11 Jul

As the Farm Bill is being debated in Congress doers are doing while talkers are talking and porking, pardon the expression. The GOP has dropped FOOD STAMPS from the Farm Bill. There is something to replace FOOD STAMPS with- actual farming- creating Dirt & Dig incubators on farm lands- bringing families to the understanding of where food comes from along with the pride of ‘doing it themselves.”

Down on the farm and up on healthy foods, too, is Dr. Oz pushing a homeopathic starter kit pushing organic, farm grown produce benefits of Weight Loss, younger, healthier foods families will benefit from. An unexpected joiner on the new buzz word for FARMING, ORGANIC, bandwagon are Natural American Spirit cigarettes, marketed being made with ORGANIC TOBACCO. The ads promote “companion plants like this sunflower lead to better soil, fewer pests and more productive farming.”

A Chinese farmer showed the humanity beyond the word “FARMS” and “FARMERS” being tossed around without faces being put to the word. NDTV showcased a farmer who could not buy new arms so he crafted his own. He lost both arms in a freak premature explosive. Sun Jifa figured out how to transfer power from his arms to operate the prosthetics he crafted in his own shop. 53 year old Sun Jifa found formal standard prosthetics did not do the work and job he needed for farm labor and shopwork. Li Yanzong came to Sun Jifa after hearing about hands for farmers. Both agree they have something they thought they lost- their confidence to feel part of their worlds and contribute to society.

In Poolesville Maryland, miles away from Capitol Hill where the debate on Farmers goes on, wannabees Mr. Green Jeans are learning to farm. Montgomery County, known for its rolling hills, is looking to boost farming by introducing them to Maryland’s 93,000 acre zone Agricultural Reserve. The County sought landowners willing to lease land to the Wannabees signed up the County’s New Farmer Pilot Program. Farmers mentor the newbies, keeping the “Ag in Agriculture” by leasing equipment to the starter uppers.

The wannabee farmers, part of the urban trend called a “Slow Food Movement”, sign leases with their Farmer host. Projects include land on which to raise kosher goats (goats that will be slaughtered in accordance with Jewish ritual law), Blue Duck Taverns pastry chef’s dream of dirt under his fingernails rather than just flour.

Up in the District, Victoria Lai brought farming to a legal brief. Lawyer by day, Sorbet Sweetie by night, Lai, a one woman operation, ICE CREAM JUBILEE ( makes her own sorbet and ice cream that she batches and sells. Lai’s product sells at select grocers. Her next step forward with “what one can do with stuff from a Maryland moo” is a monthly bike delivery service- 4 ½ pints for $25. Flavors- totally Internationally inspired for politically divided Congress to get behind with a Farm Bill Without Foodstamps- Vietnamese Coffee… for starters.

Dairy, fruit and vegetable farming used to be a key employer. Times and trends continue to change moreso as Monsanto and similar entities push engineered modified foods as does the push back to ‘home grown’ with real live nutrients. So there you go Congress, step outside the Republican and Democrat Study Committees for real solutions…. Give grants to farmers to create “In The Field” incubators of Honey Hives like Ms Obama has outback on the South lawn or Urban City gardening plots….. go forth and plant your seeds Congress…. Ummm noooo, didn’t mean those ones, wink….


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