18 Dec

Congratulations whomever is GOP for teaching a lesson to a world that thinks JUST because you want to humiliate someone that is a greenlight to do so. Sometimes teaching moments are harsh to be heeded.

By no means do I agree that details were outed by, dammit, get our heads out of the ground and realize that SONY is us. All of these wonderful APPS and Games that we embraced without questioning if we were getting punked or what the deal was are now showing us what the deal was and that no, we are not getting punked, we are living with Jim Carey on a movie set with people watching what we are doing, sending us ‘guidances’ to do what they want us to do- you know those ads that appear along side what we are typing and the unknown amount of pages on websites that tell us to come claim our page if that is us….

Whatever happened to etiquette? Whatever happened to couth? Whatever happened to thinking twice before doing once? Whatever is going to become of us?

Humor is about making people laugh. Humor is not done at a cost to humiliating people. THAT is anger. THAT is done by someone who thinks less of themselves believing bullying is power and that a bully pulpit attracts followers.

No. A bully pulpit attracts misfits.

All of the information that was outed on Sony and employees is our futures, not if, just when.

Unfortunately, diplomacy went out the window with a 24 hour 365 day election cycle, moved forward by people thinking outrageous and memorable, even at the expense of others is cool. It is not.

Joan Rivers, as much as I loved her, did freelance early on, full disclosure, crossed over at some point from making fun of herself to ripping in to others. THAT is not humor. That is cruelty but hey, it made money which means, no one edited, raising the bar farther away from couth to where it is today with online virality being at both ends of the spectrum at the same time- but- heed this- in the eye of its beholder- making beating down an old man funny to some and horrific to others- and calling out people as being fat, skinny, old, ugly if it gets a laugh, many of which are from people uncomfortable with what they hear, unclear how to respond.

Kim Jung Un took a high road, for all it was worth, writing the United Nations with their complaint of the comedy on murdering a Foreign Dignitary. It, as our mothers are wont to tell us, not what we found funny but how that other person took it in.

Remember the V-Tech shooter? People made fun of him too. Look how that ended.

A colleague of mine, from China, with whom I covered the White House, days before she returned home asked me if I hated her. I was thunderstruck at her question let alone her needing to ask me. I adored her. I admired her. I was constantly amazed at her prowess even eagerness to fit in with a tough crowd of our elite, even I had experienced awkwardness with at first. Her answer to my question asking why she asked her question arose out of what she heard on the news about China.

We were snappers. That was our common ground. We were professionals. We were part of an industry with an Ethics, or at least used to be.

We were mindful of the power of our images. We understood the messages our photos carried globally, as should be Hollywood and whoever greenlighted THE INTERVIEW.

As someone who has covered the Hill for almost a decade and seen Legislators bend over backwards to accomodate celebrity, is the price of an autograph worth the risk of a finger on a button. Were the attacks on Dennis Rodman really wrong after all? Rodman took b-ball to a foreign country, came home, no national incident, no threats. Rodman, as colorful as he is, respected a country’s leader, in confluence to America that no longer respects its own leaders.

Maybe it is time to remind people that Free Speech can come at a price, right Rogen? How is it feeling to you now knowing that thousands of people are damaged by your ‘funny’. Isnt so funny in hindsight, so before, escalating this matter further in to  a WWIII maybe it is time to retire Fashion Police before its River Replacement escalates a sharp tongue at the expense of people.

And maybe it is time to remind each and every gossip, show and magazine that cameras are beginning to turn on you. Whomever you are GOP, bad bad, go to your room and write 50 times, “I may have accomplished somewhat of a teaching moment but I went about it the wrong way.” Oh yeah, GOP Bad Bad Bad, for every underground hiding you and every Silk Road and TOR that State funded with grants, there is the inevitable, you are going to get caught, later or sooner.

So maybe, your point made and the movie pulled, out yourself, stand up and admit publicly who you are. Hey. In Hollyweird, you are guaranteed a TV deal, a reality show, a cult following, a comic book, you and that 17 year old Genius Trader…. welcome to the world of Aron Spellings 90201…. where sarcasm almost ripped America a “new one”


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