Pilgrims and Indians feasted together–a tradition that continues hundreds of years later.


1862 – President Lincoln signed into law a revenue-raising measure to help pay for Civil War expenses. The measure created a Commissioner of Internal Revenue and the nation’s first income tax. It levied a 3 percent tax on incomes between $600 and $10,000 and a 5 percent tax on incomes of more than $10,000.

1872 – Income tax repealed.

1909 – President Taft recommended Congress propose a constitutional amendment that would give the government the power to tax incomes without apportioning the burden among the states in line with population. Congress also levied a 1 percent tax on net corporate incomes of more than $5,000.

1913 – As the threat of war loomed, Wyoming became the 36th and last state needed to ratify the 16th Amendment. The amendment stated, “Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” Later, Congress adopted a 1 percent tax on net personal income of more than $3,000 with a surtax of 6 percent on incomes of more than $500,000. It also repealed the 1909 corporate income tax. The first Form 1040 was introduced.

1918 – The Revenue Act of 1918 raised even greater sums for the World War I effort. It codified all existing tax laws and imposed a progressive income-tax rate structure of up to 77 percent.

1919 – The states ratified the 18th Amendment, barring the manufacture, sale or transport of intoxicating beverages. Congress passed the Volstead Act, which gave the Commissioner of Internal Revenue the primary responsibility for enforcement of Prohibition. Eleven years later, the Department of Justice assumed primary prohibition enforcement duties.

1931 – The IRS Intelligence Unit used an undercover agent to gather evidence against gangster Al Capone. Capone was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to 11 years.

1942 – The Revenue Act of 1942, hailed by President Roosevelt as “the greatest tax bill in American history,” passed Congress. It increased taxes and the number of Americans subject to the income tax. It also created deductions for medical and investment expenses.

1952 – President Truman proposed his Reorganization Plan No. 1, which replaced the patronage system at the IRS with a career civil service system. It also decentralized service to taxpayers and sought to restore public confidence in the agency.

1953 – President Eisenhower endorsed Truman’s reorganization plan and changed the name of the agency from the Bureau of Internal Revenue to the Internal Revenue Service.

1961 – The Computer Age began at IRS with the dedication of the National Computer Center at Martinsburg, W.Va.

A picture is worth a thousand words. ENOUGH of saying the Republicans are elitist and 1%. Not one of the documents below is from a company headed by a Republican…. The scans below are worth millions in much needed tax dollars and NOW you know why I am Wild About Harry…. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage




8 Sep

I keep telling people in the Capitol that everything I needed to learn about International Politics I learned from International Horseracing. By the time I landed in DC, I had a perspective I havent see experts here necessarily have. Understanding the relationship of the UK to the East, well, childs play after a romp through racing in the blended worlds of the Three Strains. Three strains? That is a conversation for over Coffee or behind closed doors but the photos should make things a bit easier for Legislators to “get” a bit more of relationships that Military experts arent able to explain… so in the realm of a picture is worth A Thousand Words….

PHOTO ONE: Sheikh Maktoum At The Rowley Mile

PHOTO TWO: Sheikh Maktoum At The Racing Festival Acknowledging His Tribal Constituents By Waving The Chiefs Esteemed Leaders Staff In Above His Head And Above His People (and the cute stewardesses, cameramen, hot lights….. bringing the New Century back into the Ancient Culture of Tribes….. are we seeing it yet? … It is the New World on Old Terms … and horses…..


EIKHMOHAMMEDwavinghiscaneafterENDURANCERIDEpresentations for blog


14 Aug

(c) Carrie Devorah May be cited. May be used under License

Jim’s Crystal City is getting Ping Pocketed by DC. In all fairness to Jim, he probably doesn’t know Arlington taxes are crossing the Potomac each time a Sprint or other cell carrier is being paid. But they are.

In all fairness most customers don’t either unless they look past the DUE amount and read the surcharges. In all fairness, most customers don’t read the surcharges on their Telecom bills. Not only is it painful to shell out more money for reasons unexplained or necessary in light of Obamaphones being distributed to persons who at times get multiples they ‘fair-share’ maybe even sell but for sure support Carlos Slim whose wallet is getting fatter one Obamaphone at a time.

What is sure is this? One constituent of Jim’s caught the Tax Theft to DC and got back $13.20 of a $69.20 ‘surcharge’ which included DC, the District of Columbia in the wrap up.

