23 Aug

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There are two ways to enter America illegally and off the I.C.E. radar, by racing across the border or by coming in living invisibly on cash.

A fellow passenger reminded me. I took a bus ride. From New York to D.C. You do that sometimes when spontaneous decisions and serendipity rule. I took Bolt.

The young lady next to me attended GWU. We talked. You do that when you sit and slide for hours in seats next to each other. Once laughter settled, we talked. And my eyes widened as I learned the “more to the story” on immigration dominating the presidential 2016 race run.

She is Korean. She entered the country at age 12. Her parents were in Korea. They sent her to America with her aunt and uncle. She is Korea passported not America passported. She cannot be. She does not exist, technically, except at GW when her tuition check cashes. GWU is a private school. Last tuition fee I recall was about $54,000, maybe up since then. I heard that number in and around 2009 at GWU Patriots weekend as part of a headline comedian’s shtick, show, routine.

She explained as long as her tuition is paid in full she doesn’t need to identify or register or anything, successfully, I would say since she is in college, entering America at age 12.

Oh yes, she has a Social Security number so she can work.

This isn’t the first time I heard, or wrote, about foreign students entering America and securing Social Security numbers. I was at the M Street Social Security office a few years back with a peer. He was curious about the young people there in the Social Security office. As a journo, I don’t wonder, I ask.

I asked.

The students were American University students, another private institution. The students were at the Social Security office to get their cards so they could work. They were not Americans. They were Asian, interns at CAP, a democracy non-profit.

So let us be clear, for all the public expression of shock at infants, toddlers and tweens risking death and rape to come to America for a better life, here is the rest of the story. The poor storm the borders, the rich buy their way in. Let us repeat, the rich buy their illegal presence in living off the Immigration Visa overstay and other Border security penetrations.

Ask this question, what good is the tallest wall that can be built between America and Mexico, when planes filled with people with cash can just fly right over them….


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