30 Jun

Canada’s Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs: Why worry about Arabs & Infidels when Canada’s Center torpedoes family values with their own version of Saving The Planet suggesting people (3 or more) conserve water by showering together. The Times of Israel outed an outlandish disrespectful tongue in (pardon the pun) cheek ad by  Size Doesn’t Matter, a social media campaign promoting Israel by “highlighting [its] multitude…accomplishments and contributions in a new, fun and attractive way.” Threesomes being the play on Tel Aviv and its openness to alternative lifestyles was the upshot of the soapy chest, dropped drawers, moaning and groaning and the voice over of “Tel Aviv, there is room for everyone” showing a lack of a moral compass outside the Holy Land. AND within…. http://www.shoah.org.uk/2013/06/22/jewish-family-values-new-ad-for-israeli-tourism-utilizes-threesome-sex-scene/


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