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22 Jan

Loretta Lynch’s nomination as US Attorney General is nothing about minutia. Loretta’s nomination hinges on Ms. Lynch being a lawyer operating under a Code Of Professional Responsibility. It’s not rocket science. It’s like being a little bit pregnant. Either someone is pregnant or they are not.

Either Ms. Lynch has upheld conducted herself under New York state Code Of Professional Responsibility or not. Yes? Thumbs up. No? Thumbs down, next, when it comes to weighing the nomination of an individual sworn to enforce the Law, when Oaths are taken along the way, and sworn to. This same benchmark applies to lawyers who become Presidents, beggaring the question, is this individual compliant with Oaths sworn to along their way.

That said, with Congress, too often, filled with lawyers warming hearing benches, and Judges, to be reminded, if their law licenses are active, alot is at stake for them, too.

Law is about Ethics not rhetoric. Congress is increasingly moreso about rhetoric not ethics nor about thinking versus tweeting.

Let’s do Loretta, here. Let us approach her nomination on an even playing field, not upon what is written online, or isn’t.

Ms. Lynch is a New York lawyer. New York lawyers are guided by Rules of Ethics, as is Attorney Eric Holder, guided by Rules of Ethics, in his case DC law, having moved from being a DC Judge in to Top Dog seat at the Department of Justice.

Ms. Lynch, as a lawyer, is answerable to 74 pages of New York Lawyer’s Code of Professional Responsibility (Updated Through December 28, 2007) (

Pages 1-4 adress the Canons:










THE PREAMBLE says The continued existence of a free and democratic society depends upon recognition of the concept that justice is based upon the rule of law grounded in respect for the dignity of the individual and the capacity of the individual through reason for enlightened self-government. Law so grounded makes justice possible, for only through such law does the dignity of the individual attain respect and protection. Without it, individual rights become subject to unrestrained power, respect for law is destroyed, and rational self-government is impossible.

Lawyers, as guardians of the law, play a vital role in the preservation of society. The fulfillment of this role requires an understanding by lawyers of their relationship with and function in our legal system. A consequent obligation of lawyers is to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. In fulfilling professional responsibilities, a lawyer necessarily assumes various roles that require the performance of many difficult tasks. Not every situation which the lawyer may encounter can be foreseen, but fundamental ethical principles are always present for guidance. Within the framework of these principles, a lawyer must with courage and foresight be able and ready to shape the body of the law to the ever-changing relationships of society. The Code of Professional Responsibility points the way to the aspiring and provides standards by which

to judge the transgressor. Each lawyer’s own conscience must provide the touchstone against which to test the extent to which the lawyer’s actions should rise above minimum standards. But in the last analysis it is the desire for the respect and confidence of the members of the profession and of the society which the lawyer serves that should provide to a lawyer the incentive for the highest possible degree of ethical conduct. The possible loss of that respect and confidence is the ultimate sanction. So long as its practitioners are guided by these principles, the law will continue to be a noble profession. This is its greatness and its strength, which permit of no compromise.”

The PRELIMINARY STATEMENT states, “The Code of Professional Responsibility consists of three separate but interrelated parts: Canons, Ethical Considerations, and Disciplinary Rules. The Code is designed to be both an inspirational guide to the members of the profession and a basis for disciplinary action when the conduct of a lawyer falls below the required minimum standards stated in the Disciplinary Rules… A lawyer should ultimately be responsible for the conduct of the lawyer’s employees and associates in the course of the professional representation of the client.”

A case being circulated against Ms. Lynch’s nomination is being approached from one POV, point of view. There is another consideration of approach to be taken far more seriously, off focus of this man. The system. Not this man. The question. How did this man come to be even of issue? Who allowed him and people like him to happen. Recall what Bernie Madoff said, they knew.

There is a legal concept called Respondeat Superior, top dog liability. As top legal beagle in New York, as a lawyer, it was/is Ms. Lynch’s responsibility to protect Main Street, knowingly or unknowingly isn’t even debatable here. The line Main Street gets from law enforcement is Ignorance of the law isn’t an allowable excuse. Even to Ms. Lynch. And, to Legislators arguing Wall Street in the House and the Senate.

Five letters. FINRA. Three letters. SRO.

The application of those eight, 8, letters here is that Ms. Lynch’s office, along with other US Attorney offices across the country have allowed Financial Crime to continue, harming Main Street. Quick tutorial. Watch the television show AMERICAN GREED. Then, next, recall what Bernie Madoff said, THEY KNEW. They? The company he worked for. FINRA.

It wasn’t until Madoff’s crimes hit the desk of an attorney, somewhere, did these crimes, repeated throughout Wall Street on unsuspecting Main Street, hit the news. Bad US Attorney. Someone should have figured this din of thieving out a lot sooner.

FINRA is a self regulating organization, which means spit. As a self-regulating organization FINRA writes By-laws, Rules and Codes of Procedure FINRA purports to bind its members too. Members? Yes. As an IRS non-profit category BUSINESS LEAGUE, same category as Chambers and football leagues, FINRA members pay FINRA money to belong. FINRA members are Brokers and Brokerages, not Investment Advisors and, most clearly, not Investors. Somehow for decades, FINRA and its predecessor the NASD, hornswaggled Investors in to believing (a) complaints against the Financial Consultant had to be addressed in FINRA arbitration/mediation and (b) that once addressed within FINRA arbitration that (i) a confidentiality agreement had to be signed so the matter was not discussed (ii) to get payment of pennies on the dollar of the stolen funds back that the Investor had to sign an agreement to have the Investors theft matter, expunged.

Expunged? Deleted. Gone. Disappear. Vamoosed. Nada. Never took place. And that is how Bernie Madoff got away with his crime, in New York for as long has he did. This is the point Ms. Lynch is accountable for, being US Attorney from 1999 – 2001 and from 2010 to present date.

It is Ms. Lynch’s Respondeat Superior to have known Financial Crimes are being expunged by FINRA without even being reported to the police. FINRA is not law enforcement. FINRA is an SRO, a self regulated organization.

Ms. Lynch’s administration did/is not issuing Alerts to Investors to file Theft/money-identity reports with the Investors local police, as their Step One. Ms. Lynch’s, and other US Attorney Generals know that without reports of Crimes being made that there cannot be an effective, fact filled data base at FINCEN, in DC.

Ms. Lynch’s administration has not sued FINRA on behalf of New York Investors conned by the Bernie Madoffs, putting FINRA out of business as an Accessory to Crimes, covering crimes and even, one could say, masquerading as Law Enforcement.

In one matter, FINRA determined there was no wrongdoing when documents detail a decade of Identity Theft, Money Theft and Digital Trespassing, even Spoilation of Documents. Gets better, the name of an employee of JP Morgan is all over 800+ PDFs that FINRA determined would not be passed forward to law enforcement. THESE crimes take place daily, damaging to the bottom line fiscal health of Main Streeters. This is a question Ms. Lynch must answer to. “I didn’t know” is not the answer. In fact, that these behaviours continue to infect, is a disqualifier to Ms. Lynch’s nomination. But it gets better.

FINRA is not a forum for Investors within which to adress complaints against Investment Advisors. Yet, someone FINRA does mislead Investors in to believing FINRA is the forum to adjudicate this matter. Ms. Lynch should have caught this, and, most important, Ms. Lynch should have caught the fact that FINRA, aside from being a forum for Brokers and Brokerage disputes, should not be conducting Arbitrations, period. Arbitration disputes are to be compliant with the FAA, the Federal Arbitration Act. The FAA requires the host forum to be neutral. In that FINRA, is collecting dues from its members, and Investors are not FINRA members, this alone is something Ms. Lynch should have known, taking steps to shut down all FINRA locations in New York state, and, well, yup, put people taking part in this con in jail, from the ground floor to the penthouse suite. Like police officers tell drivers exceeding the speed limit hidden by a tree branch in front of the sign, “Ignorance is no excuse…, you should have known.”

