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13 Dec

It starts with making calls that take days to get returned, if…..

And then when calls or texts are returned, it is at a convenience to them, their wants, their needs and desires, and then… nothing for weeks, even months until that call or text or email comes, usually a text asking to do something with them of their want, their needs and desire…..

The signs were there- promises of things that would be done, showing up on your door step at late hours ONE cup of whatever in hand, not two, one for them, one for you… ONE

There was dropping the blunt hint of wanting a specific pitch-in benefiting their life, their convenience, an inconvenience to the askee. The talk centers around their problems with their spouse, their teen, their out laws and bosses. And then there is that use of the ‘word’- the J word, the K word, the M word, the T word and the N word, non of which are used in your home or vocabulary.

Nothing is said. Women are women, timid to speak up, moreso when the offensive one is a Beztie to do things with, maybe, hopefully, for life, or almost as long, until one day, damn if it doesnt smack of Booty Call Of A Female Kind.

Women do make Booty Calls on friendships. Just like in dating men (or women), women do come in to a friend relationship making promises that dont get kept with intentions that came off great out of the chute but, over time, petered (or paul’d) out. It is dating without the sex. It still doesnt feel good to note they werent there because of you.

Know this. It isnt you. It is them. They dont have what it takes for going the long haul. When the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, they will leave you S.O.L., hangin out there on your own where you figure you are better to be, until the next potential Beztie comes along and you try again.

Booty Call Bezties chase when you pull back.

The once in a while text turns in to e-stalking. The “I dont think so” response to their texted suggestion turns into eight more texts each one a cell phone screen longer than the prior text.

Saying nothing doesnt work. Saying something isnt listened to. Late night texts after nine, their talking about their ex or other girlfriends or moms, kids and husbands, learning their week was filled with other women friends….

Don’t take it personal. It’s not you. It’s a Booty Call of a female kind. Women with testosterone. Count to ten, wait 8 weeks and keep on keeping on.633pca



22 Jan

Loretta Lynch’s nomination as US Attorney General is nothing about minutia. Loretta’s nomination hinges on Ms. Lynch being a lawyer operating under a Code Of Professional Responsibility. It’s not rocket science. It’s like being a little bit pregnant. Either someone is pregnant or they are not.

Either Ms. Lynch has upheld conducted herself under New York state Code Of Professional Responsibility or not. Yes? Thumbs up. No? Thumbs down, next, when it comes to weighing the nomination of an individual sworn to enforce the Law, when Oaths are taken along the way, and sworn to. This same benchmark applies to lawyers who become Presidents, beggaring the question, is this individual compliant with Oaths sworn to along their way.

That said, with Congress, too often, filled with lawyers warming hearing benches, and Judges, to be reminded, if their law licenses are active, alot is at stake for them, too.

Law is about Ethics not rhetoric. Congress is increasingly moreso about rhetoric not ethics nor about thinking versus tweeting.

Let’s do Loretta, here. Let us approach her nomination on an even playing field, not upon what is written online, or isn’t.

Ms. Lynch is a New York lawyer. New York lawyers are guided by Rules of Ethics, as is Attorney Eric Holder, guided by Rules of Ethics, in his case DC law, having moved from being a DC Judge in to Top Dog seat at the Department of Justice.

Ms. Lynch, as a lawyer, is answerable to 74 pages of New York Lawyer’s Code of Professional Responsibility (Updated Through December 28, 2007) (

Pages 1-4 adress the Canons:










THE PREAMBLE says The continued existence of a free and democratic society depends upon recognition of the concept that justice is based upon the rule of law grounded in respect for the dignity of the individual and the capacity of the individual through reason for enlightened self-government. Law so grounded makes justice possible, for only through such law does the dignity of the individual attain respect and protection. Without it, individual rights become subject to unrestrained power, respect for law is destroyed, and rational self-government is impossible.

Lawyers, as guardians of the law, play a vital role in the preservation of society. The fulfillment of this role requires an understanding by lawyers of their relationship with and function in our legal system. A consequent obligation of lawyers is to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. In fulfilling professional responsibilities, a lawyer necessarily assumes various roles that require the performance of many difficult tasks. Not every situation which the lawyer may encounter can be foreseen, but fundamental ethical principles are always present for guidance. Within the framework of these principles, a lawyer must with courage and foresight be able and ready to shape the body of the law to the ever-changing relationships of society. The Code of Professional Responsibility points the way to the aspiring and provides standards by which

to judge the transgressor. Each lawyer’s own conscience must provide the touchstone against which to test the extent to which the lawyer’s actions should rise above minimum standards. But in the last analysis it is the desire for the respect and confidence of the members of the profession and of the society which the lawyer serves that should provide to a lawyer the incentive for the highest possible degree of ethical conduct. The possible loss of that respect and confidence is the ultimate sanction. So long as its practitioners are guided by these principles, the law will continue to be a noble profession. This is its greatness and its strength, which permit of no compromise.”

