BASKETBALL FALLING ON THEIR OWN SWORDS.. Setting Up Donald For The Below The Belt Shot

30 Apr

A colleague of mine, Helen Thomas, was publicly outed for her opinions ALL colleagues knew she expressed. When her tape she gave knowingly was shared on the internet, the White House Correspondents were outed for harboring Helen’s comments the tape, she knew she was speaking in to, showed publicly. Outed, too, were her employer, Hearst, along with the industries that gave her awards.

Point being in comparison to Sterling, everyone had the opportunity and most likely knew what Sterling was and did nothing until opinion piled high, so to speak, after the tape release. As with Helen, this is America that allows people to make statements we don’t agree with, but hey, this is what America is about, learning to let people speak freely knowing that is their freedom- Free Speech.

TAPING a conversation then selling it to media and done by a female that Sterling paid for the pleasures she gave him, a person that Sterling/family are in litigation with, is what the conversation should be focused on here and isn’t. AND the possibility that his peer industry owners want to strip Sterling of his franchise, is the other thing to look at.

Time must take place before the whole story is known. Rushing to judgement is setting precedence that will come back to bite those moving that agenda forward. Characterizing the new Commissioner as a miscast 90 pound weakling now a giant? No. He caved to pressure rather than doing diligence.

The precedent set here is that it is acceptable to break the law to bring someone down. There was another option. Oh wait, not another option, it was THE way to go. Bring the Sterling’s down legally- ex wife, children, employees- any and all that did not speak up including players who knew this man’s opinions yet took payments from him.

Being a jerk is not breaking the law. Hate speech is. There most likely is a way to have taken this tape through legal channels. She went to TMZ. ‘Nuf said……

Sterling is what he showed himself to be. We cannot have judgement if he is not who we would like him to be. Lets look at the Al Sharpton’s, Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, the Guvernator, all infamous for their slips in judgement. Who took away Al’s organization or Jesse’s and Bill’s positions, Arnold’s companies?

Sterling has what his peers want. Hence the rush to rape him of his franchise. It’s like Helen Thomas. She held a coveted front row seat. WH blogger blogged about the shopping bag lady. Her ‘colleagues’ didnt apologize for their turning their head on her vitriol against Israel. They fought her her seat.

Donald’s franchise is like Helen’s seat. That’s the battle even possibly the undercurrent. Who has it in for Sterling? Better question, who their sites are set on next. And the deeper question, who knew he was being set up.

Can the lesson from the Holocaust be forgot so quick… the Pastor wrote about all the people who stood by and said nothing as atrocities were being set on others. He wrote… there was no one left to speak for him when it was his time (paraphrased).

My better question is the wife, like Bernie Madoff’s. At what price marriage… at what price dignity. At the end of Sterling’s spectrum, a wife who knew who he was and stayed as long as she did. The 20′ year old who took him down…. both women, bought and paid for. Help me see how they are any different as stories of Mrs. Sterling the former continue to emerge.

Who will speak for the Club owners when their skeletons are revealed once their ‘hate sterling’ campaign is over? After all, they will have established the precedence that will be used against them…. they are falling on their own swords…. banning, taking away property….. et tu Brutus because there will be someone using Social Media gunning for you next…. and in America? Unthinkable!!

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