THE VALUE OF A 2D(dimensional) ARTS IP(intellectual property) PHOTO? Ask the Icon It Showcases About Their Special Day

18 Sep

(c) Carrie Devorah


Edith Lee-Payne and Rowland Scherman have a thing going on for over 50 years. It was more than an accidental meeting. It was kismet.

Scherman was a newbie snapper, everywhere taking photos for the US Information Agency, an entity that didn’t survive for years as his photo did. Did he have an inkling his photo would resonate for decades? Never. He thought those photos would last. Nope. The kid did. She grew up to take part in the March again, fifty years later.

Edith had traveled from Detroit to DC to take part in Dr Martin King’s historic March. The year was 1963. Edith and her mom had heard Dr. King speak in Michigan. The women felt Dr. King was speaking to them to join with him in the South so they climbed aboard a bus. Payne recalls, even as a kid she was excited.

Scherman went on in his career to to shoot for Life Magazine, National Geographic, Match, Playboy and others. He took photos of celebs- the Kennedys, John Lennon, the Beatles and Dylan. Scherman won a Grammy for his photo of Bob. Three hundred thousand people that day, and Edith now lives forever in history, the face of the March on Washington in 1963. Edith’s name gets spelled right. Scherman’s? Rarely.

During the March of 2013, Edith is a superstar. Over 23 interviews with reporters from France, German and other countries around the world, the 8 year old from yesterday, lived that moment over and over. Edith doesn’t tire. Her photo has even made the Wall of Fame over at DC’s icon, Ben’s Chili Bowl, the only DC entity not burned down during the riots of the ‘60s.

Every so often Edith and Scherman do a road show together. The BBC made that request, brought them to DC. A man walked by. Edith chilled. It was Scherman. Their connection is forever. Edith said it is God’s favor on her, this day in 2013. Edith’s mom was with her, in spirit. The woman who worked as a domestic raised an icon. Sometimes dreams are bitter sweet. Dr. King had a Dream. And he shared it with Edith. And Scherman shared it with the world…..




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