2 Jun

2015 5 30 Book Cover Surviving Cancer
I met an extraordinary woman at the BEA. The show is huge. Finding treasures is like panning for gold in a  river. Gold can be found amidst the stalls. I  found a gem.

I cant tell you what made me stop. Having done the show over the years, my lesson has always been keep  walking, hands in pocket, otherwise I  succumb to the draw of swag and sweets.

I stopped. A man was sitting behind a woman. He was affixing gold seals to cards. She  smiled warmly, asking if I wanted to learn about her book. I did. Something about her told me to.

I am honored that I did. The book wont be a thriller. It wont be made in to a movie  with sequels. Yet it should. Each chapter is tied together with thread, pink thread. Marion Behr is a survivor. She is a champion. She is a sister, an artist, a woman who took her circumstance of awareness  and made it personal to others. Her back story  is what drew me closer.

A child of survivors, she had  a memory that drew her back home  to Europe  to uncover the legacy of her father, a documentary filmmaker. A film he made became a classic in its time. War came. The film disappeared, so she thought. There is not much that a woman who beats breast cancer cannot do including finding her dad’s film, bringing it back to life at film festivals and at the Holocaust museum.

In the same way Marion’s art ties emotions together, Marion’s book ties tales of survivors lessons to loving life most take for granted. A brilliant filmmaker would start his movie panning the woman at a booth, dwarfed by the enormity of the Hall, a gem amidst others with fantasy stories they tell. Marion’s book is a new chapter for a story that wont get old as hard as people try.

Wise one’s know nothing can be stranger than the truth of a patent lawyer sitting with  his love of life affixing gold seals to cards in the back of her booth showcasing a Breast Cancer Survivors Guide.  In a world rampant with romance, horror, mystery and fifty shades of grey  (wink) this is a raison d’etre for Living Each Day to the fullest, bound with a thread of pink.


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