CHRISTMAS IN JULY- Authors Copies Arrived:

25 Jul

Not mine silly but I feel like I played some part in the birth of this baby. Yale Law School’s Noah Messing and I had been through a period of correspondence for Noah’s to use my photos from VAN ORDEN v PERRY in his book.  And Noah’s book arrived today- four copies. As did my first ‘meeting’ with Noah.

As a photog we get to know people better through photos than we do in real life with the bubbles experience colors what we are hearing with all the senses in high gear. A fresh faced welcoming man smiles with a twinkle in his eye, back book cover.

Noah’s book THE ART OF ADVOCACY Briefs, Motions and Writing Strategies of Americas Best Lawyers lays out beautifully, clean, easy on the eyes and then some. The content is engaging… the pitch is perfect…. LEARN FROM THE MASTERS with Noah presenting more than 150 examples of “masterfully written legal advocacy and analysis” from the best lawyers.

Pages are printed white. MUST LOOK ATs are printed in eggshell blue. From a designer’s POV its like reading a cloud. The book is one in ASPEN COURSEBOOK SERIES published by Wolters Kluwer Law and Business.  ISBN 978 1 4548 1838 0. Now tonight I get to hunker down and read the IP section….. the part that brought my GOD IN THE TEMPLES OF GOVERNMENT photos to Noah’s attention

Congrats Noah!


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