10 Aug

The Tricycle Theatre threw down a political gauntlet when refusing the Jewish Film Festival to hold its annual event at this venue. Sometimes, blessings come disguised. And as the saying goes, you never really know who your friends are until you need them.

Well, the Tricycle Theatre picked a battle that is coming back to bite them.


Sites like list Tricycle Theater under “Arts, Cultural, Humanities.” There is nothing Humane nor anything Cohesive about dictating how someone should pay. There is a God in the Jewish Film Festival learning, publicly albeit, The Tricycle Theatre determines, good and bad, by Color, the color of money.

The Tricycle Theater has taken to posting to its blog, buried back pages on its site, comments from multiple people defending why the Theatre’s offer is not racist. The Theatre offered to give the Jewish Film Festival the donation equivalent the Festival received from the Israeli government. says the Tricycle Theatre, Cinema and Art Gallery specialize in “Afro-Caribbean, Irish, Asian, Jewish and Children’s works.” Beware Children, Asians, Irish and Afro-Caribbean, your handwriting of treatment is on the Tricycle Theatre’s wall, and website ( As long as you do what the theatre wants you to do and assemble and circulate with people, business and other the Tricycle Theatre approves of then you are good to affiliate with their Community.

Their Community? It’s in black and white and can be read all over the Internet. The Tricycle Theatre filed their quarterly, late, 45 days, to be exact. Their Accounts were filed 33 days late. The Tricycle Theater Company Limited alleges to the Charity Commission that its annual income is 3,333,068 pounds, spending 3,334,983.

Now, the interesting thing about Boards and people, is the average person believes their being on a Board indemnifies the Board member from Bad Behaviour of the Charity. I would hazard that clause be read carefully. FYI, in America Tricycle Theatre? That is not the case. Everyone on the board is accountable and liable.

There is an Art to Apology, Indhu Rubasingham. Rubashingham is the Tricycle Theatre’s Artistic Director. Rubasingham writes above his signature on the Theatre’s page seeking support. He wrote, “Be part of our journey. Help us to continue to take risks, challenge perceptions and inspire young people through our work on stage and in the community.” Further writing, “The Tricycle Theatre is a local venue with an international vision and our ambitions can only be achieved with your support.”

Sir, the last time I looked, co-existence was taught with an embrace. And mentoring kids, well, sure, I guess intolerance, racism and bias is mentoring too. I wonder how the High Court will rule on teaching Anti-semitism. Yes, like it or not, Jews and Israel are entertwined.

So, YO, to the High Road the Jewish Film festival took. And Tricycle Theatre, I wish you success in court in that I guess someone is going to start looking in to you magical 1000 pounds off charitable balance sheet and start asking questions of all your benefactors, doing diligence checking their check books and your receipts to assure all monies detailed in checks stayed and reconcile. Oh yah, and then there is the SLIGHT matter that with the Tricycle Theatre being a UK Charity, the Tricycle Theatre is receiving funds from another participant in the Middle East.

The UK. It’s a tax thing. It’s called Tax Consideration due to being a charity.

Rewind. British Mandate. League of Nations.(

Just an FYI, sir, the League of Nations? The United Nations? Nothing more than business leagues formed of members which are countries. Just tossing that in.

You seem to be of the age of Wikipedia. Once upon a time there was something called a Dictionary where words written on pages were not rewritten and edited to reflect agendas, political and otherwise.

The Middle East architect was Britain, the same source your Charity designation is received Tax/financial benefit from. It is always interesting to sit back and watch chickens come home to roost. Looking forward to seeing the investigation for intolerance and possibly abuse of Charitable status and/or funds play out in the news. Never know what one finds once they start digging ( If I know one thing about British media, on a slow day even charity reconciliations can make a good story. Hmmm, who is the Trike’s Benefactors, Board members… start there….Trustees, the Charity Commission lists ” JONATHAN LEVY, BAZ BAMIGBOYE, LADY SIMONE WARNER, BARBARA HARRISON, JENNY JULESPAM JORDAN, JUDY LEVER, KAY ELLEN CONSOLVER, FIONA CALNAN, PHILIPPE SANDS, JEREMY RODNEY PINES LEWISON, MRS ANNEKE RACHEL MENDELSOHN, MR Philip Himberg (

The Charity online summary filed with the Commission states, “The Tricycle views the world through a variety of lenses, bringing unheard
voices into the mainstream. It presents high quality, innovative work,
which provokes debate and emotionally engages. Located in Brent, the
most diverse borough in London, the Tricycle is a local theatre with an
international vision,” benefiting “Children/Young People/Students,Elderly people, People with access requirements, A diverse demographic, aimed to appeal to all ethnic or racial origins, People at risk of social exclusion
Other defined groups, Emerging artists, The general public.” I guess exclusion doesnt include Israel (

I am guessing the Tricycle Theatre has some quick Charity Commission Amendments to do…Question 4 – The charity’s objectives and achievements What were your charity’s main annual objectives and were they achieved?” The Trike wrote, “19 screenings per week. Attendance 41998. The cinema hosted or was part of various festivals including UK Jewish Film Festival, Images of Black Women. Also a no. of Q+A performances.” Not this year.

The Trike was asked “Question 6 – The charity’s financial health
How would you describe your charity’s financial health at the end of the period?” The Trike answered, “The operating surplus for the year for 12/13 was £25,291. Accumulated
surplus to date is £161,853.” The Trike answered Question 7 – The next year
How will the overall performance last year affect your charity’s medium to long term strategy” by filling in “The Tricycle will continue with its strong financial management, continue
to improve its good system of identifying, managing and mitigating any
major risks to the charity. We will contain activity and overhead costs to
minimse the risk of a deficit.” And then MRS Bridget Kalloushi, nailed the Board Members by certifying online that “the information provided was correct,
it had been or would be brought to the attention of all the trustees,” and that those who give answers that they know are untrue or misleading may be committing an

Mrs. Kalloushi, you may be about to learn, like the UK Jewish Film Festival who your friends are…(

Good move, Jewish Film Festival. Your Yiddish rooted boots were made for walking, taking the High Road…OY!


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