27 Aug

It’s one of those old woman things that when you stand up what went in comes out most unexpectedly with the floor beneath awash in a giant soda, recycled, that is, or latte that became a leak-ay, moreso when the realization the place was designed by a man not a woman, who put the woman’s bathroom in to the far flung corners of the zipcode you are racing in, scoping out where is the bathroom you needed 5 minutes earlier. At this second your focus is seeking to minimize damage to your reputation.

Swear. Men designing stores with women’s bathrooms as far away from the food counter or women’s section is payback for Eve borrowing Adam’s rib. When I’m done with it, Eve said, when I’m done. In a dog’s life, that window of time can be forever.

You mention the embarrassing happenstance to someone who says there is a treatment for that constituting of four visits, maybe five, maybe one without your clothes on, that makes one’s eyes open wide thinking privately aloud, they want to touch my hoo-hah and me pay them for that… then settling in to hmmmm, possibilities. A sneeze, pee and unexpected pleasure without the pain of a relationship?

Ain’t life grand!

Just kidding. The notion that someone would go were few, well, yeah, a few have gone before, but not in a longtime, is a little bit, embarrassing to consider let alone be offered except in these days and times of social networking where everything goes. Men in drag look better than females not in drag and teens can spend major bucko-s looking at someone other than deep inside.

Love does not come on tip of a finger covered in glove. The new world does. Que’lle tragique.

I remiss the days the days of modesty and privacy and leaving somethings not to the imagination like, well, spelunking in hoo-hah. Where could this go? Well, as long as one is willing to pay, I guess it could go on forever and ever. If robots can be teachers in the UAE then I guess Love Gloves could point the way to the future and resign relationships to the past, to the days of Dick, Tracy that is….


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