20 Aug

Sometimes I feel I spend too much time on the keyboard end of a PC and other times, like today, I feel I dont spend enough time, nearly at all. Attend enough hearings in the Capitol that feeling emerges, too, seeing the sameo same-o of Hearing Witnesses then seeing little that reflects life as I venture off the Beltway.

My passion? Faith. Arts. And crime. No, I dont search it out just have a penchance for finding the bad guys with an aptitude for learning, through crisis and observation, a mode forward.

What rankled me over the top today was seeking Parliamentary data in Canada, the UK, Australia and Hong Kong. Why? Well, hitting the penthouse suite of patience adressing a matter that is quite serious. My securities account at one global entity was hacked by a current employee at another financial entity. How do I know? Gobsmacked if it wasnt the hacked entity that provided me an Encrypted CD showing they knew of this for almost the whole time I was their client, following statements online, the documentation of which the Encrypted CD, laid out for me, with a twist, 2 years after FINRA provided itself as the forum for resolution.

Look. Going public is never a good thing. But when your world is IP, and you adress ID theft on an Internet forum, and, as a recovering journo, you know what buttons to push, click and send, and its frustrating for you? That is never a good thing.

My colleagues over the years came from different cultures. Even Hong Kong. My friend Jenny, about to return to China having completed her assignment in DC, one day sat, sad. I asked her, Jenny why are you sad? Fresh off a few days of Lemurs leading Lemurs news writing, Jenny turned to me and asked, do you hate me? Hate? Jenny? OMG. The nicest sweetest quietest snapper. We all covering the White House loved her. She pushed and shoved with the best of us for positioning at Press Calls. But hate her? NEVER!!!

It seems the news from days prior was slamming China for this that or the other thing. So Jenny asked. Do you hate me?

And then there was the Judiciary hearing in which a witness testified to Committee he stole designs from China.

Let me tell you that Chinese are people too, as well as “the culture of the day” the Lemurs choose to make the people to hate in a news besotted with “if it bleeds it leads.”

Let me tell you something else, the banks and securities on both ends of the inter-institution hacking? Slowly on notice if not already at all. Their responses? Precious and in writing… stating there is nothing you can do at all. Oh yeah, pushing the envelope as I am trained to do making sure the world “gets it” that thieves are not cultural, they are individual. I dont give a damn what country, as I said in the Hague adressing a fence…. it keeps good people in and bad people out. The laws are supposed to help the good people but as the PIO for Yasser Arafat sent to my home told me, a Thanksgiving a decade ago…. the politicians are mucking things up.

Yes. America. The partner in crime hackers are homegrown not from China. And the XX XXXXXX dude with his name over 800+ of the PDF files that XXX sent me in an Encrypted CD? His LINKEDIN profile states he is XX XXXXXX’s senior IT guy in charge of global money transfers. How’s them apples, neither are Chinese or RU or…. so, back off of lumping cultures into one bucket because you hurt the nice people, too.


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