15 Jul

Free Internet. High-er living wage. Some people are just not getting you cant get everything you want. Well, you can but it comes at a cost. While the Farm Bill was controversial over its setting aside Food Stamps, it seems no one was listening to the Washington Journal morning interview where a caller who grew up in the oil industry shared how he left high school to work in the fields, ending up making a salary of over $90K while the average hometown salary nearby was less than 40, thousand that is.. not Acres and a Mule (Spike Lee.) Aside from his experience being timely to college loan debt at a time when the piece of paper is worth less than what is printed on it, why is it becoming increasingly moreso that when one gets old one MUST these days clarify references.

Well, Mr. Obama’s commitment to a Free Internet is august with his minions in the field. Truly. They are now reaching down on the farms. Andrew McLaughlin- O’s Internet guru- thinks no one should own IP. And the newest grave-y train for Intellectual Property is the INTERNET ASSOCIATION. Doing the rounds of Congress, getting John Dingle to put on Google Glass makes for great PHOTO but doesn’t tell the truth. IT/THEY, the Internet Association are pushing for more of your IP being Free, Open and owned by no one- unless it is them, their investors and going public with billions Congress is now discovering should be clawed back.

How does this relate to the Farm Bill and Food Stamps?  With a bit of a stretch…. The woman on Food Stamps in the Safeway, NY Avenue and 5th, downtown DC, had some pretty toney finger nails she was waving and bragging as she counted our her stamps to the bug eyed clerk. The nail job, you see, cost $65. A round of nails for everyone, on the government that is.  Any woman that is bright enough to get her fingernails custom done for $65 is a candidate for doing a job that can make her $90K a year. She doesn’t have to take a job in the fields. Jobs are there for people of all types wanting to work. And there is the rub. Food Stamps are designed to put food on the table. Working for pay is intended to put food on the table. So, head scratch, if I got it right, Food Stamps are going to people who don’t want to leave their zip code of choice and go to work or care to work. To be honest, immigrants tend to have more pride than people who think Food Stamps are entitlement. Immigrants work harder and longer to make a better life and then, well, they become Americans and sometimes, lets be honest, along the way, the entitlement attitude comes along.

The Farms? Getting there. The Dems argument about Farms tends to slippery slope to conversations of Labor, Cheap Labor, Long Hours, yada yada… well, bad news Dems, your Free Internet Gen X is taking steam out of your argument there too. Dateline… California. A bright farmer got the idea that robots don’t complain, don’t strike, don’t moan, they work. They don’t need feeding, they don’t need Obamacare, they don’t need much more than a whack, and a kick and the occasional burp of grease. They do their jobs. Maybe the farmers investment into AI Mr. GreenJeans is a big outlay but hey someone has to feed all those lady with fancy nail jobs counting out their Food Stamps in Safeway in DC. Those same engineers stealing IP that belongs to the every day people decided to go green- leafy lettuce green. The Lettuce Bot, part of the generation of agricultural mechanization- thins a field of lettuce in the time it takes 20 workers. Researchers clear that bruised fruits and veggies don’t sell, are focused on roboting high precision GPS localization technologies that will integrate sensors, computing, electronics, computer vision, robotic hardware and algorithms. My guess in time the robots will ask for, wink, social networking breaks, too.

The argument by Labor of Labor “for” Labor is sunsetting. Fast.

Seems the Farmworker Labor unions had a hand in suppressing research into Fresh Produce mechanization. And the Government is sending out mixed messages- funding Venture Capitol that is costing Immigration Argument steam- vegetables, that is. Blue River, which has raised more than $3 million in venture capital. Vision Robotics uses robotic arms and cameras to photograph, create a computerized model of vines, locate of buds – then edit- decide which to cut down. Spains Agrobot is testing a 24 arms strawberry harvester whose optic sensor can discern fruit color, quality and size it plucks for a worker to pack. Lettuce Bot uses video cameras and visual-recognition software to identify which lettuce plants to eliminate with a squirt of concentrated fertilizer that kills the unwanted buds. Automated soil hoes weed out lettuce plants so others can grown into full lettuce heads.    

 Even the Immigrants the Dems are arguing for don’t want to work in the fields. They want Kim Kardashian lifestyles with just as little work. Makes one wish the Hollywood Left wasn’t as good as they are promoting the American Mythstyle they live. Someone HAS to tell Erik Nicholson, national vice president of the United Farm Workers of America who said, “The fundamental question for consumers is who and, now, what do you want picking your food; a machine or a human, who with the proper training and support, can” … take significant steps to ensure a safer, higher quality product”, no, people don’t care where food comes from just as long as it is cheap. Erik, huddle- most people don’t even know where food comes from or how. Like the lady in Safeway in downtown DC, they think food comes from FOOD STAMPS.

Daniel L. Schmoldt at the U.S. Agriculture Department’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture is impressed by the machines, cautioning hand-eye coordination of workers is a ways away. Schmoldt probably hasn’t visited Googles campus to see people who sole day is spent doing little but replacing what already works- with computers and robots. Lupe Sandoval, managing director of the California Farm Labor Contractor Association, says “If you can put a man on the moon, you can figure out how to pick fruit with a machine.” And replace harvesters. Where o where will all that cheap labor go? Send them to the oil lines to make a great living free from Food Stamps.

GOP, get it together, NOW, and get your message clear and ahead of where the proverbial game ball is going. IT IS THE SAME SILICON VALLEY that is killing their political proponents argument. Labor shortages? Robots. Immigration reform? What the hell are they going to do when they get here- robots. Increased quality? Check. Cheaper cost- you betcha with Obamacare. Consistency? Robots don’t get PMS or take off for…__________(enter any excuse). Looping it in… give the lady Food Stamps if she is willing to relocate from the anti- GOP corner of Bus Boys and Poets in DC and take a job that will give her a lifestyle she thinks she is entitled to where $65 a nail will be cheap for her but it comes at a cost- moving… as the TV show theme song was… Movin On Up….

A SIDE NOTE FOR REP CORRINE BROWN ON THE DISCUSSION OF FARMING: The Bible actually tells us to leave on the ground what is dropped and what is in the four corners so the Aniyim, the poor, can gather it themselves AND NOT DISCLOSE THEY ARE POOR AND EMBARRASS THEMSELVES. I have in mind a whole new definition of the word Bible Belt to chat with this woman who misquotes Bible for convenience….  

So there we go, hit all the marks- college, tuition, work, labor, immigrant, God, belt someone with her bible, Dems and a smack upside the head for the Republican party. FOR ONCE – get to the point of position rather than playing catch up after the fact. Got to love Karl but time to pass the mace… got to get to the finish line before the first horse crosses the line in order to win the race… or the bet…. Reality check of Life and Racing Photography. Second is what second gets…. Second Place and now that Obama reopened Horse Slaughter in America… second place? steak dinner 😉 C’mon GOP, you can do it- Si Se Puente…. (oops)


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