IF YOU CAN FIND Sprint Surcharges where they are hidden under “Details” and if the link is clicked, the consumer Sprint’s Monthly statement reads: “Sprint Surcharges are rates we choose to collect from you to help defray costs imposed on us. Surcharges are not taxes on you or amounts we are required to collect from you by law. Surcharges, other charges incurred to recover costs associated with governmental programs and certain taxes associated with government programs and certain taxes imposed upon Sprint. The amounts and certain taxes associated with governmental programs, and certain taxes imposed upon Sprint. The amounts and the components used to calculate Surcharge amounts are subject to change. Federal-Univ Serv Assess LD Federal-Univ Serv Assess Non-LD District of Columbia State-911
Surcharge District of Columbia State-Telecom Serv Tax Administrative Charge Regulatory Charge
TOTAL DUE [ make a payment ]

No wonder this crucial bill segment is hidden. “…rates WE CHOOSE to collect…” “…to help defray costs imposed on us…” “… other charges incurred to recover costs…” “…associated with governmental programs…” “…. Certain taxes associated with government programs…”

Need more be said…. Actually, yes….

Sprint Corporation (S) -NYSE
Prev Close: 7.01
Open: 7.07
Bid: 6.99 x 6600
Ask: 7.00 x 23000
1y Target Est: 7.28
Beta: N/A
Next Earnings Date: 21-Oct-13S Earnings announcement
Day’s Range: 6.96 – 7.10
52wk Range: 5.61 – 7.26
Volume: 7,669,265
Avg Vol (3m): 42,562,600
Market Cap: 21.15B
P/E (ttm): N/A
EPS (ttm): -1.44
Div & Yield: N/A

Its not about Customers, its about bottom lines. Sprint’s has been saggin’ a while. And the District’s? Well,…. cant say anymore about how sad the Seat of Government has become with one Legislator crisis after another.

The explanation from Sprint was, well, should have been a Jay Leno intro… “Did you hear the one about the Arlington taxes that crossed the Potomac into Vince Gray’s constituency? Just like his shadow campaign… now you see the taxes in DC and now you don’t see them in Virginia…”

Sprint Customer Service Person #1 gave was the signal searches for a tower to PING from. Since Arlington is close to DC, given the choice of towers, the signal PING’d DC’s. Grin. I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you. Sprint states it doesn’t profit from PING taxes on cell phone bills. Sprint says the Tax money flows through to DC. Arlington County Virginia has 220,565 residents. Crystal City has around 11,000 residents and approxiametly 30,000 transient workers. Adressing the telecom carrier Sprint only at this time, this is potentially alot of revenue lost to Virginia, no telling how far back the river jumping of Tax Dollars to DC has been going on.

Is this JUST a Virginia/DC issue. Most likely not. Is it a tower issue? Most likely not. Is it just an America problem? Not in a global economy with Markets & Mergers happening as quick as a blink of an eye. It is an everywhere problem of lack of oversight all the way down from Congress to the Constituent.

How would a legislator or local BID or mayor find out if their tax dollars are being PING POCKETED by telecom carriers or other jurisdictions?


A- Random sampling & B- Approach & C- Determination A(i) Pick 3-9 residents in each of your jurisdictions A(ii)Determine where the Cell Towers are in your jurisdiction A(iii) Determine where the Cell Towers are in your bordering jurisdictions

B(i) Annoint your 3-9 Constituents “rockstars” B(ii) Your “Rockstars” will provide you their cell phone bill SURCHARGE SECTION for a period of (moving forward) 6 months B(iii) Your “Rockstars” will provide you their cell phone bill SURCHARGE SECTION for a period of (moving backward) 6 months, if needed 12 months, if needed 18 months (you get the point. Bills go back without charge for 18 months)

C(i) If determining your Constituents tax monies have been passed forward to another jurisdiction, you will connect to that jurisdiction to determine if they are losing tax dollars too
C(ii) Reach across the state line to others to determine Patterns (call me but not on your land line to lay this out for you…wink… Sprint makes big bank on land to cell calls racking up overage charges in no time at all)

D(i) Call for Congressional Oversight by the FCC and the Energy & Commerce Committee D(ii) Make sure EACH AND EVERY TAX DOLLAR overcharged to another District, county or state goes Directly back to the Consumer. NO. Lawyers are not needed neither are class action suits

E- for edification sake, ask your constituents E(i) do they receive their monthly statement by mail or by email
E(ii) do they read their monthly statement cover to cover (determined if is a snail mail bill or an email) E(iii) do they read their email bill or just follow the Payment Prompts and pay without reading the small print E(iv) have they ever read their online bill from beginning to end
E(v) do they want a simpler one page bill online or did they like it better when the bills came by mail…. (rooting for the USPS)

F- thank your “rockstars” publicly- McDonalds, anyone?