Ms. Lynch, even Eric Holder should know.

You see if Ms. Lynch had been doing her job, officers on the beat would have been too busy to bother with Eric Garner. Ask ten cops…. Given the choice between the perp on the street or a financial white collar criminal like Bernie Madoff or the dozens upon dozens of Fiduciary Robbery stories filling the news and shows like American Greed, which the officer would rather pursue? The cops answer in a heartbeat. They would the Big Cons, so technically, in a way, by ignoring FINRA and the Criminals FINRA covers up for, one could say, as Respondeat Superior, Ms. Lynch had a hand in Eric Garner’s death.

There are the lawyers filling FINRA offices across America that Ms. Lynch should be looking in to, Lawyers representing Claimants and Lawyers representing Respondents and even Lawyers serving as Arbitrators and Mediators in FINRA DRS forums. As officers of the Court, they are required to uphold laws they are bound to in their state of Licensing or, the State the Lawyer argues a case before FINRA without being licensed in that State.

How these Lawyers get away with these crimes is simple. No one checks. No one in FINRA makes the Lawyer document to the State the FINRA matter is being argued, first by mail/email/fax with FINRA case managers in Boca Raton, Florida. No one in the State of Arbitration requires lawyers to affix their Bar Number to a paper, mitigating incidents of practicing law without licenses.

No one addresses that fact that forced Arbitration has become the shoe horn FINRA and its dues paying members use to wedge Investor complaints in to FINRA’s forum, something best looked at as being a Vegas environment- what goes on in FINRA, stays in FINRA- again, aiding to abetting Crimes not being reported to FINCEN and local Law Enforcement or US Attorneys across the United States of America, the jurisdiction Ms. Lynch will be overseeing if Ms. Lynch’s nomination goes through.

The US Constitution guarantees every man his day in Court. Somewhere along the way, a judge or group of them got together to create their Golden Parachute Post Retirement, called Arbitration. Arbitrations hide data. FINCEN needs data to understand Crimes hurting Main Street.

FINRA does not release names of its Arbitrators to the Public. FINRA does not report the Arbitration ruling records of its Arbitrators to the Public. FINRA does not release a data base of award sizes either. In a world where Google has everyone’s lives on line, somehow one wishes Edward Snowden or Anonymous would release this data hidden from the public, data that would be published publicly if that matter had been allowed to be adjudicated in the Halls of Justice.

Ms. Lynch’s redemption can be in promising to shut FINRA down, to offer Main Street investors their opportunity to have their matters undone to receive the Justice denied. Ms. Lynch’s redemption would be in holding accountable FINRA involved Parties to the same standard of Main Street.

Ms. Lynch’s redemption can be in apologizing. “I didn’t know” isn’t acceptable. Stating “I failed you” is, along with taking steps against lawyers who misled Investment clients in to FINRA forums the lawyers knew their Client should never had been in.

Oh, there is one more thing, Ms. Lynch might address, using the New York Committee overseeing lawyers as her homecourt example. A person bringing a complaint against a New York lawyer is not protected by a Whistle Blower kind of law. A person reporting a New York lawyer must be given Privacy, Invisibility while the Complaint is being addressed, reserving their option of being named publicly, if the Department determines merit to the Complaint. The New York Committee immediately sends the name and contact information of the Complainant to the lawyer, exposing the Complainant to blackmail, threats even extortion by the lawyer. Allegedly, no such protection exists in the oversight written by the New York State of Appeals. Ms. Lynch should have picked up on this along time earlier, knowing that exposing Whistle Blowers will give Complainants pause to say nothing. Nada. Never.

Ms. Lynch is bound to the same Code of Ethics as all other New York and American lawyers, as is Eric Holder bound by DC Ethics, as a lawyer, in issues such as Fast and Furious ( . It is by these standard Ms. Lynch’s nomination should be judged. Not on minutia. Respondeat Superior.

Minutia can be distracting. Stick to the facts. Stick to the laws Professional licenses are issued under. The domino effect is tremendous upon lawyers in the field, getting the message Lawyers are not bound to their Codes of Ethics. Law students will get the message crime does pay. And Main Street will walk away stating, ‘we knew it all the time.’ Law is theater where the best performance wins.



18 Oct

There are two sides to every story. When it comes to Copyrights there may be more than two- the Content Creators story, Technology’s and Derek Khanna’s Opine on Copyright Law and the Radio.

Khanna’s opine reminded me of my mentor’s earliest lesson in Licensing. Fresh out of Pratt, new in my ARTS career, my mentor gave me Copyright Clarity. He said, “The relationship between Artists and Agents is like the relationship between Pimps and Whores. If the Agent had talent of his own to sell, he wouldn’t need you but he doesn’t. He wants what you have and will tell you what you want to hear to sign on his dotted line…” My mentor’s words remained Mantra when it came to my negotiating deals, “if they could do it themselves they would. They can’t. But I can. This is my price. Like it. Good. Don’t like it? Bye.”

ARTS Creators are valuable to evolving technologies, Search Engines, Cable, Aereo, Publishers, Copyright Thieves and all Matters Copyright, as is Khanna’s Opine, too, protected under Copyright Code, Title XVII, Section 102, “…(1) literary works; (2) musical works, including any accompanying words; (3) dramatic works, including any accompanying music; (4) pantomimes and choreographic works; (5) pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works; (6) motion pictures and other audiovisual works; (7) sound recordings; and (8) architectural works.”

Let’s talk Radio.

Remember Radio’s Battle of The Patents? Nikola Tesla was granted Radio patent Numbers 645,576 and 649,621. Corporate Activists interfered costing Intellectual Property creator Tesla to lose First File to Marconi. Marconi’s stock rose on Wall Street from $3 to $22 before Tesla prevailed.

Activists are interfering again.

Copyright is One-Size Fits-All. Copyright Protection is for Intellectual Property, the same for a Cup Cake Recipe, a new plant species, new breed of Tea Cup Yorkie, owner’s design of Jockeys silks or even Derek’s editorial. Internet associations, Activists and Lobbyists are intent to parse, split, dice and slice Copyright laws they espouse “should not be owned at all,” pitching Legislators a distorted value of an ARTS Copyright to its Creator. Abusive interpretation of Copyright Law must end.

It takes many players to put out Content, just like it takes a village to raise a child. ARTS and Personalities make Radio stations. If Corporate Whales don’t want to pay the cost of doing ARTS business, Royalties for Metallica, Beyonce, Jay Z or “America’s Got Talent” stars, an expense no different than paying Angels, Investors, VC, IP/IT fees or decorating posh offices et al, tell your investors to imagine Corporate bottom lines without ARTS. 

America really does have talent. IP thieves, Copyright Wolves, Corporate Whales and Sharks want it. It is a jungle out there for ARTS creators.

Khanna wrote the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement will “restrict the ability of Congress to engage in domestic law reform to meet the evolving IP needs of American citizens and the innovative technology sector.” Wrong. In our Internet world, ARTS Copyrights is a global matter. With over one hundred signatories on the Berne Convention, trying to stop Copyright Law Abuse, no wonder Khanna doesn’t like TCPPA. TCPPA protects Intellectual Property Creators. If Tech Activists don’t like TCPPA then write photograph, draw, film or sing Content yourself but Keep Your Hands Off Our Copyrights. Removing or reducing ARTists royalties does not generate new jobs instead it stifles innovation pushing ARTS Creators on to Government dole. Corporate bottom line is not ARTS Creators’ worry. ARTS Creators’ concern is a Living Wage. 

Royalties are corporate partnering with ARTS Creators able to cut  deals themselves through opportunities to e-showcasing their talent globally via  youtube channels, mobile bumps and Dick Tracy watches. Corporations have options. Create an ARTS barn of people working for a fee. They won’t. They know spin doesn’t drive sales, talent does.  