The PRELIMINARY STATEMENT states, “The Code of Professional Responsibility consists of three separate but interrelated parts: Canons, Ethical Considerations, and Disciplinary Rules. The Code is designed to be both an inspirational guide to the members of the profession and a basis for disciplinary action when the conduct of a lawyer falls below the required minimum standards stated in the Disciplinary Rules… A lawyer should ultimately be responsible for the conduct of the lawyer’s employees and associates in the course of the professional representation of the client.”

A case being circulated against Ms. Lynch’s nomination is being approached from one POV, point of view. There is another consideration of approach to be taken far more seriously, off focus of this man. The system. Not this man. The question. How did this man come to be even of issue? Who allowed him and people like him to happen. Recall what Bernie Madoff said, they knew.

There is a legal concept called Respondeat Superior, top dog liability. As top legal beagle in New York, as a lawyer, it was/is Ms. Lynch’s responsibility to protect Main Street, knowingly or unknowingly isn’t even debatable here. The line Main Street gets from law enforcement is Ignorance of the law isn’t an allowable excuse. Even to Ms. Lynch. And, to Legislators arguing Wall Street in the House and the Senate.

Five letters. FINRA. Three letters. SRO.

The application of those eight, 8, letters here is that Ms. Lynch’s office, along with other US Attorney offices across the country have allowed Financial Crime to continue, harming Main Street. Quick tutorial. Watch the television show AMERICAN GREED. Then, next, recall what Bernie Madoff said, THEY KNEW. They? The company he worked for. FINRA.

It wasn’t until Madoff’s crimes hit the desk of an attorney, somewhere, did these crimes, repeated throughout Wall Street on unsuspecting Main Street, hit the news. Bad US Attorney. Someone should have figured this din of thieving out a lot sooner.

FINRA is a self regulating organization, which means spit. As a self-regulating organization FINRA writes By-laws, Rules and Codes of Procedure FINRA purports to bind its members too. Members? Yes. As an IRS non-profit category BUSINESS LEAGUE, same category as Chambers and football leagues, FINRA members pay FINRA money to belong. FINRA members are Brokers and Brokerages, not Investment Advisors and, most clearly, not Investors. Somehow for decades, FINRA and its predecessor the NASD, hornswaggled Investors in to believing (a) complaints against the Financial Consultant had to be addressed in FINRA arbitration/mediation and (b) that once addressed within FINRA arbitration that (i) a confidentiality agreement had to be signed so the matter was not discussed (ii) to get payment of pennies on the dollar of the stolen funds back that the Investor had to sign an agreement to have the Investors theft matter, expunged.

Expunged? Deleted. Gone. Disappear. Vamoosed. Nada. Never took place. And that is how Bernie Madoff got away with his crime, in New York for as long has he did. This is the point Ms. Lynch is accountable for, being US Attorney from 1999 – 2001 and from 2010 to present date.

It is Ms. Lynch’s Respondeat Superior to have known Financial Crimes are being expunged by FINRA without even being reported to the police. FINRA is not law enforcement. FINRA is an SRO, a self regulated organization.

Ms. Lynch’s administration did/is not issuing Alerts to Investors to file Theft/money-identity reports with the Investors local police, as their Step One. Ms. Lynch’s, and other US Attorney Generals know that without reports of Crimes being made that there cannot be an effective, fact filled data base at FINCEN, in DC.

Ms. Lynch’s administration has not sued FINRA on behalf of New York Investors conned by the Bernie Madoffs, putting FINRA out of business as an Accessory to Crimes, covering crimes and even, one could say, masquerading as Law Enforcement.

In one matter, FINRA determined there was no wrongdoing when documents detail a decade of Identity Theft, Money Theft and Digital Trespassing, even Spoilation of Documents. Gets better, the name of an employee of JP Morgan is all over 800+ PDFs that FINRA determined would not be passed forward to law enforcement. THESE crimes take place daily, damaging to the bottom line fiscal health of Main Streeters. This is a question Ms. Lynch must answer to. “I didn’t know” is not the answer. In fact, that these behaviours continue to infect, is a disqualifier to Ms. Lynch’s nomination. But it gets better.

FINRA is not a forum for Investors within which to adress complaints against Investment Advisors. Yet, someone FINRA does mislead Investors in to believing FINRA is the forum to adjudicate this matter. Ms. Lynch should have caught this, and, most important, Ms. Lynch should have caught the fact that FINRA, aside from being a forum for Brokers and Brokerage disputes, should not be conducting Arbitrations, period. Arbitration disputes are to be compliant with the FAA, the Federal Arbitration Act. The FAA requires the host forum to be neutral. In that FINRA, is collecting dues from its members, and Investors are not FINRA members, this alone is something Ms. Lynch should have known, taking steps to shut down all FINRA locations in New York state, and, well, yup, put people taking part in this con in jail, from the ground floor to the penthouse suite. Like police officers tell drivers exceeding the speed limit hidden by a tree branch in front of the sign, “Ignorance is no excuse…, you should have known.”