Legislators, just don’t get caught with your pants down getting PING POCKETED…. again

THE ANAGRAM OF STELA IS STEAL (E&C roundup June 2013):

23 Jul

Congressman Joe Barton leaned in to his microphone. He shared the humanity of a legislators life in a city where often legislators are painted as less than humane. But legislators doing their constituent’s work- need housing here, in the Capitol, and there, wherever back home is. Multiple residences means multiple costs of services replicated in each home, as Barton’s case may be, in each state and county. Three homes means three cable bills. As Mr. Barton pointed out, cable doesn’t come cheap these days. Do the Congressional math- $200 a pop times three equals $600, a hefty price, when service options are restricted by Cable providers to package options, each pricier than the other, bundled with programming options along with the one show, or two, customers like Barton want. 

The hearing, a second on STELA, held by the Energy & Commerce Committee, was coincidental to the Cable Industry Gala the night before. Hearing witness Amy Tykeson, CEO of Bend Broadband was congratulated for being inducted into the Cable Industry Hall of Fame. How nice to save an industry travel costs back and forth to the Capitol.

Chairman Upton opened the hearing making an understatement in a world where technology changes day to day. Upton said to hearing attendees that the video marketplace changed since STELA, the Satellite Television Extension and Localism, was enacted back in 1988. The E&C’s hearing was called to “Revoke” or “Revise” STELA. Recycle should be an option. Walden said, “The purpose of the law was to give the then nascent satellite industry a leg up in providing distant broadcast signals to viewers out of range of local over the air signals.” Mobile has conquered the world. Viewers in Bangladesh are receiving vimeo on mobiles. Fred Upton acquiesced “television providers are no longer new kids on the block. And cable operators, once the commanding presence in the pay TV sector, now face competition not just from satellite providers, but phone companies and the Internet as well.”

STELA’s Act may be up in 2014. The jig is up when it comes to Congress showing its failing in getting Legislation ahead of the next technological move, and the next after that, and so on. It doesn’t take rocket science to see solutions. It takes therapy. Congress must move past being their own Self Help group by admitting they are co-dependent on the wrong community as advisors- technology, corporate lobbyists and Congressional Research staff for advice- the people who walked Congress into getting caught with their pants down when it came to technology that is now running America, and the world, amok.

Fuggedaboudit when it comes to healthcare, NSA, etc. being the themes for Town Halls. Talk about the common thread in all of the issues making headlines- IP, Intellectual property- and in the headlines not being made, constituents ability to make their living based on their entrepreneurial skills. And intellect. 2D IP, intellectual property used in the content produced and disseminated by Satellite through Search Engines and ISPs and soon to be AEREO, the even newest kid on the block Farhad Manjoo of Pandeo calls “stupidest high-profile tech start-up ever launched.” (http://pandodaily.com/2012/07/14/dont-root-for-aereo-the-worlds-most-ridiculous-start-up/ )

Why is Congress stepping towards the AEREO light?

Deep pockets. Barry Diller and a “loophole in technology.” Manjoo wrote “I’m being harsh. But someone has to be. In the past few months, after Aereo was hit by insane lawsuits from the television industry, it has become something of a cause célèbre for people fighting for more progressive copyright laws. No doubt it was good to see Aereo win its first legal test this week, when a federal judge denied TV companies’ request to have the firm immediately shut down. But don’t mistake Aereo’s win as a sign of progress in copyright law or as a victory for consumers. If Aereo is successful, it will be only because it found a strange loophole in the legal thicket surrounding how we treat content. But as BuzzFeed’s John Herrman smartly points out, “loopholes aren’t a technology” just because a company has found a legal loophole does not make it a sound business idea, a sound technical idea, or a good deal for consumers. Read it and weep Congress. Read it and weep.