Stealing online IP risks  Rockin’ The Rico. Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “Copyright Registration” says “…Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. work.”  Khanna doesn’t like Tort Abuse. Simple. DON’T STEAL., the poor ARTs Creators reference of choice, says “copyright law exists so as to govern the legality of ownership of an original work including the right to copy, adapt and distribute the work. Other users need authorization from the owner.” Users agree to Technology’s policies. Tech needs to man up and agree to ARTS Creators policies or create Content themselves.

The playing field for ARTS Content use will level when Corporate Biggies give up salaries, paychecks, perks, speaking fees agreeing to work in speculation of getting paid, if at all. Khanna’s e-world activism demands ARTS Creators give away family heirloom Intellectual Property for cheap. Forget Toddlers & Tiaras. Take this show on the road. Call it the Heirloom Copyright Heist.


13 Oct


There is an IP(intellectual property) lesson learned from the Discovery of America…. Columbus Day is celebrated with pomp and circumstance. Marco Polo is the man least credited for the New World being found. All Marco Polo gets is a popular water game of Hide n’ Seek named after him but in the real world of exploration and adventure, there is more to the Intellectual Property story. At an age current health policies considers adults to be kids, Marco Polo, all of 17, traveled 5600 miles with his dad, Niccolo, and uncle, Matteo, to meet the grandson of Ghengis Khan. Kublai Khan was the Emperor of Hungary, Russia, Persian, North India, China and Korea. Polo was all of 17. The year was 1271. Marco Polo was considered a man.

Marco’s father and uncle had met the Emperor on one of their earlier adventures.….



28 Sep

Harry Reid made his point government looming shutdown in the Budget Debate – four words- THE LAW OF THE LAND. Nevada’s Tax Haven makes Harry’s Laws different from the Land.

The law of America is to pay taxes and to cooperate with the IRS. Nevada is one of two states that wont share information with the IRS. Nevada is one of a few states that is a magnet for corporations layering shell corporations Nevada holds its state to a different authority. Harrys. As far back as 2006, Congress was holding hearings into Harry’s Home State ( The difference between 2006 and 2013, it takes seconds on line to support that Harry has been playing Houdini with monies that should be making AMERICA’s bottom line healthier rather listen to Harry’s Home State commercials, ‘What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.” Not anymore- courtesy of proponents of the Free Internet, administration, Search Engines and ISPs.

The vitriol of the politics is unsustainable. People are being scared to death. The Talking Points on Cspan and other shows has become vile. Legislators get on and slam colleagues. Callers in repeat the same nonsense being repeated show to show to show. There isn’t much to argue with when documents that were filed are put forth.

So, concurrent to the conversation of Technology hiding billions, domestically and/or overseas, and the conversation about Bitcoins, the newest con game in town, the Usual Suspects: Nevada, Delaware, Texas and California including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle and a few unexpected diamonds…

Heads of Google? Facebook? Microsoft? Apple? Taking people’s Intellectual Property? Democrats. NOT Conservatives yet both companies have all types of people working there point being the decision to take people’s private information and sell it isn’t a Right Wing Conspiracy.

Google- home state Senator Feinstein and Boxer. Same for Facebook, both of whom have Corporations filed as Foreign Entities in Nevada, Texas and Delaware, Safe Harbors they hide behind in their effort to avoid paying for the coming Judicial Decisions for Rocking The Rico and Abuse of Fair Use. 38 Hits for Google in Delaware. 11 Hits for Google in Texas. 14 Hits in Nevada (give or take a few in each state).  Microsoft? Washington state- Patty May. Apple? Home state- Cupertino, California.

Facebook- home state Senator Feinstein and Boxer. 3 Hits in Nevada, 9 Hits I Delaware including Facebook Beirut LLC/Payments/Services/Investor Group/Operations/Global Holdings. In California, home state? 3 Hits. Facebook Payments/Sales and Inc. Texas? 3 Hits. And the fun fact that Facebook is homed in CA at 1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park.

Microsoft Network LLC, a Washington State (Patti May) mailing address claims a State of Formation in Delaware (Joe Biden) and has a Texas Taxpayer number yet failed to register am SOS Registration Date, Registered Agent name or Registered office address. (

In the state of Nevada, 1.17% tax is supposed to be collected on gross wages with payroll over what used to be $62,500, slightly hard to do if the Foreign Entity doesn’t make that Declaration.

Nevada has beacoup Registered Agents some of who are national companies. The Corporation Trust Company of Nevada lists a registration of over 43,500 business entities in Nevada.  National Registered Agents, Inc of NV  represents 19,275 entities. Nevada Corporate Planners Inc register over 5395 companies. Some like Braemar represent only two. It seems the Apple does not fall far from its genre.  United States Corporation Agents, Inc. lists 23,670 foreign corporations, a few of which are Squanto LLC, an active corporation listed at 2269 Chestnut Street in San Francisco CA 94123. Managing member? Paul Francis Pelosi Jr.


) Natural Blue Resources listed out of Santa Fe New Mexico at the adress of 200 W Devargas St 7, 87501, with Paul Pelosi Jr, (president and secretary) affiliated with DATAMEG CORPORATION out of Delaware; Petrus Capitol Holdings one of two Business entities under registered agent “SERGIO ADAMI”, and the other, TISQUANTUM FERTILIZER COMPANY INC. ( According to (

On Thursday, October 28, 2010, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for “Squanto’s Secret Fertilizer” by Tisquantum Fertilizer Company Inc   Henderson, NV 89052. The USPTO has given the “Squanto’s Secret Fertilizer” trademark serial number of 85163214. The current federal status of this trademark filing is ABANDONED- no statement of its use was filed.The correspondent listed for “Squanto’s Secret Fertilizer” is Tisquantum Fertilizer Company Inc    of 2850 W Horizon Ridge Parkway Suite 200, Henderson Nevada, 89052, . The “Squanto’s Secret Fertilizer” trademark is filed in the category of “Chemical Products.” The description provided to the USPTO for “Squanto’s Secret Fertilizer” is Fertilizers. The owner of US Trademark No. 85163214, include Tisquantum Fertilizer Company, Inc   Inc and the “other” company registered  by Sam Adami, being, Petrus Capital Holdings Inc. On  October 28, 2010, the trademark, Squantos Secret Fertilizer was filed. The trademark was accepted on April 19 2011.  January 16 2012, the trademark was abandoned.

The Registered Agent, Secretary and Treasurer of Tisquantum Fertilizer Company Inc, as of 2013, according to the online Nevada Department of Corporations, are Adami. Paul F Pelosi is listed as a Director in 2013. The company president is Xu Hu. A director of the company is Paul F Pelosi. The given adress for all is 2830 W HORIZON RIDGE PKWY, Henderson NV 89052.

The irony of the trademark, albeit abandoned, Squantos Secret Fertilizer is named after an Indian, whose other name was, shock, Tisquantum, the name of the company Paul F was listed as director of in 2013. Tisquantum born, died and buried in Massachussets (Burial Hill, Plymouth, MA) must be rolling over in his grave to be so dishonored with a Fertilizer Company named after him. Tisquantum was the Native American who assisted the Pilgrims after their first winter in the New World and was integral to their survival, according to Wikipedia. If Paul Pelosi can sit as a Director on a company for Fertilizer in 2013 then surely Dan Snyder wont be slammed anymore for a the historic name of his football team.


