21 Aug

I read Jason Thibault’s admission he quit Facebook. Dude, welcome back to the world of reality contrasted to the Reality world Fakedom is creating.

WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG to wean yourself from the Digital Teat?

I gotcha one better than the man who quit FB.

I defriended my kids on Facebook. They didnt even notice for months. A reader whirled in his tempest of his world within seconds of my defriending him to call and demand why I did what I did? I answered but not the reason I gave my kids.

I grew up in a world of touch, taste and tell. Tell didn’t mean selling out employers or sharing intimacies one would not gab publicly about on Amtrak rides between DC and New York. I grew up in a world where when one talked about leaks, it was privately, usually a bladder or that time of the month kinda leak. Loyalty was a real thing between people, not just a free 10th cup of coffee if you bought 9 which meant since you had to buy the 9 the 10th was never really free to begin with. I grew up in a world where a 100 year old man who lived from the turn of the century from 1800 to 1900 told me he had worries for the world I would age into.

When my boys eventually noticed the Unfriend, one asked, why. I answered.

If you have to Poke, Tag, and all that other jazz people do on Facebook, to show the things you are doing with alot of people, some things like I dont want to see, OMG, as your mom, then, I “Unfriend.” If you cant remember by phone number to pick up the phone and call so I can hear in your voice how you really are, something a Facebook cannot do? Then, I “Unfriend.” I want to know how you are doing, truly. Your online aliases give me insight in to whom you are at heart or might want to rather be.

There are things parents are better off not knowing about their kids lives. At the same time there are things parents will see that parents need to know. And whatever one says, a parent will always be a parent and kids will always be kids.

The internet was not created to bring us together. The internet was created to disrupt us apart. Yes the world is a big place but maybe the home will always be hearth and, as cliche as it is, home is always going to be where the heart is.

I raised you not to talk to strangers yet here we are branded in to believing that 5000 plus makes us Liked. No, it doesnt. To some, it reminds them how lonely they are. Once, I spent harrowing minutes alerting and tracking law enforcement to send to someone, I was correct, to depressed to care about life anymore. The comments from his Friends on his page? Harrowing. And they lived near enough by to make a difference in his life in real life. They didnt. Friends were complacent at using the Marketing Word without doing the real life work.

Things people said online that they would not say offline? Facebook was becoming a petrie dish for hate and cruelty. I know what people do when they ‘dump’ desensitized to pain.

And then I saw the whirring that Facebook pages did when I was online, FB, occur when I was I was offline. I deleted my content knowing something was up. I was spot-on predictive, hating to be right, wishing I would be wrong.

All those moments of your private lives, you posted and shared in good faith were stolen, your having been misled to post them at all. This was the plan all along. It hurt. It hurt me to known my precious children’s lives would be used, in ways you cannot know to control, by others, nefarious bastards in heart.

I love you and do, forever and forever. Not on Facebook. You arent my friend. You are better. You are my pride and joy. So I Unfriended you. And if I EVER see your photos used anywhere, anytime, online without your having given permission for use? Well, boy-os, Mom has grown from wielding your baseball bat to wielding her mind sharpened with yours and everyone else’s security at heart. And in the vein of how we sign off our phone calls each time we speak sharing, truly, how we are even when words dont suffice?

I love you boy-os. I do. Just not on Facebook.


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