30 Jul

The OBAMA PHONE lady gave the Republicans a Lifeline, in game show speak. Sometimes ya’ gotta wish Republicans and even Democrats will gosh darn just stop being so reactionary and THINK THINGS THROUGH. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., and Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Ark are trying defund “Obama phones.” Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo. is trying to shift Lifeline funds to a new schools program. The Bill Vitter and Griffin wrote to defund “Obama phones” has 60 co-sponsors.

Whoever said talk comes cheap, the pre-paid Obamaphones brought in about $1 billion dollars for their carriers- Sprint and AT&T brought in about $247 million each.  TracFone collected $425 million in 2011. TracFone, the largest government contractor for the program is controlled by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, quite the Fat Cat. Slim was a major fundraiser for Obama’s re-election campaign.

Each person is eligible for a $9.25 a month phone service subsidy. The average monthly surcharge on phone bills averages $2.50 per customer. Tracfone and other carriers hire people to sign up Lifeline phone users who then receive free phones the government is billed for.  

Though Vitter said, “TracFone is upset because I’m fighting to end this program, which would also end their corporate welfare…It’s an out-of-control, fraud-ridden entitlement program that spoils what should be a worthwhile helping hand,” Vitter overlooked the value of data mining this program, NSA style of course.

There is equity in the subsidized landline phone service for the poor phone through wireless service providers.

TWIRL, Legislators, TWIRL.

Tracfone is the American people’s cash cow. It is a poll US citizens paid for without knowing. Snowden’s outing of NSA’s data capture from calls is JUST the ticket Republicans need to see how these phones are being used by the recipients, what texts were sent back and forth, calls made, etc. Throw away phones are anything but throwaway.

Calls are being archived, that includes TRACFONE calls made from OBAMAPHONES given to people who claim eligibility for government assistance such as Medicaid or food stamps. CLAIM, being the key word. Easy enough to surmise that since the American people paid for the phones, the American people own the data that will show who and how abuse is rampant, not only with the LIFELINE program but with the Medicaid, Medicare, disability programs, etc. Users who cant work will be outed for calls made from the betting parlor, road trips, game days, mani-pedi spas etc.

How? Each call made from an OBAMAPHONE is archived with its phones serial number, SIM cards and Cell Towers that ping signals. Data is preserved, everyone knows post NSA/SNOWDEN. Phone records are retrievable as are all texts messages by OBAMAPHONE users. Toss away phones can be registered by anyone providing a name or zipcode necessarily their own. But they are recorded as are the cellphones.  Demand the data waiting to be mined, Griffin and Vitter. Do this right.

Signed sealed and delivered, , a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Houston federal judge ruled only a court order is needed to obtain cell phone records that can be used to track a person’s movements, overturning an order by U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes. Hughes had ruled on cell phone data authorities request being sought under the Stored Communications Act, part of the Electronics Communications Privacy Act. Prosecutors argued cell phone data is business records providers with no reasonable expectation of customer’s privacy, authorities dont have to meet a probable cause standard as outlined under the Fourth Amendment unlawful search and seizure and search warrant requirement.

Dot your “i”s, cross your “t”s.

Catherine Crump, a staff attorney with the ACLU said “This ruling fails to recognize that Americans do in fact have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their cell phone location information” ignoring the Obamaphone jig was outed when a camera focused on an Obamaphone fan whose chant went viral, “Romney, he sucks, bad” and “Everybody in Cleveland know minority got ‘Obama phone,” “Keep Obama in president, you know, he gave us a phone …” the program did start with Reagan then expanded through Bush.

So much for privacy….


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