29 Jul

Here you go, Congressional Privacy Caucus. Put this on your ASAP shortlist to call before you on Capitol Hill…… Who owns their own medical data? Is it considered Intellectual Property? Identity? Is anyone profiting from someone elses medical whatever owing them commerce in any way, shape or form? He had, obits say, a flair for showmanship. Obit? Yes, he died. Circumstances not yet known. At home. That is how the world now knows more globally what he did which may eclipse knowing who he was.

We probably only now of this because the thirty six year old who made it his life ambition to teach people how to hack died, causes unknown. He said, only to get manufacturers to get off their duffs and adress fixes that should and could be implemented. Barnaby’s most recent talk was to focus on  “Implantable Medical Devices: Hacking Humans,”  during which Jack planned to reveal software using “a common transmitter to scan for and “interrogate” individual medical implants” according to the Black Hat synopsis of Jack’s talk posted to the conference website, the premise of “Homeland” during which terrorists kill the Vice President by hacking into his heart device. Jack was letting it be known he had a way that manufacturers could improve the security of these type devices. Interesting how Jack died so soon after Google’s Eric Schmidt announced he plans on implanting chips in people’s brains and that soon American armies will be robots not people… got to make one wonder who is fast tracking ideas to Hollywood as scripts for intended summer blockbusters.

Barnaby Jack spoke at Black Hat conferences. Black Hat released the statement “Barnaby had the ability to take complex technology and intricate research and make it tangible and accessible for everyone to learn and grow from.” Barnaby Jack worked for computer security firm IOActive, Inc.

Barnaby Jack, most likely nicknamed so for his New Zealander roots, would go around and give his version of TED talks. His talk was called JACKSPOTTING ATMs addressing how ATM machines could be hacked remotely. Barnaby said he held back on the actual HOW TO HACK AN ATM. His religion was the WORD to manufacturers- ATMs will be hacked remotely so stop it by putting the fixes in.

It seems Barnaby figured out the Achilles heel of ATM machines was how their Makers talked on the Internet to the Machine.

Seems it was an accidental discovery for Barnaby when he was taking apart an ATM he bought on line. Doesn’t everybody do that, buy an ATM on line. Well, Barnaby did. He learned the key from his home ATM. Most people use parents pockets for unceasing cash requests but with Barnaby’s mom at home in NZ it is plausible to understand his desire for a home machine. Barnaby had already, it seems, figured out how to hack the ATMs remotely but a whole new bag of tricks came when his ATM arrived. It has a key. Wouldn’t you know it, Barnaby took the time to try his ATM key on other ATMs from the same manufacturer and, it worked. His key unlocked the ATM compartment in to which he could slip a UBS which just happened to have on it the command telling the ATM to dump its vaults, as the expression goes.

Between you and me, someone doing that same command from the street side of the ATM would be a thief  and pursued as such but in the world of hacking, someone doing that from the backside who decideds to anoint themselves with “I am doing this for the betterment of society’ is glorified rather than pursued with a charge of attempted thievery.

While the world is worried about NSA and Snowden who is giving clearer impressions he was America’s gift to Russia, the world and legislators should be worried about people like Jack who think about ways to break in to Everyday People’s lives. Jennifer Steffens, CEO of where Barnaby Jack worked, said his colleagues will continue his work. All the free people care to know is HOW long did she know this could be done and has she been contacted by government in any way good or bad? And is remote medical device hacking a cost or deduction under Obamacare…..





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