Natural Blue Resources, Inc., a development stage company, engages exploration, acquisition, and development of various interrelated ‘green’ businesses, including waste stream recycling, plastic and steel recycling, and a ‘print responsibly’ business segment that would use recycled printing processes both online and in the traditional print process. Subsidiaries The company’s principal direct or indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries include EcoWave, LLC a Delaware limited liability company (EcoWave) and Natural Blue Steel, Inc., a Delaware corporation (NBS). (

Delaware posts to its website “More than 1,000,000 business entities have their legal home in Delaware including more than 50% of all U.S. publicly-traded companies and 64% of the Fortune 500. Businesses choose Delaware because we provide a complete package of incorporation services including modern and flexible corporate laws. Delaware offers remote agents (”

EcoWave holds the worldwide, excluding the Republic of Korea, use and manufacturing license to patents and technology rights for waste treatment using microwave technology. Kaleida Eco Ventures, Inc. (Kaleida) is licensing the technology for use in waste treatment plants located in Korea. Kaleida is the manufacturer of the equipment which EcoWave intends to market and sell. It is intended that EcoWave would sell waste treatment equipment into which is incorporated a proprietary process to third parties who would treat waste. In December 2009, EcoWave purchased the pilot unit necessary to allow EcoWave to facilitate a hand review of the process and establish small scale residual processing. Natural Blue Steel The company has formed NBS to operate in the recycled steel market. The company, through NBS, intends to make arrangements for the purchase and subsequent resale of recycled steel, through the acquisition of abandoned buildings, which it would demolish to recover and sell the scrap steel. NBS’ principal product and service would be the identification and procurement of recycled steel predominantly from old warehouses throughout North America and then the dismantling, cutting, and transporting of scrap steel to its end customer. History Natural Blue Resources, Inc. was founded in 2009..

Nevada incorporators claim Nevada provides a layer of privacy and anonymity.

Banks are supposed to contact Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to verify you’re not on a “watch list” before you open an account.  OFAC is a department within the US Treasury of which the IRS is the collection arm. While the Nevada Secretary of State doesn’t collect stockholder information, corporations and LLC’s must file for a state business license, fill out the application asking for names, addresses, date of birth and the SSN of all the owners, and pay a $100 fee.   ( Virtual Information says Harry’s state of Nevada sells their information to clearinghouses.  “These data firms sell their data to ChoicePoint.  This company provides data mining and database services to the IRS.”  NVO advises companies, if you want your information NOT sold… grin… be nice to Wild Shot Cheney in that his home state of Wyoming doesn’t sell corporation information nor  collect stockholder data either.  IRS employees know how to use the internet and can log unto the NV Secretary of State website. But when Registered Agents have thousands of foreign corporations they represent, the time needed to go through each and every Registered Agent clients is daunting.

The jump to dump DOCS has been the best and the worst thing in the history of the world. A stalker can find a target; the IRS only needs to search “CASH” “Food” and a zipcode.” Harry had his Department of Corporations put their database on line, as did Nancy Pelosi, Patty May, and every other leader, Senate, House, Republican or Democrat, black, white, pink, immigrant born or native son. The IRS will be raking bucks in chasing people down. Every brother, mother and well intentioned customer just wanting to give a Shout Out on YELP to their FAVE has become a blogger. It was just a matter of timing Harry’s Home State of Nevada would be outed by his own words, THE LAW OF THE LAND, a brief history of which is at the end of this piece.    

The anger heard from the people is being misdirected. The people’s anger should be launched at Legislators who came so ill prepared to this debate with poor research provided by staff. IF this is about the people then Patty May owes her constituents an apology for knowing her whale is swimming in Harry’s and Joe’s and other states ponds when those diverted Tax Dollars are needed back home. As should Governor Jerry Brown be slamming his constituents for hoarding money in every political duckout pillow when Home State needs a handout.

As for Texas, Ted- 21 hours is to be applauded, black sneaker et al but the point would have been better made having a staff who figured this out and given you the millions of corporations names hiding in Delaware and Nevada to make the point, there IS money and Harry, Nancy, Joe (and Texas, Wyoming, etc) are hoarding the caching that will even out America’s bottom line. Put the Bucks Data before the people? Mr. Obama is always wanting people to tell him what to do…. The Internal Revenue Service will be doing just that. Be nice to them. Quoting the USPTO, ‘we dont write the laws, we just enforce what Legislators write.’ The IRS is in lockstep with Mr. Obama as enforcement for Data Gathering on who has how much, have they paid, insured and all is the IRS is supposed to bird dog bag to the President. Watch, more ‘Manchins’ whose home states are hurting will come on board the Back The Budget and Get Off The Obamacare train…. Remember… courtesy, Google, Facebook, et al? The IRS is watching you and you and you and you… And reconsider, staff who should have done this digging and ‘reporters’ when what Legislators really need are damn good investigators who look beyond headlines even Legislators have resorted to citing as inspiration…

So to Recap with a bit of Taxes History Lesson Courtesy of the IRS. Think about Squanto at Thanksgiving time. Consider this his gift, round two. Squanto met the English ship the Mayflower when it  landed, in 1620, on the shores inhabited by the Pokanoket. It was Squanto who welcomed the newcomers and taught them how to survive. When the harvest was gathered, the Pilgrims and Indians feasted together–a tradition that continues hundreds of years later.


1862 – President Lincoln signed into law a revenue-raising measure to help pay for Civil War expenses. The measure created a Commissioner of Internal Revenue and the nation’s first income tax. It levied a 3 percent tax on incomes between $600 and $10,000 and a 5 percent tax on incomes of more than $10,000.

1872 – Income tax repealed.

1909 – President Taft recommended Congress propose a constitutional amendment that would give the government the power to tax incomes without apportioning the burden among the states in line with population. Congress also levied a 1 percent tax on net corporate incomes of more than $5,000.

1913 – As the threat of war loomed, Wyoming became the 36th and last state needed to ratify the 16th Amendment. The amendment stated, “Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” Later, Congress adopted a 1 percent tax on net personal income of more than $3,000 with a surtax of 6 percent on incomes of more than $500,000. It also repealed the 1909 corporate income tax. The first Form 1040 was introduced.

1918 – The Revenue Act of 1918 raised even greater sums for the World War I effort. It codified all existing tax laws and imposed a progressive income-tax rate structure of up to 77 percent.

1919 – The states ratified the 18th Amendment, barring the manufacture, sale or transport of intoxicating beverages. Congress passed the Volstead Act, which gave the Commissioner of Internal Revenue the primary responsibility for enforcement of Prohibition. Eleven years later, the Department of Justice assumed primary prohibition enforcement duties.

1931 – The IRS Intelligence Unit used an undercover agent to gather evidence against gangster Al Capone. Capone was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to 11 years.

1942 – The Revenue Act of 1942, hailed by President Roosevelt as “the greatest tax bill in American history,” passed Congress. It increased taxes and the number of Americans subject to the income tax. It also created deductions for medical and investment expenses.

1952 – President Truman proposed his Reorganization Plan No. 1, which replaced the patronage system at the IRS with a career civil service system. It also decentralized service to taxpayers and sought to restore public confidence in the agency.

1953 – President Eisenhower endorsed Truman’s reorganization plan and changed the name of the agency from the Bureau of Internal Revenue to the Internal Revenue Service.

1961 – The Computer Age began at IRS with the dedication of the National Computer Center at Martinsburg, W.Va.

A picture is worth a thousand words. ENOUGH of saying the Republicans are elitist and 1%. Not one of the documents below is from a company headed by a Republican…. The scans below are worth millions in much needed tax dollars and NOW you know why I am Wild About Harry…. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



18 Sep

 (c) Carrie Devorah :

Amidst the many things that happened in 1987, were two special things- Dr. King’s iconic speech and, a teaching moment in Copyright history the Congressional Judiciary Committees neglected to draw upon as Technology’s creep on 2D ARTS IP Copyright Ownership algorithmically speeds up theft of ARTS Creators Works, Rights and Commerce. The teaching moment in Copyright history? Oh, its on the books, so to speak…. Fair Use, Right To Identity, Right To Publicity, something Dr. King’s Estate is fierce to protect, matters rarely addressed in Judiciary hearings on the Hill, these days it seems.