Ms. Lynch, even Eric Holder should know.

You see if Ms. Lynch had been doing her job, officers on the beat would have been too busy to bother with Eric Garner. Ask ten cops…. Given the choice between the perp on the street or a financial white collar criminal like Bernie Madoff or the dozens upon dozens of Fiduciary Robbery stories filling the news and shows like American Greed, which the officer would rather pursue? The cops answer in a heartbeat. They would the Big Cons, so technically, in a way, by ignoring FINRA and the Criminals FINRA covers up for, one could say, as Respondeat Superior, Ms. Lynch had a hand in Eric Garner’s death.

There are the lawyers filling FINRA offices across America that Ms. Lynch should be looking in to, Lawyers representing Claimants and Lawyers representing Respondents and even Lawyers serving as Arbitrators and Mediators in FINRA DRS forums. As officers of the Court, they are required to uphold laws they are bound to in their state of Licensing or, the State the Lawyer argues a case before FINRA without being licensed in that State.

How these Lawyers get away with these crimes is simple. No one checks. No one in FINRA makes the Lawyer document to the State the FINRA matter is being argued, first by mail/email/fax with FINRA case managers in Boca Raton, Florida. No one in the State of Arbitration requires lawyers to affix their Bar Number to a paper, mitigating incidents of practicing law without licenses.

No one addresses that fact that forced Arbitration has become the shoe horn FINRA and its dues paying members use to wedge Investor complaints in to FINRA’s forum, something best looked at as being a Vegas environment- what goes on in FINRA, stays in FINRA- again, aiding to abetting Crimes not being reported to FINCEN and local Law Enforcement or US Attorneys across the United States of America, the jurisdiction Ms. Lynch will be overseeing if Ms. Lynch’s nomination goes through.

The US Constitution guarantees every man his day in Court. Somewhere along the way, a judge or group of them got together to create their Golden Parachute Post Retirement, called Arbitration. Arbitrations hide data. FINCEN needs data to understand Crimes hurting Main Street.

FINRA does not release names of its Arbitrators to the Public. FINRA does not report the Arbitration ruling records of its Arbitrators to the Public. FINRA does not release a data base of award sizes either. In a world where Google has everyone’s lives on line, somehow one wishes Edward Snowden or Anonymous would release this data hidden from the public, data that would be published publicly if that matter had been allowed to be adjudicated in the Halls of Justice.

Ms. Lynch’s redemption can be in promising to shut FINRA down, to offer Main Street investors their opportunity to have their matters undone to receive the Justice denied. Ms. Lynch’s redemption would be in holding accountable FINRA involved Parties to the same standard of Main Street.

Ms. Lynch’s redemption can be in apologizing. “I didn’t know” isn’t acceptable. Stating “I failed you” is, along with taking steps against lawyers who misled Investment clients in to FINRA forums the lawyers knew their Client should never had been in.

Oh, there is one more thing, Ms. Lynch might address, using the New York Committee overseeing lawyers as her homecourt example. A person bringing a complaint against a New York lawyer is not protected by a Whistle Blower kind of law. A person reporting a New York lawyer must be given Privacy, Invisibility while the Complaint is being addressed, reserving their option of being named publicly, if the Department determines merit to the Complaint. The New York Committee immediately sends the name and contact information of the Complainant to the lawyer, exposing the Complainant to blackmail, threats even extortion by the lawyer. Allegedly, no such protection exists in the oversight written by the New York State of Appeals. Ms. Lynch should have picked up on this along time earlier, knowing that exposing Whistle Blowers will give Complainants pause to say nothing. Nada. Never.

Ms. Lynch is bound to the same Code of Ethics as all other New York and American lawyers, as is Eric Holder bound by DC Ethics, as a lawyer, in issues such as Fast and Furious ( . It is by these standard Ms. Lynch’s nomination should be judged. Not on minutia. Respondeat Superior.

Minutia can be distracting. Stick to the facts. Stick to the laws Professional licenses are issued under. The domino effect is tremendous upon lawyers in the field, getting the message Lawyers are not bound to their Codes of Ethics. Law students will get the message crime does pay. And Main Street will walk away stating, ‘we knew it all the time.’ Law is theater where the best performance wins.

LURE OF THE DRAGON LADY (c) Carrie Devorah :

7 Feb

src=”” alt=”DRAGON LAIR copy post” width=”274″ height=”67″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3623″ />

LURE OF THE DRAGON LADY (c) Carrie Devorah :

Anagrams happen.

So do myths. So do….. dragons. So do dragons leathered in blacks of heart.

So do illusions. As it turned out, it was nothing more than that. Bitch. An elegant one. Or so it seemed until the Dragon Lady sat before the Tribunal of her peers. Her leather? Gone. Her hair askew as if to suggest the night prior was filled with debauchery and lawlessness. The perfection of her cream white skin was replaced with puffery. The red of her dress could not cover the black of her heart.

