31 Mar

Congresman Bob Goodlatte, at a Judiciary Hearing, asked the witness seated before him if there is a difference between Art, Music and IT when it comes to Copyright. Well, the answer, is yes. The answer applies to every situation that touches man, be it at home or work, living space, workspace or just being. Man is never alone. Alone, he is with his thoughts. In the outside world, Man, today is inundated being trained not to be alone, being designed to be pushed together. And ideas that have survived the centuries are being usurped by people who fail to attribute, their idea isn’t a new idea, just an old one reworked or, as the millenials describe it- repurposed.

Entrepreneurs, the new wave for souls leaping in to independent commerce generating, are using coaches to help them uncover their blind spots and move business goalposts. Once upon a millennial, pricey coaches were called mentors. Mentors used to be moms and dads, aunts or uncles, or grandparents imparting wisdom they gleaned long before New was new, with a perspective from when life was simpler. Family taught. Technology has in many ways fractured family. It has taken away real Touch, replacing it with Virtuality.

Corporate coaches are sounding boards, even day to day cheerleaders there for someone who needs another’s support to get from here to go. Some say corporate coaches have a high skill ability to look across a wide variety of situations they may have seen play out from different angles, in different environments in different ways. Corporate coaches can even be called Help-A-Holics who group masterminds in to being their own master. People are told by the Corporate Coaches that in order to be leaders they need to let go of what does not work, to be Nimble and Shift, pivot, with their mantra being ‘the bad day I had is going to be better tomorrow.’

A responsible corporate coach will tell their client, Be Prepared To Fail. Failure is part of moving forward.

Failure, part of life, is recoverable from when one has loyal loved ones around them. Otherwise, life is a shoestring the person hopes is a lifeline. Corporate coaches have shared clients express the client need an outlet, a cheerleader, someone they can explain things to who will tell them it is going to be ok. This need may be just why Marissa Mayer of Yahoo brought her telecommuting flock back in to the corporate nest. People are people. Dogs are dogs. People and dogs thrive in packs driven by scent, sound and sentiment.

For a company to survive, the company needs to know both the corporate and their own personal relevance. In a fast moving world that does not understand that it takes time to percolate a good, solid, “sustainable” idea, just like friendships. The Virtual definition of Friend is “by click.” Old schoolers know true friendship is defined not by Foursquare or having a “great” idea that is developed fast without business models. Millenials are told Business models are gone the way of the dinosaur. Gone. Not needed. That has always been true. A good business model is defined through experience of what has or hasn’t worked. Like dictionarys.

A misuse, misspelling of a word or parody of a developed brand, now create the new lexicon. Words like Desk licensing, repurposed, demo-ed, rent days, grid view, listed view, and seat by suite are terms used by million dollar seeded startups tearing the real estate market apart. Start up firms are selling every available space that is imaginable using programs built to sell and select seats on airplanes to people who don’t have the patience, consumers once had when entering negotiations. The new wave marketers goal is Speed to Occupancy, getting more exposure for a company’s assets.

Wework began, loosely, as an entity driven to pay for space they could not afford. The founders of Wework saw this as something their peers may want too- cheap space without commitment- terms that define the economy today. House buyers are transitioned to renters. Renters are preferring thirty day notice to leases. Leases can be signed for by-the-hour for everything. Key is identifying if there is a need.

A Bisnow panel of guests talked about the creative future of real estate. Sure, everyone contributes comments to moderator led questions. Ask the same panel one-on-one questions afterwards, peceptions change. Glowing insights into Google labelling chair bottoms with what exactly someone is sitting on is kitschy cute but really…… looking at design layouts for work suites that look like glorified fishbowls with fashion schemes that cost a fortune to keep current with design trends are all horrifying mindbogglers beggaring one to ask industry how long it believes it can continue to dance on the head of a pin before it goes the way of the original hive, the bees. The beehive community is collapsing. Valentine sales begin before Christmas is over. Mothers Day daffodils are popping up in stores before Easter has even begun, the point being, in being desperate to cover bottom lines, loyalty and investment are tossed from the moving train heading to the cliff with diminishing time to break.

The high price of renting door knobs to strangers is being learned by AIRbNb. A landlord came home to find his apartment filled with fatties engaged in an orgy. The landlord believed he rented the space to a family in town for a wedding. People are climbing in to cars with unlicensed drivers who have not undergone background checks. A flight that disappeared over the Indian Ocean had passengers on board using falsified passports. All this and the lesson parents still tell kids is don’t talk to strangers. The world of Technology is a world of strangers.

Online is just that. Who is that person you allowed entry in to your life, bank accounts plus. Who is that un-eyeballed person sitting in a cubicle next to your daughter or wife? How big of a gambler are you>

Humans are said to be the factor driving people paid to think. Architects design for spaces they don’t walk at different hours to understand the analytics they accept as gospel from trends and reports and studies entities conduct from questionable population numbers. The stats aren’t dependable just printed and shared online which in this day and time now is taken to be gospel. Old school are told to adapt to the millennial way of party hardy embracing flexibility and choice. Not.

The price of Instant Information is Life has become a prototype. The mantra “What Technology wants” is driving common sense away.

Here are the walk away points the drivers of Open Market should be buttonholed to embrace

(1)    Human engagement does not pay to run a city, a town, a state or to maintain their infrastructures

(2)    Forcing synergy is daft. Remember, one can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink

(3)    Technology disrupts human behavior. Technology does not disrupt human nature

(4)    The price of the ME (as in me, myself and I) culture is lack of loyalty which cannot sustain investment

There is no future for industry if the accepted norm is to encourage people as an island on to one’s self. Barbra Streisand sang it, “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” Babs wasn’t talking being used to collect cookies from, or to help formulate Algorithms marketing data then targets demographics with, or youtube videos from which people no longer have to wait for their 15 minute of fame. Then can DIY, do it themselves. And that in a nutshell, is what being Human is all about loss of security, fear of failing and fear of trying in a world set on disruption… Loss of personal safety nets, family in an unfamiliar world of everywhere all at once


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