23 Aug

It would make for a great beginning of a joke…. Did you hear the one about the Zebra and the Donkey… well, no joke, that is where the fun ends. Out popped this poor little thing in the cutest set of non prison stripes and not one, of the two legged sort, has a clue what to call him- a zonkey, a zebrinny, a zebrual, a zebras, a zebronkey, a zebonkey… but clearly what all can agree on is that Ippo’s mommy got bonked by the dad who was so hot to trot, pardon the expression, he leapt a fence and, it seems, knocked it out of the ballpark (or the mommy) on the first (and only) shot at the brass ring, so to speak. That is the good news. The bad news is there is a good chance Ippo will be sterile, often happens in these fun breeds. And IF he isnt sterile, my guess is that Ippo will grow up wishing he was in that people just cant let good enough alone and someone will get the hair brained scheme to breed the hell out of the little guy, leaving him chaffed, to say the least. Makes one wonder what a donkey looks like walking bowlegged after a season’s worth of forced mating. Good thing Ippo lives in Florence. If he was here, he would be taxed….financially and otherwise, and if there EVER was a time for the expression that No Good Deed Goes Undone… is it too late to put the little guy back where he came from to save him from a life of Capitol Opportunistic (teasing). Probably a good time to tell someone to get his hands off my zebonkey….. eeee awwwwwwwwwwwwww


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