Beauty they say beauty is skin deep. It is. Evil eats away at perfection from the inside out.

The Dragon Lady’s victim watched as illusion was chipped away one lie at a time. Tribunals answer to their Lord, Greed, Master over his own fiefdom with disdain for the very people the Dragon Lady plucks life from.

She is one of theirs.

Even before the Dragon Lady entered the Tribunal’s court, she was victor. She knew that. They knew that. The flaunting of her sagged aging breasts was, well, unnecessary other than for to tease the Tribunal, aged men fearing death. Angered at life they cannot control, the Tribunal take wrath out on victims unsuspecting of the Dragon Lady’s stealth. She leaned in, knowing what she chose to believe were supple breasts of her youth long gone, were still a tease to the Tribunals. Sly, she watched as the Chairman looked then away looked then away looked then cleared his throat. The Dragon Lady knew, as middle aged as her teats were, the Tribunal coveted them. Tragic when old whores play tart.

It was a display of sloth.

The Dragon Lady’s victim sat. In the first instant, she knew all was lost. The next four days were to be nothing more than charade, a performance of protocol.

Another day. Another victim deceit lured to the lair of the Dragon Lady.

It was night.

It was dawn.

It was mourning.

She stood at the edge. Blackness swirled below. It was in the hands of the Gods. Eyes closed her face turned upwards. Thoughts gone. There were no goodbyes. There was no one. The warriors she had turned to in the past themselves turned out to be false gods. She knew they knew she was a force. Once they tasted of her honey, they were gone on to lower vibrations that made them feel to be the men they knew inside they weren’t. Her potency scared them. It did not scare her. She did not see it until now that is. Looking in to the mirror the girl inside did not recognize the elder woman looking back, sad eyes not quite soulless. There had been nothing more to lose. She knew that in sending out winged messages of hope disguised as cries for help, without tears, without pain, without words. Boxed.

She was worn.

Embracing the spirit of warriors before, the women, she cloaked her innocence. And stood. Her insides calling up the Great Ones for guidance, there, on the edge. The warriors before her were faceless, nameless, breathless. Long gone. But their history wrote the path that pulled her to the edge. She had no lasting memories of how she arrived here. None.

Sweet peace, she stepped off. Free falling, all was gone.

Silence. The pure coolness of wind against her face was delicious. In this moment. In others, it stung as whipping as the wind in a tempest. Eyes tight. Chin tilted up. The flame of her hair whipped and tossed. Letting go, letting God, she felt the distance between her and the sworling darkness magnify. Off the edge, granted her greatness she never knew her of before.

The lure of the Dragon Lady was the mother’s milk of evil- desperation in a time of need. She was not in the Dragon Lady’s lair by accident. It was be design. She learned this after, much much after. Once upon a time their world was a world of blessing where things were what they appeared to be. That was gone. Each day was a battle unseen until it was too late. Others had come to the edge, plummeting in to the darkness below. How it was that she soared, she had no answer. That said, she never had answers just inimitable survival engrained. In her heart rung hollow words she lifted others with telling them ‘let the decision make itself. Decisions that make themselves, from your inside of heart, not from the head, are the decisions that make the moving forward, afterward, easier…’ These words worked for her in moving forward after the murder of her brother.

That is why she soared. She was in peace. The others hearts were heavy with regret even hate. They plummeted. The Angels would come. She knew. She looked left. She looked right. She was not alone. She was carried. Blue Angels lifted her higher. A smile began to cross her face. The grip tightening her eyes loosened as the sky she transversed lightened. From darkness to light. The Gods beckoned.

She did not recognize the sound she was hearing. It was coming from insider of her. It was laughter. The absence of joy had been that long. Like crystal bells being rung.

8 weeks she was told to embrace with patience had begun. 8 weeks. She soared. The beginning of the end was begun.

She had drifted with difficulty away from temptations. Joba was a deacon of the Tribunal. She had shaken her sensibilities seeing the image of his spawn standing, father’s message in hand. The child was thin. Tall. Sullen. She could only guess it was Joba’s journeys that left a child without a childhood. She understood why Joba saw no culpability in her journey to the edge. She was not his child. She was grown and she could not comprehend. How could a child understand there are those who live off pieces of hate and pieces of love but never the whole pie in one place.

As she rose buoyed by the winds, the tethers that tied her felt unleashed. She knew her journey. She knew her path. She knew for the first time that being led throughout her life had been into a maze beset with challenges, though she survived, barely. Her devotion to her man cubs was cut. For the first time, she was she. She knew her journey. From inside.

She felt the quiet. She knew there was motion. It, everything, was a leap of faith the steps taken set a ball in motion that would reach the Dragon Lady. In time. There is something to be said for silence, for moving beneath the height of the grass in the meadows below. Stealth. It trumps avarice. It trumps fraud.

