HEART HUGS TO KERRY (Washington that is):

11 Jul

I got to know Kerry while I was shooting as a news photographer around DC. She is as sweet and nice as she looks, a hometown girl who does good, remembering her roots. Kerry knew to work her looks maximizing her trim with dresses that made her look swank.

We had our ‘moment.’ It was a GW thing. Kerry is an alumnus. Kerry had come to town for an event. She took time, as she does, to meet with students. I was one, if not the only REAL media there. I was shadowed by the college paper shooter. Part of the give and take of going places and covering events is mentoring. As a ‘pro’, I knew that shooting in a low ceiling theatre acoustics were LOUD. My shadow… did not. I picked my clicks. M shadow did not sounding like a machine gunner gone wild on Bunkers Hill. The dirty look from Kerry said it all, I would have thought, until Kerry went one step further dissing THE PAPARAZZI in the room. Problem was, neither of us were scourge of photography. I was credentialed. The student was, well, a student overwhelmed with being around a real red carpet star.

An hour and a costume change for Kerry later I saw her at the Washington Convention center. She smiled as if nothing had happened. Kerry is a bright woman. She knew something was wrong. We had talked over the years WITHOUT a camera pointed at her. Bonded? As best as one could describe  fashion plate knowing her pics would travel magazines world wide. She asked. I answered. I shared I was hurt. I am not a paparazzi. I am outspoken against their lack of respect for people who though in the public eye are entitled to privacy. Kerry was Kerry. She looked at my sadness. She said she did not know. She did moving forward. Not everyone with a camera is there to take advantage of you MORESO someone who is part of the elite White House News Photographers Association covering the REAL celebrities of the world.

Need I say, Kerry looked stunning as ever- gorgeous inside and out.

Well, rumors aside of  Kerry’s bangs n bobs being the inspiration for Michelle’s retro look and minis, Kerry got hitched. Scandalous, I know, but the star of the TV show SCANDAL married her beau, San Francisco Corner back, Nnamdi Asomugha in Hailey Idaho, June 24. Kerry’s parents stood up as witness. Nnamdi’s family performed the ceremony.

Only the best to one of DC’s real treasure- mazal tov Mr and Mrs Nnamdi Asomugha


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