Just because Disney, WDIG (the Walt Disney Internet Group) sit at a table in front of you testy because Schurz Communications had  bigger ‘ones’ than Disney does. Marci Burdick, Senior V.P. of Broadcasting, Schurz Communications, Inc. did not let Ben Pyne, President Global Distribution, Disney Media Network get away with anything he attempted to set aside. Good reason. It’s a paycheck to Ben. It’s a family dynasty to Marci…”It all began in 1872 when Alfred B. Miller and Elmer Crockett founded the South Bend, Ind. Tribune. The Tribune is still the flag-ship property and family members have held editor and publisher positions at the newspaper for five generations. Schurz Communications newspapers have a long tradition of editorial excellence, technical innovation and a commitment to the highest standards for quality and excellence in journalism.” (http://www.schurz.com/about/history/)  

The hearing focus was wrongly on CEOs. Each individual is a CEO sometimes even only in their own mind. Companies start with Individuals who have ideas. Other witnesses at the table included Geoffrey Manne, Senior Fellow, TechFreedom; Mike Palkovic, Executive VP, DirectTV; Hal Singer, Managing Director, Navigant Economics and Amy Tykeson, CEO, Bend Broadband.

Legislators need to go back to the drawing board, first stepping on technology’s push for a free Internet where consumers are bundled and sold, spied upon and petrified that IF the Russians or terrorists attack, they will know how to find them- each and every member of their family and know how to torture them- forget about waterboarding- google has everyone’s lives in their storage centers, even yours Mr. Upton. A few months back Americans believed hackers were foreigners, now they know the people to fear are people living next door.

Let your constituents talk to you at Town Halls. Let them tell you how they feel about getting technology that takes away their rights to privacy, their rights to their Intellectual Property that will make their living for them. Ask them the questions your Research Committee isn’t giving you. Why? Partial reason. Your research is being done by the generation that is acting before they think or realized the same technology they are pushing Congress to move forward is the same technology that hacked and released Congressional staffers emails- Anonymously. Not. Aided and abetted by Congress’s decisions that got Legislators to where they sat that morning…. STELA- revise or revoke.

Satellite companies are here today and hair brained schemed replaced tomorrow. AEREO? Really. Customers. Customer service and where Congressman Barton got the conversation heading- customers and corporations being forced to take what they don’t want to get what they want at prices and with disclosures that change without constituents not being told about technological wizadry provided to Satellite companies in order to predict what Customers want and THEN, withholding that programming from them unless Cable packages are bought. If paying customers are the lab rats being tracked at home for Search Engines and ISPs to sell data on, the PAY THEM by bringing Google billions back from offshore and reduce customer monthly costs.

Chairman Walden said, “We have a year and a half before we must decide what action to take.” No sir. Deadline passed. E&C has no time to clawback latitudes given to the tech companies and the Behemoths in industries that are pushing competitors out of business.

In 1988, some rocket scientist put Satellite under the Judiciary because of a link being drawn IP. Remove Satellite from Maria Pallente’s jurisdiction and put it under the FTC’s Julie Brill where it belongs.  In the eye of the Search Engine and ISP content- Google model, everything is content. In the eye of the consumer, the consumer has become Search Engine and ISP content. In the eye of the realist, CONTENT is king. The consumer has lost. Especially this secretly recorded wife now, Content’ http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/07/22/man-uploads-wifes-explosive-temper-tantrum-on-youtube-one-of-them-has-reportedly-moved-out-and-filed-a-restraining-order/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=story&utm_campaign=Share+Buttons. Content has been evolved from Google Glass being worn into a Strip Club by a non frequent visitor Patrick Hill. Hill posted hi Google Glass content to youtube where it was picked up by CNET writer Chris Matyszck who then posted the link to his page and so on and son on in the evolution of Content then dispersing it http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57594982-71/get-em-off-man-gets-into-a-strip-club-wearing-google-glass/

The push for mobile was orchestrated years back. “ITS” no longer just about TV. “ITS” being sold as Freedom. The new Freedom bandwagon is mobile. Advertising was predicting mobile as the way to go. Ask Ted Leonsis of Monumental Sports. 3x more money comes from an online targeted ad then online broadcast ad traditional shotgun ad.

