23 Aug

When I was based in Europe, I covered a part of the World Police and Fire Games. It was quite unexpected to see boys from home, there, moreso officers. I always found it amazing that when it comes to Sports, often, differences are set aside. Fairfax county officers too the Gold in Dars at the games in Belfast. No jokes, c’mon. Officers do more than chow down at Dunkin Donuts. They also throw things that prick people.

The 501 doubles beat dart teams from around the world. The guys from Virginny thought they would be out tossed by the locals in Northern Ireland, pub crawls and all but not the case.

The World Police and Fire Games are one of the largest multi sport multi site sport events globally. Sixty men and women from the National Capital Region traveled over for the games, the largest contingency of American competitors, yet. More than 12000 competitors form police, fire and other participated. The Darts were tossed at the Newforge Country Club in south Belfast. That is where PAL, the Police Athletic association of Northern Ireland is located. But that isnt the best of it  A bit of the blarney is coming here in 20155. The 2015 World Police and Fire Games will be held in the Greater Washington area in more than  40 venues. In Virginia, Maryland and DC, hosted by Fairfax County, National Capital Region.

Michael Tucker and Mark Kidd, the Fairfax Golden Boys had moved their station in Dart life up from Bronze. Fairfax’s Sam Gray was bronze in Competition in Indoor Rowing and Mountain Running, running an 8K course in the Mourne Mountains outside of Newcastle in Northern Ireland.


The Games, held biennially on odd numbered years, started in California out of the California Police Olympics, in 1967, as a way to give the, wink, old ones a chance to flaunt their six packs publicly (or wish they could). The Games raise funds for selected charities. The 2015 beneficiaries will include the US National Law Enforcement Memorial, the US National Fallen Firefighters Memorial and the local Valor Awards scholarships. More than 30,000 visitors are anticipated to come generating a hoped for over $80 million in tourist dollars for the region. The 2017 games will be held in Montreal Canada.


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