22 Jul

One can only DREAM of getting a tasty tidbit to pontificate on addressing Copyright Theft and unauthorized use of IP, Intellectual Property, but I could never envision an issue so close to my heart could bring me even closer to home. I am a Toronto girl who went to American to make my $$$ through ownership of my Intellectual Property, you know, one of those things colleges don’t teach us about- the art of making money through our art. Well, years later I am back to my roots- art and IP- taking my time to educate Congress and everyday people- the cost and loss to us of Search Engines and ISPs sending out webcrawlers to steal our Property.

To people who don’t understand what its all about, try this, this Internet thing and who owns what, remember how the Wicked Witch from the West in the Wizard of Oz sent out her Flying Monkeys to steal Dorothy, Toto, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin and Straw men back to the Wicked Castle? Well, the Flying Monkeys are the webcrawlers, the Wicked Witch is the Search Engines and ISPs and the witches’ castle? Its where the ISPs and Search Engines hide away our Intellectual Property for their gain, not ours… so to read about the Butter Tart Trail Tale was a giggle in itself BUT one truly had to read all of the 71 comments below, and growing, to get the humor being lost in the amazing free publicity garnered, enough for ten Butter Tart Trails and for the zillion pounds people will be packing on chasing each new Tart down.

Its refreshing to see a softer side to a serious issue. IP, Intellectual property is what puts not only the dough on these baker’s tables but in their pocket too. Question is I didn’t dig deep enough for was/ is and who owns the Trademark Butter Tart Trail in Canada. May be that both trails are stepping in someone else’s flour. For me, what I want to see, is the Kumbaya Cookbook that brings both trails together (my idea, pay the lady…. Butter tarts even, please). Better yet, BRAVO, TLC, we have a real reality show in the brewing. Cupcakes are so passé, bring on the Butter Tart Trail Wars (again, no kidding, I will take the idea in for your).

When it comes to Copyright, there is, believe it or not, a right and a wrong. IF the exact Tart was copied then someone is up the Canadian Creek in a canoe without a paddle. IF it isnt an exact copy, isnt trademarked and just another tart… ladies step away from your ladles, it’s a historic trail in the making like countless that already exist. What makes the difference is the Disney lesson few know to learn. There’s only ONE Cinderella and she does not belong to Disney. What belongs to Disney is the Word Mark “Disney’s Cinderella” or “Peter Pan” or whatever else they plug their name in front of. THAT is how it is done south of the 49th parallel, so in a real peacemaker of the world moment from a hometown TO (Toronna) girl …. Ladies and gentlemen, rev your engines and Start Your Tart Making… may the best Tart Maker win the real lesson here.

You have now generated enough business to keep all of you plus up to your elbows in dough by stirring the green media attracting machine. The only losers will be your customers stuffed so plump happy with the best baking north of America … pass me another Canadian Butter Tart please!


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