19 Dec

Eric Talmadge, AP, wrote “the movie (The Interview) push all of North Korea’s buttons.” No, Eric. Seth Rogen’s and James Franco’s movie pushed all of America’s buttons. Somehow, Hollywood forgot, pushing the envelope one questionable movie at a time.

The classic example given, in the age old First Amendment debate, asks if yelling FIRE in a movie theater, is Free Speech. The First Amendment gives people the right to say what you please. The First Amendment does not protect ‘said’ person’ from what they said, even words that threaten someone. Threats are Criminal.

Threats are the reason why people who threaten our presidents are arrested, even jailed. Threats are the reason why someone calling someone some names are arrested, even jailed. Those names are now regarded as Hate Speech.

Aggregating people to harm others, ie. ISIS, is deemed Incitement, hence people who incite are arrested even jailed.

America’s Constitution does not advocate violence. No right is absolute. Slander is slander. Threatening a leader is just that. Threatening a Public Official is making a threat against a public official, a Federal Employee. Knock yourself out calling them names, that is your right. But naming the person you think should be killed, has consequences, moreso when the decision was made to name a world leader instead of using a made up fictitious name. Naming Kim Jung Il was intentional, parodying world headlines and stories written by the industry formerly known as Media.

“Threats against the president of the United States and others we are statutorily authorized to protect are the Secret Service’s number one investigative priority. Every threat, no matter if made by telephone, in person, in writing, or on social media is examined to the fullest extent possible. Working with our partners in law enforcement and the U.S. Attorney’s Office we will continually seek to bring those who make threats to justice,” said Reginald G. Moore, Special Agent in Charge of the United States Secret Service, Atlanta Field Office, adressing the matter of Patrick Randell McIntosh. ( McIntosh’s case is being investigated by the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) The JTTF includes agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Secret Service, and the Federal Air Marshal Service. Detectives of the Atlanta Police Department initially investigated before referring the case to the JTTF.

Silent on this matter is Secretary of State John Kerry, the top cop so to speak, when it comes to foreign relations.

Hollywood greenlighted movies made threatening to kill former President Bush. America is not N. Korea. The world is not America. That film made the Movie Festival Circuit when it violated the same moral principles Sony’s hacker protested, in a way that is not condoned, but will happen again and again until people engage their brains before they engage their PDA clicks.

The battle cry of “American Exceptionalism” has excused people forgetting, America is still, at age 200+, the New Kid On The Block, best compared to the Pitbull in the Chihuahua body. There is a concept of respect in the cultures like N. Korea that Sony execs greenlighted a film to disrespect, supported by the MPAA crying out how the breach harmed the Industry former Senator Dodd now respresents.

Chris Dodd is no Jack Valenti. I miss Jack. Valenti was a gentleman who loved his craft, someone to be looked to moving forward, asking themselves, “What Would Valenti Do?”

I know what Jack would do. Valenti would apologize to everyone and to no one. Valenti would be mortified at what Hollywood has become.

Common sense has been set aside with the facility of Technology. Remember, when it comes to pushing buttons, in a nuclear world, maybe it is time to rewrite “beat their swords in to plowshares” as “beat their PDAs in to pieces….”

Just sayin…. #apologizeforunintendedconsequences

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