Mobile is a parents nightmare. Mobile devices are tricky for parents to monitor. It is a stalkers paradise. It is a Satellite consumers fear. Yes, there are stories of “call centers” overseas taking Satellite consumers Intellectual Property. Better yet, the IP and personal data thievery Congress always dumps on China is a helluva lot closer to home Fort Lauderdale Florida (www.dmnews.com/former-call-center-workers-accused-of-stealing-consumer-information/article/72133/). Facebook has been compared t oa Walled Garden. Google has been compared to a digital nudist colony. No one can cover up their nibbles & bits anymore. Kids and teens are about to learn the choices in their Internet life, they didn’t make. They were groomed- a slap in the face to the hard work former Congressman Ed Markey and Joe Barton have done to protect children’s privacy. The technological foot print children are making is being shaped by their online interacting being stalked by technology. Remember the Jim Carey movie? Where a crew behind the scene made his choices happen based upon decisions the crew notated he did before? Who would have thought we are in Jim Carey’s mind.

The problem is definitions. The problem is there are none. The problem is technology’s pot bangers are telling Congress how amazing the Emperor is looking. NSA’s data theft and teenagers making content of gang rapes of drunk teenagers should be telling Congress the Emperor has no clothes on. Dudes. Cover up.

The STELA conversation is not about looking back at “cable regulations, such as the must carry, basic tier, buy through, program carriage, program access, and set top box rules….The video market is changing rapidly. Phone companies are in the video business now, both over wires and wirelessly. Netflix is offering original programming over the Internet. And Aereo, for better or for worse, could turn everything upside down” as co-Chairman Walden said. The STELA conversation had to be about setting up a Ten Commandments that protects what made America great- Consumers rights to their Property promised by the Founding Fathers- their rights to privacy, their rights to owning their Intellectual Property OR getting paid for it, sharing in the profits Search Engines and ISPs are making from consumers while charging more and providing less in a push to prop up corporate profits. 

Congressman Murphy said these conversations never quite reach the level of the Artist who designs the logo or the website or even the uniforms and office and equipment for the doctor or professional addressed in these hearings. Michael Burgess talked about doctors and dentists offices and patient IP. Dr. Burgess- doctor-patient privacy? Used to be scotched the second your staff hits ‘Send.’ Now, the ISPs are entering computers constantly taking data, even when offline- all communities. Simplify the protection needed- everyone’s 2D IP, ID and Commerce. The worry isnt that the theft goes on but how the Internet has expedited the speed thefts are taking place. 

Footnote, Congress. On the heels of Snowden and the NSA? Stop blaming China for stealing American IP. Take a lesson from China’s example of IPR, Intellectual Property Rights courts instead of Maria’s solicitation of Small Claims as a forum to resolve IP theft. Ask which search engine gave their encryption codes away to access THAT market. Hopefully China doesn’t clue in and sue America yet for stealing Chinese Food….. And one day, may I’ll write about Bulova Watch Company IP theft from a half a decade ago or how “Tuesday is Russian Day at the USPTO. Congress, every day is Russian Day…

Congressman Horton said put one office in charge of Satellite and IP. No. Two. And they exist. The FTC and Register of Copyrights. Re-divy Satellite back to the FTC . Create IPR courts along the lines of China’s and India’s. NOW. Enforce Economic Espionage Act, Computer Hacking laws. Don’t depend on the Direct Marketing Alliance. What part of Digital and Marketing and Alliance is Congress not getting. There is no silver bullet to Media Literacy and Public citizenship.

Where did Congress get the misdirection that consumers and Moms & Pops are worth less than Mega-Witnesses like Disney who was at the table. The answer is really quite truthful- college, it seems, and from the DAA Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising (www.aboutads.info/participating) College professors created a theory that companies worth is justified by its returns to investors, obliterating the old school way of Customer Service and, most likely, the push for global expansion. Guess, most of the legislators aren’t old enough to recall the Nordstrom Model of Business. Well worth repeating. Will save the story for last.

Congressman Barton started down the conversation addressing cable subscribers paying through the nose for services they don’t want to get the one or two channels they want. Legislators must keep an eye on news back home while they are away on Capitol Hill. Options? Buy the package the satellite carrier  is selling or, as Mr. Barton said, go back to free TV.  $600 a month out of  legislators’ pockets while facing a $2000 per staffer healthcare Obama tax looming has legislators weighing their running, again.

