3 Jul

Congressman Jared Polis (D- Colorado) worked with Hemp Advocate Michael Bowman to take America back to its roots, hemp roots, that is, on the 4th of July. Old Glory, the original, hand stitched by Betsy Ross was made of hemp, no wonder the old girl didn’t complain of pin pricks and back breaking house she put into stitching stripes and stars into a psychedelic trip the Founding Fathers took the New Nation on. Marijuana was outlawed by Congress in the 1930’s. The idea of a hemp flag was seeded during last years farm bill initiative which failed although the hemp flag agenda kept on rolling, so to speak, with Polis getting Bowman in touch with the Capitol’s flag office. So want to move the Farm Bill forward? Writing the flag office asking for a hemp flag of your own, comes with a caveat though- rope to fabric to paper. From the Conestoga wagons covered in hemp fibers to Betsy Ross’ high flying finger stitchery to the Colorado dome where the flag will fly in Denver before starting off on a tour of its own to fly atop like minded state house domes pending hemp legalizing- yes, in America, it has been determined to burn the US flag is an exercising of Freedom of Speech- please don’t. It is historical. So lets keep a modicum of respect in this Congressional Conversation    


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