A MUST WATCH ON PROPERTY RIGHTS- the right to package ones own raisin crops:

22 Jul


The Hornes were farming fourth generation lands. Mrs Horne’s husband got “40 acres” and a lawsuit along with the Missus. The Hornes farm grapes in to raisins. When Mrs Horne was little, she, her Dad and Mom did the crop by themselves. One would think they would get an award for preserving the Art of Farming the Founding Farmers loved. No. Instead the Hornes got sued by the USDA for being entrepreneurs. No. They got fined.

The USDA would buy raisins from farmers then lock them up, the raisins, I mean. The shortage of raisins would cost prices to rise. Sometimes the raisins were sent over seas after being confiscated from the farmers. The USDA had promised to pay the farmers for the confiscated raisins. Didnt happen. Which is why the Hornes who were watching neighbors sell family land to survive to make ends meet or borrow money they could not hope back as interest rose but their monies didnt… since the USDA didnt pay the farmers, remember.

So the Hornes made their own packaging. Sold their raisins and then were told by the USDA to pay fines. Why? For selling raisins the Hornes owed instead of giving the raisins to the USDA who sent the raisins away with promises of payment to the farmers. Having heard that one before, the Hornes took matters in to their own hands.

And the USDA fined them. Approxiamate fine currently? 700K to 1 mil.

Attorney Brian Leighton took the Hornes on as clients. Their case got to the Supreme Court who threw the case back citing it was not about Property Rights it was about Fines. Leighton got the Hornes back in to the 9th, hoping to get back to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Am with you on this one Mr and Mrs Horne. Am with you….


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