Undiscussed during the hearing was the games cable companies play with customers beyond Program Packaging Options. Satellite companies fail to advise customers of new promotions that might drop a high bill to $89.99, with no cost for the package switch. Companies like Comcast don’t tell relocating customers their monthly fee might be changed by the satellite company without the customer being told. Customers are not advised $20 credits are available if techs are late or fail to show. Customers are not told when Plans expire the company picks the Plan customers are renewed in to, without notice or permission. Nor are customers told they are subsidizing cable for people who live in rural America IN AN INTERNET/VIMEO/AERO/SEARCH ENGINE/ISP world.

What are the norms going to be. Google Glass, a transmitter/ streamer Bathroom two men standing in one says are you ok if I wink your winkie? Democrats signaled they would prefer to reauthorize the act rather than bog it down with other issues. As it is, the Judiciary committee has to be involved in the legislation because of the interlocking copyright provision in the law.

Mobile has changed the ecosystem. Legislators, maybe it is time to say no to Hollywood. They are no longer King of Content.  Now, if someone wants to be a star, they just have to turn their flip phone on themselves in the bathroom mirror and Click. CONTENT. As legislators are learning, Gotcha moments are a reality TV show waiting to happen…

Walden is wrong. Its not about “respecting the investments of the networks that create it and the broadcasters and Pay TV companies that deliver it? “ Its about protecting the consumer who has unknowingly paid for this with the greatest price of all, loss of privacy. The chairman said “million viewers write and call Congress reminding Congress of that clause in the Constitution “about the right of Americans to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever and however they want.” GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

The key is to learn from the twenty five year old STELA Act. Keep its best as framework. It isnt the satellite industry that needs addressing. New industries continue to emerge. It is the model- Consumers and their entertainment consumption. The model has been thought through. Simple, CONSUMER v BUSINESS ENTITY. This is where the Nordstrom’s Business Model comes in to play.

And the Ten Commandments of Consumer Consumption, that Congressman Barton called a Consumers Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, well, he said “Bill of Rights For Consumers.” Hint.   No don’t do as Michael Palkovic, DirecTV’s svp of services and operations, said “make the laws smarter to reflect the 21st century video marketplace.” Do the American thing, create the Bible that stands the test of time, the framework of the country. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid- Ten Points that will protect Tablet One (Constituents) Privacy, Customers, Innovators, Data, ________, from Tablet Two (Corporate) Open Data, Notice, Simplified Contracts and Terms of Service, Algorithms, ________.

For whatever it is worth, E&C, the anagram of STELA is STEAL…


30 Jun

 The jolliest journey, always, is the road back and forth from the Capitol to Mount Vernon.Trees, green, pastoral… always, ending up in a loop around the round-about in front of George Washington’s home. There is never a need to drive fast. There is always the tendency to drive slow, after all, one is transversing history. And dont you forget that. Once upon a century, this journey made in minutes, maybe thirty of them by car, was a journey people walked or rode by horse even carriage. Today, one passes tour buses, bikers, walkers, runners, a tempting marina to pull over at. However one is getting where they are going to, they are walking on hallowed ground in historic footsteps.

 Mount Vernon has become a tour place- a must see- on a trip to DC moreso on the 4th of July.

Independence day in the 1700’s was a day of politicking, decorated with the red, white and blue of parades and picnics, politicians culminating in displays of fireworks exploding o’er the nation’s skies.

George Washington spent his last July 4th in his favorite pub in Alexandria. The Spring Gardens Tavern was enroute back to Mount Vernon from Washington DC. George and his friends supped, sang, tossing back their drinks while watching the militia parade by.

History has a way of moving forward and backwards. George Washington and history passed forward. The red brick tavern built in and around the 1780’s became a ½ acre technologically updated 4,296 sq feet historic Old Town wooden floored green shuttered 4 bedroom private home on the market, complete with woodwork, cabinets and molding, guest room, game rooms with the original brick walls, exposed beams in the kitchen, pond, flagstone paths, pool and pond priced at a paltry $4.2 million.

 That is the value of the 4th on 2013’s July….


13 Mar

Internment camps for political dissidents is nothing new for America. The US Government locked up Japanese Americans within days of Pearl Harbor. How did they know where to find the Japanese? In the US Census promoted by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. How did all that data get gathered? IBM and the Hollerith punch card machine. Hollerith was concurrently in and out of the Oval Office, dealing with the Nazis and with the Japanese. The USHM removed the Hollerith punch card machine from their permanent display after MD author Edwin Black outed the machines role in the Holocaust. Mandate in the Holocaust Museum, then became to remove all Branded/corporate labeled items. The Nazis determined the price of a human life was NOT worth the cost of a single card.

