TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE “TWEAK” How Not To Settle To Be A “CHOOSE TO FAIL” Persons Sounding Board:

4 Aug

I hear you, Friend said, I hear you, I didn’t think of it that way before. No. Most don’t until I do what I call tweaking- an adjective describing a nudge of a windup mechanical toy away from hitting a floor board ONE MORE time letting it move off into a new direction to infinity & beyond, quoting Buzz Lightyear, Disney’s plastic hero who moved the megalith off into a new corporate direction.

Friend & I were catching up on life ‘in between’, since we saw each other last until a chance bump outside the elevators.

8:30, Friend asked. 8:30 it was, a meetup in the social room, neutral ground keeping home life private while making a new acquaintance public. We cornered our square of chairs. It was “they’re off” at the races. We didn’t quit jawing until it was time to go back to our lairs.

It was what Friend & I hit together, the mutual agreement on there is NO excuse any more in a technological world for a person to excuse color, gender, disability as personal choice to reason for not succeeding in a technological world where Anonymous is embraced impacting millions of lives around the world WITHOUT outing who they are and why. Does it matter whether Anonymous is 1 person or 1000. What matters in this Mentor Moment is Anonymous made a Social Impact without being seen- without complaints about not being hired because they are male, female, gay, disabled, Christian, Jewish or naught. AND making clear, this is not an approval of Anonymous’ tactics or TORS, point being made the good of the Internet is it allows people to accomplish without bitching that everyone hated them and nobody liked them and the world isnt fair.

Friend & I juiced up the conversation when talk of salt & pepper, spiced with laughter at self plus a gaggle at celebrity. The real real moment came when Friend said, I didn’t think of it that way before, you are right.

I had expressed quite strongly that the African American community nor the Latino, the Asian or other can any longer use race as a defense why their youth are disadvantaged when it comes to learning or opportunity in the working world- jobs.

Friend got it.

Jobs are where we lose our independence to others, where we lose motivation, where we lose creativity. It is a guaranteed paycheck rather than Free Falling as Tom Petty sang or College, as JC Watts father said (paraphrased) is what dumbs people down.

Friend & I talked about my explanation to Congress’ Judiciary on the risk an entrepreneur takes by believing in themselves with no guarantee of weighed monetary success or payoff a job promises to give, like a secure future and working ones way up the ladder of corporate success versus being a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates, Tom Carvel or Colonel Sanders. And I relayed experiences I have all the time with youth of all color, who need that REAL social working that will win an election some are looking hard at. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me will continue to work until one voter at a time says to person looking for direction and says…. Here, let me tweak you. 

In these days and times, college is what adds to debt with no promise of anything more than a day deeper in debt. It is IP, Intellectual Property that will keep Man free, ruler of his own domain and architect of his own Future. Think back to being little. Was there a paycheck for learning to crawl or to walk. Was there a paycheck for learning to run. There are payoffs for doing well, like Personal Best or Head of the Class. Being valedicatorian never guaranteed success or payouts when one left the Social Network of college. There are failures because of lack of esteem or never meeting that person who TWEAKS.

I have tweaked people my whole life. Even I, patient as I may seem to be, have my limit to hearing bitching. One lady who was psychotic New Years eve decades ago…. I asked her if she was open for a thought. She was. I spoke. The silence on the end of her phone was deafening then click. Never heard from her again but I heard of her. She ran with my Tweak to create a newsletter then fame as an Internet Travel Guru.

The List of Tweaks goes on…. As does my hitting my Free Rent bitch’ quota then saying, May I Offer You A Thought…..

There are oh too many people looking for others to bitch to without making a personal difference in their own lives, yet making a difference in yours. Each moment you give them to rant is one moment of yours never to be replaced in a lifetime FINITE in days.

Being a friend means identifying your space and hanging the BITCH TIME IS UP sign outside your door when you realize their lives go on person to person who gives them Free Rent without charging for the psychiatrist couch. Oh, yes. Often, they go there too. Psychiatrists get paid to listen week after week, year after year, cases of course will vary according to psychosis. I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. I am a nice person who realized too late, I listen and think of their issue long after they have moved on to yet another Free Rent nice person’s door.

So this is it, wanna be a  sounding board to a person too afraid or unsure how to move forward from their comfort zone of pain? Knock yourself out. Wanna  make a difference, do yourself a favor, be the difference, value your time….



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