30 Jan

Ten years ago today my baby brother remained 41. Scotty Chezi Stuart Shore Goldberg was larger than life amazing man who, that day, was a commuter on a public bus in Israel that did not make it all the way on its route. A 25 year old Palestinian man ended the commuters rides outside Sharon’s residence. 11 families became inducted in to a special club we never wanted to be part of, all of us in our way becoming mentors to other victims of tragedy. Newtown or Israel, Boston or Lockerbie- there is no magic formula to knowing or predicting who THAT terrorist might be. Somethings are out of our hands. What is in our hands is to make each day the best, live it to our fullest, tell our truths, leave no regrets, and tell the ones you love you care for them making sure no day ends with angry words or ‘wish I had…’
Eternally a sister


One Response to “TEN YEARS AGO TODAY MY BABY BROTHER REMAINED 41 (c) Carrie Devorah :”

  1. Miryam Shabak January 30, 2014 at 1:29 am #

    Having never experiienced the bond one must feel toward a sibling, I can’t even imagine the pain, but your post brings tears to my eyes and a sense of loss to my heart. Live for him. Keep his memory alive. Be strong.

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