Jennifer Jenkins, director of the Center of the Study of the Public Domain at Duke University’s Law School, stated she respects the King’s family’s right to maintain their father’s legacy. Legacy? Legacy is a word to describe what a dear departed parent leaves a Child when parent passed. Synonym? Heirloom. Treasure. Yes, even a way to make a living no different than stock in a company or a family jewel, speedboat, $2 bill or a red jellybean touched by the late President Reagan or Eva Longoria’s back end of things she produces in film, stage and beyond. But for some reason, ARTS, the brain food of industry, has a different cachet. Profit from the ARTS caps out a Life Plus 70, unless you are Disney with special Congressional dispensation able to renew rights twenty years at a time.

Since when did We The People become We and Then There Are The Other People…..

Jennifer Jenkins went further in her argument postulating that EMI Publishing, the British conglomerate working for the King Estate has a reason for protecting Dr Kings “I Have A Dream Speech,” making money. To the head of the class, Jennifer. Yes. Remember Joel Grey in “Cabaret?” Money makes the world go round. Some make more. Some make less. And others? Don’t care to make money of their own at all preferring to take the sweat of hard work off other’s brows.

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther Kings “I Have A Dream” is the only non musical performance of its kind in the EMI catalogue, a little known factoid, that shouldn’t make a difference in Copyright debate but since it is being brought up in the mud slinging against the King Family for protecting their father’s likeness, it is to be noted. EMI Publishing auctioned its catalogue November 2011. The consortium owning Sony won the catalogue bid for $2.2 billion. Dr. King’s “Dream” was a separate deal struck with the King family. The sum? Undisclosed. Dexter King, chairman of the King Estate said “EMI was the best candidate to preserve perpetuate and protect the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.”

Jenkins adjective for describing selling “I Have A Dream” is “Exploit.” Jenkins who did not list all or any personal encounters with Dr. King to offer first hand evidence of what the good Reverend wanted, publicly opines “that goal may be somewhat at odds with what King would have wanted people to do with his speech.” Furthermore, Jenkins said, that “every year on MLK Day that any kid, any educator, anybody should be able just to Google it online and watch the speech in its entirety. It’s a piece of history and I think most people think that he would have wanted it to be available (for free) maybe not available for use in a commercial but certainly available for education and journalistic purposes or documentaries about the civil rights movement.” No coincidence that Jenkins released her comments in and around the 50th Anniversary of The Speech, blushing publicity for herself and her organization by entering in to the debate invoking “The Dream.”

Excuse me but as the expression goes, who died and left her (a) King?

Copyright is a recognition and encouragement of authorship. Copyright is the vehicle by which 2D ARTS IP creators pay bills today and plan for tomorrow. It is not only legal but appropriate for Executors of Estates to define and restrict applications of the Copyrighted ARRS from requests and exploitations of Fair Use. Culture and historical value are secondary to the rights of the Inheritors of the Legacy. “Extract(ing) value” is the Law.

Detractors of Copyright Ownership, Dr King’s Estate, to be specific, challenge that Dr King would be turning over in his grave if he knew “I Have A Dream” was working for his family and descendants. Outspoken critics include some of the entities who marched with him, entities that fight to find financing for the Battle they continued. Fact is, the Speech are Dr. Kings words. And Clarence Jones didn’t demand a piece of the Copyright pie even though Jones worked on the speech.

Dr. King was an orator and an Author not an accountant. And he listened to sage advice. Dr King died leaving his family financially challenged, for the moment. The cash register on his “Dream” has been ringing for decades with protection of Trademark law under license by EMI Publishing. So what is Jenkins complaining about. People can buy a CD of King’s words for $20 at the King Center just like people can buy memorabilia of Elvis at Graceland, benefiting Elvis’ heirs, or images of the Beatles, or Dolly, or Reagan, or George Washington, the list of families, profiting from dead relatives goes on. Jenkins cannot profit from Dr Kings name in any way, shape or forum other than be a fan. Why, even the US Capitol cannot be exploited commercially nor images released from the Architect of the Capitol be used without permission. Without oversight, Dr King’s Likeness, Identity and Copyright, would be invoked for everything from car washes to conflict in the Middle East or What Would Reagan Do to Speakeasys or Beer Coolers at the Indy 500..

The defense of Kings Copyright has gone on for years.The King Estate sued CBS Inc. and Henry Hampton producer of the 1994 Mike Wallace documentary, “The 20th Century with Mike Wallace” in which CBS Inc used Dr King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. “The Estate said King’s Copyright was in force under Common Copyright Law retroactively to the date of his Speech. King copyrighted “I Have A Dream” a month later. CBS Inc. argued public performance of spoken word put The Speech in to Public Domain. The King Family argued the speech, albeit delivered over radio and TV, though unpublished at the time of its debut performance was protected under the 1909 Copyright Act.

The Matter was remanded to District Court where a green light was given for the Kings case against CBS Inc. to proceed. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled “A performance, no matter how broad the audience, is not a publication; to hold otherwise would be to upset a long line of precedent. This conclusion is not altered by the fact that the Speech was broadcast to a broad radio and television audience and was the subject of extensive contemporaneous news coverage. We follow the above cited case law indicating that release to the news media for contemporary coverage of a newsworthy event is only a limited publication,” positioning King’s iconic Speech into a protected arena of being delivered to Media, not the Public, limiting its exposure to protection from exploitation.

CBS Inc settled with the King Family before the Court Matter proceeded further. The Kings were paid lawyers fees of $10,000, a $1700 licensing fee. And an unnamed sum.  

That isnt the end of the iconic 17 Minute’s arguments in Courts, seventeen minutes being how long Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” lasted.  December 1963, the King family sued Mister Maestro Inc and Twentieth Century Fox Records Company along for uses of his likeness. Fox had recorded the Speech at the Mall, in the course of covering news, the King speech along with all the Speeches given that day.

Fifty years later, on the anniversary of the MLK March, Twitter’s feed reignited fire in the bellies of people who want access to the Speech for free. Along with the throngs of people, of all colors, came to the National Mall, to recreate history, came criticisms of ‘how could the King’s cash in’ Obvious answer…. Who’s their Daddy? That’s who. And for that reason alone, the King Estate had the right to sell Dr. King’s Likeness and phrases for more than $700,000 to the Foundation that built the MLK Memorial on the Mall. “Excesses of copyright” for limiting release of  MLK iconic speech, photographs, sound bytes and images? No. Excesses of expectation that it should be free.

Clarence Jones is the attorney who set this debate solid where it should be, years back. Jones reminds people to this day he told King, ‘Copyright it (The Speech).’ Jones, currently a visiting professor at the University of San Francisco, is also Writer In Residence at the Martin Luther King Jr Research and Education Institute at Stanford University and Palo Alto CA. Jones is pretty heavy weight. Jones is the first African American partner in a Wall Street Investment Banking firm, twice recognized as Fortune Magazine’s Man Of The Month.  

The King family had been left without  much money.

The King Center, in Atlanta, provides people access to The Speech. All the people have to do is ask, submit an application, comply with the Terms Of Service and/or agreement. People that ask are given access if their proposal is accepted Miri Ben Ami requested playing her violin to the a recited accompaniment of one of the most recognizable collection of words, The Speech, in the 20th Century, a National Treasure.    

Courts ‘finding’ for Fair Use, defending the Fair Use was central to ‘the progress of science and advancement of the useful arts’ tend to look past Celebrity when benchmark is a Law for All People, not just Famous People.

People can photograph the heck out of the Words “I Have A Dream” if they want to make the pilgrimage to DC and climb the Lincoln Memorial steps up to where Dr Kings words are chiseled in to the ground stone. No one seems to know it The King Estate charged the National Park Service to put those words there. If they did? What of it? Disgraced President Nixon’s estate charged America $18 million for Nixon’s Memorabilia.   The video of President Kennedy’s assassination had a pretty price tag too. Alcatel licensed a clip of Dr King’s iconic speech for an ad Alcatel aired in 2001. That’s ok, for now. Wont be long. 2038 is when Dr. King’s speech will be in public domain.

