18 Jul

Chairman Menendez’s office released a statement on Russian’s sentencing of Russian Activist Alexei Navalny. Navalny was sentenced weeks after Snowden pulled a Tom Hanks, was it? Living in the Russian Airport since defecting with a flash drive in his pocket, so he tells people multiple computer admissions later.

 Sen. Robert Menendez is Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Controversies of his own aside, Menendez office issued the following statement in response to the sentencing of Russian activist Alexei Navalny. “One by one, opposition voices are being silenced in Russia and today’s conviction of Alexei Navalny only adds to that steady drumbeat,” said Menendez. “Russia is returning to its old authoritarian ways where opposition voices were silenced and trumped up charges ended in unfair verdicts, oftentimes resulting in imprisonment for the falsely accused.  The Russian government must reverse course and end this assault on people’s freedoms and right to political expression. It can begin by freeing Alexei Navalny.”    OR by telling Snowden, go home AMERIKAN.

Snowden is of the generation of young adults raised on what used to be the Silver Screen, a world in which acting impulsively is often done without a mind to consequence. Celluloid bro’s and babes know the history of consequence in Cuba before JayZ and Beyonce made their ‘cultural trip’ abroad, before The Rodman went to Korea, before Madonna’s ex whats his name and the Kennedys and Danny Glover made Venezuela and dictators look cool.  

There is the world these 30′ somethings are going to learn the hard way, like eating a donut a day on Weight Watchers isnt points off, its pounds on. Snowden will learn, maybe, about the Gulag; maybe he will learn that Siberia isnt as cool as the NEWEST franchise of 007 makes it. Snowden may learn that absence in the view of possible torture might make his heart grow fonder for the America he made an OVER THE AGE OF 18 decision to take sensitive data and leave from.                    

 In life there are Choices and Consequences- DA? NYET?

Conflicted as to his having done right or wrong since so many of us give our intel away daily, willingly…. if Snowden thinks he is something or someone special, he would benefit from a headline refresher course…. Bhengazi? 4 Americans. Boston? Russians told the Americans…. Snowie? If you think Putin’s got your back, look at the long time marriage the man tossed away for a gymnast after sporting guns, well PRETENDED too, wrestled tigers (ummm yeah right)… hmm bad example, the gymnast might have redeeming features an old man running around in public with teeny pecs might find redeeming.

Bottom line kiddo, from a babe whose family booked it from Russian after generations invested there, risking their lives to come to America checking in under the babe showing her armpit to the world. Read it and weep, Eddie. A cell next to Manning, GITMO even if you are lucky is a lot better than a cold day in Hell, the nickname for Sibera.                     

You’re on your own baby. The handwriting is on the Senate Foreign Relations Wall, Facebook, that is…. better get Rosetta Stone it while you can…. Panyamaya Paruski         OH, to Kiev with love 😉



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