24 Jul

UK arab protest 1 copy

uk arab protest 2 copy
[ Hyde Park Protest – London 2002 ]

Niall O’Dowd, founder of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) and the editor of the New York-based Irish Voice, is weighing in on the controversial immigration Bill pushing for 10,500 renewable visas a year for Irish nationals to be included in the round up. O’Dowd is confident. “We have strong political clout,” he said “We’re very friendly with Chuck Schumer here in New York, he’s been a great supporter on this issue…We’re working with John McCain who’s been a friend of ours for years, as well.” It took two men to replace one Kennedy. Ted. They ain’t no Ted. First off, they ain’t Irish. Second off? One would expect the clout comes from the Oval, after all, declared Mr. Obama from the Irish Family tree, months out from his first inauguration.

Headlines and on air entertainment, masquerading as news, makes it seem only Hispanics or Latinos are configured into the Immigration Debate. Nope. There are Irish and other cultures, too.

The Bill being configured is looking to bring South Korea, Poland and Canada on board to Immigration Express, too. Each country is hoping for their own part of the deal. As for Ireland? Senator Ted Kennedy, in the’90s, got the diversity lottery rolling. It was temporary. Now, the Irish slice of the Immigration Pie is getting smaller.

Though Irish immigration has fallen since the 1850’s, thousands of Irish immigrants who left for America in the past 15 months fleeing high unemployment and the economic crisis. A million plus emigrated from Ireland a century ago because of the famine. The thousands fleeing now are escaping Irish bank failures and such.

What hasn’t hit the headlines here, is the Irish/EU way of dealing with Immigrants over their. Over there, illegal immigrants are called Asylum Seekers. Google ‘Asylum Seekers.’ You wont find results for that search on Google USA. Blocked? Ask Google. If you know what they are looking for and how to game a Search Engine, you will find data you aren’t being told, like, America’s problem of illegal immigrants is the EU’s problem MULTIPLIED.

Asylum Seekers are Illegal Immigrants EU style.

The Illegal Immigrant problem in the EU is a bit more complex? A lot more complex. America shares borders with Canada and Mexico. Europe is like a crazy quilt stitched together where once someone enters from one border, they disappear in to the mix, most always never to be heard from again- unless they hit the news themselves or are found in traffic stops and incidents like that- sounds a bit like America, doesn’t it. Illegal immigrants can come, and do, all the way from North Africa ending up crossing the Chunnel. Remember all the tire burnings in France? Drive by shootings of yeshivas cutting children down in cold blood? Illegals. London has more than its fair share of ‘take downs’ of illegals, midday, mid street. Yup. Got the Proverbial Photos as the cops took him down on the sidewalk. Got the photos of Anti Israel anti US rallies in Hyde Park. Even the kid flashing the Allah dog tag at me. And stories of Hyde Park Royal Swans and Teddy Deer on Royal Property being eaten? Yup. Asylum seekers. Hungry.

Ireland was the best, border wise, porous like a sieve.
People rotated in and out of the UK as often as going through a turnstile. Leaving England for Ireland would mean three more months back in London. Repeat. Leave. Re-enter. Repeat. Just going for a visit, they say. Border crossing guards, often, just didnt ask. Some do the cycle, “Rinse and Repeat,” for years on end. What Ireland got socked with were anchor babies, and such. Tales were reported of Asylum seekers washing clothes near the bridges. Quality of Irish life changed. Native Irish are suffering. Immigrants demanded to be on the dole for adult decisions they made to start life over. Curious if anyone called ‘home’ to see if they left their native country or were thrown out for not wanting to work and be on the dole there. Sounds like a qualifier. Recycle. Return.
Native Irish fought for their rights.

The Dublin Regulation (Regulation 2003/343/CE), sometimes called the Dublin II Regulation, prior called the Dublin Convention came about. The Dublin Regulation is a European Law that has become the cornerstone of the Dublin system. The law says the European Member State is responsible to review Asylum Seekers application for International Protection. The Dublin System consists of EURODAC regulations and the Dublin Regulation. EURODAC built a Europe wide database of fingerprints for unauthorized entrants hence the Member State could quickly check fingerprints against the Member State the illegal entered through and send them back there.

Sort of like Catch & Release in fishing. Good idea. Catch the illegal in Texas. Fingerprint and shoot their Cornea scan. DNA them. Toss and release. Voila- database. Google wants to brain chip. Start here, right Eric? More than likely some activist legal group will claim this is like branding a cow. Or illegal. Trade off. Barter. Want to stay- implant, chip, tattoo, cornea scan. Other option is- leave. Not so fast, they already told America who they are- they broke laws to get what they want. That is not saying they are not nice or wont contribute to society BUT their first contributory decision on the route to staying in America was to break a law. Nuf’ said.

The Dublin Regulation was reformed 2008. It had been adopted in 2003. The EU Gang of 12 signed on- Dublin, October 1997- Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, UK and Luxembourg- the EU Gang added on Austria, Sweden- Finland 1998- Switzerland 2005.

European Council On Refugees and Exiles, and UNHCR said the current system fails impeding Asylum Seekers legal rights and welfare including their claim of asylum. State to state transfers of Asylum Seekers became known as ‘Dublin Transfers.’ Border regions became pressured with lack of manpower for the territory needing to be covered. Claims were made against separation of Asylum Seekers families. The UNHCR accused of lack of protection and care for unaccompanied children. Countries began fighting with each other on how the children were treated within each others borders. The Council of Europe Commissioner of Human Rights got involved. Countries were fined thousand of pounds by the European Court of Human Rights on how it handled the Asylum Seekers.

Sounding familiar, America?

Family unity is the theme in the EU as powerful as that theme here in America. “Where the asylum seeker is an unaccompanied minor, the Member State responsible for examining his/her application is the Member State where a member of his/her family is legally present, provided that this is in the best interest of the minor. In the absence of a family member, the Member State responsible is that where the minor has lodged his/her application for asylum. For adults, where the asylum seeker has a family member who has been allowed to reside as a refugee in a Member State, or if the application for this person is underway, that Member State will be responsible for examining the asylum application, provided that the person concerned so desires.” (

The lessons learned are not just from Hibernia. The UK beggars looking at too. Wrongly described as “when America sneezes the UK catches the cold’, fact is, many of America’s newest social toys like Capital Bikeshare or Paperless Parking Tolls, came from Europe FIRST as did the Beatles, the Monkees. Well, at least America had Marilyn Monroe. America HEED! The Brits have taken to sandwich trucks, mobile billboards to get their message across “asylum seekers go home!” As for immigrants who want to enter the UK, the proposal is THEY put up a $4600 deposit payable upon application, returnable when they leave. This is their option to being cuffed and led away Even Queen Elizabeth has got into the debate

This is not about reinventing the wheel. This is about seeing what has been done elsewhere. How? NO NO NO dont ask the college professors. They postulate on life experiences they havent had. JUST GO ONLINE TO THE COUNTRIES OF IMMIGRANTS ORIGINS and read their TOS. TOS? A Buzz word not heard at Capitol Hill hearings… TERMS OF SERVICE

A fair question to ask is IF enough Asylum Seekers come in making America brown as Hispanic news stations boast will be happening to America, then, will Whites become the minority the Activist Groups will fight for?

Didn’t think so. One could ask though…. And should.

Start lining up advocates for the New Minority named on the proverbial wall…. that means you too, Irish


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