Money doesn’t bring peace. Three years after the death of their Mom, Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King III and Bernice were fighting Dexter in Court over their parents Estate. EMI chairman Roger Faxon says protecting right for compensation  of Kings words that inspiring the world is a responsibility. And Dr King’s name is invoked in the SOPA debate. At what price Copyright Innovation? Why should Entreneurship be free? Who makes those decisions? Who has the right to Censor a Copyright Owners Rights or their heirs their due Legacy? The entirety of Dr Kings speech will rarely be published or viewed or heard in full. Dr. King’s pitbull EMI will make sure violators are held accountable to the Law.

But not everyone is a Dr King. But every dollar and dime belongs to 2D ARTs IP Creatives too. Remember that Congress and Legislators around the world that Danceres and Artists and Musicians and Photographers had a dream too. In the Internet Age with each change made in Title XVII away from the Integrity of the Founding Father’s Property Rights declaration…. Copyright Owners dreams have become crippling nightmares growing exponentially each day the Internet Abuse of Fair Use and Safe Harbor isnt roped in…..


The Intellectual Property of CHEMICAL WARFARE aka THE GOVERNMENT APPROVED PATENTING OF DEATH (c) Carrie Devorah : THE CENTER OF THE COPYRIGHT CREATORS UNIVERSE (c) Carrie Devorah Passing the Intellectual Property Popcorn Please (c) Carrie Devorah

18 Sep

The Intellectual Property of CHEMICAL WARFARE  aka THE GOVERNMENT APPROVED PATENTING OF DEATH (c) Carrie Devorah :

Nerve gas that is. It started with a Patent. And then it became a bartered item. A swap. Britain gave. America took. America gave Britain took. And years later, it became a debate. Nerve gas that is.

1400 dead? Maybe this past month but over the years…. more. But it started with a Patent, Intellectual Property that Man created and Government “LIKED.” Maybe that is the starting point going forward on how to adress Agents of War…. the Patent and the “new amazing idea” of publishing Patents online.. so where does culpability begin and finger pointing end… and the admission of who ‘screwed up’ and has a real chance for reform…. it started with a Patent.

I would have figured it to be a no brainer in the rhetoric of Chemical Warfare for someone to get to the nucleus of How Things Get Made, things like Chemicals used in Warfare- that part of the process called Intellectual Property and Legislative Debates and Patent Offices. But amazingly with all the intellect online, focus has been repeats and retweets of what another entity or blogger then often cited by Legislators. OMG. What ever happened to digging deeper into dirt on what came first, the patented Intellectual property or the 1400 dead in Syria today with the guarantee of more tomorrow, or the next day or another after that. Oh come on- its called Coincidental Thought or two people who may never meet having a great idea at the same time. In different zipcodes. Under different governments.

The dead in Syria didn’t just fall off the back of a Turnip truck. Their deaths began in a lab somewhere, sometime ago. Frankestinian type mad scientists concocting brews? No. That is the fodder of movies guaranteed to make you pee in your pants from fear. Sometimes, like #*@T, Nerve Gas’ happen, most likely because somewhere some Legislative Body debated things back and forth before stamping the ‘something’ with a Seal of Approval. No. Not saying that Legislators approved Nerve Gas’ but sometimes, it wasn’t Nerve Gas they approved. Other times, it wasn’t only Nerve Gas they were looking at. But like quarters that fall into the pillowed seats of a sofa, that is until Bitcoins came along, facts and details slip between the cracks. You know, Rome wasn’t built in a day nor is a profile of people or a chemical too. Put them both together, sometimes we have a recipe for a Modern Day Maniac or, as in the case of VX, a guy that invented a landscaping chemical that just happens to knock people out a half hour or so after it touches their skin, they rub their eyes, they convulse and dead. Oh, not just them dead but everyone they have come in to contact with between location of contact and moment of Death from an odorless chemical that was intended to kill weeds.

I know, I know, things happen. But while Radio and TV are whipping people into a Frenzy of War just like the NSA built back doors into all the PDAs we use and can NO LONGER take the backs off or batteries or chips out of (ahem iPhone), some of the Big Dog and Poodle countries had back door dealings too which sort of make the postulating a bit of a giggle, gallows giggle that is, considering the consequence.

The Father of Nerve gas was a German Scientist. British Intelligence reportedly brought his gas to Porton Down after World War II. Allied Forces found the Nerve Gas in WWII, in Germany. The discovery excited them.

Now, Chemicals and Congress are not unknown bedfellows. 96% of manufactured consumer goods are produced with chemicals most of which are toxic. And what Congress does is Legislate things it has no clue about but gets ‘briefed on.’ Sit through a hearing or two of people pushing agendas without complete disclosure, one might share the cynicism. But there are legislators with good intentions that try their best to do good. Senators David Vitter (R-LA) and the late Frank Lautenberg co-sponsored S 1009, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act,  a legislation to adress toxic chemicals in household and manufactured products. Lautenberg and Vitter wanted to shore up the Toxic Substances Control Act. The TSCA had not been amended in its thirty seven years. The TSCA was passed in 1976, intended to regulate existing and new chemicals. Whatever wasn’t on the list in 1976? Wasn’t going to be on the list of “Chemicals.” There wasn’t a list for Toxic. Nor is there a list for Non Toxic. There was clearly no Congressional “dunno list” for Chemicals that might be developed some time down the road. The Legislative oversight attempts to legislate no new chemical being used in manufacturing Consumer Goods or on imported for Consumer Goods.

Getting the picture? Good. So you wont lose your lunch when I tell you there are over 85,000 chemicals on the Market. And the EPA? The Agency knows the toxicity of about 200 of those chemicals. The EPA has only taken action against five chemicals or chemical classes? You see, the EPA only knows what the chemical’s manufacturer tells them about toxicity- whistleblowers and all…..

In 2007, the Department of Homeland Security issued a rule called “Chemical Facility Security: Regulation and Issues For Congress”, a Summary, requiring chemical facilities with certain types and amounts of stuff the Secretary determined were hazardous to let the DHS know then undergo a screening process to determine the sites CVI, Chemical Terrorism Vulnerability Information category, which chemical facilities were high risk needing additional security. The sites were to provide the DHS with a site security plan and a vulnerability plan for the Secretary to approve or to disapprove. The Summary highlighted issues Congress had discussed. There was the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008. There were HR 1530, HR 1574 and HR 1633 that the House introduced for chemical site security. Then there was the 2007 Farm Bill S 2302 and HR 2419, the Appropriations Bills HR 2638 and S 1644, for starters.

Any wonder Legislative pocket change continues to fall out of pockets and in between sofa pillows? Hearings are held all the time. One can only legislate disclosed entities. The reality is that around the world there is someone, somewhere, in a lab, in a garage, in a home, on a farm not just in a multi dollar conglomerate looking to make product cheaper and better that will get government approval. Or not. It is the Or Not that is worrisome.

The disclosed entities let their chemicals go through test phases. Some of the chemicals make it on to the streets as product, some don’t. And some that do make the streets get clawed back for one thing or another. Usually for death(s) or causing disability. More often, at that put, claw back attempts are when it is too late to put the rabbit back in the box.

You see the process is the problem. Ideas are Intellectual Property. And Intellectual Property get protected, at least, with First to Claim Ownership. Over at the USPTO, papers are pushed forward from Application to Published Patent or IP, Intellectual Property. With the USPTO all online these days, anyone anywhere in the world can see what is being made or protection sought for AND how to do it better. 

A patent is a patent is a patent whether the patent is for a new button, Google eyeglass or in the chemical or pharmaceuticals industry sensory irritation through its chemical action.” Classified? By how they affect people.