It made no sense
It made no sense how the forces pulled her to doors in to portals
where she had not known before but that said as she entered things
happened. Others called it magic. Some said it was her way, a child
chosen. For what escaped her, her days were always dark w adventure she did not want. It found her.

It came to her. She was the star child the last of a miracle and her challenger was Pythia self professed priestess, she declared, who held court with the Oracles at Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Pythia took the name comes from Python, the dragon was slain by Apollo.

Pythia declared self to be the channel for Apollo’s will to those on earth, taking the question and sacrifice believers would make to the male priest then taken by Pythia, astride her bronze triped in the inner chamber of Apollo’s Temple. Pythia’s word that in the adytum, she was overcome in to her trance, imbued with the spirit of Apollo, was believed by those needing prophecy to inspire. Some Pythia’s trance was from chewing laurel leaves or from vapors rising from below Apollo’s Temple. Or not real at all but intended to decieve believers in to parting with their treasure. Pythia craved treasure. Others. Believers were unsuspecting of the male priest. After all, how could a priest appointed by the Gods be anything less than a priest appointed by the Gods. If only they knew. False gods. False gods come wrapped in the skin of snakes as was the tripod Pythia sat upon, herself like a snake, charming, cold with ice waters running through her veins, unlike her challenger, true of heart, warm blood coursing throughout.

This battle was chosen. She, the young one, had not volunteered. Life, destiny, had conscripted her. Again, as before, her journey had been written in her future, before she was born. The writing had been stopped from her but what it said was real.Icon 8. In a world of water. Gold.

Reset. She was chosen. If you are one of us, she was told, there is not worry if you might fail. She could never fail. She kept tokens. Along the way, she captured parts of her enemies that were indefensable to deny. She did worry, if the question was who to believe, her or them, men whose promises seduced her to succumb into being their guilty pleasure, except for them, she learned they had no guilt. They did have their pleasure. Her. So she kept tokens- their voice, their scribd, bits of pieces that would rally to the world, these men were not Oracles as they alleged. They were men, weak to the flesh, liquid to hers. She knew. She was smart enough to know where sense ruled, it was the common part of it that pushed her forward. There was no going back to friends. They never were friends to begin with. They just…, well, were.

She was alone. She could admit it now. Words captured in the Cloud were her challenge. She did not falter. She knew she did not conform. She knew she was different. She knew how to pass, as a simple one, passing through town and village, seen but not noticed. She wasnt brave. She had never been. She gave everyone her fear. Her exact words were…. release. Breathe. One minute became 60 seconds. Six seconds, actually, if one paused then counted aloud.

There was no going back to friends that never were to begin with. Arms raised she culled in to death pulling her to soar, so high, so far.

It wasnt time. It was a holding. A treading. A place to sort. When they were ready, she would know. She would be pushed, pulled, resisting the dangers. It was a lifetime of lessons. She knew that without being told. It always had been a curve she learned on.

He appeared. A hologram from her past. He was dead until she woke their past together. It was never consumated. Something in her soul told her he was a weak one. Money did not make power. A man’s ability to stand alone as a woman is want to do makes power. Few men can and do, weak, they travel female to female, even believing the stories they conjure to lure a woman’s leggings to the floor are stories a woman has never heard before. What fed their hunger was greed, sometimes called, mistakenly-desire. If one survived the mistaken seduction of the Oracles, then as she had been allowed, they make it to the Orientation of the Onsets

She was marked. Since she was a child she knew she was different. She had no fear once the threshold would be crossed. She would become fearless. In doing so, she would be feared. In being feared, intention was to isolate then destroy her. She knew that was their secret, too.

It wasnt as if following orders was something she resisted. It wasnt something she understood, being silent. Humans were terrible. Too often they lacked defiance, leaving their name on a place and words like “she died otya.Letters

Everyday as a target, she stood on the edge of the cliff. Eyes closed, sweetly, peace filled in trust as the earth came up to greet her.


30 Oct

It gets to a point when people point fingers, call names, ask for names to be uncalled and bully persons in the name of  whatever that you just want to tell everyone to stop, stand and listen.

A Redskin team cap was on the desk of an office I stopped in at this morning. The conversation of name change came up. The man immediately brought in the N word and the B word and then asked how I would feel if the team was called the Whiteskins. I told him quite frankly I wouldn’t care. I am not a football fan. I don’t get it over the “words.” Use allowance is imbalanced. Last time I was at Howard University the word Negro was on the knee wall dedication outside the Auditorium, the United Negro College Fund had not changed its name to the United N Word Fund, or ALL the movies using this and that word in the name of art? ‘Scuse me? and when I photographed MO’nique in concert I was HORRIFIED at how many times she used the N WORD and her audience couldn’t stop laughing so hard. They thought it was funny. I was mortified. Usually I don’t want to leave venues I would photograph. I could not wait to leave I was uncomfortable.