Adressing this quote, “Internment camps for political dissidents in the U.S. aren’t a conspiracy theory. The Department of Defense document entitled “INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS” or FM 3-39.40 proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt,” know that we cannot put the dragon back in the bottle. The Internet is us. We used to give up private unpublished numbers when filling out promotion cards to win cars in the shopping mall. Now, everything we are is out there and not ours- unless our legislators recognize their role in meeting with Technological (now) Giants in their office Grip & Greets and at hearings.

I filed this Comment on Orphan Works and Unauthorized Use with the United States Copyright Office
Read. Please pass it forward.

If America did not anticipate this step on Roosevelt’s footpath, then shame on historians who failed to read the writings from 60 plus years back… History repeats itself. A simple enough lesson to remember.


13 Mar

CODE OF THE WEST: Well worth seeing.

Code Of The West is a thought provoking documentary addressing the conversation of Medical Marijuana and the plethora of industry popping up around The Green. The documentary focuses on a former lobbyist who felt to make his point for the constituency he chose to lobby for was best done by becoming a Marijuana farmer MONTANA CANNABIS which he placed, coincidentally or not, on that one road to and from the Capitol so people going to politic this age old matter would see his over 900 plant farm … there… roadside. There were agendas on both sides- politicking, bread breaking, hopes raised and crushed. Stats are fed. Lines drawn in the side by activists who didn’t go to jail when three men put their money where their mouth was. One man plea bargained to avoid jail and house arrest. Another man was sentence for 80 years, not for marijuana, but for owning guns- 5 years for the first gun and 25 years for each gun after that. His worry he said was his son. With jail time being the penalty for breaking the law, one must be honest to compliment his stance or challenge any time in jail away from his son was jail time, of another sort, for his son, too.

Marijuana farming gave hope to a town collapsed by the economy. This town became the poster child for when State laws conflict with Federal laws. Here- the Feds failed the people by taking a pass. Marijuana laced muffins, cookies et al, don’t make the point of the cancer ridden woman who relied on her marijuana that gave her hope if not extended life. The law on the books ended with people being able to give marijuana but not charge of it. Last we see of her is setting out on a hundred mile drive (each way) to get her marijuana. She could no longer buy it online. Her stash ran out. So did she, living her last months back on morphine she hated. Morphine made her loopy plus. What is the answer? I don’t know. I do know the post documentary panelists advocated in ways I found issue with. One woman discovered marijuana advocacy as her life post Cato. Her brother was jailed for growing it, a minimum 5 year sentence she alleges the Judge said he had to follow allegedly disagreeing with the penalty length. And the other woman, a medical marijuana user herself moved to DC to advocate for- they seem to forget the reality is for every real need script, there will be scripts issued by doctors and other, for profit. Why is marijuana THAT PLANT the Feds and States find issue with? Give it time, Chamomile Tea may be on the docket too. Until then, a law is a law. YES, law enforcement sees Black & White in a world where people live Grey. When an adult person decides to break a Black & White law… they are playing Chicken with Law Enforcement. It isn’t a IF as to getting caught and paying the price… it is and will always be a WHEN the piper gets paid.

What struck me afterwards was the woman of faith supporter who celebrated angels and hosannas after the Bill was repealed. As shared I am conflicted in knowing pain and fearing the drugs I was prescribed and knowing I am an individual, that ALL individuals approach life differently. But as a woman of faith even I know the difference between God given and synthetic. The elderly woman who lost her cannabis and was resorted back to morphine, her face, her words stay with me as I wonder what part of faith got lost in this conversation. Why or how or who do we approach in Right over Left and God over immoral. IF that was the conversation here, then medical marijuana wins over synthetics like Oxycodone or Morphine or….

It was soon into the week of Creation, Genesis 1:11-12, that God spoke “And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, on the earth.” And it was so. The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. “ And again in Psalms 85:12 “Yes, the Lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its increase.”

If we twist the Bible for our convenience then what are we as moral people looking at… it is written in Isaiah 61:11 “For as the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to sprout up, so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to sprout up before all the nations.” Maybe what we aught to be outlawing are the pharmaceuticals but then, paraphrasing, maybe we aught to give peace pipes a chance….