There are the Choking Agents… they make breathing difficult… ie Chlorine gas. There are Blister Agents… they irritate skin and eye ie Mustard gas. There are the fast acting and lethal agents like Arsenic or cyanide. There are the Nerve agents like Sarin or VX. They disrupt the nervous system.

Tear gas sound familiar? On the streets of America, tear gas is called a ‘riot control agent’ used for law enforcement. But if used in war, tear gas is termed a chemical weapon. There is White Phosphorus used both home and abroad. Incendiary as a weapon, it has its benefits, it seems.

What they all have, Chemical Agents, is the Taboo Attitude on the impact of Chemical weaponry to civilian populations, dating a hundred years back. As Man evolved, or devolved, as the opinion might be, Technology advanced, as did man’s ability to impact foreign cultures. Hiroshima, ring a bell? Someone aught to remind Secretary Kerry.  Post WWI, by the time of WWII, a lot of countries ‘volunteered’ to rule out chemical warfare on the battlefield. A lot of paper pushing and protocol which all looks good like the Geneva Protocol of 1925 prohibiting poisonous gas as war weaponry. There was the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1993 that took the 1925 agreement further… except not everyone signed on to that agreement a decade ago- Syria, North Korea, EGYPT and Angola.- not promising to voluntarily outlaw production, stockpile, transfer and use of chemical weapons.

Gerhard, was a German Biochemist. Full name Gerhard Schrader. In 1936, Gerhard was working on a pesticide. Instead or in addition, Gerhard discovered Organo-Phosphates and their effect on human beings. Gerhard was his own guinea pig, accidentally. A splish splash of some chemicals into each other and he wasn’t feeling so good. A day later, Gerhard had trouble breathing. His eyesight was on the fritz, no pun intended. He was spasming and his arm, within a week was paralyzed. Gerhard hit it out of the ballpark of inhumanity, discovering the ancestor of Nerve Gases, that, depending on how much was used and absorbed through the skin, was fatal within 5 to 15 minutes. N Gas. That is what the Nazis called it, in 1936.


Porton Down is a United Kingdom government military science park situated slightly northeast of Porton near Salisbury in Wiltshire, England. To the northwest lies the MoD Boscombe Down test range facility which is operated by QinetiQ. Porton Down, about 7000 acres in recent years, started out as a few cottages and farm buildings scattered on the downs at Porton and Idmiston. Porton Down opened as a test site for chemical weapons. It was called the Royal Engineers Experimental Station. Purpose? To study Chlorine, Phosgene and Mustard Gas in WWI. There were two huts. Two years later, there more over 1100 people at Porton Down, still focused on anti gas defense and breathing. Porton Down became a skeleton after the Armistice was signed.

 Fourteen years after Schrader’s N Gas discovery, in 1952, British scientist Dr Ranajit Ghosh, working with JF Newman, at Britain’s Porton Down’s chemical warfare laboratory, patented diethyl S-2-diethylaminoethyl phosphono- thioate, November of that year.  Gosh was working for ICI, Imperial Chemical Industries, a British firm, in their Plant Protection Land when Gosh focused on investigating Organophosate compounds, the same compounds Gerhard Schrader looked into in the ‘30s. ICI took one of Gosh’s compounds, Amiton, to market,only to withdraw Amition from market. It was too toxic, for home use, it seemed but perfect for warfare. Samples had been sent to the British Armed Forces Research facility, Porton Downs. The two Men had improved on Schrader’s N Agent. The scientists had developed V Agents, the newest Nerve Agents aka the Tammelin Esters named after Lars- Erik Tammelin of the SDRA, the Swedish Defense Research Agency. Patented. IP. Intellectual Property.The most famous one, code name Purple Possum? 

As it turns out, a few years earlier, the Russians and other scientists, independent of each other or the companies they worked for, discovered more potent Nerve gases. That is how people are- even when something is bad, they play with ‘fire’ as the expression goes and come up with great ideas they may not be aware someone else had discovered. Scientists enamored with these deadly elements, continued their exploration going forward, discovering ways to make the chemicals less combustible and other challenges, normal people, outside of Government and Mad Scientists, would run from let alone trade in.

Come WWII, Porton Down focused on anthrax bio weaponry, botulinum toxins and nitgrogen mustard. The Allies learned about organophsorous nerve agents in Germany- Tabun, Sarin and Soman which springboarded research off the German Nerve Agents starting point. And VX was born. In Britain.

The government paid hospitals for skin removed from patients. The Scientists wanted Real McCoy test results not hypotheticals so what better to test a skin agent on but skin which, as it turned out, the patients had no clue they had donated. The practice of using patient skin began in 1995 and was stopped after the Alder Hey report was released.  A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman, speaking on behalf of Dera, confirming the skin was used in chemical warfare tests said, “Most of the chemical tests done were for the benefit of civilians. They were with corrosive chemicals that are used in the home and work place, to see how the skin would be affected by a spillage.” The Patient’s Consent form said ‘use in medical research…” which by the way, the hospital was paid dearly for, over 17,000 pounds, without any statement, wink, patients who went in for a tummy tuck and breast ‘nips’ or other vanity surgeries got a discount from the hospital for their hide, without explaining that it was being used by the Defense Evaluation and Research Agency, DERA, which runs the facilities on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire.

Gets better. The Brits traded VX to the Yanks in exchange for information on thermo-nuclear weapons. That was in 1958. Technically, work on such agents stopped in 1955 when lethality of the research was acknowledged. Technically. The US began producing VX in 1961. Newport Chemical Depot. The known countries to have VX are Russia, France and the US. KNOWN being the operative word. Wishing to un-create VX is like a mom threatening her bad child she wishes she could put them back up inside. Not going to happen.  VX, which is rumored to be the chemical that Sadaam lost into Syria back in the early 2000’s?

So what now…… there’s the ticker. You cant see VX, smell it, taste it but one half hour after contact one witnesses horrific devolution into death. The United Nations classified IUPAC, O-ethyl S-[2-(diisopropylamino)ethyl] methylphosphonothioate, the technical name for VX, as a Weapon of Mass Destruction in UN Resolution 687 then outlawed in the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993.

Arghhhh. Getting it yet? The old story, ten people can be working on the same thing at the same time and name it something different without the dots being connected until, it is, here in the case of Nerve Agents, too late. For all the protocol and hoopla about getting countries to stand down on Toxic time bombs… somewhere, around there world there is someone about to make the same discovery too, and somewhere, someone about to get a patent for their Intellectual Property of mass murder… again.

What does one do? Pray is probably the best first answer. Second answer? Maybe committees will learn to dig deeper into the bad of the New Greatest Bestest idea being pitched at legislators, like THE INTERNET (cough)….boy, wasn’t that a rapid descent into the Devil’s Lair. Try grabbing that one by the tail and rolling things back to the way things used to be. With all good there comes bad and within all bad there is good. And that somewhere someone in a patent office saw the idea for Nerve Agents then rubber stamped it LIKE for a production go ahead. And with the USPTO racing to put everything online, good guess is more of these dastardly things people wish they could uninvent will be discovered by the next home grown terrorist on immigrant with a bone to pick with his mom he takes out on innocent people going for a run in the 5K.

The Holland Committee was set up by the War Office in 1919. The Cabinet decided a year later to continue building the Porton Down program. By 1922, there were 380 servicemen, and a mix of fifty or so civil servants and scientists. Three years later, there were even more. Britain ratified the Geneva Protocol of 1925, in 1930, which allowed Chemical Warfare agents only in retaliation.

Around twenty to thirty years later, 1970, the renamed Porton Down, Chemical Defence Establishment, was paying attention to reports of chemical warfare by the Iraqis against their Kurdish population and Iran. Porton Down changed its name again in 2001- Defense Evaluation and Research Agency still so secretive Members of British Parliament are reported to have admitted they aren’t completely aware of what goes on there even after having visited the site. Although word is the site is working on medical strains of Cannabis and the related patents.

