DEAD HEs ALIVE- The Trademarking of Trayvon Martin:

20 Jul


On the eve of planned vigils across the nation using Trayvon Martins name to whip a frenzy, banners and signs and posters and t-shirts that money machine driven by politicos grasping for last rites of being headlines. Jesse Jackson Senior is pictured surrounded by people. Missing one. Jesse’s son,jail. Junior and wife, are testament to a parent, a dad, who looked everywhere but home. Jesse Sr can be found often at the head of a crowd or a march. I covered Jesse Sr. in London and elsewhere and now with Reverend Al. Sybrina and Trac, if it wasnt for the email lists they grow then sell? The speaking engagements? The donations? Really. Think hard then think again. They didnt know you before. Forever in political activism lasts as long as the next headline. The names Tawana Brawley? Howard Beach ring a bell? They should. I haven’t seen MLK III in the news this go round. I caught MLK III, Jesse SR and Rev Al together in enough snaps around the time of the MLK Memorial. Like Trayvon, MLK III had a purpose before its Sr’s and Rev’s move on to the next.

There was talk around the time of the altercation with Zimmerman and Martin, Trayvon’s mother had raced to trademark her son’s name. She did. Now, Sybrina before you even consider action against me for putting your son’s name to my written page (1) came from a government website (2) not being used for commerce (3) used for education… teaching about Copyright lost in the politics of Color. Copyright is the OTHER “c” word. Dead people’s images are stolen in light speed on the Internet aided by Search Engines, ISPs and web crawlers. Google, Yahoo, Aol, Bing, Baidu plus are unlawfully utilizing images.

Activists were trolling the Federal Buildings all over the country to spread their words about Trayvon and planned events including the nationwide vigil planned on the Sabbath across the nation. Fueling the fires, are the President and celebrities. Fueling the fires are Trayvon’s parents. Putting your son’s face on signs and t-shirts wont bring Trayvon back, wont make that dreaded phone call go away nor the pain dulling your wondering what you could have done different, even better.

Note, when Trayvon’s mother without the father, who the son was enroute to visit the night he died, trademarked her Trayon’s name, it makes a statement, aggressive, at that. It is aggressive to declare a dead loved one’s name a Word Mark or a Trademark. In these days and times of Etiguetteless Internet, IF Trayvon’s parents came together taking the next step in trademarking, aggressive steps to protect their son’s image, to keep his photo from appearing every where on posters, avatars, articles it goes on and on, that is a message to send out to the world- this is my child. No one has right to his name or face without saying first, “please, May I.” Aside, THAT photo of Trayvon belongs to the person who took it. Without permission or license that now famous photo belongs to no one else to use. END OF COPYRIGHT STORY. Except. And there always is that exception.

Someone aught to stand up and state KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY TRAYVONs COPYRIGHTed image. Keep your hands off my son. Now, to make life easier, in the FAIR USE of Education…. Read.

IF Sybrina and her lawyer really want to protect the Trayvon trademark, on the basis of Trayvon’s celebrity, albeit through media exposure and circumstance of two men being in the wrong place at the same time, IF Sybrina wanted to make a difference, Sybrina’s lawyer would guide her to shut down the people using her son’s name without her permission. Somehow I think as the vessel that carried him, if taken to a court level, as HIS 1/2 creator of his IP/ID, his Intellectual Property/Identity, Sybrina would win an ID THEFT claim in a heart beat. Notice, I say, she… his father is not on the Trademark form.

Trayvon’s father does not own him after death, most likely an insight into why they parents were not together when their son was heading to his father’s girlfriend’s home in the neighbor hood he died in. Written articles state Sybrina divorced Tracy in 1999, long before the fated night. Co-parenting? Conversations like which parent knew where their son was, like who his friends were or did the parent thing of being Facebook friends JUST ‘in case.’
There is no such thing as co-parenting after death, moreso after murder of the most horrific murder a parent can experience, their child before their time. If they werent married at his time of death, co-mourning on a public stage is just that- a place to go when one doenst know where else to turn. Hey Rev, this is where the Reverend steps in to help the parents make peace with themselves in their troubling times.

Now? For the parents? It is day to day existing a life no one could have predicted to prepare them for.

Sybrina and Tracy, you really want to co-parent Own your child’s name. Instead of fueling fires as I have witnessed grieving parents due in other cultures, be the example to take back his name. Fight for his name keeping it from being dragged through the streets in the hands of strangers who when done with the march drop your loved son’s picture on the ground, in the trash or repeat the behaviours that contributed to his demise. Nedra’s mother promised to pick up her daughter’s battle. Nedra burned herself alive in London, a synchronized protest for a woman in France jailed for wearing her hajib. Nedra never met her. Nor did Nedra’s mother. Nedra’s father and mother were flying in from Ottawa to celebrate the parents anniversary with their daughter’s birthday, same day. They did. In a morgue. Their daughter would never self-immoliate they said. BUT she did Moreso she succeeded. Never say never.

Lesson? Know your child moreso after death. Rein in the abuse of their image by people who don’t care for you. They care for what you can do for them. In time, they move forward from where your life is changed. They don’t get you. They never will unless they lost a child to tragedy too. They may not have been able to protect their son in life, TEACH the world how to respect those who are dead

People die every day. Some live on forever. Media once they grab hold of your dead loved on, if it makes headlines, will never let go. It makes headlines and headlines make bank. Make the Trayvon Martin Foundation work for Trayvon. Not for Beyonce or Jay Z unless they want to put their millions where their mouth is. Maybe Beyonce will fund the lawsuits you should launch to protect your son’s image and name in death if the people trademarking Trayvon’s name are gaining from your pain. Until then… he is alive… and I have stuck to my lesson on ID, identity, that is being stolen on and off the Internet. Oh, oops, don’t forget to notice that the same people or Government office you paid to protect your son’s name and uses of it, are the same people or Government office are putting the data up on the Administration’s Free Internet. That said, the people who used Trayvon’s name to put on product and profit from? I think your lawyer has a good case to tell them to make a donation to your foundation…. Let her figure this one out…

Tayvon 9

Trayvon 1

Trayvon 2

Trayvon 2

trayvon 4

Trayvon 5

Trayvon 6

Trayvon 7

Trayvon 8

trayvon 101 copy

trayvon 121 copy


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