When will the rabi rhetoric end? Will AG Bills call for an eradication of the term REDSKIN POTATOES? Will Bills in Congress adressing Peanut Allergies no longer be able to refer to a certain kind of peanut as REDSKIN Peanut? Will the USPTO, the United States Patent and Trademark Office have to scrub historical filings using the word “Nigger” in their filings as shown in the filings located on line? Will industry have to remove the N word stated clearly in Government documents? The official count of the word “Nigger” in the movie DJANGO is 113? The DJANGO stat came from a GOOGLE search pulling up in .28 seconds over 163,000 hits for the search “DJANGO Nigger” (

The isolating of the football team for bullying is distasteful moreso when politicians weigh in but not with Learning Curves forward. USPTO redskins

USPTO Nigger 3

USPTO Nigger 2

USPTO NHere is a place to begin.

I told the man Football Can Learn A lot from Horse racing.

I had covered as a racing photographer, the Southern California Racing circuit years back, Congresswoman Judy Chu’s neighborhood. It was glorious driving over the hills before the sun rose, arriving at the track as the sun crested the Seven Dragons. That is the nickname of the mountain embracing SA, as we called it, known in horseracing as the Jewel Of Racing. I would arrive at Clockers, the corner where owners and trainers would clock their ponies practice time. I would watch the ponies breezing in the cool of the early morning.

One morning I left the workout a different way. I stumbled upon a Japanese man holding an umbrella leading a line of Japanese to a smallish brown podium stand hidden in the bushes, so it seemed. Now, I had archived the historic track but not seen this marble stand until now. When the people left I walked over. And there I read about history most of you know nothing about. I do. I actually started to write a project about it. Sad thing was, publishers didn’t care. I did. I do. One day I hope to tell that story.

My perspective is from Racing’s Point of View. These days of self publishing everything is possible. I have a copy of the book the government published on how to lock up Japanese at a racetrack during war time. It took me a few years until I figured out HOW the government knew to sweep up the Japanese within a few days. I got clarity on what became called a land grab.

At some point I met a lady who told me she knew she was ok when she looked up and saw the statue of Seabiscuit there. She also told me, a horse lover, that horse tastes sweet. TMI.

I learned something else. Racing may be a dying sport but having photographed it globally it is a sport where cultures come together even if they cant take back the bad that someone else did. Racing didn’t lock up the Japanese. The government did. Football didn’t malign Native Americans- people did.

Now, you are talking with a girl who has a passion for the Native American culture, who understands the Four Directions, a culture that honors the gifts of the creator and is filled with glory most people almost never see anything of anymore unless it is a Hollywood-i-fied version of something or other they researched on Wikipedia. Somewhere in the world, I have an Indian Sister For Life, a shaman for whom I carted home a suitcase filled with coquille nuts for him to make artistry from. He gifted me a horse mirror. I was passed forward in one of my too many moves. I learned about the Trail of Tears while I was at the Native American museum- remember when Al Gore almost risked the museum losing funding from Congress having used the grounds for something political. I didn’t see Gore in the screening nor did I see him at anyone of the amazing pow wows I covered at the Convention Center or around DC during my years of covering news.

The conversation with the man with the Redskins cap on his desk was getting testy on his head. I told him where I am coming from in the conversation of Red, White. I am Jew. He asked me if I hated Germans. I asked him why. In fact I told him I don’t hate but there are a boatload more of Germans I like than Jews I have met around the world who don’t stand for Israel or tradition. Hating I told him is not going to bring 6 million back. I stand in a world one generation away from Europe. I don’t know who I am because I have no one to look back at to see if they are like me. Am I the only feisty female in my clan. I will never know going back.

Going forward? I told him I do that daily with tears in my heart. I know the price of hate. I am the family member who was sent photos of my brother’s body on a commuter bus in the Middle East after it was blown up. I was tasked with seeking to remove those photos off the internet. The man looked at me.

I said I cant hate. Nor can I understand the people screaming each side of the Redskin divide because I remember racing finding a way to make Beauty out of Sin.

To this day I recall the Japanese warriors dressed in armor charging their horses down the track warrior banners held so tall they tickled the sky. And then I remember the pageantry that followed. I was over the moon by the time the drummer hit their stride and drums on the track. Santa Anita brought Japan to live in a place where shame was brought.

To me? I said to the man who testosterone calmed enough to let us be bezzies again, why cant this be the way forward? He said, I never would have thought of that. I know. An editor at the Daily Caller said another thought of mine was unconventional. I own it. I am.

I know the price of being conventional.

What is getting lost in the vitriol is a Learning Moment. Imagine a day where Native American culture dominates. Imagine a scholarship invested toward bringing America’s original athletes into potential in the world of sports. Imagine rather than the traditional halftime show, traditional dances, traditional foods in the food court. I think it can be glorious. But then who am I to offer a way forward for everyone ONCE we get the politicians and the so called media out of the mix turning up the rhetoric rather than researching ways forward.