The US Army’s early method of disposal of its stockpiled Agents was the CHASE technique- Cut Holes and Sink ‘Em. Old ships packed with nerve agents were sunk to the bottom of the sea. The SS Cpl Eric G Gibson was sunk 7200 feet deep of Atlantic City, New Jersey. There are over 7,000 VX rockets on board the Gibson. 124 tons of VX were sunk off the shores of New York, New Jersey and Florida, between 1919 and 1970- one land mine, over 1400 pounds of bulk container and about 22000 M55 rockets. Some sites incinerated VX as late as going in to Christmas Eve 2008. The Blue Grass Pilot Plant destruction of their VX is the last of the VX bunch waiting to be destroyed. If it wasn’t one thing or another causing the delays, it was one thing or another. Russia and America were working together to reduce Russia’s over 5900 tons of Nerve Agents stored a former chemical weapons depot. 14% o the chemical weapons there are from Russia.

Secretary Kerry testified the day before September 11, America’s anniversary of sadness, America’s connection to standing away from Chemical warfare was 1925. Geez louise, Momma T. Take John on vacation to Porton Down on a Study Abroad on Nerve Agents. To boot, the same day, John Sano, former deputy director of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, who oversaw the day-to-day management of the agency’s covert operations, discusses how the CIA gathers and uses intelligence, said on C-Span Washington’s Journal that he didn’t know who developed Nerve Gas. Sano has top Secret Clearance. When asked to concur, or not, Sano agrees that whomever developed or sold the Nerve Gas should be held accountable……. Which is the largest OMG, the Sano doesn’t know the history of the Alphabetical Agents or that the finger points…. om

As for the book the officer in the photo is reading? Probably a good idea to collect and destroy. The book, that is. Erroneous information. The author incorrectly listed America as the country that discovered VX. So much for experts on topics but in these days of War Crimes and War Tribunals…. Get my drift.




18 Sep

THE ROAD TO MARRAKESH  & BACK TO THE JUDICIARY                (c) Carrie Devorah

Can the Judiciary see its way to making Judiciary’s last hearing before summer’s Camp For Congress a  Do Over so the Blind can lead those Blinded by Technology?  Congress has to do a Do Over. This isnt even a question, it’s a must.

September 12 the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property at American University Washington College of Law hosted a round up of The 2013 Marrakesh Treaty: Providing Access To Copyrighted Works For the Blind and Print Disabled that recalibrates the impression of the Blind and Technology. This was the first public forum on the international treaty “with the main focus on defining minimum standards for copyright limitations and exceptions rather than establishing conditions for enhanced proprietary rights”, their words, challenged with doing good without doing bad, knowing there are people out there ‘looking to recalibrate domestic law’ and to use the forum as a door to a human rights treaty.

Professor Peter Jasci moderated the Panelists sharing their experiences of The Miracle at Marrakesh. Audience attendees got a flavor of the challenge of bringing together opposing interests in an endeavor which may be best described as roping cats with a tumbleweed, seemingly impossible. The Miracle of Marrakesh gathered at the first event post the Treaty included Justin Hughes a teacher at Cardozo Law School, Scott LaBarre general counsel of the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado, James Love the US Co-chair of the Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue Intellectual Property Policy Committee, Marc Maurer president of the National Federation of the Blind, Lateef Mtima Professor of Law at Howard University School of Law, Ruth Okediji a professor of law at the University of Minnesota’s Law School, Shira Perlmutter Chief Policy Officer a the USPTO, Luis Villarroel director of Research at the Latin American Center For Intellectual Property Research For Development, Nancy Weiss, Allan Adler is the General Counsel Association of American Publishers, Jonathan Band and Daniel Conway amongst others. The Lure For Completion of the Marrakesh Treaty, it seems, was Stevie Wonder’s temptation if the Treaty was finished, Wonder would fly in and perform a Concert.

June 2013, the Treaty was completed. Stevie Wonder flew in as promised. The wildest attendees rockin’ it out in the aisles, it seems, was the Librarians. Wink. Always suspected that didn’t you…..

It is the words of one man, in particular, the Judiciary must hear, well, two. Justin Hughes clarified the Marrakesh Treaty provides that Royalties are paid to Authors. Hughes has led the US delegation for the Marrakesh Treaty and the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances. Hughes was the Director of Cardozo Law Schools Intellectual Property program and a faculty director at the schools Indie Film Clinic. The other man is Dr. Marc Maurer, president of the National Federation of the Blind. Dr Maruer says the “organized blind are the best equipped people to solve the problems facing them have set the tone and are guiding the organization in to this exciting new period of growth and accomplishment.”

Justin Hughes made it clear, at American University, that the Marrakesh Treaty did in fact provide for Authors and/or Artists to be paid for their IP along with all other Rights holders. End of story. Almost.

Marc Maurer said it better.

Marc asked for a few more moments before his panel ended to add one more comment. Marc said it has been a few years since he testified before Congress. Marc said words Congress must hear, a point that will counter the wrongful impression Judiciary witness Benetech’s Jim Fruchterman gave of the Blind –  of needing charity, of approving that Authors are not paid for their Works and that books are being donated. And the Judiciary will have the opportunity to clarify that in fact Benetech has received over $50 million dollars in Government Grants monies along with millions in Venture Capitol funds, over the years for the project(s) Fruchterman says benefits the blind, Fruchterman feels deserve charity.

Fruchterman’s words, in an online interview, his business for the blind is the only one of his ventures to turn a profit,  the business using Chaffee Amendment and Fair Use the Blind to be fall guys for File Sharing claims if they are made. Fruchterman testified publishers give him books. Dr Marc Maurer made it clear. The Blind dont want Charity. They just want the same books Seeing People have access too. The Blind just want to be treated normal. The Blind want to pay Authors their due royalties. The Blind don’t want to take money from other people. AND THAT  is not was not the walk-away impression attendees to the Judiciary hearing of Innovation and Technology witness, Bookshare’s Jim Fruchterman gave.

It is the words of this one man, Dr. Maurer, the Judiciary must hear. Dr. Marc Maurer said loud and clear, at the Miracle of Marrakesh Reunion up at American Universitty,  stating quietly with strength, ‘I don’t want charity. I want to pay.’..


There goes the reality of the Bookshare program for the Blind the witness, knew  was an illegal file sharing model when he implemented it. Fructherman said so in interviews, one after the other after the other.

The presentation of Blind as indigent is offensive. All Blind and other disabled people want is to be treated normal, given the same opportunity as everyone else. It is the words of Marc Maurer that must become the benchmark for Congress at every Hearing going forward where a person represents their Constituents as needing handouts. Congress, ASK THE CONSTITUENTS. Led the Blind lead the Blinded with their Insights from learning to see inside of people’s motivations.

Books in an accessible format moving the visually disabled community past the Book Famine described by the WBU, the World Blind Union. Few Authors will say no to making money. Few Blind persons will argue paying it to read. I pointed out the road map forward for Blind reading contemporary books is already written in the availability of existing technology for Downloads and Audio books the blind are able to access and  listen to. The challenge? Is how do we get the world to see steps forward to accomplish the goal Marc Maurer revealed… Simple. Start with Congress. Legislate that someone who uses disabled to profit isnt fit to testify before Congress.

Blind may be blind. They aren’t disabled. They are proud. They don’t want charity. They want to be just like us…. Simple. Ask the blind dad I met at Sbarros’, father to three blind sons… ask the man I met on the Metro…. Ask Marc, Judiciary, in one seat at the Witness Table. And ask Bookshare about the Blind, about his Human Rights initiatives connectivity linked in his Tax Returns to Benetech and Bookshare… in the other chair….then focus on the real Miracle of Marrakesh…. Bringing the Road To Marrakesh to Celebration on Capitol Hill