30 Jul

Former President Bill Clinton is reported to have presided at the wedding of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Anonymous people said. The unmarried gawkish congressman long plagued with stories on Capitol Hill was marrying Hillary’s right hand herself long plagued with stories in the Senate then State.

The wedding was storybook- the Oheka Castle in Huntington Longuyland, a classy joint where former Senator Al Damato played cards, boy band member a Jonas brother got married there. Huma’s rumors involved Hillary and Huma and the Muslim Brotherhood ties- Huma’s mishpochah, family. Huma is from Pakistan. She grew up in Saudi Arabia. Weiner is New York’s own. Weiner’s rumors included Pocket Pool and sharing the family jewels- the natural kind.

A Jew and a Muslim wedded is a convenient headline when it comes to State sleight of hand. It is a state of disorder when it comes to a Jew “marrying” a Muslim and then cheating on her. Self help in Huma’s homeland is stoning, of Weiner that would be. Congressman, not a place to visit you aught to put on your bucket list.

The thing is, somethings cant lie, like a law delineating who can officiate at weddings, even when it comes to lawyers who lose their law license for lying under oath.

  1. NY Domestic relations law spells out who may officiate at a wedding in the state. Former president is not on the list… “§ 11. By whom a marriage must be solemnized. No marriage shall be valid unless solemnized by either: 1. A clergyman or minister of any religion,…. 2. A mayor of a village, a county executive of a county, or a mayor, recorder, city magistrate, police justice or police magistrate of a city, a former mayor or the city clerk of a city of the first class of over one million inhabitants or any of his or her deputies or not more than four regular clerks, designated by him or her for such purpose as provided in section eleven-a of this chapter, except that in cities which contain more than one hundred thousand and less than one million inhabitants, a marriage shall be solemnized by the mayor, or police justice, and by no other officer of such city, except as provided in subdivisions one and three of this section. 3. A judge of the federal circuit court of appeals for the second circuit, a judge of a federal district court for the northern, southern, eastern or western district of New York, a judge of the United States court of international trade, a federal administrative law judge presiding in this state, a justice or judge of a court of the unified court system, a housing judge of the civil court of the city of New York, a retired justice or judge of the unified court system or a retired housing judge of the civil court of the city of New York certified pursuant to paragraph (k) of subdivision two of section two hundred twelve of the judiciary law, the clerk of the appellate division of the supreme court in each judicial department, a retired city clerk who served for more than ten years in such capacity in a city having a population of one million or more or a county clerk of a county wholly within cities having a population of one million or more.”

Chelsea’s wedding was officiated by both a rabbi and a Methodist minister. Why wouldn’t a father ‘officiate’ at the wedding of non relatives but not of the wedding of his own daughter? And if Bill Clinton officiated at a wedding he is approved to officiate at, then there is no wedding but something being distracted from. As for the baby? Obvious question a DNA test will answer is who’s your daddy an easy enough answer to guage if the bump was the result of horizontal mambo or Hollywood magic.

The sad answer will end up being- loyalty at a cost. What is being protected and why will come out. There is too much of a paper trail to not connect the dots as to why Weiner and Huma agreed to a marriage of convenient headlines, slate of political hand with one unpredictable factor- Weiners hand on the selfie-knob… stop it Anthony NOW or your fingers will fall off, wink…



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