I clearly think the Pelosi family will want to get on board leading this initiative having named their waste management company after Squanto and another after his nickname Tisquantum. If we don’t move forward in grace then what have we left? Are we going to remove the Indian head off the nickel? Are we going  to airbrush out two members of the Y-M-C-A song?

Timing? I always ask that question of a mentor of mine as to the timeline I should consider. Why, Thanksgiving, of course. If it wasn’t for Squanto, there would not have been an original Thanksgiving. He saved the Pilgrims. Totally, bring out the Peace Pipe. Trust me- Peace Pipe, silk ties, prayer circle…. One has never been At One with there creator… until then.

Ok Dan. This is how it goes down. I get to pick the guest list because it is going to exclude politicians looking to plump up war chests for political battles. NO N-G-Os. NO way Smithsonian. If you could not have figured out offering a Culture Way forward having used Native Americans as props during the Folklife Festival over the years… ummm NO. I have a list of NOs that are clearly out there for this to become a peace way forward. Start collecting a scholarship fund. Offer a learning corner, a museum of sorts of Native American culture.

My son’s Native American brother Ben will come in full dress. I will do the Shawl Dance on the edge of the drum area. I already learned not to get too close tribal dancers. One chew out by a drum circle guy was good enough for me. Since I am brokering the path forward, Dan will bring my sons in for the game. He, my boys, Ben, and every day people can sit and talk together, tribe to tribe. Oh geez, didn’t anyone tell anyone the connection, possibly, between Jews and Native Americans? Why are holy days are similar in ways? Some theorize Native Americans are the Lost Tribe of Israel….

As for the knee wall at Howard and the College Fund and Mo? Let everyone take a page from the playbook of the Sport of Kings- horseracing, when you come from a culture of class and heritage, learn people the way forward…….. just like horseracing did. Racing tried to ignore the blemish that is carved in stone on SA’s fountains. Years are missing, the years that racing stopped because someone had a book written ready to go on how to deal with perceived anybody, not wanting to listen to the attache who said ‘These are people that would do anything for their country, dont lock them up.’

That I found the government’s handbook remains amazing. That I thought to copy it, was insightful. One day I want to write the rest of that story. Until then, trust me when I write we cant change the past but we can remind people of beauty in danger of being swallowed by bully pulpits, otherwise, no one wins and history gets lost in a world of edits…Nothing would give me greater pleasure than having my brother back lost through vitriol incited by leaders. Are you going to try to erase memory? Oh, yeah. Google is already working on that.

In lieu of that I offer, make this a learning curve. Changing the name wont make the discourse go away. It will breed further resentments.

Dan…. as for your marketing team? Grin…… there is a train leaving Union Station at midnight….


13 Oct


There is an IP(intellectual property) lesson learned from the Discovery of America…. Columbus Day is celebrated with pomp and circumstance. Marco Polo is the man least credited for the New World being found. All Marco Polo gets is a popular water game of Hide n’ Seek named after him but in the real world of exploration and adventure, there is more to the Intellectual Property story. At an age current health policies considers adults to be kids, Marco Polo, all of 17, traveled 5600 miles with his dad, Niccolo, and uncle, Matteo, to meet the grandson of Ghengis Khan. Kublai Khan was the Emperor of Hungary, Russia, Persian, North India, China and Korea. Polo was all of 17. The year was 1271. Marco Polo was considered a man.

Marco’s father and uncle had met the Emperor on one of their earlier adventures.….



23 Aug

When I was based in Europe, I covered a part of the World Police and Fire Games. It was quite unexpected to see boys from home, there, moreso officers. I always found it amazing that when it comes to Sports, often, differences are set aside. Fairfax county officers too the Gold in Dars at the games in Belfast. No jokes, c’mon. Officers do more than chow down at Dunkin Donuts. They also throw things that prick people.

The 501 doubles beat dart teams from around the world. The guys from Virginny thought they would be out tossed by the locals in Northern Ireland, pub crawls and all but not the case.

The World Police and Fire Games are one of the largest multi sport multi site sport events globally. Sixty men and women from the National Capital Region traveled over for the games, the largest contingency of American competitors, yet. More than 12000 competitors form police, fire and other participated. The Darts were tossed at the Newforge Country Club in south Belfast. That is where PAL, the Police Athletic association of Northern Ireland is located. But that isnt the best of it  A bit of the blarney is coming here in 20155. The 2015 World Police and Fire Games will be held in the Greater Washington area in more than  40 venues. In Virginia, Maryland and DC, hosted by Fairfax County, National Capital Region.

Michael Tucker and Mark Kidd, the Fairfax Golden Boys had moved their station in Dart life up from Bronze. Fairfax’s Sam Gray was bronze in Competition in Indoor Rowing and Mountain Running, running an 8K course in the Mourne Mountains outside of Newcastle in Northern Ireland.


