15 Oct

Thanksgiving is weeks away. Rather than planning prayer recalling friendship between Pilgrims and the Indians at Plymouth Rock, a battle is being fueled yet another battle over Right Of Publicity hasnt begun to brew. Yet. Paul F Pelosi the director on Board “SQUANTO” and “Tisquantum” the NEVADA Fertilizer Corporation named after the historic Indian who helped the Pilgrims survive to celebrate the first Thanksgiving. Naming a high profile fan energizing sports team is BAD, it seems in the world of politics.

Hmmm. So it seems when a Legislator’s family is on the Board of a Fertilizer company named after the Pilgrim’s Best Indian friend, that is good? For this answer, come Turkey Day, we pray.

The list of outcryers against Redskin’s team owner Dan Snyder continues to grow. President Obama, smarting from his “If I had a son he would be like Trayvon” comment, weighed in he is open to a Redskins name change (http://www.cbsatlanta.com/story/23616279/obama-open-to-name-change-for-washington-redskins) A little worn for the years, Bob Costas weighed in, halftime of the weekend football game, on the value of a Trademark, one specific trademark to be clear, Redskins, playing as it was the Cowboys. Costas is one of many persons weighing in to on the bully pulpit of political correctness. Costas said Redskins is an insult and a slur without mentioning how Cowboys are visualized to be dusty, craggy, smoking and anti-social, if one measures Cowboys by the same benchmark Costas spoke on the Redskins about.

DC Mayor Vincent Gray weighed in claiming to be setting an example for the youth of DC. Gray is beleagured with financial incorrectness claims about his campaign.

Snyder says he wont ever change the name. Over 165,000 fans attended the Washington Redskins camp which brings in roughly $8.5 million . Kathleen O’Donnell of Richmond Tourism said the Redskins brand identified with Richmond is priceless with so many benefiting including the local hairdresser who styled RGIII’s locks.
Former Redskin Heath Shuler says Nancy Pelosi with heavy losses during the midterms was “unacceptable for our party.” Shuler said Pelosi should step down (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/us-politics/8135380/Former-Redskin-challenges-Nancy-Pelosi.html). Pelosi was not challenged over an Indian name used closer to home- her home.

Paul F Pelosi, Petrus Holdings, Xu Hu, working with Sergio Adami, used the name Squanto, Tisquantum, on a fertilizer company, a Nevada fertilizer company, #E0684872009-2, filing date 12/31/2009, host of the site Squanto.com. Pelosi is the Director of the company. Hu is the president. Sergio is the secretary. There doesn’t appear to have been a California filing for either Squanto or Tisquantum.

tisquantum 1

The principals filed for Squanto Secret Fertilizer, a trademark, serial number 85163214, owner- TISQUANTUM FERTILIZER COMPANY, INC and Petrus Capital Holdings Inc was dead circa 2010 (http://www.trademarkia.com/squantos-secret-fertilizer-85163214.html) The trademark was filed in the category of Chemical Products. International Class Code 001, US Class Codes 001, 005, 006, 010, 026, 046 was filed in the Primary Class “Chemicals used in Industry, science and photography, horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics, manures, fire extinguishing compositions, tempering and soldering preparations, chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs, tanning substances, adhesives used in industry”

squantos 1

squanto petrus

The mark was abandoned January 2012. Squanto was not. Sort of.

Who is he? Who isnt he. And why should Squanto never have been used on a Fertilizer Company. Squanto holds historical significance for America few people get especially as Thanksgiving nears. Squantos, a member of the Patuxet Tribe, was part of the Wampanoag Confederacy, a place better known as Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. Squantos is the man who helped America survive, simply said. English speaking with a British clip, Squanto, a legend on the Massachusetts South Shore, was appointed by Massasoit, the Sachem as liason to the Pilgrims.

Squanto, also called Tisquantum, was a worldly man. Squanto transversed the Atlantic Ocean four times.

Squanto was one of a group of Indians kidnapped by John Smith’s lieutenant Thomas Hunt. Hunt, entrepreneurial, intended to sell the captured Indians, along with fish and other foods, to people in Spain. Hunt wanted 20 pounds for each native. Some friars objected to Hunt’s human trafficking. The Friars took the Indians Hunt tricked on board, locking them below after having purportedly claimed he needed them below to discuss beaver trade. Hunt locked them in the ship. The Friars wanted to raise the Indians with Christianity. Squanto wanted to go home. He had been enroute home in 1614 when he was kidnapped. The Friars agreed to let Squanto go. Tisqunatum returned to London where he lived for a few years with a shipbuilder he knew, John Slany. Squanto accompanied Slany on sailing trips to Canada. Squanto wanted to return to New England. It wasn’t until 1619, Squanto caught a ride on Captain John Smith’s exploratory sail on the New England coast. Squanto returned to find his tribe decimated through a plague.

Pilgrims had settled there, living out of the Mayflower while the Pilgrims ferried back and forth to land, building their storehouses and living houses all through the winter months of December, January, February, moving entirely to shore by March. The Pilgrims had renamed Squantos former village Plymouth Rock. One day an Indian named Samoset walked in to the village midst speaking English. Samoset told them he had a friend who learned to speak English in London. The Pilgrims used the opportunity of Squanto to negotiate a peace treaty and establish trading relations.

The Pilgrims struggled after their first winter in the New World. Squantos taught the Pilgrims the Indian way how of companion planting and cultivating corn corn fertilized with fish. The corn was used to catch eel and wildlife for food. Fish, plentiful on the New England coast, fed the soil. The calcium from fish flesh and bones, raised the soil Ph. Calcium softened the clay’s soil, making it easier to work, strengthening the plant’s cell walls, making them resistant to drought and temperature changes. Squanto serving as envoy, translator, reconnoitering for the Governor, William Bradford, proved invaluable to the Pilgrims, continuing in service to the settlers. Squanto was corrupted by his power. Squanto knew the Indians were afraid of the Pilgrims guns. He knew the Pilgrims were afraid of the Indians. He played them against each other for gain until they found out, becoming angered.

Myles Standish led settlers to rescue Squanto. Their mission was clear- free or revenge Squanto, if he was alive or dead. Squanto was alive. He returned to his friendships at Plymouth. Not for long. A few days later, in 1622, Chatham Massachussetts, Squanto died. Some thought Squanto was playing the Pilgrims against the Indians. The Massoit called for Squantos execution. His life was saved when a ship was seen sailing on the horizon. Squantos death was delayed. Squantos was needed to help the new Pilgrims settle.

The circumstances of Squanto’s death were odd. Blood streamed from his nose, a sign Indians take as imminent death. Squanto sensed he may have been poisoned, Squanto arranged with the Governor to leave his belongings to his Pilgrim friends. It was thought Squanto was poisoned by the man who assigned Squanto to work with the Pilgrims.

Shuler acknowledges his leadership bid most likely will fail. Colleagues are reportedly developing amendments to caucus rules intended to limit Mrs Pelosi’s power to appoint allies to posts, worrying too much power is in her hands. So come Thanksgiving, a conversation to hold with Mrs Pelosi, may be about Squantos, fertilizer, Paul and his Nevada corporation, refocusing the conversation of how a tax paying team that contributes to America’s economy that brings tourism to the neighborhood and countless fans together should have developed the ire of Congress when family of the former Speaker, naming a fertilizer company after the Indian who helped Pilgrims, have gone unscathed.

For this we are thankful… balance, being fair… amen

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