The Games, held biennially on odd numbered years, started in California out of the California Police Olympics, in 1967, as a way to give the, wink, old ones a chance to flaunt their six packs publicly (or wish they could). The Games raise funds for selected charities. The 2015 beneficiaries will include the US National Law Enforcement Memorial, the US National Fallen Firefighters Memorial and the local Valor Awards scholarships. More than 30,000 visitors are anticipated to come generating a hoped for over $80 million in tourist dollars for the region. The 2017 games will be held in Montreal Canada.

TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE “TWEAK” How Not To Settle To Be A “CHOOSE TO FAIL” Persons Sounding Board:

4 Aug

I hear you, Friend said, I hear you, I didn’t think of it that way before. No. Most don’t until I do what I call tweaking- an adjective describing a nudge of a windup mechanical toy away from hitting a floor board ONE MORE time letting it move off into a new direction to infinity & beyond, quoting Buzz Lightyear, Disney’s plastic hero who moved the megalith off into a new corporate direction.

Friend & I were catching up on life ‘in between’, since we saw each other last until a chance bump outside the elevators.

8:30, Friend asked. 8:30 it was, a meetup in the social room, neutral ground keeping home life private while making a new acquaintance public. We cornered our square of chairs. It was “they’re off” at the races. We didn’t quit jawing until it was time to go back to our lairs.

It was what Friend & I hit together, the mutual agreement on there is NO excuse any more in a technological world for a person to excuse color, gender, disability as personal choice to reason for not succeeding in a technological world where Anonymous is embraced impacting millions of lives around the world WITHOUT outing who they are and why. Does it matter whether Anonymous is 1 person or 1000. What matters in this Mentor Moment is Anonymous made a Social Impact without being seen- without complaints about not being hired because they are male, female, gay, disabled, Christian, Jewish or naught. AND making clear, this is not an approval of Anonymous’ tactics or TORS, point being made the good of the Internet is it allows people to accomplish without bitching that everyone hated them and nobody liked them and the world isnt fair.

Friend & I juiced up the conversation when talk of salt & pepper, spiced with laughter at self plus a gaggle at celebrity. The real real moment came when Friend said, I didn’t think of it that way before, you are right.

I had expressed quite strongly that the African American community nor the Latino, the Asian or other can any longer use race as a defense why their youth are disadvantaged when it comes to learning or opportunity in the working world- jobs.

Friend got it.

Jobs are where we lose our independence to others, where we lose motivation, where we lose creativity. It is a guaranteed paycheck rather than Free Falling as Tom Petty sang or College, as JC Watts father said (paraphrased) is what dumbs people down.

Friend & I talked about my explanation to Congress’ Judiciary on the risk an entrepreneur takes by believing in themselves with no guarantee of weighed monetary success or payoff a job promises to give, like a secure future and working ones way up the ladder of corporate success versus being a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates, Tom Carvel or Colonel Sanders. And I relayed experiences I have all the time with youth of all color, who need that REAL social working that will win an election some are looking hard at. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me will continue to work until one voter at a time says to person looking for direction and says…. Here, let me tweak you. 

In these days and times, college is what adds to debt with no promise of anything more than a day deeper in debt. It is IP, Intellectual Property that will keep Man free, ruler of his own domain and architect of his own Future. Think back to being little. Was there a paycheck for learning to crawl or to walk. Was there a paycheck for learning to run. There are payoffs for doing well, like Personal Best or Head of the Class. Being valedicatorian never guaranteed success or payouts when one left the Social Network of college. There are failures because of lack of esteem or never meeting that person who TWEAKS.

I have tweaked people my whole life. Even I, patient as I may seem to be, have my limit to hearing bitching. One lady who was psychotic New Years eve decades ago…. I asked her if she was open for a thought. She was. I spoke. The silence on the end of her phone was deafening then click. Never heard from her again but I heard of her. She ran with my Tweak to create a newsletter then fame as an Internet Travel Guru.

The List of Tweaks goes on…. As does my hitting my Free Rent bitch’ quota then saying, May I Offer You A Thought…..

There are oh too many people looking for others to bitch to without making a personal difference in their own lives, yet making a difference in yours. Each moment you give them to rant is one moment of yours never to be replaced in a lifetime FINITE in days.

Being a friend means identifying your space and hanging the BITCH TIME IS UP sign outside your door when you realize their lives go on person to person who gives them Free Rent without charging for the psychiatrist couch. Oh, yes. Often, they go there too. Psychiatrists get paid to listen week after week, year after year, cases of course will vary according to psychosis. I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. I am a nice person who realized too late, I listen and think of their issue long after they have moved on to yet another Free Rent nice person’s door.

So this is it, wanna be a  sounding board to a person too afraid or unsure how to move forward from their comfort zone of pain? Knock yourself out. Wanna  make a difference, do yourself a favor, be the difference, value your time….